Bernie Sanders Warns That Senate Vote To Repeal Citizens United Is A Pivotal Moment


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is warning the American people that country is facing a pivotal moment in history tomorrow as the Senate will vote on an amendment to repeal Citizens United.

Sanders is sounding the alarm bells that the country is facing a pivotal moment,

One day before the U.S. Senate votes on a constitutional amendment to restore limits on big money in politics, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called the drive to undo Supreme Court decisions that gutted campaign finance laws “the major issue of our time” and said Monday’s showdown vote is “a pivotal moment in American history.”

“Billionaires buying elections is not what our Constitution stands for,” said Sanders. He is a cosponsor of the amendment to reverse Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and later court rulings that let millionaires and billionaires spend virtually unlimited and unregulated sums to sway elections.

“The major issue of our time is whether the United States of America retains its democratic foundation or whether we devolve into an oligarchic form of society where a handful of billionaires are able to control our political process by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who represent their interests,” Sanders said.

The constitutional amendment will be obstructed by Koch funded Republicans who will do anything, including drumming up a fake IRS scandal, to keep the billionaire dollars flowing into their campaign coffers. Tomorrow’s debate is significant because the issue of Citizens United and the right-wing billionaires who are trying to buy our government are going to take center stage.

You will see Republicans like Mitch McConnell stand up and defend the Koch brothers’ attempts to buy the government as “free speech.” The rationale behind McConnell’s argument is that the people who have the most money have the right to the most “speech.” The problem is that free speech isn’t a commodity to be bought and sold. Money has nothing to do with the basic right to speech.

There will be a parade of Republicans on the Senate floor who will march to the microphone and in tones of dire panic tell the American people that your liberty is at stake if the Koch brothers aren’t allowed to spend millions of dollars trying to buy the government. Republicans will be able to stop the constitutional amendment, but they are going to be forced to go on the record with a position on subject that they don’t want to talk about.

Monday’s vote is important because it is the next step in the movement to overturn Citizens United. The important thing to remember is that this is a movement. The easiest way to rid the country of Citizens United is to wait for a conservative vacancy on the Supreme Court, and tip the court more moderate direction with a liberal appointment.

Until that time comes, the foundation of our freedom will continue to be under assault from billionaires’ interests, and it will be up to leaders like Sen. Bernie Sanders to mobilize the regular Americans to defend the rights of all.

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  1. I would never vote for someone that held the view that the person with the most money should have the most speech. That kind of thinking is exactly what has allowed corporations – like oil and gas companies – to be the “people” that have put our very civilization in peril by poisoning our land, water and air.
    That is not democracy, it is oligarchy. We could have stayed under British Rule in 1776 for the same result.
    I can’t wait until the covers are pulled off tomorrow!

  2. This will never pass. I wish it would but it won’t. Way to many senators like the millions they get to sign a bill that would end that.

  3. If we don’t speak up now, we never will be able to do that again intelligently! The whole system will be masked by more than bought “free speech”

  4. Why is it the article conveniently forgets to add billionaires such as Kennedy family, Soros etc…? I wonder…

  5. Because the Kennedys, Soros, etc. aren’t funding fake grassroots organizations to make it appear as if the agenda they are pushing is somehow a populist action, when it really is a publicity stunt by billionaires, to secure tax breaks for themselves. I would also suggest they use fake commenters on websites to coordinate with their master’s rhetoric, and agenda.

  6. The republicans will fight this tooth and nail because most of their donations come from big money instead of grass roots. Mitch already told us he is here for the koch and not for us or his state. The koch will be on the phone hot and heavy to keep their money flowing


    Remove the
    from CONGRESS!!
    Cj leBlanc

  8. The GOPT will not let this happen. Without big, dark money behind the GOPT, they have nothing..absolutely nada. Take their big donors away, all that is left is a puddle of piddle.

  9. But public unions can spend all the money they want, right? As a taxpayer they certainly do NOT represent my interests.

    The idea that Republicans represent only rich people or religious conservatives but Democrats represent “the people” is laughable. Both parties have their own constituencies, neither of which include me. A quick and incomplete summary:

    Democrats: rich people, certain select minorities, government employees and former government employees (mostly public union members), and one-issue feminists

    Republicans: rich people, religious conservatives, white males who feel disenfranchised by the Democrats, and people who are fed up with illegal immigrants

  10. Is there any thing else we can do about it now? I think I have already done as much as I can.

    Just waiting for the vote now and I refuse to give up hope till the vote is over. Even then I will still hope we get another shot at it.

  11. We can have democracy or concentrated wealth, not both, said Justice Brandeis. is a progressive portal with over 2000 laws and bills including the Vermont Health Law, a welcome antidote to ALEC and the Koch Brothers with their astro-turf “Americans for Prosperity” throwing hundreds of millions for anti-labor and anti-environmental bills.

    You can download a 20-page Alternative Trade Mandate at States should be able to protect themselves from bank deregulation and speculation.

  12. This would be a good time for an overflow of citizens filling the halls of congress with “free speech” protest signs!!!!

  13. If this is an important vote, why are we just hearing about it with less than 24 hours before the Senate votes on it on this post instead of “call your Senator” emails? Regardless, to call your Senator, here’s a hopefully helpful link to look them up. Please do so and share with others, again if this

    I’m noticing:

    S.J. Res. 19 (ORDER NO. 471)
    1.—Ordered, That on Monday, September 8, 2014, when the Senate resumes Legislative Session following the confirmation vote on the Chen nomination, the Senate vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to S.J. Res. 19, a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections; provided, that with respect to the cloture motion filed on the motion to proceed, the mandatory quorum required under Rule XXII be waived. …

  14. I guess you’ve never heard of Collective Bargaining Agreements. You must not live in California, a state controlled by unions and gone bankrupt because of them. I guess you have not heard of the outrageous pensions given to government union workers in San Diego and elsewhere turning them into millionaires when they only worked for pennies on the pension dollar. I guess you have no clue how non-union workers are forced to pay union dues to unions, but have no vote, just because the unions forced government into passing laws giving them full control of a labor force. You are probably a union member, as most union members think unions are great, but are blinded by the reality out of a false and naive sense that the union actually helps them and their fellow workers.

  15. Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks

    Do you not think that other countries haven’t noticed that our politics and politicians are on sale to the highest bidder? Why should they be left out? Just because it’s against the law? The Supreme Court “fixed” that in Citizens United for US corporations. I’m sure they’ll “fix” it for foreign powers too.

  16. Predictably you’d ignore the racist majority of republicans, because you think we’re naïve as you.

  17. I fear that this is not the right congress to bring up the amendment, I fear it will lose and and make it harder to pass when we have a more friendly congress, hopefully, at a later date. But of course that may never happen. We are trapped in a system that has lost its’ way. I am appalled.

  18. Citizens United gave public unions the same rights as billionaires with the SCOTUS ruling. This is why conservative politicians are trying to now crush the unions. This way the Democrats will not get union money, but the Republicans will still be bathed in Koch money.

  19. Name-calling is soooooooo played. The original writer pointed out that there is corruption on both sides of the aisle and you call them an idiot? To believe anything short of the authenticity of that point is to create an identical scenario within whatever party you choose to represent you. Living in denial is simply that… Until We the People find a method to defeat corruption from every party – we will suffer. Choose to Think – and stop name-calling.

  20. You know what the person I was replying to was putting down the very institution that she benefits from that’s what made her a idiot and if you couldn’t see it that makes you one too

  21. What’s wrong with having a politician or two in your back pocket. Think of it? I can eliminate grass roots organizations with a snap of my finger making the FBI call them terrorist. Then have Homeland Security pick up all the terrorists and throw them in a hole somewhere outside of the U.S. torture them and charge them with treason and use the media to convince the public that they are against the our freedom and Democracy and that they must be executed. Isn’t it great being a billionaire!

  22. For Mitch McConnell, this vote to take dark money out of politics is nothing but an “assault on free speech.” That’s his claim in an op-ed in Politico Magazine.

    Democrats who control the Senate say they’re more interested in repealing the free speech protections the First Amendment guarantees to all Americans. Their goal is to shut down the voices of their critics at a moment when they fear the loss of their fragile Senate majority. And to achieve it, they’re willing to devote roughly half of the remaining legislative days before November to this quixotic anti-speech gambit.
    The proposal they want to consider would empower incumbent politicians to write the rules on who gets to speak and who doesn’t.

    Any questions

  23. And the US says it’s a Democracy? It’s clearly a Plutocracy, and as long as the wealthy can buy influence, woe betide the average citizen .. good luck America!

  24. California (and one other State) didn’t buy the GOP’s “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” b.s. in 2010. Had other States followed our example and voted Democratic Party, the House wouldn’t be gerrymandered today and this bill would not only have passed, but it would have been signed into law.

    This is the price America pays for continuing to allow emotions and prejudices to out-wit common sense and our American sense of “united we stand, divided we fall” through well-funded “divide and conquer” tactics by the oligarchs in this country.

    We cannot be lax in upcoming elections again. We just can’t afford it.

  25. Nothing in this amendment does it allow Unions to spend unlimited amounts of money. In fact the amendment itself doesn’t outright ban unlimited contributions at all for anyone. It allows Congress and the States to set reasonable limits on all contributions. But hey, that would require you reading the amendment, which would require anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes depending on how slow a reader some people might be. But here you go if you don’t believe me.

  26. So… Laura, you feel the Unions have done nothing for the working person? You do know that if, you have vacation time, it’s because of the Union. If you have sick time, it’s because of the Union, If you work 48 hours a week, it’s because of the Union, If you have a retirement plan it’s because of the Union. If you are being fired with no real cause and retain your job, it’s because of the Union. need more Laura????

  27. Heubler could you take this out as a full page ad in every news paper in the country. rethugs love to use Soros and others like him as a whipping post to lib’s. Had one try this on me just last week. Soros and the rich of the DEM party do not use their money to get tax breaks for themselves. Had to name a few of the rethug organizations like Prosperity for America, freedom works ect. Did not faze him, not one little bit. Nothing comes between the rethug and his money except tax. Which he or they always find convenient ways to avoid.

  28. Well, we can try to repeal this as many times as “they” tried to repeal ACA, now can’t we?

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