Senate Report Confirms That Republicans Lied About The IRS Only Targeting Conservatives

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A newly released report from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations confirms that both liberal and conservatives groups received the same bad treatment and were targeted by the IRS. In short, Republicans lied about the IRS only targeting conservatives.

The Executive Summary section of the report put the Republican IRS conspiracy down for the count,

The Subcommittee investigation has reached many of the same conclusions as the TIGTA audit of the 501(c)(4) application process. The Subcommittee investigation found that the IRS used inappropriate screening criteria when it flagged for increased scrutiny applications based upon the applicants’ names or political views rather than direct evidence of their involvement with campaign activities. The Subcommittee investigation also found significant program mismanagement, including years-long delays in processing 501(c)(4) applications; inappropriate, intrusive, and burdensome questioning of groups; and poor communication and coordination between IRS officials in Washington and Cincinnati. At the same time, like TIGTA, the Subcommittee investigation found no evidence of IRS political bias in selecting 501(c)(4) applications for heightened review, as distinguished from using poor judgment in crafting the selection criteria. Based on investigative work that went beyond what TIGTA examined, the Subcommittee investigation also determined that the same problems affected IRS review of 501(c)(4) applications filed by liberal groups.

In addition, the Subcommittee investigation found that, by focusing exclusively on how the IRS handled 501(c)(4) applications filed by conservative groups and excluding any comparative data on applications filed by liberal groups, the TIGTA audit produced distorted audit results that continue to be misinterpreted. The TIGTA audit engagement letter stated that the audit’s “overall objective” was to examine the “consistency” of IRS actions in identifying and reviewing 501(c)(4) applications, including whether “conservative groups” experienced “inconsistent treatment.” Instead, the audit focused solely on IRS treatment of conservative groups, and omitted any mention of other groups. For example, while the TIGTA report criticized the IRS for using “Tea Party,” “9/12,” and “Patriot” to identify applications filed by conservative groups, it left out that the IRS also used “Progressive,” “ACORN,” “Emerge,” and
“Occupy” to identify applications filed by liberal groups. While the TIGTA report criticized the IRS for subjecting conservative groups to delays, burdensome questions, and mismanagement, it failed to disclose that the IRS subjected liberal groups to the same treatment. The result was that when the TIGTA audit report presented data showing conservative groups were treated inappropriately, it was interpreted to mean conservative groups were handled differently and less favorably than liberal groups, when in fact, both groups experienced the same mistreatment. By excluding any analysis of how liberal groups were handled and failing to provide critical context
for its findings, the TIGTA audit inaccurately and unfairly damaged public confidence in the impartiality of the IRS.

The bipartisan report confirmed what liberals have known since shortly after the scandal broke. Liberal groups were also targeted by the IRS. People like Rep. Darrell Issa have been claiming for more than a year that conservatives were targeting by an Obama plot. The Senate report debunks this claim, and highlights the widespread issues with the handling of 501(c) (4) applications.

For Republicans, the IRS scandal is really about preventing new rules and investigations that would hurt the flow of Koch money into our elections. John Boehner admitted earlier this year that House Republicans were hoping to use the IRS scandal as grounds for impeaching President Obama and Attorney General Holder. Those who claim that the IRS targeted only conservatives are lying.

As much as Republicans want the story to be true, it isn’t. There is no vast Obama conspiracy to use the IRS to punish his political critics. In light of what this report reveals, Republicans should drop their waste of taxpayer funds IRS investigations. There was no conspiracy. There was no targeting of just conservatives. The IRS scandal is dead and buried, but this won’t stop Republicans from repeating the completely debunked lie.

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  1. A senate report while more proof of the obvious is un-necessary. My cat knows Republicans and Conservatives lie.

  2. Surprise ! !

    That Seems to be Consistent with Darrell Issa’s Life’s MO, and Perhaps No-One Should be Surprised, that the GOP Republicans Selected Darrell Issa as “Chairman of the Investigating Committee” !

    Apparently, Darrell Issa Did not Disappoint ! ?

  3. He’ll be crying all the way to his advisory position with “signing bonus” on Wall Street when he loses.

  4. The Boehner knew Issa was lying and he was in on the whole thing, just like many other fake Americans(tea bags and the rest of the gop).

    This is nothing short of misuse of the congress by all of them.

    Prison time for Issa

  5. See? This is why we have to turn out in incensed droves to VOTE BLUE in NOVEMBER or be at the whim of criminal swine!

  6. Someone needs to look in the archives and post WHERE we said this was a hippo letting loose their bowels with excrement. That is all

  7. Well the report shows what ALL sane people already knew,The TPGOPers LIED, very often and loudly.
    Now it is far past the time to take all of these TPGOPers by the nap of the neck and charge them with TREASON and practicing numerous acts of DOMESTIC TERRORISM to boot! The laws are on the books Patriot Act Section 802. Hey Federal Government please act against these dangerous criminals that are trying to destroy the US Government!

  8. Mitt rmoney lives in his district. If you think those idiots will vote him out then I got 2 tickets to a CUBS world series game

  9. This doesn’t mean the IRS scandal is over. It means the scope has EXPANDED!

    It means the IRS is screwing over even more groups than originally thought!

    Plus, I would be interested in knowing HOW MANY of each type of group did the IRS target? Was it 50% conservative and 50% liberal? Or was it more like 99 to 1?

    Let’s not get all emotional; let’s get some facts!

  10. Phillip, get a grip.

    This is the age of information and lies will eventually be exposed. Although a great many people already knew the truth of this matter, the hapless and hopeless Republican party has tried to hang on to this and other failed conspiracies theories in a desperate attempt to distract everyone from your abysmal track record when it comes to governing.

    Unfortunately for you and all the other righties the only thing you have succeeded in doing is making yourselves look like a bunch of incompetent fools. Which, of course, you are.

  11. 501c4’s should be labeled as unconstitutional and does not qualify for non-profit status.

    To be a non-profit and get a tax break and be able to hide your donors, you must be a Social Welfare organization. I am in favor of taking away non-profit status from every organization be they religious, social welfare or not.

    Now that that is settled – does anyone know if the Government in this case the DOJ can sue the legislators for mal practice ??

  12. This is why he is a blithering idiot. How long has this shit been debunked, 3 years? He is too stupid to use the Google to find out but he get his news from a bunch of other idiots on fox and then have the nerve to say theres more. Its a wonder he knows how to tie his shoes without somebody telling him how to do it

  13. You don’t want facts you want to misled. Yes they used search words for inappropriate screening criteria that applied to both when it flagged for increased scrutiny of applications but only delayed the conservative groups until after the elections. Don’t take my word for it how about the USA Today

    USA TODAY Internal Revenue Service Investigation

    WASHINGTON — In February 2010, the Champaign Tea Party in Illinois received approval of its tax-exempt status from the IRS in 90 days, no questions asked.

    That was the month before the Internal Revenue Service started singling out Tea Party groups for special treatment. There wouldn’t be another Tea Party application approved for 27 months, until after the 2012 elections.

    In that time, the IRS approved many dozens of applications from similar liberal and progressive groups, a USA TODAY review of IRS data shows.

    I know this is a Liberal sight so this won’t be accepted well , the truth is not a liberal friend. So have more Ko…

  14. It is a Senate report, therefore cannot be believed. Needs to be a Teapublican declaration in order to be the truth, don’tcha know.

  15. pretty sure that MsLed is a Republican bondage fantasy…

    while it actually kinda sounds fun I don’t think this is the appropriate forum for that…

    but if you find it please let me/us know…

  16. Your main problem is you can’t prove the delays were anything but bureaucratic slowness. No conservative groups were denied their applications, while a progressive group was. Without knowing the reason of the slow process, there is no proof it was done for political reasons.

    So another conservative nothing-burger.

  17. I just watched Nixon by Nixon in his own words on HBO! I’m going to start calling all these lying republicans the “Nixon Republicans”! What a spiteful man he was…he started this whole thing ” the media is the enemy”, and then Fox News paned them the liberal media! Even though today I think the majority are the corporate media.

  18. Sorry, Mr Chambers. You and USA Today missed one very vital point: These groups were scrutinized for cause. Had they applied for and pursued the true and lawful tax-exempt status for political groups, which was 527, not 501(c)4, we’re not having this conversation. In their haste to take full advantage of the then-recent Citizen’s United ruling, they forgot there are strict rules governing social welfare groups playing politics. Their choices were 1. Go with 527, spend as much on politics as they wanted under the new rules and make their donor lists public OR, 2 apply for 501 (c)4, keep their donor lists private, and make sure to keep their political spending to less than half of proceeds. Not both.

  19. One thing that has always confused me over this issue. The IRS was only making sure that the laws were followed. What is wrong with that? By using words to flag something is really no different than the people that are complaining that automatically make every minority person a criminal. It is ok then but not here?

  20. I don’t know about you but I want the people at the IRS to do their job very thoroughly. These organizations are wanting tax exempt status–which means everyone else (us) have to make up the shortfall. If they don’t meet the requirements for tax exempt status I don’t want them having it. And from what I’ve seen most of these 501(c4) entities do not meet the legal requirements. They are not to be used for political purposes wherein they can hide their donors. If they want to be political, file for a 527.

  21. Why is it considered ‘bad’ treatment to check these groups applying for tax exemptions, I would say it is the IRS doing their jobs. If I applied for tax exempt status I would expect them to check whether I was eligible.
    These groups should all pay tax anyway!

  22. This witch hunt cost taxpayers tens of millions in lost labor, document search and replication fees, legal fees, and a whole myriad of other expenses.

    When do these ‘legislators’ get held for maliciously wasting taxpayer money?

  23. The Republican under-funding of the IRS is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars a year because they don’t have the resources to go after tax cheats. This is just another way to demonize the IRS and keep them from doing their job.

  24. The Teapublicans will not agree to anything unless it is funded. That being the case, where is all the funding for these unnecessary scandal investigations coming from and who is approving that funding? Is the hen house security being provided and raided by the proverbial fox?

  25. This report will make NO difference to rethugs. truth, has no value,lies are what works. So this will be used, count on it.

  26. So a Senate report, written by the Democrat majority of a Senate subcommittee, concludes that the Republican committee chairman lied??? Seriously?!?

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I don’t consider this news. I’d be willing to bet that in the last few Congresses there have been House reports, written my Republican majorities on a House subcommittee, concluding that a Democrat committee chairman lied about such-and-such.

    Ain’t partisan politics grand??? I’ll grab some popcorn and enjoy the snark!

  27. Even more than distorting the truth, the Republicans have put a lot of effort into distorting the premise. Most Tea Party are convinced that ANY investigation into legitimacy of tax-exempt status is “targeting” a particular group. Even this article perpetuates the use of the word. The IRS didn’t “target” either side or any particular group. EVERY application is “on hold” until it reaches approval, although the group may assume approval and structure their taxes accordingly (with a balance due upon rejection). It wasn’t as if the Tea Party groups had to be inactive during the authorization period. But there’s another twist to this story that gets little attention. As mentioned, the Citizens United Ruling created an increased “demand” for tax-exempt status. This was a strategy by Tea Party, widely discussed in various forums, to overload the system and play the odds that non-qualifiers would be rubberstamped out of efficiency concerns. In the end, it seems to have worked.

  28. They just assume because they use the IRS against the people on their ‘enemies list'(Richard Nixon, anyone) that the Dems must do it too.
    Just like voter fraud. The conservatives throw out Democrat registrations, so they assume that the Dems are registering dead people or in multiple precincts.

  29. PEOPLE, instead of wasting time in places like this join a nonpartisan group with a solution to get absolute transparency from Congress that will trickle up and down to all politicians. Today’s career politicians WANT you to bicker. This keeps your eyes off THEM and what they are (or are not) doing for you.

    Take 2 minutes to look at three amendments, that is all it takes. Find out the simple solution here:

    ” #TransparencyUSA ” on Facebook. Search for this group and spread the word about it.

    You can be part of the solution, or stay part of the problem. The choice is yours.

  30. In trying to debunk one lie, you’ve inadvertently repeated another. Neither conservatives nor liberals got bad treatment by the IRS.

    Groups applying for tax-exempt status requiring a) they serve public good and b) not via electioneering were asked to confirm that they actually met the requirements in a two-page questionnaire. An interesting aspect of these requirements is that if this group is politically conservative or liberal, it doesn’t qualify by definition.

    Those whose mission statements talked about getting people elected were informed of the law and even given the names of other tax categories that would be more appropriate for what they were trying to do.

    All in all, the IRS did a great job here. The only thing I’d fault them for is not being stricter about the rules.

    Political or tax-free: you aren’t legally allowed to have both.

  31. Representative Issa is up for re-election this November, as is every member of the house who hasn’t lost a primary nor declined to run.

  32. The senate investigation is neither complete nor unbiased. A proper investigation would take the time to open the backup tapes and recover the missing emails. It would require actually interviewing the alleged victims, it would require looking at ALL data and digging to get to the truth. Not one of these things was done in a comprehensive manner.
    Your claim that Boehner stated he wanted to use the information from the investigation to impeach Obama or Holder is based on a video you link to in which Boehner says none of the above. Boehner has actually stated flat out that impeachment is off the table.
    Based on these facts the only determination that can be made in any honesty is that the author of the article is not qualified as a journalist. The author makes claims of statements and links to video that itself disproves the claims. Journalistic integrity requires facts and claims to be verified and sources to be confirmed. The author didn’t watch the video or lied about it’s content…

  33. You might want to investigate Issa and his part of the deal. It was him along with the IRS Inspector General that released the report leaving out the liberal groups. Is the IRS scandal a non scandal for Obama and a huge scandal for the GOP? Yes.

  34. Incompetent? Why? Because I listened to the MSM’s reporting and never heard this before?

    Makes me more of a victim of incompetent journalism than incompetent myself.

  35. Bullshit. This was brought out well before the Senate confirmed it. The only people who didnt know it are the people who listen to Fox news

  36. This was debunked 3 years ago? With what, your crystal ball? This only came out about 2 years ago!

    Do you work for the IRS and this has been known internally for 3 years?

  37. You need to get into circulation. Cause where you get your news is failing you. It came out a long time ago that both groups were treated the same. Issa is the one who let it out only Conservative groups were investigated. You have been had by the jerks you support

  38. I don’t watch Fox; I watch Brian Williams on NBC practically every night. I never noticed him saying it was EQUAL discrimination.

    This report also does not mention whether the occurrence of discrimination were equal.

    Not idiotic to check one’s facts.

  39. That’s right: everyone who challenges or questions something you agree with is an idiot, djchefron. You are the source of ALL KNOWLEDGE! We are mere peons in your presence! Thank you, oh Overlord, for offering us guidance with each display of your wisdom!

    There is no need to question, now that we have your vaulted conclusions before us! Let’s not discuss the issues. It is a waste of your time and knowledge. Thank you for preventing any further discussion by calling everyone idiots! We are all better beings due to your idiotic name-calling!


  40. Your entitled opinion; however, it sounds as though you are prejudging and therefore, prejudiced, bebe.

  41. Your answer is in the article above. Kinda helps to read the article one is commenting upon.

    I helped you by capitalizing the salient points.


    It WASN’T that the IRS is being skewered for “doing their job.” They are under attack for taking sides, delaying, stalling, interrogating, bullying, assuming evidence, and general inefficiency. THAT is why.

  42. Hi Phillip, May I suggest that you get your news from as many sources as you can. Unfortunately “News” programs today are a place to start looking for ones self. All due respect to Brian Williams and you.

  43. Well, you made me read that spin+spin article. It’s correct, but the article DOES NOT MENTION HOW MANY. The Treasury Department’s inspector general has revealed that just six progressive groups were targeted compared to 292 conservative groups. let’s keep some distance from the MSNBC Bolshevicks , and the all hated FoxNews. Yahoo News, who is often deep on the democrats sauce says this: ” IRS agents asked the progressive groups an average of 4.7 questions and eventually approved all seven applications,….The conservative groups were asked an average of 14.9 questions and, as of May 31, only 48 applications had been approved. The other 56 applications were either pending or withdrawn”

    Defending this is like a republican calling Watergate just a “Peepimg Tom Missanderstanding”

  44. Hey genius how many cons were denied their tax exempt status? None. Guess who was denied? I know you can Google and answer that but you wont

  45. This Democrat-controlled Senate subcommittee report just confirms that the Senate can not investigate without political bias. Read the Republican Senator responses.

  46. But the senate report comes from a bipartisan committee. Nice try. Your man Issa buried you. The republican responses are little more then wannabe martyrs
    The whole thing was a set up by the gop to make sure no one was investigated after the “scandal” was outed.

  47. The Republican response said further investigation is needed because some information hasn’t been released and e-mails from former IRS official Lois Lerner are still missing.

    That’s it? Wow what I bombshell. Flashback to April of 2007. The Bush administration was in the midst of dual scandals regarding: 1) the outing of Valerie Plame, a covert CIA agent whose identity was deliberately compromised as payback for her husband’s criticism of the Bush lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, and 2) the unethical firing of eight federal attorneys for politically ideological reasons. Additionally, there were questions about Karl Rove improperly using a Republican National Committee e-mail account that the White House later said disappeared. While Congress was investigating these activities, the White House announced that two years of emails were lost and unavailable to the committees of jurisdiction.
    Whats that? Crickets

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