Latest Polls Show Colorado Democratic Senator Pulling Away From GOP Opponent

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Two separate polls that were released on Sunday show that Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) is ahead of his Republican opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner. Colorado is a state that Republicans feel is vital in their attempt to take over the Senate this November. Udall is seen as vulnerable due to Colorado being a classic ‘swing state’ to go along with the President’s middling approval rating. In Colorado, President Obama’s approval rating sits at 39%.

In the poll conducted by NBC/Marist, Udall leads Gardner by six points, 48% to 42%. Drilling down, we see that Udall has a slightly higher favorability rating than Gardner. Udall enjoys a small net positive with voters, as 45% hold a positive view of him compared to 42% who see him in a negative light. The reverse is true for Gardner, as 38% view him favorably while 40% do not like him. Gardner does have room to change some opinions, though. 22% either have never heard of him or are not sure how they feel about the Congressman.

Per the NBC poll, it seems the biggest thing hurting Gardner is his reputation as a conservative culture warrior. The far-right Congressman has spent years supporting anti-abortion legislation and trying to bring ‘personhood’ measures up for a vote in Washington. His view that life begins at conception obviously reveals a certain disconnect with women when it comes to some forms of birth control and contraception. The poll shows that 59% of voters are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports restricting use and access to contraception.

Due to this revelation, Gardner has decided to make a huge flip-flop when it comes to his views on contraception. He is now stating that he wants birth control pills to be available over-the-counter and without a prescription. Essentially, Gardner is currently trying to pass himself off as more progressive than Udall when it comes to women’s health issues, even though he still has him name attached to a federal personhood amendment that’s sitting in Congress. (It should also be pointed out that pushing for doctor-prescribed medication to be made easily available to everyone is likely a bad idea.)

It will be interesting to see if Gardner’s attempt to make a hard turn to the left will help him with moderates and women. In a poll conducted by CBS and The New York Times, Udall holds a 13-point lead with women, 46% to 33%. Overall, Udall leads Gardner in that poll by three points, 46% to 43%. Considering that women make up 53% of the likely electorate in Colorado per recent polls, a gender gap of double-digits is fatal. If Gardner cannot shrink the gap to within ten points while maintaining his current 10% lead with men, then he has no chance of winning in November.

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  1. Republicans are going to be flip flopping all over the places before the election. We already see where governors are now ready to give their states medicaid expansion although they are asking for but not getting some stupid amendments to it. They know they got elected because the republicans tried to make the people to believe that blacks had no right being president. Then they get elected and start taking people rights from them showing the american people that they are enemy and not the president. So now they are trying their best to hold o to their jobs. But too late, people have been waking up and realize that their feelings have been played with by the republicans. The president best move was letting the republicans break their own neck. He knew it would be easier for the american people to see and feel the pain from the republicans themselves and it worked. The republicans keep right on talking their party right into a deep deep hole.

  2. I could be wrong, but I believe that the closer we get to election day, the worse it will look for Republicans.

  3. This is good news for Colorado although it was always a tilt-Democratic seat for 2014. As for the other polls I have seen recently especially senator Pryor in Arkansas and Grimes in Kentucky it is looking grim for Democrats. Matter of fact if senator Pryor cannot hang on in Arkansas I don’t see a way the Democrats keep the senate. I am an eternal optimist but I have a sick feeling in my gut like right before GWB won in 2004. Hope I am wrong!

  4. Bruce Braley has a growing lead on Joni Ernst in Iowa, too. McCain is trying to assist Ernst by talking about her military service. The problem Ernst has is that she’s shown how extremist her views are. She’s not for raising the minimum wage, for fair pay for women, or for women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions, but she’s definitely for impeaching Pres. Obama and for making sure that corporations have more rights than citizens do. I think that having Iowans hear for themselves how she kissed the Koch Brothers’ and other rich individuals’, asses in CO earlier this year doesn’t help her, either. If she should ever become a member of Congress, she’d only further cement the gridlock that’s already there. She’d be a surefire mouthpiece for the corporatists and would follow McCain and Graham around just like Ayotte does, parroting their stupidity at every turn. She’d be 100% useless when it came time for her to stand up for average Americans.

  5. You are so right majiir! Ayotte went in proclaiming to be a true conservative and ended up just like those rinos graham and mccain! Nice account. Good looking out. We need true reps of the people who are not interested in their own personal socialist agenda. Kinda like that one in office, shame our votes were a waste. I’m a latina who really feels the double digit unemployment rate among minorities. Horrible. What are dems thinking? Let alone some of these rebubs.

  6. I wouldn’t be so excited. Isn’t this one of the senators who shoved obamacare down the throats of americans when we clearly,didn’t want it? Who do you trust if they don’t even listen to us. I think they need to be kicked out along with their cronies like mcconnel,reid,graham etc.

  7. Kinda like all the dems and their obamacare votes. Heck, they don’t even want the president of the United States fundraising for them! Haha that’s hilarious!

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