The Obamas They Aren’t: Sarah Palin and Family Engage In Drunken Alaska Brawl

sarah palin fight alaska

Sarah Palin is still bitter that she isn’t in the White House, but the Obama family would never take part in a drunken brawl like the Palins did last weekend in Alaska.

Our friend Gryphen at The Immoral Minority has the details,

According to the grapevine Track had some altercation with a person who may or may not have once dated one of the Palin girls. That led to some pushing and shoving, which escalated somehow to the family being asked to leave the premises.

However before that could happen a certain former abstinence spokesperson unleashed a flurry of blows at some as of yet identified individual before being pulled off by by another partygoer, after which Todd apparently puffed up his chest and made some threatening remarks. (The “C’ word may have been uttered at one point.)

In the end the cops were called, order was restored, and the Mama Grizzly made sure the whole thing got swept under the rug.

Blogger Amanda Coyne added some more color to the picture,

The owner of the house gets involved, and he probably wished he hadn’t. At this point, he’s up against nearly the whole Palin tribe: Palin women screaming. Palin men thumping their chests. Word is that Bristol has a particularly strong right hook, which she employed repeatedly, and it’s something to hear when Sarah screams, “Don’t you know who I am!”

And it was particularly wonderful when someone in the crowd screamed back, “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!” No, it’s what happens when the former First Family of Alaska comes knocking.

Wonkette confirmed with the PoPo that the brawl really happened.

Sarah Palin and her clan are worshipped by the conservative movement as family values Republicans. Sarah still continues to sell herself as some kind of down home hockey mom. Palin also has spent the last years bashing President Obama on a daily basis. She has been unable to hide her jealousy of the President Of The United States.

What the events of last weekend reveal is that the Palins aren’t and can never be the Obamas. They are the exact opposite of the current First Family. While President Obama is leading the free world, Sarah Palin is throwing down at a kegger gone wrong. Most Americans believed that the country dodged a bullet when Obama defeated McCain in 2008. If the election had gone the other way, it would be vice president Sarah Palin gearing up for a 2016 run at the White House.

Palin keeps confirming why John McCain’s judgement shouldn’t be trusted on anything. If McCain can’t see that Sarah Palin was never fit to occupy the White House, he obviously can’t be trusted to render a valid opinion on life and death foreign policy issues.

Forget her lack of knowledge of the issues and even her disinterest in politics. Sarah Palin and her family lack the moral character needed to occupy the White House. What burns Sarah Palin up the most is that Barack Obama never has to scream do you know who I am? The world knows Obama because he is the president, which is something that Sarah Palin never has been and never will be.

101 Replies to “The Obamas They Aren’t: Sarah Palin and Family Engage In Drunken Alaska Brawl”

  1. This family of drunk children,infidelity(both Todd & Sara), hypocritical Christians, illegitimate pregnancies (3), inappropriate behavior needs to just go away. She sure is addicted to that Koch.

  2. It’s hard to believe a good Christian like Sarah Palin would be involved in something like this, just kidding.

  3. This article is liberal scum. No the Palin’s are not the Obama’s. The Palin’s would Never attempt to Destroy OUR COUNTRY.

  4. Hmmm, and where are all the people I’m talking to YOU Charlie who said some silly crap about my alleged temper and insulted my IQ..?Hmmm? Once again people like you Charlie are left with egg on your faces. And once again I’ve been proven correct about that woman’ mental instability as well as her clone Joni Ernst.

  5. To finally read the truth being told on the Palin’s is like salve on an open wound.. trash is trash where ever it lives no matter what it spends on outer apparel, it’s still trash.
    Imagine if THIS was in the White House!!!

  6. FOX got this to discuss on Hannity, O’Reilly, Greta and FOX and friends yet? I bet you are not going to hear a word of it mentioned. Noooo, cover it up. Their darling mamma from the bush is still their cup of tea and loved by the base that no doubt acts like her and her family. Birds of a feather love to stick together, seeing themselves as a thread in the same woven blanket.

  7. Please give to the save white trailer park Your donation will help fight against the lamestream media who puts down us real americans who as you know drink beer and brawl in the streets for our Christian Values.
    Thank you

  8. Mama Grifter and her Trailer Park Threat. They ought to go on the road. Maybe open for Dennis Miller.

  9. Palins. Obamas. Not “Palin’s.” Not “Obama’s.” Why, WHY can none of you Hoveround captains use proper spelling and punctuation?

  10. Apparently (if I can quote Apparently Kid), there’s cell phone video to come. Sarah and Todd were trying to buy the cell phone evidence right after the ruckus. When people refused to sell, Todd tried to bully them into giving them (the phones) up. As one witness was leaving the party, she/he mentioned that two young people fist bumped each other saying that “We’re rich!” They were eluding to some captured Palin footage. I sure hope it’s true.

  11. The tea party wing – “At times like these, we need Sarah more than ever! She’s not afraid to fight. She’ll scream into that bullhorn “Don’t you know who I am” She’s tough, unlike that Obama guy. Her street cred probably jumped a few points. Sadly, she’ll never understand that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  12. Just think folks, we could have had white trash in the VP house. All I can say is thank god the american people were smarter than Palin/McCain gave us credit for.

  13. Do hope this is true. To see the drunken Palin clan allover the media by video would be the frosting on the downing of Palin. The finish! at last!

  14. I just vomited in my mouth reading this disgusting story! Isn’t Joni Ernst the woman that’s running the commercial about castrating hogs? Yes, I can see the correlation between these two! No wonder we’re the laughingstock of the world.

  15. A very poorly written article! Why even bring up Obama’s name. He has nothing to do with this!! The article is barely readable because of all the embellishments that have nothing to do with the events! Very juvenile and amateur!

  16. Poor Jon.
    AIP Todd and reload, grifter Sarah could care less about this country. But they do care about you sending them money. Where is your check to SarahPac?

  17. Because people like you hold up the virtue of being white like this grifter to not give credit to a POC who is better and smarter than you

  18. Cruz get booed, Palin and her clan fighting yet this is who the teaparty love. Got to love it, she is like McClain still upset that she lost her sit as VP. The right is always putting the president down because he won’t go bar hopping with them and is a family man who really do treasure his wife and children. Bet the president know how to party but at the right time and place. This president is dumb he know how people would love to see him fail, that way no other minorites, lgbt or women would attempt to run for president. He stood up too all the hate, racism, money and still won because inspite of what the republicans love to say, the man do love thiscountry and will do everything in his power to keep it safe. It was pointed out today that all presidents does things different and this president is the same way, he think, discuss, think some more, discuss, think and with the help others react. Republicans react, don’t think, react and screw up. Big difference.

  19. Palin just put up on twitter that she will be on Hannity tonight. I’m sure ole Hannity her panty licker will do his best to try to smooth this over for her. He drools every time he has her on his show. They are both disgusting!

  20. she needs to hook up with an NBA player again
    she needs a little jungle
    fever, part two, I betcha.

  21. I totally agree with Sir.

    If McInsane, and Painlin (misspellings intended), were in office we would also might of had Papa Duck as – Sec. of State, and they would prop up o’l Dick Cheney as – Sec. of Defense.

    I’m very worried about our Country.

    Remember V.P Dan Quill – making an issue out of TV show Murphy Brown, having a child out of wedlock, as just an other life-time choice. He could have praised her for not having a abortion.

  22. We HAVE had white trash in the White House before. One was one of our worst Presidents, Andrew Jackson, and one was one of our best, Bill Clinton.

    Seems that growing up white trash is not a predictor either way, really.

  23. Hey, the McCain campaign questioned whether Palin was mentally unstable, and Nicole Wallace didn’t mince any words when she said right on national television that Palin “Was cuckoo for Coco Puffs.” And of course, we’ve all seen with our own eyes that the woman is a nut case, and that she’s raised little nut cases (speaking strictly of her adult children).

  24. No, the Palins aren’t Republicans, and no they wouldn’t try to destroy our country. They’re Teahadis, and they want merely to ENSLAVE it. With themselves in the catbird seat, playing a role surprisingly similar to what Manson envisioned for HIS “family” after “Helter Skelter.”

  25. The Anchorage PD are known to have been the conservative puppets of the Palins. If they’re reporting on this?….and even if it gets swept under the rug, or bought off, etc, etc, etc?….it happened, it’s out there, deal with it.

  26. And what become of it? Handjob will give her orally masturbation and the rest of the village may laugh but come next Sunday they will give the so call gravitas to the very man who foisted this idiot on us sane Americans
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  27. She’s going to be twisting herself into knots, unraveling, and twisting another way in her attempts to put a completely different spin on this. Of course, in her version, she will be the victim. Or the hero.
    “Twist” is the operative word, as in twisting in the wind, the manner in which her celebrity finally, albeit slowly, becomes nothing more than a tattered, faded banner, not unlike those in front of the local used car lot. She’s just about ready for Jerry Springer.

  28. palin doesn’t want to destroy the country like the obamas? ARE YOU SERIOUS? wasn’t palin’s husband part of the lalska secessionist movement? did Obama ever promote secession in any way? wasn’t secession the spark that set off the civil war in the 1860s, which almost destroyed this country? wouldn’t secession of any state do the same thing to-day? or are you saying Alaska is too small and irrelevant to matter much if we lose it? note that I really don’t expect a reply from a hit and run poster……

  29. I have the same hope you do!
    But if I had the video of the melee on my cell phone, I WOULD have sold it to the Palins’, AFTER I sent the video to one of my friends.
    Out “grift” the grifter.

  30. This is hilarious, man. Goes to show that even though she is the heart throb of teabags everywhere, she presents her self the same way a skunk would and spray her stink everywhere.

    Oh, one more thing… ‘Do you know who I am?’ Yeah. You are an abject failure of a human being incapable of doing anything remotely good for you, your family or the people you know. Not to mention that you’re a quitter and so full of hot air that balloons look at you and go ‘Damn! that’s a lot of hot air.’

  31. A “little steam?” Are you kidding? That’s no way for a lady to carry herself, and that’s no way for the whole family to behave in that thugish behavior. They are trash, and the people in Alaska know that. You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

  32. The people in Alaska told one reporter that Palin is known to be nasty and vindictive, in fact it is a family trait, they also said she lives on diet pills and coffee, every once in a while she locks herself in her room with bags of junk food and gorges, when she leaves the room she is in a foul mood. They also say
    she brings no food for the family at the house. Another tale is that the baby of her daughter was left in the limo all night while they partied, the driver was with the child.

  33. No words can express how much I hope this takes her and her low life clan out of the public mix. Just the most sickening bunch of thug bullies I have ever encountered in life. From Mom to Dad to daughter! The only thing the kids inherited was bully and sheer stupidity and ignorance. What a waste of life on earth.

  34. I know you’re right. I don’t want it to undermine this timely and wonderful news, but it’s still there….the knowledge that there’s a significant number of mouth-breathers who will deify her for this. Oh well, huh?

  35. Please please PLEASE can we not use terms like ‘jungle fever’ to discuss ANY kind of interaction between races? I don’t care what movie or what context you think it’s in — you’re offending people. So drop it.

  36. I don’t know… some people might be more comfortable with some white trash in the White House then a constitutional scholar.

  37. She is 50+ years old, a grandmother, a mother. She needs to act her age, and be a role model for her groupies.

  38. Will he be absent from the Sunday talk shows? Or will the “journalists” agree beforehand that Palin’s drunken antics are off-limits?

  39. Hey “jon,” why don’t you (and the rest of your intellectually-anueploidic ilk) just say what you really mean? Specifically, that you just don’t like Mr. Obama because he is African-American? Many of us here would have a lot more respect for you (and others like you) if you had the courage to admit to your latent racism. But that’s okay: we enlightened folks won’t not hesitate to ease the burden of your conscience by pointing out your cowardice every chance we get.

  40. What disgusted me the most, besides the drunken brawling, is that it’s been reported that Tripp, Bristol’s little boy, was outside in a Hummer limo when the fighting began, and the limo driver drove down the street to keep him from seeing his parent, uncle, grandma and grandpa brawling like they had lost any sense they ever had. I wonder if Levi will use this in his court case against Bristol later this month? If I were him, I would.

  41. Hey Sarah, Prez Obama is happily married you tasmanian show ho’. Ya’ never gonna get it. Michelle will kick your..well, control the jungle fever will ya’? With your uncooth hot ass. And besides, they’re still looking for you in Van Nuys.

  42. White Trash. It was obvious the from the first day she was introduced. A perfect example of the REAL family values and any other kind of values republicans have. Thank goodness she is not connected in any way to the South. Every time any of them says or writes the word God or Christian they should lose the ability to hide their forked tongues and their hooves instead of fingernails. And I agree 100% about McCain’s judgement about ANYTHING. He accepted and pretended that crazy phoney should be our next Vice President when he was told he couldn’t have his long time BFF Lieberman and the whole slimy plan fell through.. Joe quit, McCain had to find a younger BFF and try to keep his job with the five or six men that control MSM, Israel and the rest of the War Machine. And we are supposed to take him seriously. I think I will pass.

  43. Just imagine for a moment if you can, a senile
    president McCain and VP trailer trash Palin,
    what were the rethugs thinking to nominate this pair!

  44. She is faux everything:faux Christian, faux news, faux American, faux parent, faux governor. Now she should go away for real.

  45. Fox would rather President bash for the color of his summer suit rather than report the bad charachter of “their precious money maker”.

  46. You betcha’ FOX and Hannity will be defending her on this. They are going to claim that the Palins were defending their “family values” and had to cuss, and brawl to defend their Americun values and rights to get drunk whenever and however they want. Thank you very much. Oh, and Hannity will blame Obama saying that he sent the agitator to the bar to provoke a fight with that family. It’s coming…watch.

  47. This “Brawl” will not be covered by FOX and Hannity. McCain will give a “No comment” response if sand when he is asked about his darling VP choice. You know why? Here’s why:
    Sarah Palin has created a temple for the unwashed masses to worship her and they see no wrong in whatever she does or say. I betcha that her “fans” will say: Defend your honor Palins, fight, fight, fight. Spill some beer our code of conduct demands that you get into a brawl now and then—for creds. Yeeeeeeha!

  48. @Samuel…white trash all the way!! The Millions Failin Palin has grifted from her stupid followers can’t buy class and dignity.

  49. So Sarah’s now busy on her own “apology tour” to tell the world (which includes Muslim terrorists) she’s sorry for being such a loser? That sure sounds like she’s apologizing to the same people who “hate America’s freedoms.” Way to spit on the concept of American Exceptionalism, and show our enemies your own innate weakness.

  50. Reading through the comments, I have a great need to say.. this whole Hillbilly trash fight makes me giggle and giggle some more. Finally Sarah and her family have revealed themselves for what they truly are. White trash dressed up as if they were High society. Knew one day Sarah and family would step in their own filth.
    GIGGLE>>GIGGLE… it….

  51. Don’t you just love Sarah Palin. She never disappoints and can always be counted on to make us laugh with derision.She is the reason McCain is such a cranky old fart. He realizes that she is the reason he is not President. He could have picked just about anybody (Joe Lieberman?) and got elected in 2008. Kudos to the Wasilla queen.

  52. “”I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can, go get real drunk, and start a fight…”

    The latest is that the person who was interviewed on GMA today was fired for talking to the press.

  53. Not going to call the Palin crew any derogatory names since many commentator covered that. Simply, S. Palin and her clan are the exemplification of the “white privilege syndrome” that runs at the core of racists like
    her. No matter how dumb stupid I am better just because of my color hue. It is time to call her what she truly is and represents. One don’t have to bend their mind to see the 72 hour news cycle if the Obamas being the losers of the election and the nailing to the stake that would occur. Their actions are just another example of white privilege syndrome working (justify, nullify and if that doesn’t, kill it with that golden white silence) at its best when it comes to derogative white behavior across this nation.

  54. Patiently waiting for the video… It will surface at some point and hopefully, there will be more than one.

    I can see a whole new documentary called “Palins gone wild!” It’s hard to be pathetic and hilarious at the same time, but the Palins have managed the trick.

  55. JosephP.Uhl

    I’m talking to YOU Charlie
    Is your head still stuck on a thread from four days ago? Snort…did I hit a nerve?
    Once again people like you Charlie are left with egg on your faces.
    How so? You think some report about SP and her family being involved in a potentially embarrassing situation validates and legitimizes your fantasy to knock her teeth loose? My comment to you four days ago didn’t defend Palin in any manner (nor rebuke your personal opinion of her) other than to state that the only “offense” she has committed against you is being a Republican…and somehow you think that’s some heinous violation deserving- without reluctance- of a physical assault. How does tabloid news change anything in that regard?
    Oh right…it doesn’t.

    Now you asked me to keep my insulting remarks towards you to myself, but you’re doubling down on stupid and really making this quite challenging.
    Stop testing my willpower.

  56. Unfortunately, the person who spoke on Good Morning America (I think it was that show) the day after, has now lost his job. The person he works for – his house was where the party was. He fired the guy for talking on television.

    Makes me wonder if we’ll ever see video of this. Who would want to come forward now?

  57. The employee fired for talking to GMA woreked for the paving company (very close with Palin)
    when she became Gov they apparently had no debt, when she left they were pretty much in a lot of debt, much of the money (millions)
    went to the paving company!

    Sounds like there was something funny going on!

  58. These on the grifters shoes she wears when the trash goes a brawling

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose, nor embroidered on cushions or handkerchiefs, printed on paper napkins or boxes, nor used as any portion of a costume.

  59. Nope, Mongal the Palins would not have enough money to get the videos from me. The Kochs would not have enough. It would be my pure pleasure to give them to any and all media to play as many times as possible. That would be my price!
    destruction of the Palins, so they would need to crawl back in to the hole they crawled out of, never to be seen or heard from again.

  60. no you and all like the Palins are the real shit that are the real problem in our country, you and that Bitch is white hillbillie Trash and it’s why she will never be no more then just that and you and all like your racist hateful Bitches will never win the White-house Back so go and join that bitch and her fuck up family and starting bar Fights after all ain’t that what you crackers do

  61. This is their idea of a stretch hummer
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And this was trick, trac, trig or whatever her baby name is snack while he waited in it
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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