Gov. Rick Snyder Might Lose In Michigan? Not Exactly a Shocker

Be afraid of this man, Gov. Snyder. Be very afraid...
Be afraid of this man, Gov. Snyder. Be very afraid…

This won’t take long.

There are those who find themselves surprised that Democratic challenger Mark Schauer now finds himself with a slim lead over  sitting Gov. Rick Snyder in the contest over who will lead Michigan forward for the next term.

I’m not one of those people.

No, I won’t lie and say I always knew Schauer would give Snyder a run for his money. I didn’t. I don’t pretend to be Super Pollster/political swami Nate Silver. But what I will say is that Michigan voters aren’t stupid, and they know when they’ve been lied to. You have to be  a lot slicker than Rick to fool all the people all the time. He managed to fool quite a few voters during his maiden voyage back in 2011 with his whole ‘nerd’ campaign, pretending to be a soft-edged, common-sense Republican businessman who wasn’t too far to the right like those crazy cracked teapot types, but just conservative enough to convince a majority of voters that even if he wasn’t gonna be great he wouldn’t be too bad. That, combined with Democratic challenger Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s inability to excite the base (and the relative unpopularity of outgoing Gov. Jennifer Granholm who got stuck with cleanup duty  behind her predecessor the Republican elephant Gov. John Engler who left her with almost as big a mess as Bush left for Obama), is the part that tranquilized just enough Democrats and independents to allow Snyder to tap dance on into office. Bernero was casually written off by the major newspapers as unrealistically liberal, Granholm was dismissed as a failed liberal who couldn’t deliver on her promise, and Snyder was lauded as the nerd with business sense who would know how to swoop in and get things done in a reasonable fashion. Because that’s what nerds do.


Yeah. And so fast forward a few years and we have Gov. Snyder blatantly ignoring the demonstrated will of his own constituents when he ignored the majority of Michigan voters in 2012 who voted to repeal the Emergency Manager law  that he had shoved into place the previous year. The law that stole democracy from Detroit and just about every other Michigan municipality with a high percentage of African American residents by shoving aside their own elected officials and forcing them to accept the dictates of his own handpicked emergency manager empowered to ignore just about everybody except the governor.  The people didn’t like the law, and they made that plain in how they voted in November 2012. But when Snyder saw things weren’t going his way he rushed through another Emergency Manager law practically identical to the one overturned by the people he was elected to represent and forced that law into place without allowing any public debate or comment during a  lame duck session in December.

That very same year in December, the Michigan Republican legislature rushed through the so-called Right-to-Work legislation with no committee hearings or allowing any prior glimpse at the bill that was a major blow to organized labor in Michigan. Snyder signed the bills, calling them pro-worker and pro-Michigan. This, of course, was after Snyder had said earlier in March 2012  that he didn’t at all support a Right-To-Work law because “it would be too divisive”. But he also opposed the effort by pro-union forces to enshrine collective bargaining in the Michigan constitution, and by December he was suddenly singing a different tune announcing his plans to join the Republican legislature in fast tracking the union-busting legislation.

So let’s review; Gov. Snyder lied to the people when he said he had no plans to back a Right-To-Work law, and he ignored the wishes of the people while stripping them of their right to vote. And now a liberal progressive named Mark Schauer is breathing fire down his neck.

Do the math.


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  1. Don’t forget he followed the Wisconsin Tea Party blueprint for faking a fiscal crisis to bust the state employee unions, including teachers, firefighters, and police, slash education spending, added new taxes on retirees (who previously didn’t pay state tax on their retirement savings since they are on a fixed income) and the middle class, then turn around in the next year and claimed the State has too much money and gave big tax breaks to businesses. Oh, and his big individual political contributors ended up on the State education payroll and those positions also just happened to get 60% plus raises while teachers took another round of pay cuts. Snyder is a fraud.

  2. …and he taxed pensions and property of the elderly – when they can least afford a tax. Nice going, nerd!

  3. King Snyder is buying internet space, or likely it’s the Kochs doing it for him to try and spread his propaganda that Michigan is on the road to recovery. Anything positive here is due to the work of Dems. But he is certainly taking credit for it.

    All Snyder and the rest of the GOP governors have done (much like his neighbor Scott Walker) is tear the state down.

  4. The right to work vote for some of us, was rejected not as anything against unions, we are pro union, but because they worded it as an amendment to the state constitutution. That was wrong wording. Michiganganders have repeatedly voted against changing the state constitution. If it was worded better it would of passed, my opinion.
    Snyder has not only went against what we recently voted on but on past things. The law that stores had to price each item was in place because so many stores advertised one price get to check out and it is a different price so you either get over charged or stand there watching each item ringing up and challenging every wrong price, and I get a lot. It was a consumer protection and the years it was in affect not one store went bankrupt or lowered work force due to it. Many people with this have lost jobs.
    Taxing senior pensions is wrong just so big business could get break reneging on the film industry break, he told them he would fund we lost jobs…

  5. What the hay?? He taxed pensions?! Whoa. Governor Snyder is a Republican and aren’t all Republicans against raising taxes of any type? I mean, that’s what’s being propagandized all over America’s MSM-progaganda outlets 24/7.

    So … yet another lie by the AlwaysWrongRight. Sure. They’re against raising taxes – but only if you’re a millionaire, billionaire, and corporation. All others are fair game, and Governor Snyder proved it.

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