More Witnesses Come Forward And Validate Other Witness Accounts In Michael Brown Shooting



On Saturday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch released a story regarding two workers who were at the scene when 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. One of the two workers agreed to discuss his account of the events with The Post. Both individuals have already been interviewed by St. Louis County police and the FBI. The two were working at the Canfield Green apartment complex when the shooting took place on August 9th. The eyewitness accounts that both workers provided matchup with the statements from other witnesses at the scene.

What makes this story even more compelling is that both individuals are from Jefferson County and not from Ferguson. Neither knew Michael Brown and are not from the community at all. They were merely in the area working and witnessed Wilson killing Brown. By being outsiders in regards to Ferguson, it cannot be claimed that they are collaborating with others who either knew Brown or are from the neighborhood in order to ‘get their story straight.’ For these two individuals, there is no immediate attachment to Ferguson. Therefore, nobody can accuse them of trying to present their story for the purpose of serving a greater cause.

The person who spoke with The Post asked to remain anonymous. The man pointed out that he works for a company out of Jefferson County, which is roughly 30 miles south of Ferguson. Per his account, he first noticed what was happening on the street after hearing a single gunshot. He did not see that shot occur and cannot discuss the encounter between Brown and Wilson that led to that initial shot, which was fired from within Wilson’s vehicle. He says that he saw Brown run away from Wilson, who shot at him while he was fleeing. The worker then states that after Wilson had shot at Brown’s back, Brown turned toward Wilson with his hands in the air. That is when Wilson unloaded on him.

Below is from the Post-Dispatch article:

His account largely matches those who reported that Wilson chased Brown on foot away from the car after the initial gunshot and fired at least one more shot in the direction of Brown as he was fleeing; that Brown stopped, turned around and put his hands up; and that the officer killed Brown in a barrage of gunfire.

[The] worker heard a gunshot. Then he saw Brown running away from a police car. Wilson trailed about 10 to 15 feet behind, gun in hand. About 90 feet away from the car, the worker said, Wilson fired another shot at Brown, whose back was turned.

The worker said Brown stumbled and then stopped, put his hands up, turned around and said, “OK, OK, OK, OK, OK.” He said he told investigators from the St. Louis County police and the FBI that because of the stumble, it seemed to him that Brown had been wounded.

After the third shot, Brown’s hands started going down, and he moved about 25 feet toward Wilson, who kept backing away and firing. The worker said he could not tell from where he watched — about 50 feet away — if Brown’s motion toward Wilson after the shots was “a stumble to the ground” or “OK, I’m going to get you, you’re already shooting me.”

This is extremely damning evidence and verifies what numerous other eyewitnesses have said. Essentially, Brown was executed by Wilson. There is really no other way you can put it. Officer Wilson shot at Brown while he was running away. When Brown stopped running and gave himself up, Wilson continued to fire upon him until he made sure Brown was dead. Brown did not pose any threat to the officer as he was initially trying to run away. It appears that the eyewitness accounts tell the story of a police officer who decided to take the life of an unarmed black teenager for no real reason.

For all of those who have sent Officer Darren Wilson money through various websites, who have publicly assembled and expressed support for him and have taken to the internet defending him, I would like to ask you something. Are you defending and supporting Darren Wilson because you feel he is innocent and being treated unfairly by the public and media? Or is your full-throated defense of him based on your thoughts that young, black men should be targeted by police and put down?

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  1. The problem is not just the pig who shot Michael Brown, but all the pigs busy trying to cover for him. These pigs should be treated no differently than any other accomplice to murder.

  2. Why the police department is allowed to put off any statement regarding this shooting is very baffling. I’m sure someone out there will try to shoot the two workers account of this story down.

  3. Your biased reporting does nothing but further your agenda. Shame on you for conducting a trial, and convicting a man in public. The officer deserves a fair, unbiased day in court, IF a prosecutor feels it justified.

  4. Well your sheets are showing because Mike Brown didn’t have his day in court. He was executed for jaywalking. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your shitty ass soul

  5. You’re just butt-hurt that your hero has been revealed as a racist murderer. I hope you gave lots of money to this guy’s defense fund. Sucker.

  6. I believe that Michael Brown was killed because he tried to get the officer’s gun away from him and then kept going toward the officer even though ordered to freeze.

    The officer no doubt thought him a wannabe assassin. Why else would he want the officers weapon? Additionally, since he was a threat to the officer, he thought he was a threat to the general public.

    Try to look at it from the Officer’s point of view.

  7. Kind of hard to conduct a trial when no charges have been filed. Actually I would think they should have been filed by now if they are indeed going to be filed. In the event that none are ever filed I would venture to guess that many people will feel that Wilson IS guilty. If, as some believe, he has done nothing wrong he should have no problem proving that in a court of law and one would think that he would welcome the opportunity to present those facts.

  8. You Believe? I guess you believe because in your small mind white is right. You are not only a idiot but a racist your sheets are ready

  9. djchefron — you were there, and saw everything? … your vulgar words and name calling indicate you lack the ability to ever be selected for a jury in a trial (thank the Gods). Foul language is the effort of a weak mind trying to express itself. I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed.

  10. The writer has neither conducted a trial nor convicted anyone. Officer Wilson has not gone before any jury, nor has he received any sentence. What the writer did was to report the statements of a couple of witnesses, and he then expressed his opinion as to why Wilson shot Brown.


  11. No I was not there but from all reports Wilson executed this BLACK MAN. You have no wits because you are a racist so believe whitey policeman even though from the beginning they have lied and you being who you are believed them. So in one part you right I cant serve on this jury because I have lived under a police state my whole life. That’s something your klan ass would never understand

  12. There is NEVER justification for shooting someone in their back, while they are running away from you, in the opposite direction, posing no threat or imminent danger. PERIOD!

    Ex-disgraced- and disgraceful police officer Darren Wilson is a cold blooded murderer. Charges will be brought. By the Department of Justice when they get the facts clear. It may take some time, because everything is a process, and even the murderer is entitled, under the U.S. Constitution, to their due process rights.

    Everything supposedly done in the dark comes out into the light eventually. The entire Ferguson Police Department will and should be, disbanded, because even the police chief has been found out to be a liar. Smh! None of them are to be trusted, because their department is designated rotten from the top down, which is not good at all, and the world is watching now. S.I.P. Michael Brown, et al. The fat lady has yet to sing……..

  13. How Can anyone Be so Big as Mike Brown But run away from Darren who has the gun?! U Folks who think he tried to wrestle a gun from the police do not know the dynamics of that happenin in the “Hood especially Cops who Are Carrying weapons! i can see it all clearly what happened! Darren and his Cop partner rolled Up On The 2 Jaywalkin,then as they start to roll off they get the APB over their radio abt the robbery! The car pulls around,Darren tries to Grab Mike by his neck from inside the car talkin to Mike probably sayin he’s under arrest,Mike grabs Darren’s hand trying to dislodge the hold ,meanwhile
    Darren takes out his gun fires it as Mike is grabbing Darren’s Hands and the gun goes off. That’s when Mike and Dorian get the hell out of that position and start to run. Meanwhile, Darren gets out of the car and starts shootin at Mike as He’s Runnin away! Over Cigarellos? i think Not. Darren Gunned Mike down Like An Animal wt. his Rage.Murder is what I Call Darren actions! He’s No…

  14. Denise, PLEASE FOR MERCY’S SAKE, The guy was NOT shot in the back. Heavens get that thought out of your head. That’s been proven. And it will be brought to trial by the DOJ because Holder and Obama are both black Americans (and no, black are NOT African). I will agree that the police should be disbanded and the city NOT have ANY police department. Then see how fast they start screaming were are the police when they start shooting and killing each other.

  15. Problem with your theory is Brown was already dead when the supposed robbery report was transmitted.

  16. Black Americans? Pray tell where were you at when WHITE AMERICANS murdered their own at over 85%? You are a racist

  17. With these independent witnesses the evidence is clear that what Wilson did rises to the level, first of EXCESSIVE and DELIBERATE and then after the 2 to 3 second pause between shots, PREMEDITATED. In fact with Brown CLEARLY having surrendered, the final 5 shots were clearly ASSASSINATION shots. The burden that must be met to be charged with 1st Degree Murder is premeditation and with evidence clearly showing Wilson continuing to shoot at Brown when he had stopped, turned around, said OK, OK,OK,OK and had begun to fall forward, injured, why would the cop still be fearful of his life? Brown also yelled ”I don’t have a gun!” Despite all that Brown said and did to comply, this cop shot 10 bullets in Brown’s direction, and hit him with 6, one in the very top of his head. How does a shorter man hit a 6’4” man in the TOP of the head? The only possible way is that the taller man was leaning down with his head level or, god help him, lying disabled on the ground with a clear shot.

  18. Does it matter what the motive is if a man is dead ?
    What difference at this point does it make ?
    There are lots more dead blacks from other blacks than cops killing blacks. Why all the rush to convict this guy before everything is known? Seems kinda judgemental to me especially from folks who claim to be accepting of different points of view. So much hate for people you don’t know. Maybe the guy was scared of the much larger man and his friends or maybe he joined the force just to get a shot at some young punk; there is no reason to make a call unless you have all the facts. Not all cops are killers just the same as not all young blacks are thugs. Wait for the facts to all be gathered.

  19. Christine, you suggest the we…”Try to look at it from the Officer’s point of view.”

    The problem with this statement is that we have no idea what Officer Wilson’s point of view is, as we have not seen an official report of that happened in the field by Officer Wilson. What we have are accounts by witnesses, second hand stories, lies offered by the Chief of Police, wild speculation and outright character assassination of Micheal Brown.

    When Mr. Wilson comes out of hiding, returns to his job, and completes his report, only then can we know his point of view. Until then, quit speculating and trying to suggest that Mr. Brown attacked the officer.

  20. The last sentence says it all dj. BTW What is your source of the whites killing whites at 85% ? I’m not sure what it has to do with this issue but I find it intriguing. I seek justice in this case as in all cases. Based on facts which aren’t all in yet. That’s my point. Wait for all the facts. To , you know , get in. Don’t race bait with a furious load of opinionated fiction to get people fired up for nothing, wait for the facts. Yup that’s my point.

  21. My personal take on the Micheal Brown tragedy is this, the Law Enforcement community of today is full of Cops who have no clue how to interact with people. Many of the younger Officers are bought up watching inner city crime and poverty on the daily news,or an episode of “COPS”, from the safety of there parents suburban home. This same Officer has never interacted with anyone other than his suburban neighbors, and he now has a gun and badge, patrolling City streets. If you include the fact that the Law Officer of today has to have the knowledge of a mad scientist with the incredible advanced modern technology. I give you, Officer Barney Fife. By the way, this does not exclude many of our minority Officer’s. Law Enforcement is held to a higher standard, and in fact have a incredibly difficult job. Physical confrontations can happen on a daily basis for many Cops, but if you are scared of confrontation, you don’t need to be a Police Officer.

  22. Ok let’s ANALYSIZE this story instead of jumping to conclusions about it. First off the writer goes to great pains to make the claim this couldn’t possibly be someone making this up now after all this time in order to do what they believe is the “greater good” because they’re not from Ferguson. This assumes that only people from Ferguson care about this case. But that assumption is demonstrably false because people from all over the country flocked there after the shooting and it has become international news. After all how many people reading and commenting on this are from Ferguson? So even though there is no evidence in the story it is the case here it is a possibility because false witnesses come forward all the time in high profile cases for all kinds of motives and the fact the author even brings that up begs the question, “did he/she suspect that might be the case and if so why?”

    Also the witness states Brown WAS approaching the cop but couldn’t tell if he was attempt…

  23. The biggest hole in you assertion, is that these witnesses had no reason to lie. That is buttressed by the fact that they wish to remain anonymous. They weren’t trying to cash in on their experience in any way.

  24. Christine, that could be the way it should be seen, BUT all the witnesses, the autopsy, the reluctance of the police department to release the REAL incident report make this all look like a cover up? There was no gun shot residue on MB’s body/clothes, so the shot was fired from a distance, the officer showed NO sign of being in a struggle and it goes on and on pointing to the officer flipping out and just killing that young man. HE WAS THE ONE BEING JUDGE AND JURY AND EXECUTIONER.
    Try looking at it from not a cop point of view.

  25. The GOP leadership is setting the atmosphere for the hate, racist attitudes, Guns God & Nascar. All this since Prez Obama was elected by the people. Lies, stupidity & division throughout America reigns. Prez Obama is a great leader as far as governing this great land but, why, why are Republicans wanting to destroy our way of life? This isn’t about checks & balances in government this is the same way Hitler ended up trying to conquer the world. By the way, aren’t the Kochs German descendants?

  26. O Lord. Fax you are so right. I am always get so terrified whenever I see a large black man running away from me too. What will we do? Oh dear Lord.

  27. This account matches up more closely with the account given by the officer’s friend to the media. In particular, a shot being fired inside the police vehicle, Brown stopping and facing the office, and Brown advancing towards the officer. An advance of 25 feet seems significant too. I would expect a hung jury.

  28. “After the third shot, Brown’s hands started going down, and he moved about 25 feet toward Wilson, who kept backing away and firing. The worker said he could not tell from where he watched — about 50 feet away — if Brown’s motion toward Wilson after the shots was “a stumble to the ground” or “OK, I’m going to get you, you’re already shooting me.” Now if Brown moved 25 feet toward Wilson with arms coming down and Wilson was backing up, I would say Brown was not surrendering, getting down like he would have been told. Someone is shooting at you and you advance 25 feet toward someone with a gun pointed at you? Suicide by cop.

  29. I would say you are making excuses for a white cop executing someone you find is beneath you and needs to be exterminated.

  30. Black, brown, white or chartreuse…anyone else think it’s odd that cops don’t shoot to incapacitate?

    Just the other day, we had a (white) man in my area who the police shot to death because he had a knife.

    Why not a kneecap? Or two if you need it?


  31. A fair trail yes, but as someone whose family are all officers we don’t appreciate dirty cops. Dirty cops endanger all officers. Two mistake don’t make a right. If this officer was in the right, which I don’t see how. Shooting a man in self defend is one thing, but executing is whole different matter. This officer committed a crime when he executed Mr. Brown. By doing so he became a criminal and should be treated as such. No special treatment. The police department is more interested in covering it’s A.. than the truth.

  32. One more time as someone who as worked for the legal system let me educate you on how attorneys’ really work. If you are accuse of a crime your attorney will try to get to plead guilty (if it’s a county attorney) save’s the county money! Tell’s you that if they can’t prove your innocence the judge will throw the book at you and give you the max sentence. If you have never been in trouble you go with your attorney’s advice. If your luck you might get probation but you’ll have a criminal record. They don’t tell you that! If you go to trial and you lose your attorney is not going to spend a lot of time on your case, (they have hundreds)So, the idea of (I am innocent and a trial will prove it) DON’T BET YOUR LIFE ON IT! Certainly don’t count on your attorney. It’s a game to them. (I am one up on you beat you next time)! You’ll just a toy for them to play with!

  33. We still don’t know what happened to Brown’s clothing or if there was a blood spatter report. Why not? What has happened to his clothes? And what about Officer Wilson? Was he or was he not injured? And what about a blood spatter report on his clothes or gun? Where’s all this information? And who’s responsible for withholding it?

    There’s too much politicizing this issue tragic enough as it is, without having all the facts. And when facts are missing, it’s the media and the public’s job to press for answers.

  34. How Will the Right-Wing Hate Media Distort the New Evidence in the Michael Brown Murder Case?

    donating money to Darren Wilson (and other white vigilantes and extra-judicial killers of black people such as George Zimmerman) is the new lynching photography of the 21st century. Instead of buying postcards of hung, tortured, and burned alive black bodies, those who donate to Darren Wilson enjoy the vicarious pleasures of killing a black person by proxy.

  35. But it hasn’t been proven he wasn’t shot in the back of the arm. Any witness could see him shot in the back of the arm and think it was his back.

  36. You are a liar. The doctor who conducted the autopsy said some of the shots to the arms could have from behind.

  37. New witnesses that were not from Ferguson came forward. Both said close to the same thing. Mike Brown was running, Wilson chasing & shooting at Brown. At a point Brown turns around with hands up, is trying to surrender & pleads “OK OK OK OK!” Darren Wilson shoots him 6 or 7 more times, twice in the head.
    It’s obvious Wilson’s anger was out of control. That’s why he was pacing up & down near Brown’s body that law enforcement let lay in the street for 4 hours. He finally snapped out a blind rage & realized what he did. It was murder. Maybe Mike Brown mouthed off at the car. Maybe he fought when Wilson tried to drag him into the car through a window as some witnesses saw.

    It was overkill. Wilson obviously has issues that should prevent him from carrying scissors much less wear a badge & gun. Funny he’s in hiding. A racist, murderer & coward.

  38. I find it ironic that the very people who are so afraid of their gov’t blindly support the police in whatever they do. did it ever occur to them that if there is gov’t oppression it will be at the hands of their beloved police and military?

  39. I find the abuse of power and authority sicking. People who talk the big game about big brother taking your weapons and getting out of the way cannot be sincere.

  40. The ACTUAL account. This account is taken from all accounts into one to make solid strong evidence for what actually happened. Account: Brown and his Friend Wilson were walking. Wilson was trying to put Brown in the car, both of them got inside. The first shot came from the car nearly at the same time as the cop’s shooting. This is why many confuse who started the shooting. Brown was shot. He and Wilson ran out of the car, fearing the next shooting. And Wilson possibly killed Brown.

  41. I know this because certain things repeat in many accounts. This leads to the possible truth that this may have happened by 90%. For example, if two accounts say the same thing then there is a possibility that this may have happened because you have more than one witness.

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