Editorial Cartoon: Crook

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, full time ‘family values’ misogynist, is found guilty of corruption. Earlier this year he unveiled the new ‘Virginia Is For Lovers’ license plate. Too bad he couldn’t show any of his ‘Christian’ love for his wife, who he threw under the bus in hopes of being cleared of charges. It’s time for a new license plate, crook.bd140905fb

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  1. They always have someone to blame but never themselves. So much for Christian love. Of course his really crazy followers will forgive him because they love a good ,false sob story. Funny how they always forgive the man when he should be the one who is the leader of the family in their eyes. They have twisted and perverted every aspect of Christianity and turned it into a cult like side show. Hurting their fellow man is their main purpose in life. Guess I will never understand this aspect. To me life is short and no one answers to our maker for us but us. All their rottenness and fear that they instil in others and you still are the only one responsible for what you have done in life. Life is short,only judge yourself.

  2. This is a blow to republicans and teaparty in VA. They have been against everything for the american people. Too bad he was not in office when he was found guilty or the democrats force him to take the medicaid expansion. But I think this might be a starting point for those who keep trying to stop the medicaid expansion and will in some sly way try to get it passed now. They never thought that they would see the republicans party go down so fast when they got all those teaparty elected in 2010. What a difference four years make? For a party who have been disrespecting the president from the very beginning is now finding that it is time for payback and they can no longer deliver to their followers. The president is still president, obamacare didn’t get repealed, people still backing the president, economic is getting better, he thinks before he leaps into a fighting war,he have passed a lot of good things and if he ever get a good congress,he will pass more.Vote,vote,and vote.

  3. According to an Article in the Washington Post, prosecutors offered McDonnell a deal to plead guilty to a single felony fraud count. As part of the deal, no charges would be filed against his wife and he would not be prosecuted for any political bribery acts. McDonnell refused to protect his wife and they now face years in prison after accepting some of the worst legal advice imaginable.

  4. Love your work, Bill Day!

    An Astrologer I read reminds us:
    Looks like the September 8, 2014 Full Moon in murky Pisces will time a Senate vote on Citizens United travesty forced upon the American people by a corporate-ruled #SCOTUS.
    As a culmination/fulfillment phase of Sun and Moon, wouldn’t it be great if the light of the Full Moon falling across the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis spotlights a US Senate acting on behalf of We the People rather than further enshrining the demands of their corporate masters?
    At the least, public attention (Full Moon) on September 8 may be shone upon our ‘deliberative body’ and I hope members’ votes are recorded for all to see since this would be useful on November 4, 2014 as people decide if corporate Republicans who’d continuing undermining our social safety net deserve to gain the upper claw in the US Senate thereby completely negating President Obama’s last two years in office. This Senate vote with its ‘The People v Corporations’

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