NBC Thinks Rachel Maddow Is Too Partisan But Promoted Joe Scarborough To Meet The Press


NBC thinks Rachel Maddow is too partisan, but they promoted former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough to senior NBC political analyst and contributor to Meet The Press.

If you watched Chuck Todd’s Meet The Press debut, you saw some promises that Meet The Press was going to be getting some new sets and segments. Later in the show, there was something else. Joe Scarborough as a contributor to Meet The Press. The same NBC News that has been suggesting off the record for years that MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is too partisan to be a regular part of Meet The Press has promoted a former Republican congressman to regular Meet The Press contributor status.

Here is how NBC political director/Meet The Press producer/moderator Chuck Todd described Scarborough’s promotion, “Joe has one of the best political minds in the NBC family. His love of politics and passion for debate will guarantee the kind of robust conversation that has always been a hallmark of Meet the Press, and I look forward to the reported analysis he’ll bring to the table.”

Joe Scarborough doesn’t do reporting. He also doesn’t do analysis. Joe Scarborough is a Republican talking points machine. There were reported that Scarborough was outraged because he thought that he was next in line to host Meet The Press. If that’s the case, it looks NBC gave him a promotion and a regular slot on Meet The Press as a way of smoothing things over.

The fact that NBC News views Joe Scarborough as senior political analyst material, while keeping Rachel Maddow (PhD.) banished to the sinking ship that is MSNBC should tell viewers everything that they need to know about the partisan priorities of NBC News. It has been speculated that when NBC News calls a host too partisan that is network code for no host of an opinion show on MSNBC will ever be seriously considered for a promotion to NBC News.

It is impossible to reconcile the idea that Maddow is too partisan with Scarborough’s recent promotion. MSNBC’s inside the Beltway three-hour morning fluff fest is hosted by the ultra-partisan Scarborough. If Maddow is too partisan, then Scarborough should never ever see the light of day on Meet The Press.

Is Maddow being passed over because she is a woman? Is she being passed over because she is a liberal, or could it be the fact that Sunday morning talk shows are still the domain of male, heterosexual conservatives? No matter what the real answer is, it’s clear that Meet The Press is going even more to the right. It is also obvious that if Chuck Todd doesn’t boost the ratings, the next moderator of Meet The Press will be Joe Scarborough.

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  1. F**k NBC! I am so pissed off at them right now I don’t know what to do!!

    Rachel is to partisan, but NBC had the gall to use poll results from a group called KYGOP that says the race between Mcconnell/Grimes is 47-39. The group only polled voters in Western Ky, which is McConnell friendly!

    Then NBC, with a straight face, says Maddows is “partisan, after using this lopsided poll! As of now NBC can go straight to HELL, and take MTP, because that’s where the ratings are headed.

  2. Problem w/Chuck Todd is that he mistakes Morning_Joe Scarborough’s shrewd propaganda for political insight. It’s no surprise – he mistook the Corporate Tea Party for genuine grass roots. However there is a bright spot at MSNBC. It’s Shirtsleeve Steve Kornacki who is one of the best “Newsmen” I’ve ever seen. Time and time again the stars of MSNBC quotes Kornacki’s breaking stories or his interviews. He’s got an instinct that only Tim Russert had for what’s next and a way of poking round till he gets at the truth. Forget Meet the Press and all the rest of the show horses and “GET UP WITH STEVE”.

  3. The old white man’s club struck again! Maddow would have been just as good, if not better then Chuck Todd. An if any one is too Partisan it is Joe S! I’m a faithful watcher of Maddow an I seldom ever watch Joe S. I like Chuck Todd, but he’s no Tim R. for sure an I’ve always thought Maddow was just as good, if not better then he was for that spot. But then I”d miss seeing her at 8:00 p.m an I don’t like watching sunday morning. Just caught meet the press to see if Chuck T. would be any good is all. NOT good enough to get my attention an get me to watch every sunday morn. I remember the first time I saw Maddow, an she an her funny ways of reporting brought me back every night to that time an channel.

  4. I will not now nor in the future watch Meet the Press while Todd and Joe are on the show. Maddow is 10 times better than Joe or Todd and Joe was getting a lot of slack for his part in MSNBC in the morning.

  5. Any plans I ever had of watching Meet the Press just went into the delete mode. NBC seems to stand for NOTHING BUT CONSERVATIVES with MTP. It is nothing more then a cheerleader show for TPGOP members.

  6. I could not believe it when I saw Joe Scarborough on Meet the Press. He is a self important talking head, and I will not watch Meet the Press while he is on the panel.

  7. MSNBC will never catch on. There is not a person in management there that deserves a job unless this is all a put up to keep Fox first

    Which I wouldnt doubt

  8. NBC made a huge mistake. They may as well have named John McCain the host. Did they take a close look at Morning Joe? What a joke. Rip up that contract. Maddow is a better fit.

  9. And you’re surprised by this because…why?

    1. Scarborough is the mouthpiece for the ownership of NBC/MSNBC.
    2. Scarborough held office (and “did such a swell job…”)
    3. He replaces another right of center mouthpiece, Chuck Todd in the position.
    4. Maddow wouldn’t just run circles around and fly over the heads of those on Meet the Press…she does it to the management and owners of NBC/MSNBC..
    5. Maddow threatens the mainstream media across the board

  10. I tried this morning to give it a shot…mainly because of our President. But honestly I was to the turn off point when the ‘panel’ came on….Last straw. What a programming error they have made. Too bad that they don’t have better management, or they could ask ordinary people.

  11. I am a 64 year old woman. What the hell is wrong with you people! I’ll just get to the point. You have just lost another person who will not be watching Meet The Press.

  12. NBC – Nothing But Crap.

    All of their Sunday talk shows should be called “The John McCain Propaganda Hour”.

    We’re supposed to be happy that they
    don’t SUCK as bad as the Fox Noise Channel.

    It’s OK. I can still get real News from the BBC channel.

  13. They are just getting ready for the foot race to the election. They know that dems have the republicans on the run and they want to try to stop it like they tried when the president was running. They failed in that task so they have to make it up so the republicans can try to win senate because they all want so bad to impeach the president and they know that will be the only way. CT thought the president would back down from him but he must have him confuse with the republicans who hate to have town hall meetings because they don’t want to be confronted by their followers. He hated it when he can’t get the president to trip up and look like stupid but instead make CT look stupid with his eyes rolling and twisting facts. MJ and CT will make two good ones for MTP because they will finish tanking the news station, ratings will continue to go down and they will again wonder why. They keep looking over the best but glad that she will still be on at night. Maddox rocks.

  14. I stopped watching these bias and partisan networks two years ago. I scan the web for my news or I will even listen to Jon Stewart before I watch MSNBC or NBC News. It is a shame when you have more faith in a show on a comedy network than on one of the MSM networks.

  15. Kornacki is horrible. He has ruined that time slot. BTW nbc all of your liberal viewers which was prob about 45% to 50% of you audience for MTP all fled for Up with Chris and now have no home because of Kornacki but instead of bringing them back you double down. Goodbye MTP you are done. It was a good run.

  16. Rachel maddow would have been a much better fit. She has pizazz. She is smarter, much better researched, apologizes and corrects any known factual errors. Joe Scarborough bends with the wind, parrots what he last heard and is one of the good old boys. You have probably lost a large percentage of female voters with this move because it will be perceived as the crusty old men of nbc putting the stamp on the news. So sad to see it happen. I hope Rachel maddow jumps networks as she is a far superior analyst and she makes it fun.

  17. What is wrong with you people? Rachel is one the 1% most analytical and complete reporters in the business. Joe S. is an autocratic “red Dog” so clear to me that even a “mole” can see that. Like I have recorded–in America–we many times promote incompetence to a higher position so some else gets the blame–in this case Rachel Maddow. Someone is truly a knucklehead! Just for the record–I am straight as they come. Rachel is simply put–brilliant!

  18. Morning Joke is gradually moving further and further right and has been for some time and I for one honestly wonder why Joe is still on MSNBC when his views fit more perfectly with the Fox Entertainment Channel! He cannot get anything out of his mouth that doesn’t have a twist to it to lead one to the right. That’s his whole gig. Meka is afraid to speak up and the others are there to pat Joe on the back. It’s a farce program. Having him on Meet the Press is just more effort to move to the right by the sponsors of those programs in my estimation. Same with CNN, it’s all about finding yet another damning headline against the administration to harp on this day. It would sure be great to have a real news program on for a change.

  19. Tim Russert is rolling in his grave. He was not afraid to debate anyone be it Dem or Rep. I stopped watching MTP when David Gregory took over and I honestly thought it would be a less bias show when Chuck Todd took over, unfortunately, Joe Scarborough on the panel finally put me over the edge. A almost chocked on my coffee when I read was a great debater. Mr. Scarborough does not debate, he yells and bully anyone who disagrees with his agenda. When did we get to the place where patrician debate is what all people want.

    All I can say is Hello George and ABC, maybe Rachael should see if there is an opening there and get the hell out of NBC. You are just TOO GOOD for NBC.

  20. NBC is a disaster its burning to he ground and they think they can put it out the fire with these weeny’s; they are peaching to the choir for the most part just like fox ,only intelligence challenged watch it with any seriousness;the problem is they will impact the vote because we have so many politically overwhelmed by all the negativity brought on by Dark money; Bs vs. truth.

  21. They just needed a replacement for David Gregory, a tag teammate for Chuck Todd to hammer the current administration. Been there, done that, nothing’s changed. I stopped watching MTP some time ago, tuned in this morning but tuned out at the first break. Chuck did not take the immigration question far enough. Oh well. No worry I won’t be tuning in. Left MSNBC with the Christie Bridgegate. Don’t live in the tri-state and quite honestly don’t give a D**# about in-your-face, arrogant, rude New Jersey governors.

  22. it should read rachel maddow was skipped over because of her sexuality period .. i watch chris matthews regularly and last word lawrence o’donnell .. the rest is so so

  23. Joe S. on a discussion panel? Is that some sort of joke? When Joe is around there is no discussion. If you don’t agree with him he will talk over you and cut you off. If you do agree with him he starts name dropping and talking about his days in Congress.

  24. Watched about 10 minutes and toad boy was so rude to our President it was disgusting. Bringing up a list of his failures was despicable. If he had a congress who weren’t bigots and corporate whores things could have improved for the regular working person. Meet the press is another republican cheerleader.

    Turn on Free Speech Tv and watch Ring of Fire. A much better show than the corporate slop MTP. Chuck toad is such a jerk. And don’t get me started on scarboy.yuck.

  25. Please, just stop trying to rehabilitate Russert’s obvious partisan bias. He was the Bush administration’s favorite outlet, because he always allowed them to lie, unchallenged. He was no better than Gregory in that respect. On election night 2000, he was walking around the NBC political newsroom, wearing a GOP button on the underside of his lapel, that he would slyly flip over, so his boss Jack Welch would be amused. May Russert rot in journalist Hell, for allowing Bushies to lie about WMD’s. He definitely has blood on his posthumous hands, and it sickens me to hear people praise the fraud.

  26. Please, every one of you displeased with Todd and Scarborough on MTP, send your email to: contact.nbcnews@nbcuni.com

    We need to politely blast them with our thoughts on their poor choices as much as we need to turn the program off. Overflow that inbox!

  27. The good ole boys club is alive and well at MSNBC. Being smart does’t seem to be a requirement to host one of their news shows or Chuck and Joe would not be on the air.

  28. do we really have to wonder why they didn’t put Rachel on meet the press?
    she’s to biased. (but joe isn’t??) i think i might gag on that one!!!

    1)she’s female
    2)she doesn’t take any shit
    3)she tells it like it is
    4)she’s honest and knows how to call it
    5)she doesn’t kiss any repug’s ass
    6)she’s gay

    do i need to list more reasons?
    i didn’t think so.

    NBC, i am done with you. just like i was done years ago with joe scarborough. he is about the most worthless piece of crap where the news is concerned!

  29. Had recently stopped watching Morning Joe because of Joe, but still faithfully watch Rachel every night.NBC head out your ass please.

  30. Well I bet Fox News is crushed They thought they were finally get there comrade Joe S. Now nbc has given him another job to spread his ilth.

  31. I would have liked to see Ari Melber host MTP. He has the intelligence, the political savvy, without the histrionics. A very calm, cool persona. Then have Rachel on the panel.

  32. Heubler. Thanks for setting the record straight. Russert has a fan club as dishonest, and as blind, as Reagan has. Disgusting.

  33. Rachel’s intellectual ability so outshines that of Scarborough’s that there is no comparison. I found it amazing that so many of us in the middle class consider Joe a friend of our problems. He is a conservative “hack” from start to finish and that will be the undoing of this feeble attempt to rescue the “Meet the Press” show I used to admire for an honest and challenging point counter point of the deteriorating condition we find ourselves mired in because of our poisonous politics under Tim Russert’s guidance. This tantrum the conservatives are displaying is actually undermining our very democracy we once prided ourselves in as citizens of this once proud democracy we were so proud of in past years. I just hope we awaken to the cancer now destroying this country and our founders dreams before it is too late! Keep on worshiping money and feeling sorry for the 1% folks and they will destroy our democracy!


  34. Whatever Happened to David Gregory?? I watched Meet the Press this morning and felt it lacked essential ingredients of diverse views presented and ‘spirited debate’…practically put me to sleep!

  35. Oh, puke. Rachel Maddow, Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow, is too partisan? Who is Joe Scarborough then, Mahatma Gandhi? Chuck Todd is just looking to make sure the so-called “liberal media” NBC News leans that much farther to the right. I do hope Todd manages to have enough self-restraint to not drop to his knees the second MTP regular John McCain lurches back onto the show.

  36. Joe Scarborough offers opinions that are barely more sophisticated than something I encounter at a late-night diner. I refuse to spend time listening to nuggets such as, “Christie is a friend of mine…Lieberman is a stand-up guy…How dare you impugn my honor…Blah, blah, blah.” Scarborough has nothing better than that to share.

  37. NBC, might as well, discontinue presenting MTP. I do not know, what is worse,the fact that C. Todd is the host of the program or NBC’s decision to have Joe Scarborough, on the program as well. Joe Scarborough, is the main reason, why I stopped watching MSNBC in the morning. He is arrogant, a bully and makes Mika, look dumb every time she dares to speak. He makes her look pitiful, to put it nicely. She brings to mind the term “dumb blonde.”

    Why NBC passed up, Rachel to be part of MTP, is beyond my comprehension. Rachel, would have brought new life to MTP. I will not watch MTP, as long as C. Todd and J. Scarborough, have any part in it. Rachel, Chris and Lawrence are the only reason I watch MSNBC lately. Unless NBC management, makes the adequate changes, MTP is dead.

  38. This is Comcast after all, the criminal enterprise that has a CEO who thinks we don’t need no stinking internet speeds like the rest of the world and net neutrality stands in the way of truth, justice, and the American profit margin.

  39. Meet the press will be dead beofre the 2016 elections. they can blame the liberal press and liberals for not watching. I gave up watching it. I watch George. I also watch Rachel and Chris every night

  40. Mr. todd talked during his interview with Prez Obama, so rudely and suspicious, that he needed a visit from the secret service. He sounded like John Cocaine. It’s as if he wanted the Prez to inform him the exact number of bubbles in a bar of Castiel soap. What a fake assed interview by a fake assed journalist.

  41. Did I fall asleep and somebody sold NBC to FOX News?……WTF?!?!?!?!?!…Rachel Maddow too partisan?!?!?!?….Gimme a damn break….I guess if you call thorough research and using facts as being partisan, then so be it….I dare NBC to let people like Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, and Lawrence O’Donnell come on NBC and let them talk about anything for a hour….Let’s see what happens then….

  42. I admit that I watched some of Meet The Press to see what changes were made. It actually seemed like I was watching Morning Joe on Sunday morning. What were they thinking? It was worse than David Gregory who was terrible. Are they trying to compete with Faux News?

  43. Don’t forget that this is the network that pays to bring Matt Lauer to work in a helicopter! Makes you wonder about the brain trust that makes these decisions. Stupid is as stupid does!
    I change the channel when Joe S. Is on. And isn’t Thomas Roberts talent wasted on that Morning Joe gabfest? The few times I’ve watched he looks totally embarrassed to be there! Rachel M. Is brilliant, and one of a few bright spots left at MSNBC.

  44. I think we should hold MSNBC accountable to the people who gives them their ratings. Rachel M.is Cream of the Crop over Chuck T and Joe S, both of which I can’t hardly stomach anymore!! I stopped a long. long time ago watching either of these two boring, predictable irritating men and their shows! I love listening to Rachel, she is always on point, full of details, states clearly her views and interviews and moderates with clarity and genuine questions.. Not questions for the “Media Sound Bite” She is who she is and she doesn’t play the fake game of not really left,not really middle for the cameras..both men “try” their damnedest to play fake that middle of the road on certain issues for the sake of the cameras but most of us can smell them coming a mile away,they’ve become so routine in their “Superior, Holier than thou persona.Ihey sicken me. Meet the press is a complete FUBAR since Tim passed. They really need to shut it down! Rachel is just great, no matter where she lands…

  45. If you ask me, all of these pundits are arse-sniffers for the 1%, N.B.C. is just making money off liberals gullible enough to think they’re represented by the media or that politicians supported by this or that medium will do the right thing. I always found Todd abrasive and obnoxious, thinking nothing of interrupting a host or other guest and giving them threatening glances at the same time. Maddow livened up every single appearance on the Sunday morning show. She debated better-known and (in some circles at least) respected pundits when they started talking nonsense or, like a pol, changed the subject with glib rewording of questions. The opinions of not only the guests but the host and their networks are just like arseholes: everyone has one.

  46. Couldn’t have said it better cathy and I’m 81. stopped watching MTP when the other bubble head was on. No good reason to change now….

  47. Kind of agree with you Heubler and his Son is no better. Believe he got his job simply because of his Fathers death.

  48. I don’t like listening to Steve Kornaki and stopped watching his program. That said, he does find the scandals early and often that end up being big deals.

    I find him boring, but I am grateful for his work with local reporters to tease out information the public needs to know.

  49. That dead intern in Joe’s office is a deep dark secret that never has been explained. Joe gets very upset and losses it at the first mention. Poor Joe???

  50. …I sent the following to NBC News at the above email addy…
    …look, if the “top tier” of NBC wants to espouse right wing politics, that’s your right. But when you deliberately double down on right-wing politics,{First promoting Chuck Todd to head MTP, then putting Joe Scarborough on the panel} you’ve gone too far. There is no debate with Joe, if you don’t agree with him he talks over you, bullies you and denys you the opportunity to present your case.
    I think you had better go back to the balanced approach, I refuse to watch MTP as it is now. If you can’t put one of the MSNBC liberal voices on panels, you will continue to hemorrhage viewers.
    John Kamis

  51. Shame on me for thinking truth-tellers and those who do serious investigation before delivering political news and commentary should be part of TV’s longest-running program.

    Joe Scarborough tries to sound moderate and reasonable but one doesn’t have to listen long to hear his right wing cheerleading for failed policies. Rachel Maddow doesn’t hide her partisanship but backs it up with facts and hard data. She doesn’t have to color her opinions — truth proves her out.

    Which had more influence in NBC’ s decision: truth in politics or “old boys’ club”? The women on MSNBC have proven themselves more than capable of holding their own in political discussion. (Far more capable than sapid talking heads and Stepford wives Fox tries to display as knowledgeable.) Oh, and BTW, a woman came up with the idea of Meet the Press and was its moderator on radio. Martha Roundtree was so good, NBC gave her the first moderator’s job when the show jumped to TV.

  52. Chuck Trrd will continue to Obama hate and lie, his colleagues will all Obama hate and lie. Ms. Maddow might be partisan, but she is not a God Damned lying republican liar pumping hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, hate and lies like Morning Joke Scarborough will be doing. Meet the Press will still be Meet the GOP Obama Haters Filled with Lies. Chuck Trrd will fail as miserably as David kneepad Gregory, we are all tired of old white republican haters and liars on the Sunday hate on and lie about Obama Sunday TV shows.

  53. After decades of faithfully watching MTP, I am giving up. Joe S., the worst kind of political hack, is the final straw. I will comfort myself with the greatest political analyst/reporter of my lifetime: Rachel Maddow.

  54. I am shocked to learn the sophmoric Mr Russert is being given a regular role on MTP. NBC needs to give Luke a boost by assigning him to a foreign bureau for a few years to give him experience to develop some substantive analytic skill. To date he is a “news reader” at best.

  55. Steve is brilliant and sharp…!! He can keep up with…and maintain ANY political conversation on ANY topic or level, with anybody…!! Joe Scarborough can’t even string together a coherent sentence..

    Steve and Rachel are assets. Chuck T & Joe S are a$$h@t$, plainly put.

  56. Joe Scarborough is one STUPID REPUBLICAN ( I know-redundant) … I LOVE that he’s on any news show…he single handidly depicts the idiocy of the conservative movement.

  57. The idiot management at NBC have finally done it. Drank the Kool-aid from Faux News. Joe Scarborough is a stupid bully who will not raise NBC’s ratings on MTP. He should be fired because of his fiasco of lies not promoted. And Chuck Todd should be back where he was at 9 am advising of the soup of the day (or rather fired as well) Rachel is so far above him in intellect it is scary. Don’t worry you are already losing viewers by the hands full. Say a prayer for MTP, as it goes the way of Rushy Limpballs – losing all its sponsors…. Bye

  58. What a joke. Rachel is the most level-headed journalist out there. She reports facts, don’t you just hate that. Joe baby is so unbelievably one-sided in his thinking, that it doesn’t take a intelligent person to figure out what side he stands for…the Wrong Side…Republican. What is wrong with NBC. Could care less about watching anything on their network now.

  59. In case no one noticed,MSNBC is now a Meet the Press rightwing show,new boss lady might be a rightwinger seems Debbie is leaning right with her choose & pick skills.

  60. MTP will continue to be a right wing show with right wing hacks spewing their right wing lies. Oh the joy of deceiving the American people, yet again.

  61. I think it was last week some time, Rachael did a segment on the first moderator of MTP. I had not known it was a woman for the first 6 years… cool, huh? I forget her name now… have to google that, I guess. Why couldn’t they have gone that way? Rachael would have been awesome!
    CT is a smarmy butthole and JS is about the biggest a$$hole they have on MSNBC! WTF is wrong with people?

  62. I quit watching most of MSNBC programming a couple of year’s ago. The one show I still see on that channel occationaly, The Rachel Maddow show. Love her and the factual info. presented. Chuck Todd has been way too critical of President Obama from day one as President. This is also the time I noticed him talking more like a conservative than a liberal. Just another show I used to watch, and won’t any more! Rachael, come up with your own show on HBO, showtime or cinmax!

  63. Like Maddow ever had a chance to be honest. It would have been a riot though to hear right-wing radio go ballistic over her landing that post. I could only imagine the comments online and live radio from the conservative America. What! “That liberal dike got the MTP host job”.

  64. Racheal Maddow plain and simple, can not draw flies. It’s not because she is a woman. Her ratings are slipping, why in the hell would NBC give her a promotion. She is a partisan teller of half-truths, and could give a shit about what the other side has to say. Ask your slanted selves, how in the hell could she possibly be a moderator. The hate spewing from her pie hole held her back from this job. Put blame where it lies. Directly on Maddow.

  65. This right here people explains the stupidity of the American people. Its all about ratings instead of being informed. This dullard want to be entertain by a college dropout than be informed by a Rhodes Scholar. SMDH

  66. Don’t want to be entertained at all. Just an honest opinion. Don’t want a pompous opinion either. I assume you think I listen to Rush, and you are wrong. I listen to Maddow and her hate machine. Do you like her smartest person in the room routine? It would grow old fast under the scrutiny of a mixed audience.

  67. Well find a clip of hers and tear it down for being factually inaccurate and if you do find one chances are when she got more information she corrected herself. Now go outside and play in the sandbox

  68. Since you have a hard time understanding, I will help you. Never called her a liar. She will say, the unemployment rate is falling faster under Obama than Reagan. Sounds good. But she knows there are less people working in the labor force. Therefore a half-truth. Get it? Doubt it! Now go turn on the idiot box and get brainwashed some more.

  69. Dumbass there are more people living in the US now than under Reagan so when you take that under account she is right. But I understand you were homeschooled so you cant think

    Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing

    Damn who would have thunk it? A Murdoch rag that tells the truth. Before you try to debate me go back to summer school and this time don’t fail it

  70. Already responded to another misinformed idiot earlier to the same piece. Do you think, well the answer is no. But anyway, did the Fed pumping in 4 TRILLION dollars have anything to do with the stock market going up? Check out the chart under Reagan and see what the labor rate was. Steadily going up. Under Obama, we are back to Carter numbers. We recently just got back to the jobs number GW had. Congratulations Obama, it only took 6 years. So again go back and get brain washed some more. Liberals think ignorance is bliss, enjoy.

  71. You are so full of shit you keep your kochs stock prices up for toilet paper. First Reagan increased public funding for jobs which you idiots cut under Obama.

    I know you are a racist because you refuse to look at the data. Your sheets needs some more bleach

  72. Ever find it funny the unemployment took such a massive jump just before Obama was elected? No doubt that was planned

    Year Annual
    2004 5.5
    2005 5.1
    2006 4.6
    2007 4.6
    2008 5.8
    2009 9.3
    2010 9.6
    2011 8.9
    2012 8.1
    2013 7.4

  73. Of course. Anytime in American history there was always government spending on jobs for the people in a economic downturn. But not this time even though our infrastructure is falling apart they say we don’t have the money. But they have the money to spend trillions on a plane that cant fly. They have hundreds of billions to give to the corporations to rebuild countries and give tax cuts to the rich. And then we have idiots that co-sign this bullshit from their trailers because in their world they think the others are getting screwed but not them. FUKING IDIOTS

  74. Rachel Maddow is the best of the moderators on MSNBC. (I do enjoy Chris and Lawrence, though.) MTP will lose ratings with Joe Scarborough. You just can’t take him serious.

  75. Wow, a racist, this proves I am up against an intellectually overwhelmed opponent. Normal for a liberal. You spew talking point after talking point, because there is no defense. Shiva, what in Obama’s past gave you any hope he would do anything to help the economy? All his life he lived of the public and continues to do so.

  76. You are such a idiot being called a racist would be an improvement for you. What makes you think the President has been living off the public? Because that’s what all darkies do?
    He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.
    BTW his wife, the very classy and beautiful Michelle is also a lawyer. Just because you barely passed homeschooling your whiteness does not make you superior
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  77. Doesn’t anybody watch Free Speech TV or Link TV? Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press,
    Amy Goodman—these are people worth watching. Plus, you don’t have to listen to a commercial every few minutes!

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