For Fox News, a Tired Old Hoax Trumps Obama Outperforming Reagan

Last updated on April 8th, 2018 at 01:59 pm


So Fox News has come back in a frenzy to their old Benghazi hoax, even though House Republicans have admitted Obama did nothing wrong. So absurd has their bubble reality become, you begin to wonder if these are the sort of people who would admit the sun had set if it was dark.

Because airing already debunked claims on Thursday’s Special Report, and repeating them on Friday with their 13 Hours at Benghazi: The Inside Story was not enough, Mitt Romeny was trotted out on Fox News Sunday to repeat the “stand down” routine we’ve all become so fond of over the past months. Even Romney, who loves himself some Romney, was willing to sling mud at Obama before talking about what a great president he would have been.

Yes, this is “Which Mitt,” the guy who holds every position on everything, depending upon what he thinks you might want to hear. Since Fox News wants to hear tired old, oft-debunked Benghazi lies, that is what Which Mitt gave them.

The economy is improving. Did you hear? We already know that the economy does better under Democratic presidents. The mainstream media ignored this, let alone the Fox echo chamber.

But not only has the media ignored an improving economy but they’ve ignored Republicans doing their level best to destroy the economy. And now Forbes just reported Saturday that “It’s Official: President Obama Is the Best Economic President In Modern Times.”

Best. In. Modern. Times.


If they don’t shout loud enough, their little bubble will burst, and they can’t have that.

And so it is the mantra they repeat while blocking out any hint of good news. Obama could dismantle ISIS on Saturday and Sunday we’d hear, BENGHAZI!

It becomes increasingly difficult to understand how they can do this without rolling on the floor laughing. I mean, how do they keep straight faces? Are they pumping drugs into these people while on camera? Are they people at all, and not some clever CGI animations?

What is stunning is that other networks are not airing specials on Fox News’ Benghazi obsession. The real scandal here is that Fox News created a lie out of whole cloth and has turned it into a self-sustaining industry.

Why is THIS not news?

Isn’t that the least bit scandalous?

I suppose other networks might if they weren’t as deeply mired in Republican corporate politics as Fox News. I mean, look, even MSNBC, the network Fox decries on a regular basis for being communist lapdogs, said Rachel Maddow is too partisan, but that Morning Joe is not.

You seriously think they’re going to point fingers at Fox News? And CNN, really? CNN, which regularly avoids reporting things that might hurt the Republican narrative? MSNBC and CNN, which prefer endless John McCain narcissism to real news?

Yeah. About that…

Liberal media elite.

Liberals should be so lucky to have a slice of mainstream media pie.

Ain’t happening.

Remember, it was Obama, while George W. Bush was president, who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and created the conditions for ISIL!

Sunnis and Shiites? Obama the Muslim was there at Mohammed’s death to manipulate the schism.

Look, if the mainstream media isn’t going to cry foul over this lie it isn’t going to defend Obama on Benghazi. There’s just too much corporate money to be made selling Faux News.

The reason for all this is clear.

If Obama were Solomon, he would still be black. If he were Moses, and could lead Americans to the promised land, no Republican would follow.

That tells you where a strong economy gets you in the mainstream media.

It gets you to Benghazi.

Go directly to Benghazi. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson

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