Mitt Romney Claims That He Would Be a Better President Than Obama Or Hillary Clinton

mitt romney better president than obama

Mitt Romney arrogantly suggested on Fox News Sunday that he would be a better president than President Obama or Hillary Clinton.


After defending the Benghazi conspiracy theory as true, Romney said that he would be a better president than Obama, “Look, there’s no question in my mind that I think I would have been a better president than Barack Obama has been. No question in my mind about that, and there are other good people who I’m sure will be able to lead the country in the future. I wish it were me. Let me tell you, it was a great experience running for president. I loved that, but my time has come and gone. I had that opportunity. I ran and didn’t win, and now it’s time for someone else to pick up the baton.”

Romney added that he also thought that he would be a better president than Hillary Clinton. Host Chris Wallace asked Romney if he would be a better president than Hillary Clinton, “No question about that in my mind. The American people may disagree with me. You’ve got to get this economy going. You have to have people who understand what it takes to create jobs, and to help people come out of poverty, to help the middle class have a better and more prosperous future. You’ve also got to have people who have run something. The government of the United States is the largest enterprise in the world. You’ve watched a president who just doesn’t understand how to make an administration work, how to interact with Congress, how to get things done. I don’t think Hillary Clinton has that experience.”

The entire interview was an exercise in self-delusion. Nearly ten minutes of the fourteen minute interview were spent on rerunning the 2012 campaign. Mitt Romney called President Obama out of touch with reality, but then he defended Benghazi conspiracy theory as real.

Romney’s denials of the 2016 rumors ring hollow, because he keeps saying things like he would be a better president than Hillary Clinton. The idea that Romney would be a president than a person who has decades more experience in the federal government than Mitt ever had would be sidesplittingly funny if it weren’t so sad.

Mitt Romney would be a horrible president. He doesn’t the needs of the poor and the middle class. What is even worse is that he doesn’t care about the majority of the American people. In Mitt’s world of extreme wealth, they don’t exist. He can’t relate to struggles of average people because he has never seen them as real people. To Mitt Romney, working people are the takers. They are the “47%.”

Romney may think that he would be a better president than Obama or Clinton, but the American people have already disagreed twice. If he runs against Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney will get destroyed. Romney seems like he is trying to inspire a draft Mitt movement. Beneath his 2016 denials is a man who desperately still wants to be president.

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  1. 65,915,796 didn’t think so and they still think you are liar, out of touch and a babbling idiot. That is all. Oh BTW since you are calling for war will those privilege son of a bitches sons of yours sign up to fight? What’s that?……

  2. This is a man whose only accomplishment in life was the Mass. Healthcare Law. And that wouldn’t have happened had MA not had a Democratic state legislature. Who the hell does he think he’s kidding? He’s seriously delusional. Ann was worried about his mental state in 2012… I think she should still be worried.

  3. Jason, there’s a missing word in the second sentence in the next-to-last paragraph above: “Mitt Romney would be a horrible president. He doesn’t –><– the needs of the poor and the middle class. What is even worse is that he doesn’t care about the majority of the American people."

  4. That is just pitiful.

    I wonder how long all his little friends are going to listen to him whining and sniffling that he should have won the homecoming king election, because everybody knows he’s so much cooler than that stupid schmuck that isn’t even well, you know, and who ever said “his kind” was allowed to even run for homecoming king? Everybody knows that homecoming king is only for the cool kids, and the cool kids decide who’s cool, gosh darn it!

    You lost, Mittsy. We, the people, were more than happy to walk into the homecoming ball on the arm of Barack Hussein Obama. We voted for him, not you, so take off, loser.

  5. Talk about losing standing on the world stage. We would be the laughing stock of the world with this Ass as President. Mitt the twit is a loser and a thief. Could you see Ann as the first lady. They would have to beg people to come to state dinners. There would be protests in mass in every state in the country.

  6. Gee, where have I heard this kind of hubris and megalomaniac posturing before?

    Oh, yeah. Now I remember:

    I would have made a good pope.
    –Richard M. Nixon

  7. Only in the delusional world of faux news can the unhinged haters actually spew lies and delusional thoughts. The worse the slime the more the cult members get pumped up.

  8. Sounds like a run for king of arrogance to me. Mr I will own the Middle East(but unsure about which religion is he fighting for) back for one more try.

  9. Well sir I must say that Romney would be a better president than Clinton. He is much more organized in my opinion and his economic views are very organized. He had a legitimate economic policy plan , and I think this economy would be booming right now if he were president. Obama is an awful president and clinton would be even worse than Obama. Look at Benghazi , look at how she got destroyed by Obama in the primaries in 2008 , look at her track record all around she has no real accomplishments. Romney as governor had a balanced budget 4 years in a row and his healthcare reform plan actually works!!! Unlike The affordable care act.

  10. My question whenever I see BS like this is:

    ‘because ….?’, ‘what I would do is …?’, never any answer to what any of these Republicans would do differently. So tell me what would you do?

    Easy question and whenever you ask any Republican, there is no answer – indirectly or directly.

    It be like Joan Public, working my job, paying my taxes, getting older and needing money, coming out and saying ‘I would be a better president’ without the ‘because’ part. BECAUSE?

    Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Turtle McConnell, Paul Ryan – answer the fkn question:

    ‘I would be a better president (candidate) than President Obama or Hillary Clinton … BECAUSE …’

    Yeah, I thought so – they have no clue on what it takes to be leader of the free world so you all should just STFU … until you tell us your ideas.

  11. …That’s the thing with “claims,” eh? Many times they are as empty as the spaces between the letters making up the word.

  12. LOL!

    That’s freaking hilarious, Mitt. I didn’t know that you could do a halfway decent comedy act.

    Now that I had my laughs… do yourself a favor and go sit down at the kids table. Let the grown men and women handle the real issues that come with being President while you continue to refine that comedy bit of yours.

  13. All this from a guy who thinks he’s going to become a god or something like it on a planet in outer space. Ha! Someone who thinks it’s just great to keep women in factories having to be locked in for an extended time, with 12 0r so in a room to work at Corporations that have barbed wire around them. Mit just loved this, said the fence was only to keep others out. HA!

  14. his economic views are very organized
    Ask the people who lost their jobs while he pocketed millions how organized his economic views are.
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  15. The man is still delusional, unimaginative, stuck in 19th century rhetoric. “Bad people do bad things.” What a breakthrough! What a monumental fart of a very narrow mind. He is now, with McCain, an embarassment.

  16. wow. talk about ignorance, arrogance, and narcissism. these rightwing clowns sure have a lot nerve. come back to reality. heres the deal. momentum has swung over to the democrats regarding the midterms in ovember. the GOPTP just had the worst possible summer a political party could ever have. they spent the summer months embracing hate, division, lies, racists, bigots, madness, lunacy, lawsuits and impeachments threats. the whole republican and tea party klan is crashing and burning right before our eyes. in January the GOPTP was in an amazing position and were well on their way to retaking the senate and keeping the house. then, one by one, republican governors began to crash and fall. the whole cliven bundy thing that blew up in rightwingers faces, not to mention lawsuits and impeachment threats. many experts would have agreed that yes, the field certainly tilted towards the GOPTP. NOW? not so much. not even close. the GOPTP is sinking fast and dems will win big!!!

  17. Well he does wear magic underwear. I guess like his dingleberries, his lies wont stick to his arse

  18. Under Romney, he would have:

    Pushed for more multimillion dollar tax cuts for himself and people like him.

    Surrounded himself with same Neoconservative war pimps who got us into the mess under Bush.

    Done little or nothing about the situation in Ferguson, MO.

    Done nothing about the Voting Rights situation.

    Tried to weaken regulatory agencies in the Federal Government.

    Hey, I can go on and on.

  19. “You have to have people who understand what it takes to create jobs, and to help people come out of poverty, to help the middle class have a better and more prosperous future. You’ve also got to have people who have run something.”

    And Wallace predictably missed the opportunity to ask him a tough question (I am so surprised) like: “if that’s true, why was the country left in such bad shape after two terms of the fellow conservatives called “the CEO President?”

    Two wars, a crashed economy, the worst attack on American soil in US history, all brought about by a guy that ran not one, but two companies into the ground, and Wallace sits on his fucking partisan hands, and says squat.

  20. chris, so many things in your comment made me laugh. you are a blind fool. that successful health care plan Romney came up with for his state, its exactly what obamacare is modeled after. its the same damn thing you clown!

  21. Every candidate for POTUS should believe that they would do a better job than anyone else, otherwise they have no business running for office.

    And yet Mitt acknowledges that he has no plans to run, reminding us that actions speak louder than words.

  22. And worse for Chris, he has no idea that the Democrats wrote that healthcare plan. All he did was sign it

  23. Because its not Wallace job to educate or to confront. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair.

  24. The ACA is based, in part, on Romney’s plan in Massachusetts. It’s working quite well.. Read about it before you talk next time

  25. Romneys plan was actually the Massachusetts Democratic Legislatures plan. Chris is not aware that next years premiums are dropping, millions are ensured and all he has is Fox or Breitbarts word its failing

  26. Governor Romney would have had the support of the House Republicans and Fox News, but that does not mean that would have made him a better president.

  27. Somebody who knows how to run something? Well Mitt, you are damn good at running that Kochsucker, You never helped anyone out of poverty, however you put plenty there, stole their jobs and dumped their pension plans on the government, that only pays like maybe 75% of what they earned. And the last two Presidents that crashed the economy had an MBA. Doesn’t say much for the GOP now does it.

  28. Mitt Romney is delusional. More to the point, Mitt Romney does not understand that being President of the United States requires GOVERNING. Mitt Romney has no interest in governing.

    Oh, I’ve no doubt he wants to be President, but it’s not because he thinks he would make better decisions, have better policies, etc., because he doesn’t. He has the same tired old Republican ideas that do not work.

    No, he wants to be President because it’s the highest office in the land. He’s been at the top of corporations; what office is higher than any he’s already held? The Presidency. That’s why he wants it.

    Anyone who thinks Mitt Romney would help them, improve their lives, etc., is equally delusional. Unless you’re in his tax bracket – which is to say, you make so much money you can actually avoid paying taxes – he doesn’t care about you. Not one bit.

    He needs to exit stage left and be done with it. He adds nothing to our political discourse. Nothing.

  29. Romney is like the guy who has been rejected repeatedly by a girl he’s stalking and has convinced himself that if she could just see how good he is for her she’d love him.
    America might have to file for a restraining order.

  30. …and when Mitt gets trounced for the 3rd time, will the scissors come out…and give us the haircut he thinks we should have?

  31. Well, sir, Romney was a lousy governor in Massachusetts. In fact, he was so bad at the job that he didn’t even bother to run for reelection–he knew that he’d lose.

  32. Chris, your post is so full of ignorance that I at first thought it had to be sarcasm, but I guess you’re really that dumb.

  33. “Romney seems like he is trying to inspire a draft Mitt movement.”

    I honestly believe that’s exactly what Mitt wants, to be drafted at the republican convention. He hopes to avoid the primaries, which destroyed him in 2012. He was/is unable to cater to the right wing extremists one minute and appeal to the sound-minded average Americans the next. A draft would be his dream come true.

  34. The Mayor of London had it right when he called him Mitt the Twit, as well as running away from the country during Viet Nam and saying his sons had better things to do that
    serve the country, seems he has better things to do than pay his share of the taxes too.
    He should stay home and ride his car elevator!

  35. Romney’s definition of “better” president: “I have the inside deals for CHEAP AMERICAN LABOR.”

  36. I don’t think Romney will run because he don’t want to get beat by Hillary after getting beaten by the president. He was so sure that the american people would vote for him over the black man and that really messed up his ego. To get beat by a woman will be even worst, Ann might as well commit him because he will surely lose it. That is why it took him so long to give his little speech because he felt lost as if the world had turn on him and elected a black man the second time in history over him. He is the man with the business experiences of hiring and firing people, causing companies to close and people lose their jobs is in his resume, along with sending his money overseas to avoid paying taxes.He like war but his sons won’t go to fight but he will send other people children and think nothing about it. No he thought he was entitled to be president because he was white and Obama is black, now he knows he won’t get there if Hillary win and if she don’t, he still won’t.

  37. Just shows that Romney has a very humongous EGO that he keeps inflated by ignoring the real world.

  38. Take a look at Key-Bee Toys.

    Mitt Romney and his buddies took over, loaded the company with DEBT, took millions in profits and sent what was left into BANKRUPTCY.

    Mitt Romney wants to do the SAME thing to the ENTIRE Country.

  39. That is why Chris Wallace can NEVER be considered a real journalist. He’s simply a right wing “tea party” fascist sociopath Republican tool. He panders to idiots like Romney, instead of showing them up for what they actually are, and exposing their lies. Real journalists want the truth; Chris Wallace wants to please the Koch brothers and his fascist sociopath boss, Murdoch.

  40. Sure………..Willard Romney would make it easier for your employer to steal from you.
    To the eyes of a conservative, that’s a good thing!

  41. i do so hope that you are being sarcastic.

    if not? i am gonna have to ask what repug rats ass you pull that drivel out of..

    wow, what ever you have been drinking and smoking i want none of it. that crap has rotted your brain.

  42. Stewart Smalley saturday night live “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me” perfect mit .

  43. You would be a better president than Barack Obama?

    You kept telling us that right up to the election, and we didn’t buy it.

  44. Of course, his views are well organized! He keeps them all in binders, don’t you know. And all those women in there keep them tidy. That’s what we’re good for. And baking cookies.

  45. Chris – turn the channel, you bought right into Fox propaganda. Willard Romney is a lyin thief who couldnt give a rats ass about you. Under Mr. magic undies, Mass job ceation was horrible, ranked 47th out of 50. Job creation was integral in the ’12 election. Mitt didnt cut it. We’re very impressed with President Obama’s 54 months of growth with 10 million jobs to his credit. Mitt is a flip flop, dont trust a word this douchebag has to say. If his mouth is open, he is lying.

  46. The thought of having Romney as president, is akin to those days….way back when the Cuban missle crisis was in full swing. You would lie awake at night, just scared out of your wits, as to what the country would be like if the USSR and the USA, started lobbing those death rockets at each other.

    You would wonder just how terrifying and what damage Romney would do to America? Terrifying thought, cops gunning people down in the streets, Romney and company stealing everything from everyone….while preaching to be a good Mormon. Yes…even ISIS isn’t as scary as that freak of nature, Romney.

  47. Chris, a sweatsock stashed under a teenaged boys mattress would make a better president than

  48. Was he drunk when he made that comment? Hmmmmm. No, being a Mormon he does not drink. Then he must be on something, because he is not sounding right, know what I mean? But the two time loser has to convince himself. Know what I mean? “I coulda’ been a contender”. Yeah, right. You lost twice Mitt. Read the writing on the wall

  49. Mitt is mad! The two time loser is just trying to erase the stench of defeat. “I coulda been a contender”. Yeah, Mitt. Right! So, be quiet now….go relax with your millions.

  50. Deborah, Mittens does not suffer from delusions of adequacy but delusions of grandeur He and Lady Ann both.

  51. The economy would be EVEN better now IF the do-nothing Republicans in Congress hadn’t blocked anything and everything that would have created a “booming economy”. As for Romneycare, the ACA is modeled after it.

  52. Wouldn’t bake that crumb a cookie since he turns up his nose at every pastry presented to him. Didn’t know a donut from the donut hole. Cookies are (heaven forbids store bought. He does not live in the real world. He and his family are all Stepford like. Robots without empathy or emotion. They give me the creeps. Of course he’s better than Obama or Hilary,we were smart enough to not vote him in. Imagine the mess he would make. He does not have a great political career. Accomplished very little,he’s a legend in his own mind.

  53. Given all that has been accomplished bu just one party, I think this economy would be booming had the GOP not spent the past 6 years obstructing progress. I’d say Obama has done a mighty fine job going it on his own.

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