Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United


By a vote of 79-18, Senate voted to advance a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United.

The amendment read,

Section 1. To advance democratic self-government and political equality, and to protect the integrity of government and the electoral process, Congress and the States may regulate and set reasonable limits on the raising and spending of money by candidates and others to influence elections.

Section 2. Congress and the States shall have power to implement and enforce this article by appropriate legislation, and may distinguish between natural persons and corporations or other artificial entities created by law, including by prohibiting such entities from spending money to influence elections.

Section 3. Nothing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress or the States the power to abridge the freedom of the press.’

Yesterday, before the Senate vote, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said, “The major issue of our time is whether the United States of America retains its democratic foundation or whether we devolve into an oligarchic form of society where a handful of billionaires are able to control our political process by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who represent their interests.”

The vote was an election year ruse. Senate Republicans have no intention of letting this bill pass. Republicans have no intention of ever letting a constitutional amendment be ratified. What this vote today proves is the power of the issue.

Senate Republicans don’t want to be publicly linked to the Koch brothers before an election. The Kochs are toxic, and Republicans are trying to trick voters into ignoring the right-wing billionaire dollars that are trying to buy the government.

79 Replies to “Senate Votes 79-18 To Advance a Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United”

  1. Senate Republicans have no trouble voting for this because they know it will never come to the floor in the House.

  2. This is dead on arrival in the House. If you want to overturn this, the Democrats have to take control of the Senate.

  3. Well, not entirely true, it might not go to the floor until the new year, after the republicans and teabaggers lose their seats in droves come November.

  4. Other normal CIVIL advanced countries do not operate like this. American campaign and electoral spending will be its downfall.
    The elected will never be “representative” of THE PEOPLE. It’s strictly a rich man’s playground.

  5. DO YOU WANT “JUSTICE FOR ALL” THEN vote Democrat, overturn Citizen United, enforce a Code Of Conduct on the Supreme Court Justices, Mandate Retirement for Scalia, and then impeach the remove the 4 biased Supreme Court Justices for violations of the Code of Conduct.

  6. I have a strong feeling that the repukes will be soundly defeated out of both chambers come November.

  7. ya know… with all the Republican bs about impeach Obama very little is said about impeach the Supreme Court justices.. maybe its time the liberal side started to beat the drums for that…

    even tho its as unlikely to happen with the House controlled by the girly Speaker Boehner as impeaching the President…

    who knew the position of House Speaker traded a woman with cojones for one without on 2010…

  8. That Diane would be a dream come true. We may just get our Gov back from these liars thieves and those who obstruct every thing. except the dreams of the Kochs

  9. Apparently you do not understand the filibuster. It only takes 60 votes to over come a filibuster. The vote was 79-18. I do believe in my number system that 79 is greater than 60 so no filibuster. Now for the democrats to overtake the House and then vote for a pass.

  10. I for one await the day when the super wealthy are put back into their place, all the absurd laws are over turned and the Supreme Court Five is brought before Congress to answer for their heinous rulings and failure to recuse themselves for conflict of interests.

  11. Some of you guys seem seriously confused.

    This resolution needs to be passed in the house now with a two-thirds majority. It already passed the Senate.

    If we want it passed, we need support from both House Democrats AND Republicans, regardless of who has the majority in the House. A Democratic majority would help, but it wouldn’t be enough alone. Bi-partian support is needed, like we had here in the Senate.

    After passing the House, if it does, it would need to be ratified by three-fourths (38) of the states. Then it is officially complete.

  12. Is it constitutional to keep the Koch brothers free from bribing their rich Republican puppets?

    Is it constitutional to keep the rich Republican puppets free for accepting bribes from the Koch brothers?

    Is it constitutional to expel poor college athletes for accepting a free meal?

  13. what I’d like to see on the floor of the House are all the Republicans KNOCKED on their rears for all the immoral, un-American, unpatriotic things they have done and are trying to do !!

  14. I wish the Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate so we don’t have to hear Ted Cruz read another children’s book.

  15. Hi Brad,there is a mistake in your post- the amendment has not passed the Senate, this was merely a procedural vote allowing debate for the amendment on the Senate floor. I would bet money if I had any that the Senate doe snot get the 2/3 it needs to pass the amendment and send it to the House. The Republicans that voted in favor of the debate will simply contend money equals speech.

  16. All of you are castigating Charles and David Koch… Yet this will apply equally to George Soros… A man who makes the Koch brothers look like amateurs. It will also affect the labor unions as it affects the Chamber of Commerce. If it does not, then you violate Amendment XIV.

  17. Sorry, the koch outspend Soros big time. And soros doesnt run traitor organizations like the tea bags. Soros doesnt fun groups like ALKEC that are wqorking to take every working right you have away, do destroy schools and education in favor of loony religions.

    You are going to have to try harder.

  18. Another Koch cabin-boy? Soros doesn’t fund fake grassroots organizations (Americans for Prosperity, Heartland Institute) to push the billionaires’ agenda. False equivalence. And a particularly weak false equivalence at that.

  19. I knew it would pass the Senate…
    38 States???
    Impeachment of Supreme Court Justices(The Five)?!? To my understanding, they are the Supreme Court Justices for life… Supposedly to help them to practice impartiality with; no stress, pressure or influence of American People if and when their is an overriding pros or cons into any major National Controversial Judicial Issues with no fear of ever being unseated for their decisions!?!
    But I do question the issue of Conflict of Interest?!? Since the five are Catholic Conservative Justices with an interest of Federalist Conservative Government over Democracy and chosen to their seats by Conservative Minded Politicians to hopefully decide in their favor?!?
    Still I hope for the best for Democracy, provided that we who are aware of what is going on…participate in helping getting our national electorates getting rightly informed so that when they vote they will vote for what is good for them and each one of us!!

  20. Please if you have a lick of sense Google Soros and the kochs spending on elections. You wont because you choose to live in the land of dumbfukery

  21. Yes, this won’t go anywhere, but we need to embrace this opportunity for discussion. Beyond that we need to keep it going as a major issue for 2016 and beyond.

  22. interesting comment about the kochs being toxic. there are signs the gop is toxic too. look at how many gop candidates are running their campaign ads without ever mentioning what party they represent. here in west pa we even have a gop candidate tying himself to unionized coal miners, in an ad which never mentions which party he is running under. and in Pittsburgh, gov Corbett was uninvited from the labor day parade.

  23. Well, 79 to 18 is a very good score. In fact, you might want to frame that vote tally and use it as a rallying cry to overturn the mistake made by the Supreme Court.

    Yes, it’ll die in the House.. but, it’s now on the record and the 18 who voted ‘nay’ on this should be outed for what they are: Anti-American scumbags who only care about the rich and powerful.

  24. The problems presented by Citizens United pale in comparison with the effect that organizations like News Corp have through the propaganda they push daily through FOX News and the Wall Street Journal. The Koch Brothers have an effect only because the national psyche has already been well worked over by the clever prevarications offered up by FOX News. Corporate control over the everyday media is a far greater threat than Citizens United.

  25. Al Franken said the vote is to put it up for debate because they don’t want to work on minimum wage or unemployment insurance, etc. The GOP can still filibuster this after days of debate, maybe the whole 9 they have left until November 4th.

  26. I’m curious about who the 18 nays were and what their reasoning would be? They couldn’t possibly think the American people will believe they are defending free speech. They are only defending their free campaign money.

  27. @Joe, are you serious? George Soros?? Lol that’s all you got? I guess in your universe Nixon was framed for Watergate and Cheney actually liberated the Iraqi people, right? Now show us the links where Soros is buying members of congress! We’re waiting @Joe.

  28. to all sam wang has been predicating the outcome of elections here in usa for years, sam wang has not once got it wrong all of his elections predictions has been right on, he has a perfect predication, in 2010 he predicated gop would win us house he was right then in 2012 in his polls he said obama would get relected when all the other polls were showing obama would lose and he also and this year he says yes dems will lose seats in us senate but republicans will fail to win the us senate here is his polling data website updated daily with his poll, again he has a perfect record on guessing elections he has never been wrong once, even rachel maddow on msnbc said sam wang has a perfect and he says all the other polls are wrong, he says gop has a surprise coming keep majority in us senate >>>>

  29. to all sam wang has been predicating the outcome of elections here in usa for years, sam wang has not once got it wrong all of his elections predictions has been right on, he has a perfect predication, in 2010 he predicated gop would win us house he was right then in 2012 in his polls he said obama would get relected when all the other polls were showing obama would lose and he also and this year he says yes dems will lose seats in us senate but republicans will fail to win the us senate here is his polling data website updated daily with his poll, again he has a perfect record on guessing elections he has never been wrong once, even rachel maddow on msnbc said sam wang has a perfect and he says all the other polls are wrong, he says gop has a surprise coming when democrats keep majority in us senate >>>>

  30. If you had the stats, I would be interested inknowing who the 18 who voted against this were, what states they represent as well. I guess I can get that online. Since the vote obviously was bipartisan in the main, the nay sayers should be set apart and their votes used by opponents to show that they have ties to the Koch Kabal.

  31. Maxie, I think you meant to say the Dems have to take control of the House. We already have control of the Senate. I agree. Caring people in this country, who want to see intelligence restored to our governing process need to VOTE and send the obstructionist tea party legislators packing.

  32. So we currently have a government that is owned by corporations (both parties) and this amendment will give the owned government the ability to define what is appropriate to be spent on elections. Section 1 needs to be stronger or there will be no change in what we have now. Section 2 is also not strong enough in allowing the owned government to distinguish the difference between a natural person and person like entity. The only way that this changes anything is if all of the states and the federal government define a person like entity as having no rights in monetary donations for elections and set the amount that can be given by anyone to a very low level. This should be stated specifically in the amendment or it changes nothing.

  33. Don’t get too excited about this. A proposed amendment that passes the Senate has only taken the first step in a long, long process. After all, the last amendment (#27) was finally passed 22 years ago after being sent to the states for ratification in……1789! There are currently 21 “red states” that would most likely not ratify. Even if every “blue state” ratified we would still be short 4 votes. Can you imagine the propaganda campaign the Koch’s could and would fund to prevent its passage?

  34. I’m so very sorry that your area is so sadly made up the way it is. I would suggest that the best thing to do is stand up for what you believe in where you live. That’s how change starts, by one person doing such a thing, and before long momentum builds.

  35. I hope I am as well, but more and more people are waking up to the farce that the GOP/TP has become. Things are moving towards Progressive politics at a fast rate and America will be back on the right track again before too long.

  36. Lol…we have a Mary Landrieu (yep…THAT one) running ads doing the same thing. Don’t think she’s fooling anyone.

  37. You fool. This amendment is to silence any opposition to big government. It will take away your right to free speech. They want to take away the oppositions money from big business, while they are funded by big unions. Read history. This is exactly what all the facist/communist governments in world history have done. First they silence the opposition, then they silence everyone, including you. Stop drinking the Koolaid and research for yourself, not what you hear in the news. Once our freedoms are gone, they are gone forever, and that is what this amendment is all about.

  38. read the bills.. It has nothing to do with your free speech. It says that money is not free speech as says the corporations are not people. This has nothing to do with silencing big government no matter how you spin it. This refers to elections.

    I further suggest that this time the you start a new conspiracy, because this one isnt working

  39. Milord. They won’t let a little thing like state ratification get in the way. We are still waiting for ratification of the Federal Reserve since 1916, but guess what, the Federal Reserve is operational. It’s existence has never been ratified by the states as required by the Constitution.

  40. I suggest you stop watching fox noise as well as reading propaganda “books” of their pundits and do your own research, you’ll soon learn the REAL history of the United States.

  41. Wear your tinfoil hat much? Please make a note that Alex Jones is a nutcase and should be locked up in a lunatic asylum.

  42. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. The health insurance for the average american family will decrease by over $1500 per year.

    Who is lying?

  43. its about time something was done about it. now the right wing faces a problem if the bill comes to the floor of the house. if they vote to pass it, it will harm their corporate sponsors (like i give a f*ck if the corporations are harmed) and if they don’t pass it, the results would be (wonderfully) disasterous to the right wing.

  44. They have been trained to say Soros like parrots. Its sim0ply because they are not allowed to know what the koch is doing.


  45. Its really sad that they cant even think for themselves. I take that back its not sad its scary. These are the very people who will stuff you in a oven and then say they was only following orders.

  46. You obviously need an updated poll, as does Diane & many others: As of Sept 8, here is what the NY Times (hardly a conservative mouthpiece) has to say about the upcoming mid-term elections & their predictions; Short version, Democrats are in trouble….look for the losers to turn in to lobbiests soon.

  47. did America forget (or not know) the brothers gave millions to the Dems? The Dems are beating up the brothers because they gave to the right. Crazy,

    Besides the Dems are upset they will lose the hill………….soon very soon!

  48. can someone provide a link to the amendment. the link in this article says

    Your Search Has Timed Out

    Search results in THOMAS are temporary and are deleted 30 minutes after creation.Please try your search again.

  49. The ACLU wants rainbow unicorns that shits golden bricks. They want to expand more corporate money but at the same time increase public financing to level the playing field. How that would work I have no idea because if they think the public will spend 3 billion taxpayer dollars on elections I want some of what they are smoking

  50. The whole point is to make it a Benghazi. Every time a GOP Kochtool opens their mouth, you respond with “Why won’t you vote to save us from ALEC?”

  51. ALL big money has to be out of elections. No corporate money, no union money, no PAC money. Only contributions from individuals with a $10,000 limit per election cycle. This allows the wealthier to have some input and allows the masses to come together and have their say also.

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