GOP Scuffling In Swing State As Democrat Gary Peters Up 10 Points In Michigan Senate Race

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A poll released by the Detroit News on Tuesday gave Republicans some bad news regarding their efforts to overtake the Senate from Democrats in November. Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) currently holds a ten-point lead over Republican Terri Lynn Land, 47% to 37%, in Michigan’s open US Senate race. Republicans were hoping to flip this seat red after longtime Democratic incumbent, Sen. Carl Levin, announced he’d be retiring at the end of his term. With the popular Levin out of the picture, the seat appeared vulnerable due to Michigan’s status as a swing state and President Obama’s middling approval numbers.

However, Land has proven herself to be an awful candidate. US News and World Report ran a story about her on Wednesday pointing out how she has been essentially invisible on the campaign trail. Even though she has run millions of dollars of ads on TV and radio, she has not made herself accessible to voters or reporters. Land has not made many public appearances, and she has, thus far, refused to debate Peters. Apparently, she is very uncomfortable with anything that is unscripted, whether it is answering reporters’ questions or meeting with everyday voters.

The article highlighted a moment a few months ago where she and Peters both appeared at a conference, and she lashed out at reporters for asking too many questions.

Land is a wobbly, uneven candidate, uncomfortable with the unscripted interactions required of any statewide contender. Her singular joint public appearance with Peters at the Mackinac Policy Conference back in May is remembered for an unvarnished moment when she responded to a scrum of reporters bombarding her with questions with the frazzled reply, “I can’t do this!”


After Land had backed out of a debate this past Monday at the last minute, the Peters camp placed an empty chair on the stage, hearkening back to the infamous Clint Eastwood speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention.



Overall, Peters is leading with a couple of key demographics that all but spell defeat for Land. Peters leads among women by 17 points, 50% to 33%. The lead is even wider when it comes to independents as Peters is ahead of Land by nearly 30 points. Land’s unfavorable ratings are also troubling when compared to Peters. Nearly 41% of voters have an unfavorable view of the former Michigan Secretary of State. Meanwhile, less than 28% feel the same way about Peters.

Pollster Richard Czuba said that this race is shaping up a lot like the 2012 Michigan Senate race between Republican Pete Hoekstra and incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow. Republicans thought they had a chance with Hoekstra until his campaign ran a blatantly racist ad during that year’s Super Bowl. Land is looking to be just as flawed a candidate as Hoekstra was back then.

“We were talking about these exact same numbers two years ago in the Pete Hoekstra-Debbie Stabenow race. It looks a lot like 2012 to me.”

Basically, it is looking more and more like Republicans are going to need to write off Michigan in their attempt to take the majority in the Senate.


11 Replies to “GOP Scuffling In Swing State As Democrat Gary Peters Up 10 Points In Michigan Senate Race”

  1. I think there is going to be a greater upset than anyone thinks, just because they keep thinking that dems aren’t going to come out to vote. They keep forgetting that the more rights you take from people, the more they will fight back. A lot of these people got elected on the fear of having a black man for president and that seed was planted by the republicans party. Some stayed home not realizing that gave the teaparty a chance to get elected and really start taking their rights from them. When they started the ball rolling on taking people rights from them, they couldn’t stop and still can’t stop and that will be their biggest downfall in this election and 2016. American people have finally begin to realize how much they have been played by the right and they don’t like it. They showed it 2012 at the ballot box and they will do it again 2014 and 2016. Even then it will not get the attention of the republicans that they are on the wrong path and need to move aside.

  2. How in the world can R’s think that letting Detroit go bankrupt can be a selling point for ANYONE in their party? Detroit is where the businesses were, and I don’t give a rip how quaint or classy everything else is. Without Detroit, Michigan is nothing.

  3. Personally, I think it was a good thing it worked out that way. It gave people a chance to see how horrible Teapeople are at actually running things, and gave teapeople the chance to ruin their own brand.

    Seriously, what is it with these “Constitution-loving patriots” that makes them so terrified of being asked questions about themselves or their stated platform?

    You’d almost think they’re afraid that they’ll be asked a question they SHOULD know the answer to, but don’t, because everything they’ve presented about themselves and what they stand for is all just an elaborate fraudulent grift…

  4. Constitution loving patriots vote Democratic. Teahadists have never read the Constitution. They wipe their asses with it.

  5. Rick Scott and Rick Snyder may be on the cusp of going down. Scott Walker may be behind. Now we have Democrat Gary Peters with a ten-point lead in the Michigan contest.
    But you cannot let your guard down during this election cycle. TEA types will vote! Republicans will vote! They want their candidates to win!
    Texas is nearing blue with two strong women vying for the top two offices. And word on the street is they are gaining momentum.
    It will not happen without your help!
    If you do not register and do not vote, or are denied your right to vote by any means, you will allow another’s vote to carry greater weight! Now I ask you – Are you satisfied with Rafael Eduardo Cruz”s(Ted Cruz) shutting down the nation? Are you satisfied with massive voter legislation in states governed by Republicans? Are you satisfied with Republicans warring against women?
    Get up! – Get out! – Get involved! – Get informed! – Get registered! – Vote BLUE! Vote the nation BLUE!
    It will not happen without you…

  6. Not only has Land been “unavailable” for debates, but so has Snyder. Eclectablog reported on this on Tuesday:

    “…Governor Rick Snyder and U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, both Republicans, have, to this point, refused to commit to debating their respective opponents in the November 4 election, Mark Schauer and Gary Peters…it’s clear that both Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land have no interest in debating their opponents, and chances are better than excellent that there will be no debates for either camp.”…the way both of these Republican candidates answered Grand Rapids WOOD-TV’s inquiry last week regarding whether or not they were willing to debate was an embarrassment. Land replied, “I want to continue to talk to voters and put Michigan first”, and Snyder’s excuse was, “I did in the last one”, referring to the one and ONLY debate between him and his 2010 opponent Bernero.”

  7. Why do you blame Dems for Detroit’s problems? It was the Bush Administration that got our economy in near collapse in the first place. I also wonder what other Michiganders would think about your statement that Michigan is “nothing” without Detroit…

  8. Personally, Land knows nothing about me as a woman.
    Her view of women, the working poor, single moms is NOT for me period. Her whole image is what women want is wrong and makes me wonder what women she has been talking to.

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