Obama Slays Another Republican Talking Point By Explaining His Strategy To Dismantle ISIS


During his press conference at the NATO summit today, President Obama put another Republican talking point out of its misery by explaining his strategy to dismantle ISIS.



PRESIDENT OBAMA: You can’t contain an organization that is running roughshod through that much territory, causing that much havoc, displacing that many people, killing that many innocents, enslaving that many women. The goal has to be to dismantle them.

And if you look at what happened with al Qaeda in the FATA, where their primary base was, you initially push them back. You systematically degrade their capabilities. You narrow their scope of action. You slowly shrink the space, the territory that they may control. You take out their leadership. And over time, they are not able to conduct the same kinds of terrorist attacks as they once could.

As I said I think in my last press conference, given the nature of these organizations, are there potentially remnants of an organization that are still running around and hiding and still potentially plotting? Absolutely. And we will continue to hunt them down the same way we’re doing with remnants of al Qaeda in the FATA or elements of al-Shabaab in Somalia, or terrorists who operate anywhere around the world.

But what we can accomplish is to dismantle this network, this force that has claimed to control this much territory, so that they can’t do us harm. And that’s going to be our objective. And as I said before, I’m pleased to see that there’s unanimity among our friends and allies that that is a worthy goal and they are prepared to work with us in accomplishing that goal.

So much for the Republican talking point that the president doesn’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS. Obama has proven track record of terrorist neutralization. His methods have worked in the past, and there is no reason that they won’t be effective in dealing with ISIS. Republicans going back to George W. Bush have refused to understand that terrorism can’t be defeated with an invading army. The concept of terrorism can’t be defeated with ground troops.

President Obama is correct. The best way to defeat terrorism is to neutralize the threat. Notice that President Obama didn’t use George W. Bush war on terror lingo. This president has more reality based understanding of what it takes to deal with a terrorist threat. ISIS wants to provoke the US into another ground war, but Obama isn’t going to fall for it.

The Obama strategy is better than the Republican strategy of sending a bunch of troops to invade a country that had nothing to do with the terrorist attack on American soil. It’s clear that the president has clear goal, while the only strategy that Republicans have is the one that let Osama Bin Laden roam free while American troops died in Iraq.

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  1. But bombs! Boots on the ground! America the Brave! Save the World! Stake out territory. Take over foreign countries! Bomb some more! Torture!
    Thanks, GOP, but none of that actually does anything but make more US enemies like ISIS. So STFU and let the man do his job. He is far more competent than anyone I have seen from your party, and a bunch from mine.

  2. Its funny, “the 5” started out today criticizing the President for stopping at Stonehenge while he was there. This is their story, not the great coming together of 10 countries. They are pathetic. It must just kill them trying to come up with some bs story to screw him. The picture above of Bush is so fitting. Bush= thief, draft dodger, liar, drunk, murderer, ….

  3. Dana Milbank over at WaPo complained that the President was too “happy.” He should be “nervous” when speaking about ISIS.
    A Republican friend of mine used this as proof that Obama did not know what he was doing. I was floored!

    Who wants a world leader who appears “nervous” when discussing terrorists? It made no sense.

    The right were chiding Obama for not having a “strategy.” Why, o why, would you want him to go on world news and tell the enemy what he has planned? I told here to quit watching Fox so much.

    And now, here we are, President Obama reveals his plan AFTER the fact. That makes sense. Now the morons on the right have
    to find something else to bitch about!


  4. Its the village and the Washington Post has given the editorial discretion to a Ronnie raygun ballwasher. Dana, what a name for a manly man knows who butters his bread among other things. He is irreverent and nothing more than a kochsucking whore

  5. Yes, he screw us all…
    Taking especial care to cut the combat pay of the deployed personel during his watch.
    Yes. you are reading right…
    Not only had the nerve to send thousands of military men & women, but cut their pay by 180.00 per month, so that their families would be even in worse shape and with less resources.
    Even to this day, it has not been re-instated, please write your congress and senate person to get the combat pay re-instated.
    I know, the representatives are too busy making money for themselves but this is so unfair to the armed service personnel.

  6. Hi, I want that post of George Bush! Can you email it yo me? I have a couple funny ones to send you…anyway I did try to copy it but couldn’t…if you will please send it to gew601@gmail.com

    I really enjoy reading your post and totally agree with you!


  7. I tried but it said I need a valid address. BTW don’t put your email out in public. There are a lot of crazies out there that will get a hard on bothering you. Just copy the pic and save to pictures and then if you want to post find a site that will allow you to repost. I use tinypic

  8. You know what I just LOVE!??
    He really doesn’t give a SH*T
    what his detractors think. He
    knows NOTHING he does will EVER
    be the right thing.
    They have called him everything
    but his name and shown a degree of
    disrespect never before seen directed
    at an American President by Americans
    themselves! When Bush won, we were told
    We won! Deal with it! He’s your President
    too! When HE won, they vowed to do whatever was necessary to take him out.
    Americans? We’re just Collateral Damage.
    I refuse to give up hope tho’. WHY?
    Because, unlike THEM, I LOVE my Country
    MORE than I hate them…………….

  9. A lot of buzzwords but no actual substance. A pretty bow does not make the empty cardboard box any fuller.
    That said, the Pentagon exists only to create strategies for just such occasions. Obama has hundreds of strategies he just has yet to announce one. A great motivational speaker once told me there are three questions you gotta ask to improving a situation.
    The first is: How?
    “We’re gonna destroy them”
    The second question is: How?
    “By dismantling their network”
    And the third and most important question is: How?
    And that is the strategy Obama has yet to, and should not, announce

  10. For #3 see Osama Bin laden; drones are coming for them and their families if they hide amongst people they better get the terrorists out because the drones are coming for them.

  11. It’s gotten to the point now, that these right wing Obama haters have given up trying to defeat him on policy, and now want to paint him as different in a TAN SUIT, or abrupt for stopping at Stonehenge, or playing to much Golf. Has anyone noticed that the media including the mainstream media has portrayed the world through a grey lense since Obama became President. How many times has there been a “defining moment for this administration” and yet when it is said and done the President comes out smelling like a rose. Has there ever been a President that has had to deal with so much on his plate. Think back to the beginning, the Somali hostage crisis his first real test, aced it !!! Well guess what, six years later he’s still aceing these test. They can say many things about Obama, but taking a step back is not one of his attributes.

  12. Obama is doing exactly the right thing. The GOP can bitch and moan and say He is incompetent etc. Talk about Incompetent two words, George Bush. He is the one who got America into this mess with Iraq. I have hyperlinks left and right that show Obama is doing the right thing and You can blame W for ISIS and the Iraq mess Obama was drafted to clean up after 8 years of a complete catastrophe under Bush.

  13. Just click and drag to your desktop. It worked for me. And don’t post your email address. It will create havoc for you.

  14. Isis: Obama Continues To Clean Up Bush’s Sh*t

    If there was anything that brings out the dumb American low brow crowd it’s a crisis involving terrorists and Americans in danger. I will get this out of the way early so some of you don’t stroke out before getting to the end of this column…the beheadings of the journalists in Syria/Iraq are disgusting, awful, horrific, and any other horrible word you can come up with…there ya go!..horrible as well. Of course the reaction to these two grotesque (another word!) videos from the American right wing has been all out hysteria. “Do something Obamaaaaaaa!!!” is what I see from these people on Facebook and Twitter. The right wing pols like dementia ridden John McCain claim Obama is “too cautious” and “not showing leadership skills.” Since this comes from the SAME people who were 110 percent behind George W. Bush
    Read More

  15. I guess that ‘Tan Suit’ take on new meaning for the Foreign Policies for dummies..

    As for that coalition building:

    Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, & Jordan are on broad with Pres. Obama & NATO..

    That GOP hill-billy talking point about anti-American in Europe the difference btw Bush vs Obama coalition
    From Wales:


    Thanks to the theobamadiary.com full details of Pres. Obama NATO SUMMIT..

  16. Osama was a known terrorist, with a narrowed location. isis is unknown in that it will likely have some members worldwide. And until we know 100% their identities it’s killing innocents. How do we find out who they are? Capture one and torture him? War crime.
    Wait for them to give us a list complete with photos and locations?

  17. Well we do know one US Senator who likes to take selfies with the terrorist
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    How does it feel to be a idiot?

  18. It seems to me if they are big enough to conquer large areas of land, they would have to be in a group such as a militia

    Think that over, digest it and move along

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