With Midterms Two Months Away, Fox News Catches Benghazi Fever Again And Ramps Up The Crazy



With the 2014 midterm elections fast approaching and Republicans hoping to take over the Senate this November, Fox News has decided to once again focus its attentions on the right-wing’s favorite conspiracy — Benghazi. The network has now spent the better part of two years pushing rumors, innuendo and just flat-out lies about the attacks on the Benghazi compound, all in an effort to attack the credibility and character of both President Obama and former Secretary of State, and presumptive 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. While Fox took a bit of a break this summer from the Benghazi hysteria, it decided to reopen the valves this week and once again push discredited narratives in a blatant attempt to energize its audience ahead of the midterms.

On Friday morning, FoxNews.com had Benghazi as their top headline, linking to an article recapping an interview of three CIA officers that apparently proves that they were given a ‘stand down’ order on the night of the attacks. The website also hypes up a Benghazi special, hosted by anchor Bret Baier, which will air Friday evening. When checking other major news sites on Friday morning, there is absolutely no mention of Benghazi or huge ‘bombshells’ surrounding breaking developments in the story. Instead, msnbc.com focused on Bob McDonnell’s guilty verdict and the latest jobs report, while CNN.com highlighted stories on ISIS and had a breaking news banner regarding a ceasefire signed in Ukraine.

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Of course, CNN and MSNBC don’t act as de facto communication wings of a major political party like Fox News does for the GOP. Therefore, whatever Roger Ailes thinks is going to help Republicans is what the network is going to focus on. Even though Congress has already held over 13 hearings, 50 briefings and spent millions of dollars on investigating  Benghazi, Republicans insist that there are still unanswered questions and have continued on their Quixotic quest to somehow blame what happened that night on Obama and Hillary. That is why House Republicans formed YET ANOTHER subcommittee earlier this year, headed up by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), to further investigate the attacks and the White House’s response.

Based on the interview of the CIA officers that was aired on Thursday by Fox, it seems like the GOP is going to continue to push the myth that a ‘stand down’ order was given to security in the area because the White House didn’t care what happened to Ambassador Chris Stevens and others at the consulate. On its face, that is a heinous and utterly ridiculous charge to claim that orders were given to specifically let Stevens die. However, that seems to be what Fox is selling now. The main problem is that those charges were immediately debunked before the network even had a chance to air its huge Benghazi special Friday night.

Media Matters highlighted all of the holes in Fox’s theory on Friday morning. First off, one of the CIA officers that Baier interviewed specifically said that he believed any orders from above to wait were based on an effort to coordinate with a local militia so as to have additional personnel before heading into a dangerous situation where they’d be vastly outnumbered. The New York Times on Thursday also pointed out that everything that the security personnel nearby have reported corresponds with what has been publicly stated through the multiple hearings and briefings. Finally, after Baier aired his interview, he hosted a panel discussion. One of the panelists, the Washington Post’s Charles Lane, agreed that there was nothing controversial about orders given to CIA officers and security personnel to wait before charging in.

LANE: The person I want to hear from is Bob, the CIA guy who told them to wait. Because when we hear from Bob we’ll hear why he told them to wait. What we heard from your interview was they assumed he was waiting for more support from the local militia. Which, by the way, might not be a bad reason to wait. In other words, you want to go – you don’t want to rush in with just three guys into what was obviously a very, very dangerous situation. You’d want to wait to see if you could round up some more support. In other words, there’s a difference between waiting and waiting for no good reason and, even worse, waiting because you were told ‘we don’t care what happens to the Ambassador.’ I want to hear from Bob, I want to hear the CIA make him available and tell us exactly what was going on. What I’m not hearing in this is that anybody in Washington said, ‘we don’t care what happens to the Ambassador, write it off, stay away.’

In the end, thought, it doesn’t matter if everything that Fox is pushing regarding Benghazi has been discredited over and over again. The primary objective here is to keep it in the conservative consciousness heading into the election season. While this horse has been beaten dead to the point that there is only dust left, conservative media will continue to shove it down the throats of their audience in order to keep them angry and energized. After the midterms are over, they may allow the story to fade a bit, but make no mistake, this thing is here until 2016. This is the right-wing’s plan against Hillary Clinton, and they will ride it out until the very end.

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  1. …Ramps up the crazy!?! Fox News ramping up crazy..I don’t think that is possible, Fox News has broken the crazy gauge years ago.

  2. Lets put things in perspective. Less than 1% of the American people watches that putrid outhouse and those braindead idiots believe the moon is made of green cheese so they would never vote for any democrats anyway. I think its inbreeding but that’s another story.

    What we need to do is concentrate on the 30 suburban districts that Obama won or came whiten a point or 2 that went for a teahadist congress critter. They know the facts on Benghazzziiii but their focus is on jobs and rights of women that has been taken away. Let the drooling depend wearing numbskulls play with their not so shiny toy and let us focus on what’s real

  3. “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out my hat.”





    Bullwinkle and Rocky had some pretty good satire in the 60’s.


  4. At the supermarket I saw a blazing headline that “Obama ALLOWS KILLING of Journalist!” The meme is that there was a rescue mission that failed (that’s true) and that Obama went off to play golf and washed his hands of the situation, the feckless incompetent over his head Muslim socialist commie. How have they managed to make Bush a brave, determined, decisive hero in six short years? Easy. Bash everything the next POTUS does, make up the worst lies you can, and play on white men’s fear of black men in power. Fox is the master, but Breitbart and the rest have learned well.

  5. That’s because the GOP do not have a record to run on. All they have done is waste taxpayer $$$, obstruct, and use fear and hate monger to gin up their misinformed base.

    Fox has lobotomized the Republican voters, who never question anything they hear, which is disturbing.

  6. Yes I remember the good days when I was younger watching Rocky and Bullwinkle when they were new. That show was for adults really because it’s subject were socially relevant and was a play on the Cold War tensions around the world. I became quite adept at imitating the characters voices, my Bullwinkle impression has startled more than a few people, never could quite get Rocky just right.

  7. I know that Fox won their right to lie based on them being entertainment and not news. If that is the case, then I see no reason why they should not legally be required to have a disclaimer somewhere on the screen saying this is entertainment, and not news. I think that the American public should have a right to know when they are being lied to.

  8. I’m beginning to think that Benghazi is the Republicans version of Beetlejuice.

    To them, if you say ‘Benghazi’ three times, a magical fairy appears and tells them what they want to hear and do what they want to them… BTW, that fairy would be Megyn Kelly in nothing more then some very skimpy clothing as to make sure that they are happy.

    There is a side effect of this. You lose touch with reality and the more you say ‘Benghazi’, the dumber you become.

  9. We’ve had the War on Xmas an the war on Christians from Fox news! We’ve had them say there is ‘NO WAR ON WOMAN”, yet they continue to push to control woman body’s. Does Fox ever get anything right? They have come up with the stupidest things for not raising the Min. Wage! They wanted people to shoot at the kids on the boarder! Encouraged a War on the Calvin Bundy Ranch an now pick up Benghazi again after 2yrs an Republicans pretty much laid it to rest.They think people are as stupid as they are an will really believe it’s not a political push?

  10. She’d have to explain this….

    The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill prohibiting the public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, the bill garnered national attention after the ***Black Panthers*** marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.[1][2] The bill was signed by Republican California Governor Ronald Reagan and became California penal code 12031 and 171(c).

  11. I was thinking that what appeared was the gentle senator from South Carolina, though the description of what appears is still apt.

  12. Would anyone remember any Republican or their supporters demanding a investigation into 9-11? I know about the commission report which really was not meant to find culpability.I just don’t remember any of the right wing demanding accountability for that terrible day. I guess the rules have changed.

  13. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on Tuesday shot down Fox News and a new book that claims CIA commandos were told not to rescue those at the diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

    The congressman suggested that the lawyers for the five commandos who wrote the new account of the Benghazi attack were just trying to make money off of the scandal.

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