House Republicans Meltdown and Cancel Vote To Fund The Government As Shutdown Looms


House Republicans have canceled a vote on stopgap bill to fund the government and have called an emergence meeting tomorrow as the deadline to prevent a government shutdown inches closer.

President Obama requested that authorization to arm the rebels in Syria be added to the CR, and Republicans freaked out. House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said, “Given the severity of the situation and the need for all members to properly evaluate the president’s request, the House will postpone consideration of the continuing resolution which was originally scheduled tomorrow.”

House Republicans have scheduled an emergency meeting to discuss their response to President Obama’s speech on ISIS tonight. However, House Republicans are already grumbling about the short-term CR, “However, with conservatives already voicing opposition to a number of components in the continuing resolution — namely that the funding goes until Dec. 11, and that the Export-Import Bank is funded until June 30 — the votes could also be looking tight. Republicans are expected to whip check the CR during Wednesday afternoon votes, so they will have a better sense of the vote count then. But a vote delay could still be in the cards if members want to add provisions regarding ISIL.”

What triggered the Republican meltdown was the fact that President Obama asked for congressional authorization to arm the rebels in Syria. Republicans are repeating their usual cycle of not doing anything the easy way. The tea partiers who are upset about the CR can now use the Obama request to arm the Syrian rebels to reject the continuing resolution.

The mainstream media has been suggesting for weeks that avoiding a government shutdown will be easy, but nothing is ever easy with this Congress. If Boehner has to appease his tea party members, all bets are off as far as what could be in the final House version of the CR that they pass. The House is only in session for ten days this month, so a delay of any kind is bad news.

House Republicans are starting their usual drama. By moving the vote on the CR to next week, House Republicans will leave themselves five scheduled legislative days to pass the CR. If the Senate rejects the House bill, the nation may be facing another government shutdown. A government shutdown is looking more possible, as House Republicans appear unable to control their destructive behavior.

39 Replies to “House Republicans Meltdown and Cancel Vote To Fund The Government As Shutdown Looms”

  1. Wanna stop this non-funding bullshit, simply freeze PAC money spending and donations during government shutdowns.

  2. Rethuligans do not want a functioning government. PERIOD. They want war but do not want to pay for it. The only thing they worry about is their paychecks. The homeschooled idiots who keeps voting them in need to be dragged out of their trailers and shot as traitors to this country

  3. What else is new? Nothing I can see. the rethugs at the old game of destruction and more destruction. Thinking… what am I saying? Rethugs don’t think! They take orders from the Kochs. and people like them.

  4. Why is this not surprising? The GOP is a party that can’t be trusted to even run a circus right. What a joke they have become.

  5. Time to pull the Raid caddy around to transport the roaches to the capitol grounds. And remember after the shutdown, the senate’s going to be infested with roaches.Please note: Koch roaches will be required to us the crack entrance only.

  6. Time to pull the Raid caddy around to transport the roaches to the capitol grounds. And remember after the shutdown, the senate’s going to be infested with roaches. Please note: Koch roaches will be required to use crack entrances only.

  7. Hahahahahaha! Ol lawdy! I’m enjoying this, I really am. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the party that is suppose to do well in the midterms bicker among themselves!

    A government shutdown is NEVER a good idea, especially before elections. Please, proceed. Speaker Pelosi is begging you to.

  8. Where do you think the PAC money comes from? Do you think it is government supplied? Your comment shows an utter lack of understanding of what is going on. PAC money comes from unidentified sources who would love to see government shut down and would be willing to bribe everyone to do so. God help me. Some people just don’t have two thoughts they could rub together.

  9. Are you that lost in the ether? Read what he said. He said freeze PAC money during government shutdowns. He never said PAC money comes from the government

    Jebus. wake up fella

  10. If the GOP wants to authorize war, they have to be ready to fund that war. The president is simply asking for fiduciary responsibility from congress. The house is so totally screwed. They are in a lose-lose situation. They can either fund a war or lose their seats in congress from another shutdown.

    There just isn’t enough vaseline to help them this time. Hope the pres tosses in a handful of sand in his speech.

  11. Fund war? They don’t even have to take a stand on this clusterfuck thanks to the media who has whipped up the dumbasses that is the American public to exact some pound of flesh.

  12. These hill-billies is playing this game at the wrong time.. Their first s/d stun cost $25 Bil., now on the eve of Pres. revealing comprehensive plans for offensive moves in Iraq & these Robert E. Lee hill-billies wannabes want to play the south rise again BS.

    Where’s old McWar & his drama queen Graham hiding in the closet? What are they waiting for their Cuban leader.. GOP hill-billies need to make clear where their leagues lies.

    Amer. ppl. need to made a decision either they want to follow a racist party who want to take this country back to the civil war mentality or a leader that believe we are all one ppl. and move forward to meet the 21st century demands.

    Women, LGBT, Immig., workers, minorities,
    unions, & work class SCOTUS are watching & waiting.. GOTV 2014!!!
    GOD Bless us all..

  13. Freeze ALL money going to the GOP until they fund the government. Just leave off funding wars and fund the government only. In fact, if the GOP allows another government shutdown to happen, they should ALL be tried for treason.

  14. Uncajoe knows that. His point is that the repubs shouldn’t have it both ways…..Shutting us down while receiving anonymous funding to further their agenda of destruction.

  15. this is why the presidents ratings are low – because of these do nothing obstructionists. I hope they lose as many house/senate seats. let them be on the other side so they see how it feels when they want something and the democrats say NO.

  16. Yeah, ISIS is the next boogey man, but congress will have to find a way to fund that war if they approve any military action beyond what the CIC is allowed. The dems will be waiting for them to screw up the funding side of this “war” hoping that they will refuse the bucks.

    Congress doesn’t give a damn what the majority of Americans think. Their dilemma is how to please both sides of their own party, and they can’t. No matter what they do they lose. Delicious!

  17. We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The inmates are running the asylum. As bad as this is, there’s no way they’re going to be able to spin it enough to encompass the mid-terms. Let ‘er rip! ‘Bout danged time the House came down around them.

  18. This is going exactly to the script. They will shut down the government again, and by doing so they will seal their fate when the country flips them the bird and votes them out. Say hello to a democratic majority in the House and an expanded democratic majority in the Senate in January 2015.

  19. I’m saying that all the GOP seems to understand is money and will do ANYTHING to keep their coffers overflowing.

    BTW, where does PAC money come from? According to the Citizen’s United ruling and the misuse of 501(c)(4)’s no-one knows for sure.

  20. What would happen if, say, the entire Department of Defense just walked away from their jobs?

    They’d be fired of course.

    Why are we stuck with the idiots blocking every possible route to progress? Why can’t we fire John “Benghazi” Boehner and send him back to sweeping floors in Ohio?

  21. President Obama requested that authorization to arm the rebels in Syria be added to the CR, and Republicans freaked out. House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said, “Given the severity of the situation and the need for all members to properly evaluate the president’s request, the House will postpone consideration of the continuing resolution which was originally scheduled tomorrow.” What’s to evaluate? TEA-Republicans have been doing Continuing Resolutions(CR) in an effort to control president Obama. Again – What’s to evaluate? President Obama needs a Democratic House and Senate!

  22. Excerpts of President Obama’s address to nation on ISIL

    “So tonight, with a new Iraqi government in place, and following consultations with allies abroad and Congress at home, I can announce that America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy.”

    “But I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil. This counter-terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground. This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”

  23. Don’t these idiots know it would be suicide to shutdown government with the elections right around the corner. And they want to lead this country.
    And I’m so sick of seeing John Bohner’s “Mommy-I-Pooped-Myself-Look”.

  24. Republicans are Personifying their fear and imminent danger of loosing Citizens United & McCutcheon Supreme Court Five Catholic Conservative Campaign Funds that their Conservative Base keep A HOLD ONTO THEIR BALLS OF CONGRESSIONAL DECISIONS.
    So deep in their marriage & bed with the Oligarch that any compliance to the POTUSA and the Democrats will create JEOULOUS RAGE and throw them out of the House of Congress…LOL!!!

    Only way to get them to start complying with the national electorate interest(s) is to get the bad marriage out of Congress by repealing or terminating Citizen United & McCutcheon Decision.

    Time that we start to get the smell of shit(Citizens United & McCutcheon Campaigns Big Money Influence)) out of Republicans Congressional Decision making process.
    Support Repealing Citizen United!!!

    It is not funny seeing House Speaker looking like he just pissed & shits in his pants every time CR(Continuation Requests) gets in his way!?!

  25. I vote to freeze all Congresspersons pay during a government shutdown. And, I also vote for no pay for days not worked for each and every Congressperson. So eff’ing tired of their utterly contemptible BS. Of course Lyin’ Ryan won’t agree, but he and his cohorts are the biggest entitlement moochers on this planet.

  26. Let’s try a different approach. If PAC money comes from unidentified private sources, how would you suggest that the PAC money be frozen? It is not under the government’s control so it can’t be frozen by them. Give me some logic here.

  27. President Obama did it to them again. LMAO. They have been the ones preaching about bombing and stuff in Iraq and Syria for at least a year. Now they can’t say they aren’t going to fund it, if they do, they will lose votes as Americans are overwhelmingly whipped up by so called Liberal media to the point his foreign policy numbers are in the 30% range. And if they do fund it, they know his favorable ratings and Democrats will rise just before election time, and they know most people only keep up right before an election. They are so screwed.

  28. You mean this lot of do nothings who have just come back from 5 weeks off do not want to do their job and they only plan on working 7 days for the rest of the year.

    Americans must be crazy to even vote for any one of these, they are useless and worse than that they are dangerous to the country.

  29. Problem is, Democrats believe in compromising. For the good of the nation, they would work with republicans.
    The heart of a Democratic is completely different then the heart of a republican.

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