House Republicans Conspire With War Criminal Dick Cheney to Plot Iraq Strategy


It is a fairly easy task to point out the preponderance of negative traits that characterize Republicans and their various conservative brethren, and one in particular is that if nothing else, they are consistent. Obviously, acting, behaving, or reacting the same way can be an admirable character trait worth cultivating, but it can also be detrimental if a person or group consistently acts in a manner that repeats prior mistakes. In that regard, Republicans are without peer and epitomize what Albert Einstein said was the definition of insanity; “repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome.” No American can say with a straight face that Republicans do not dependably promote repeating their failed policies regardless of the damage to the nation whether it is pushing the failed trickle down economic theory, giving corporations a means of avoiding paying taxes, or finding a reason to go to war.

It was hardly surprising, then, that just hours prior to President Obama’s meeting with the four top congressional leaders to brief them on the Administration’s strategy to confront the growing threat from the Islamic State (IS), House Republicans met with war criminal Dick Cheney for counsel on dealing with IS, and likely to promote a new Iraq war.

The President briefed Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on the “strategy for degrading and ultimately destroying” the terrorist group. By all accounts, the President’s meeting with congressional leadership was productive; likely because, as White House spokesman Josh Earnst said, the President believed “in robust congressional consultation” when it comes to military action. He noted that rank-and-file lawmakers will have access to more information this week during a series of closed briefings planned on Capitol Hill, and that the President “understands that Congress has and should have a role as these important decisions are being made. And the president would certainly welcome support from members of Congress, however they choose to show it, for the steps that we’re taking.”

According to an aide to Boehner, “the speaker  would support the president if he chose to deploy the military to help train and play an advisory role and assist with lethal targeting of Islamic State leadership.” However, it is likely that Boehner will have to clear it with Cheney before he fully commits to supporting the President because Cheney wasted little time criticizing the President for creating and expanding the Islamic State. In a closed-door meeting with the House majority, Cheney said the President’s “failed policies in the Middle East facilitated the Islamic State’s expansion” as well as fueled every other crisis in the region and around the world. Cheney openly expressed doubt the President would lay out the “right” strategy  that was capable of defeating the Islamic State and other enemies around the world when he addresses the nation tonight.

Cheney was supposed to advise House Republicans on politics, but he decided the Islamic State situation warranted his attention because he still wants America’s military heavily involved in Iraq and warned Republicans to abandon any idea of isolationism. After the meeting with the Iraq debacle mastermind, Republicans said Cheney’s message was that a lighter American military footprint around the globe is what created the Islamic State, and demanded that Republicans “re-affirm the support for strong military, intelligence gathering, and an internationalist approach to foreign affairs.” Translation; military intervention any and every place or as Cheney implied, a heavy American footprint around the world.

One Republican from Illinois, Adam Kinzinger, praised Cheney and gushed that he “reiterated for us the importance of the Republican Party standing strong for a strong national defense. It was a great message, something we needed to hear. Hopefully it sticks with a lot of my colleagues who have kind of had this creep toward isolationism in the Congress lately.” Cheney’s counsel apparently put Republicans in a sober mood after informing them that The Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood are a major threat to America because “our allies in the region don’t trust the President.” Although sources claimed Cheney did not recommend specific military action, “he did kind of lay out the dangers we have and that we need to meet them.  Cheney also said “how unprepared the U.S. military is for any kind of large-scale engagement against ISIS because the administration is cutting the military so much.”

There are cuts in military spending that Chuck Hagel announced in February affecting forces and weapons programs, but they are a direct result of Republican’s harsh budget pressure. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said in February that “As we end our combat mission in Afghanistan, this will be the first budget to fully reflect the transition the Defense Department is making after 13 years of war.” It is noteworthy that a primary reason there are budgetary issues stemming from the national debt is because Cheney and Bush engaged America in a needless and unfunded trillions-of-dollars war of aggression in Iraq. A war, by the way, that created the Islamic State. There was no Islamic State until America invaded Iraq and allowed a Shia-led government to chase disenfranchised Sunnis into Syria where they joined forces with Islamic extremists and destabilized Syria and began their march to reclaim Iraq as the dreaded Islamic State.

President Obama should not allow Republicans to have any say in dealing with a crisis their hero Cheney was crucial in creating; particularly after he met with House GOP members  to promote more American military involvement in the region and around the world that will produce another recruitment tool for groups supporting the Islamic State. It was, after all, Republicans who railed on the President for not arming and aiding the Islamic State in the drive to overthrow Syrian President Assad.

Perpetual warmonger, Senator John McCain even made a secret trip to meet with Islamic State leaders that Republicans had referred to as freedom fighters just last year. Or, as John Fugelsgang noted, “a year ago some Republican pols were comparing ISIS to the found fathers” in their push to promote American military aid in the civil war to oust Assad. Now the warmongers want to wage war on the “Islamic founding fathers,” not so much for the threat they pose, but because it is important for, as Cheney counsels, America to have a “heavy footprint” in Iraq.

To an outsider it may seem shocking that Republicans would meet with, much less give their rapt attention to, one of the main architects of the unnecessary and disastrous Iraq war that sent the national debt into the stratosphere and created the need for budget reductions across the board; including defense cuts. However, to Americans with an ounce of awareness it was inevitable that they would take advice and counsel from the man who played a major role in the creation of the Islamic State in the first place. There is an aphorism in the Christian bible’s book of Proverbs that states “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly,” and by meeting with Cheney for a pep talk to re-engage the military in Iraq, Republicans appear ready to repeating Cheney’s folly and return America back to Bush and Cheney’s vomit that created the threat President Obama now has to confront.

40 Replies to “House Republicans Conspire With War Criminal Dick Cheney to Plot Iraq Strategy”

  1. No war unless these twisted scum sen their family members. Send the war criminal’s daughters and grandchildren.

  2. LOL! All these cretins are doing is shouting into the incorporate air and the chorus of conservative creeps are led by the screed king himself the DICK Cheney.

  3. Okay you blood gurgling sociopaths you want war then I don’t want your cowardly bastards of children. I WANT YOUR MONEY. A war tax of at least 80% from the top 10%.

  4. I wish Cheney would just drop dead! I know that sounds cruel, but the world would be better off without him. Why anybody would listen to anything this man has to say after what happened in Iraq is mind boggling!

    We really need to do everything we can to GOTV and get these cretins out of office in November.

  5. Dchefron has the right idea: an 80% war tax on big petrochemical industries and all incomes over 100 grand a year that derive from them. But the meeting isn’t really about that. I guarantee you: they’re planning a coup.

  6. Dick Cheney is a megalomaniac who wants the power to personally rule the world. He wants war so bad he can taste it whether he’s awake or asleep.

    I think the very notion of the possibility of having an unending supply of our guys losing their lives and/or health and sanity in pursuit of killing every citizen in the entire middle-east so he can claim ownership of the oilfields is what keeps him alive.

    He would love it if he has the power to set this course of action, of the thought that it is done all for him, and on his behalf, because he believes it is his rightful place in the world and that it should be granted to him just because he is Dick Cheney.

    He is not doing it for the USA; he is doing it for his own ambitions.

    President Obama, Democrats, and we, the people, cannot let such a thing happen. Not in 2014, not in 2016, and not ever.

  7. “Cheney counsels, America to have a “heavy footprint” in Iraq”.
    The heavier the footprint, the more money this freak makes. I am disgusted, by the Republican party, these people have no problem sending other people’s kids into a meat grinder to make a buck. The Republicans say there is not enough money to help the American people, but there is enough money to wage unending war, to enrich the GOP. I say when the GOP are willing to send their family members into combat they might have a chance that the American people might listen to them. Until then Dick Cheney and the GOP need to STFU!!!!!

  8. Is it just me or does Chaney look sick in this pix…lost weight?? going down hill health wise? ? hummm

  9. The democrat’s response should be a question for congress: How do you plan to PAY for any increase in military activities?

    If the GOP wants small government then they have to accept small military.

  10. Dick Cheney had his chance to help this country and he chose wealth instead. Amazingly, he is still preaching his failed policies of war mongering over political solutions to the world’s problems. He should take a hint from Bush43, and crawl back under the rock from which he came.

  11. It is Dick Cheney and the oil business people, the Saudies, the defense equipment makers that want the war continuing for ever, for protection of their own interest,not ours. We and our grandkids only get to pay for it with tax money and with our sons and daughters in the military.
    The GOP are masters of the fear manipulation to sway the country, and the saudies saying “Isis will be in America next month”

  12. Every time an American soldiers dies, Halliburton makes money.

    Every time the US military deploys, they are forced to rely on Halliburton for food, shelter, transport and logistics. At whatever price Halliburton demands.

    Without contractor supplied logistics, the Texas National Guard has to rely on food banks and Motel 6.

    The goal of military service is to get a job with a contractor, because retired pay is capped to ensure it never has a full COLA.

    The US no longer has a professional military.

  13. Tonight the President will go on the boobtube and let the American people know we are now going to door number 3 in our never-ending war in Mess o potamia.

    This will not end well and I don’t see how he can finesse the Congress, the Turks, Saudis, Iranians, the Shia, the Sunni, the Alawites, the 51st state, Israel, the Kurds and less not forget Assad into doing the right thing in dealing with this non threat to our country.

    If President Obama can do this then he is the Magic Negro

  14. Good idea, and they have to ante up the bucks before starting the war; not have the war on the back of the middle class for years to come. Remember UE? It couldn’t be extended unless it was already paid for? Even when the Dems did have it paid for..they never extended it.

    The ones who vote for war need to go first and their offspring. We are sick of them using the middle class and poor to fight their battles.

  15. Cheney shut up. You are irrelevant.

    The GOP would sell their mothers for a war. Furthermore, the audacity to want war when they leave the vets that do come back in the lurch with no support, and take away what little support they do have.

  16. Instead of the GOP plotting with Cheney, they should be discussing this issue with our President, HE is the one in office. But of course, I’m sure they are plotting alright, AGAINST POTUS.

  17. I’d say Cheney needs to look in a mirror to determine who created ISIL, but I doubt he has a reflection in one.

  18. The GOP, and Cheney in particular, are nothing less than war profiteers, pushing never-ending bloodshed to pad their wallets.

  19. Five deferment Cheney loves war so much when he doesn’t have to serve. He gets richer with each and every war, that is his whole program. Besides the fact he would love to be Dictator!

  20. That meeting behind closed doors with Dark Vader, the Prince of Darkness Chenney was not to find solutions or advise the President on a logical plan going forward. It was not a meeting to support the President with one voice on Strategy. What it was and is, is a meeting to debunk ANY plan or strategy the President comes up with. Cheney was their War Leader. How sad and pathetic it is that these guys would meet with one of the architects that got us into the fiasco and chaos of the Iraq showdown with Saddam. Countless wasted lives and money—for what ! ? Iraq is still a fkd up place. But they see it as Obama’s mess now and blame him for ISIS, how screwed up is that? For now Cheney and all of them are on the wrong side of this fight.

  21. A question I have that no one is asking. Why are we fighting for other nations problems?

    We have armed every country in that region except Iran and Syria. Since the 1980’s we have spent over 7 TRILLION dollars protecting these sorry ass RELIGIOUS FANATICS and now our young men and women will be called once again to shed blood for a bunch of motherfukers who wont even fight for themselves?

    We as a country has lost our goddamn minds

  22. It’s time for the American people to let the “war criminal” know that none of our sons or daughters will die to make him richer. Make him a deal! Tell him to shut his f**king mouth and go off to some corner and die or we’ll use every mean possible to have him tried as a war criminal. Even if doesn’t happen, he’ll be to busy protecting himself, we won’t have to hear his stupid comments. He was nothing before he got out of office and he’s more than nothing now. Nothing but evilness through and through.

  23. Something that no GOPTPer will ever admit is that Graham and McCain played a huge role in pushing S. Arabia to arm rebels in Syria. The member of the royal family who armed the rebels lost his job because it was a covert operation. Not only did Graham and McCain undermine Congress and the president, they undermined us and the S. Arabian government. That equipment which was funneled to the Syrian rebels is the same equipment with USA markings that ISIL is using to kill thousands in Syria and Iraq. The two gas bags, McCain and Graham, will never address the role they played in contributing to the rise of ISIS, and I think that even if/when GOPTPers would find out what they’ve done, they’ll either ignore or deny it. The proof of this can already be seen in regard to the knowledge that had GWB NOT decided to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein, there most likely would have never been an opportunity for ISIS to gain traction in the region in the first place.

  24. Against the backdrop of war drums beginning to bang once more the next two elections take on a more serious tone. God forbid if the nation forgets the lessons of the past decade and votes back in power the same conservative ideology which nearly destroyed our nation. Fellow liberal Americans GOTV!

  25. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld & Libby should all be imprisoned for the thousands they killed or at least for conspiracy. They got away with murder AND the money. Watch Rumsfeld’s presser on 9-10-01, yeah, the day before 911. Interesting clearing up loose ends. 2.3 TRILLION missing???????
    Crooks they are. How convenient.

  26. Maxie, one of my “bucket list wishes” is to outlive Cheney. Just looking at him makes me want to throw up. He oozes evil and I can’t believe that he received a new heart (guess who paid for it) when there are so many waiting for one. Somebody needs to tell him to STFU!

  27. When Dick Dark Vader’s heart stops ticking, it should be only the Republicans who go to the funeral. Their “HERO”. and Sabre Rattling cheerleader deserves only his band of merry men there to sing his praises. Obama should send a representative from the pool of White House interns. Dick Cheney does NOT respect the President, so the President ought to act accordingly. Let the History books record the snub. Makes good reading for future Americans.

  28. I’m confused, my big brother was drafted in 1969 but had an education deferment(was in college). Upon graduation he enlisted in the Army( he said it was the American thing to do). How did unAmerican Cheney not enlist when the time was right? No respect for dodgers like Cheney, Bush, Nugent, Limbaugh, etc…..

  29. All I know, is trying to find out exactly what Cheney has his hands on in the Iraqi territories, is next to impossible. His trail leads in that direction, but his finances are in such shell games, that it is almost impossible to find out, what he is making money from, in Iraq.

    I would love to see Cheney broke and his heart repossessed. Oh….sorry, he has no heart.(snicker…snicker)

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