Ferguson Police Chief Caught In Huge Lie Surrounding Michael Brown Surveillance Video

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Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson was caught in a huge lie on Friday when it was revealed that he did not get “a lot of Freedom of Information requests” for a surveillance video from a local store the day 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. On Aug. 15th, Jackson finally released Wilson’s identity after keeping it hidden for nearly a week. However, at the same press conference, Jackson also released still photos and a video from a ‘strong-arm robbery’ that occurred at Ferguson Market minutes before Brown was confronted and killed by Wilson on August 9th.

When pressed for a reason he released both Wilson’s identity and this video at the exact same time, Jackson stated that he had received numerous media requests for the specific information related to the apparent robbery of the store. However, Matthew Keys, who writes for The Blot, confirmed on Friday that the Ferguson Police Department had not received any specific FOIA requests relating to a robbery involving Brown. In fact, the only request they got related to Brown stemmed from a general request from Joel Currier, a crime and police reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

After Keys article had come out on Friday, the Huffington Post’s Matt Sledge asked Currier on Twitter the specific nature of Currier’s request to the police department regarding Brown. Currier responded to Sledge with the following tweets.



As Keys pointed out in his article, Currier was the only one who made a specific request to Ferguson PD, and his request was actually quite broad and encompassing. Other pieces of information that could have been included per Currier’s request (911 call, dispatch reports, incident report) have still not been released. Instead, Jackson decided to release a tape of an alleged robbery that he admitted later had nothing to do with the encounter between Wilson and Brown. The police chief himself has stated that Wilson only confronted Brown over jaywalking and was not aware of any apparent robbery that had been committed minutes earlier.

Jackson’s release of the tape reignited tension in the community and led to a renewed outburst of violence and looting that evening. After a day and evening filled with peaceful protests that Thursday, anger and frustration with local police swelled back up on Friday after Jackson’s press conference and subsequent statements. Eventually, the police force on the scene, commanded by Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, resorted back to the militarized tactics that brought heavy criticism in the days immediately following Brown’s death.

In my personal opinion, I think Jackson released the tape for petty and personal reasons. After he and St. Louis County police chief Jon Belmar had been roundly criticized for their excessive use of police force in dealing with protesters, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon removed them from command in Ferguson and placed Johnson at the helm. Johnson then bonded with the protesters as he walked with them as they marched and spoke with them personally. He also took a ‘soft’ approach, asking his officers to not wear tactical gear and basically allow protesters to gather peacefully and make their voices heard.

This obviously rubbed Jackson the wrong way. Therefore, he decided to antagonize and incite the community by releasing the store tape the same time as Wilson’s name. He knew this would eventually cause anger to spill over and force Johnson to eventually change tactics. While Johnson allowed looting to take place on Friday without sending in a heavy police presence, eventually he pushed for a curfew and allowed the officers on the scene to utilize SWAT gear and the military-style vehicles and weapons that had been heavily criticized.

Beyond setting up Johnson to fail, Jackson also likely released the tape to provide further cover for Wilson. He knew that releasing Wilson’s name was going to be a huge story. Therefore, he wanted to do whatever possible to distract and redirect the focus away from Wilson. Jackson’s big idea was to go ahead and use his national spotlight to portray Brown as a vicious thug and make that the story. All of a sudden, the media would write about a supposed robbery and push Wilson and his identity to the side.

Thankfully for the people of Ferguson, the Department of Justice is investigating the entire police department for civil rights violations. Considering the actions of its police chief in just these past few weeks, it seems apparent that they will find quite a bit to hammer the PD on. As for Jackson, how this guy still has a job is beyond me. He needs to be fired ASAP!

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  1. I am glad the video was released. It really showed Brown’s true nature and it showed us his mental attitude just before his encounter with Police. If this would ever go to trial, the video would be valuable evidence for the prosecution.

  2. Tiffany, if the video you are referring to is the alleged video accusing Mike Brown of strong armed robbery, it was later proved that Mike Brown had nothing to do with that case, and furthermore, that officer WIlson knew not of the robbery case.

  3. Actually it’ll be great for the defense seeing as it shows Mike Brown paying for the cigars. It’ll go great with the testimony of the store owner saying neither he nor his employees called the police on Mike Brown.

  4. WTF do you mean? “His attitude? Just before he was murdered? Disgusting comment here… POS racist!

  5. Yes, at trial. Releasing it ahead of time just serves to taint the public. And that was exactly what they were trying to do. Taint public opinion. That’s not their job. In fact, if a private citizen did this type of thing it could easily be considered jury tampering. By the way, this tape would never be allowed at a trial. Evidence at a trial has to be directly related to the crime. And you can’t use evidence against the victim. All it this video does is allow the “hidden racists” of this country an acceptable reason to believe the police were justified. There’s one problem, officer Wilson didn’t know about the crime. Michael Brown was shot in cold blood for Jay walking.

  6. Who are they going to prosecute? Brown? He’s dead. Wilson was Judge, Jury, and Executioner for a Jay-walker.

  7. I saw this lie a mile away!
    Turns out there was a vague
    request for this info ALONG
    with many MORE for the Incident
    & Dispatch reports, 911 call,
    uh, His NAME. But the good Chief
    chose to release something NOONE
    asked for and NOTHING they did.
    This guy, IMO, is shaky at best
    and at worst, involved in a conspiracy
    and a cover-up.
    We shall see…..

  8. The issue is the police chief who is under the color of the law lied to the people and the press about how he was under the pressure of releasing this tape of A supposedly Michael Brown stealing cigars. In America Tiffany, even theft from a small market has to go before a trial before being murdered by a cop. The cop had no knowledge that Michael and his friend even stole cigars and he stopped only to yell at them about walking in the street. That is nt a murderous offense either. Now if you believe if stealing should be, we will all participate in this game and insure that all who steals will die. White as well as Black! This is coming from an ex peace officer. Brown is no different than a teenager who steals and he did not have a weapon or a gun when he stole some cigars. I have read too many C-files and stealing is a misdemeanor many has participated in and it does not create one’s true nature.

  9. Also that was not the beginning of the tape, if the chief had shown it from the beginning he would have shown where the kid paid for items. As what went on between him and the store owner could have been a code between them like a lot of store owners do with their best customers. Also, the store owner nor his employees called the police it was a so called customer who might not have understand what was taken place between the two. The store owner didn’t seem that upset about the whole thing in fact he still have not said that the kid stole anything. The reason the police didn’t charge the other guy is because they knew it was no robber because everyone knows that if you are with someone and something criminal take place you are just as guilty. So you have a kid who saw his best friend get killed by a cop,so I think when everything come out we will find how crooked the police department is and why someone will admit to something even if they aren’t guilty.

  10. In the future stop calling this a killing. This was an execution. It is time we start framing the debate along those lines.10 or 11 shots fired, 5 shots hit Mike Brown. One to the eye. The kill shot was on top of his head. That was the 6 and final shot.

  11. When do we get to see what the shooter’s state of mind was before he shot the unarmed young man?


  12. He is just doing what has been fed to by Reich wing, for over 6 years. The media instead of pushing back ate this shit up because they thought of ratings from the braindead. Roger Alies is saying to himself mission accomplish.

  13. And since the store manager said there was no robbery, it is not a given that Michael Brown actually stole anything.


    Every time cops are caught on video brutalizing a UNARMED” human being or shooting an human being. They think nothing will happen to them ! They know if the person is black Rev. Al Sharpton will show up with the family in a press conference! Then the family will cried out injustice and demand justice for their child. Then there will be a march and people will chant” NO JUSTICE NO PEACE” and a speech …Then everyone will go back home and wait for the next incident! NO CHANGE!! The authority knows the response the routine and they could careless!!! NO CHANGE!!!! Burning down and looting your neighborhood is straight up stupid…..When your black and under attack from a legal racist white gang AKA police department …WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO ? The system is full of white racist ignorant people! The court system is racist full of white evil coward people and totally unfair! W…

  15. In video shot by Piaget C. of Mike’s

    body in the street, I noticed something quite curious.


    Cop says he was punched in the eye and had broken bones of his socket.

    If that is true, Wilson is one tough guy, because he is taped

    standing by the body for a long time and not being attended

    to by the paramedic who happened to be on another call at 12:10.



    If you look at the video/stills from the Dailymail, he is

    not touching his facial area and does not seem to be in any


    Could it be that the broken bones of his eye came

    courtesy of a fellow officer at the station to

    give credence to his version of the murder?

    Did Mike’s autopsy show any hand bruises?

  16. I had the same thoughts when the chief released that video.
    He was pissed that Lt Johnson had taken over his authority and was doing whatever he could to undermine him.
    I remember him answering in an interview later that the reason he forgot to ok the release with Lt Johnson was he forgot that he wasn’t in charge any longer!
    What a douche!

  17. I believe the investigation by the Justice Department will go a long way to removing the police departments of Ferguson and St Louis County. The racism in those police units has run amuck. The photo that came out of the confederate battle flag hanging on the wall of the home of the Chief of the St Louis County Police Department was stunning. The reports of the Ferguson police bullying and cursing the African American community they are charged with protecting and serving are astonishing to any decent person. I do believe the feds will show them some enlightenment.

  18. Chief Jackson was caught in “a” lie, singular. I am sure more lies will come out. He should never have been promoted to Chief.

  19. I agree with you Mr. Means. However Tiffany is among those who would prefer to believe only what they wish too. the video that proves other wise is NOT what she wants..

  20. Hope your right Shiva. People lie this have no business with a legal weapon at their disposal. Gives them a legal right to kill. which he did.

  21. I have lost most of my respect for police officers and police departments gradually over the years. This DEBACLE made me lose the very little respect that remained.

  22. Tiffany if you do your homework and stop listening to Fucx News, you’d know that he never robbed the store and that wasnt

  23. “Ferguson Police Chief Caught In Huge Lie Surrounding Michael Brown Surveillance Video”

    Not surprised….

  24. This accusation of a lie didn’t allow for the possibility of FOIA requests from reporters coming in to the police department over the phone.

  25. And IF Wilson does finally get charged for this murder, the convenience store tape, since it wasn’t part of the shooting, will not be admissible.

  26. According to the autopsy, Michael Brown’s body showed NO signs of a scuffle. No marks on his hands. So he, according to the “official” version managed to punch Wilson in the face hard enough to cause a breakage of the eye socket, without even scuffing his knuckles. I’d call that miraculous. Or a darn-right lie.

  27. Even if phoned in, FOIA requests MUST be recorded by the agency receiving them. (Unless, of course, they plan on just ignoring the request anyway)

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