New Video Footage Shows Man Shouting That Michael Brown Had His ‘Hands In The Air!’

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On Wednesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 aired video footage from a cellphone taken shortly after Micheal Brown was shot dead by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The footage shows two contractors, roughly 50 feet away from the scene, reacting in the immediate aftermath of Brown’s shooting. The two construction workers have asked that they not be identified. It appears these are the same workers that provided eyewitness accounts to St. Louis area media last week.

Both contractors work for a construction firm out of Jefferson County and are not from Ferguson. Their testimony has jibed with other eyewitness accounts. It is thought that their eyewitness accounts add extra weight to efforts to charge and prosecute Wilson as neither are from the community nor had a personal relationship with Brown. While they wish to not be publicly identified, they have spoken with both the FBI and St. Louis County police. Also, they allowed CNN to interview them prior to the network releasing the video footage.

Below is the video, courtesy of CNN:



As you can see in the video, one worker is yelling towards where Officer Wilson shot Brown. He shouts, “He had his f***ing hands in the air!” The worker also pantomimes Brown’s motions, throwing his hands up. The details both workers gave CNN were very graphic. One man states that he saw Brown’s “brains come out of his head.” The workers also described how Brown was running from Wilson and was putting his hands up in the air. Wilson shot at Brown while he was running away. After that, Brown stopped, turned around and exclaimed, “OK, OK, OK,” while still having his hands in the air.

The two witnesses state that Wilson continued firing on Brown. They describe Brown staggering towards Wilson, but essentially as if he was dead on his feet due to the shots. One of the witnesses said that Wilson never said a word to Brown. Instead, he just kept shooting at him. Another person pulled up to the workers while they were standing by their truck. The other person, who the two workers do not know, said, “He was no f***ing threat at all!” Other details from the tape show a police officer taping off the scene. One worker said that at the time the tape was shot, three officers were at the scene. He also says that he saw another Ferguson police officer draw a weapon at the scene, but not fire.

This is just one more piece of damning evidence that pretty much proves what should be obvious to all. Michael Brown was executed by Officer Darren Wilson. This was not an instance of an officer trying to protect himself from a deadly assault from an assailant. This wasn’t an instance of a law enforcement official utilizing deadly force to stop a dangerous criminal from harming others. No, this appears to be an instance of a police officer, who is supposed to protect and serve the community, taking down an unarmed teenager for the extremely menacing crime of jaywalking.

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  1. It is high time they arrested that policeman instead of letting him hide – on full pay.

    I think I need something a little lighter, so please folks for your enjoyment do a little research on the story that has been unearthed about the Palin clan in Alaska going to a party drunk, the whole clan, and starting a fight in which Todd had a bloody nose, the daughter and sons were all fighting- good clean fun!

  2. So, what does the Ferguson police department have up it’s sleeve to try to taint the observations of the new witnesses? I know it sounds preposterous, but, why should they let that stop them? A web of lies has to continue to grow, like a cancer, before it eventually dies, or kills the host.

  3. Alas the powers that be and the white people who sanction this execution will come to this conclusion
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  4. So, what does the Ferguson police department have up it’s sleeve to try to taint the observations of the new witnesses?

    They should have been doing their jobs instead of standing around taking pics on taxpayer money. Nothing but a couple of white traitors

  5. When I hear gunfire, I generally stop what I am doing. Also it looks to me like they are not the ones taking pictures….Someone took their picture. You must not get it….Cops like Wilson give the good cops a bad name.

  6. Oh I get it. “Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned…
    Everything is war. Me say war.
    That until they’re no longer 1st class and 2nd class citizens of any nation…
    Until the color of a man’s skin is of
    no more significance… than the color of his eyes, me say war. That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race me say war!”
    ― Haile Selassie

  7. I hope that all the people raising money for Wilson and posting crap on social media tearing down Michael Brown will see this and realize what scum they support, and what scum they are personally.

    Oh, who am I kidding? Those people who jumped on the officer Wilson bandwagon will never admit to being wrong, they will justify their blood-lust one way or another.

  8. Unfortunately the police department and it chief of police has created a more dangerous environment by protecting a dirty cop. The people are angry and have any right to be. The good officers still have to do their job and follow orders. Even if they don’t agree with them. It’s unfair,unreasonable and dangerous to put them in this kind of situation. Their job is dangerous enough as it is.
    Get rid of that dirty cop and treat him like the criminal he is!

  9. This will not bode well for Ferguson. The police administration must resign and the cop must be handed over for arraignment. No more protection. He gets the same protection Brown got. 4 hours of laying in the street

  10. I still haven’t heard the race of the witnesses. This will have an influence on their credibility.
    From way back I remember “If you’re white, you’re alright, if you’re brown, stick around, if you’re black, stay back.”
    Things haven’t changed much.

  11. He should have been arrested for tampering with evidence, and obstruction, while they investigated the other charges. Sorry, but you don’t take evidence from the scene. his police vehicle should have been impounded as evidence.

  12. Oh, who am I kidding? Those people who jumped on the officer Wilson bandwagon will never admit to being wrong, they will justify their blood-lust one way or another.

    Yep. Because they’re scum, too. As they say, “birds of a feather …”

  13. They said Brown tried to rob a store just ten minutes before he was shot. The guy with his hands in the air said Brown stopped and talked with him 30 or more minutes. He was cursing about a tree root he ran up on while digging. Michael told him something about not getting upset and something about Jesus, he told the guy he had a picture of Jesus on his wall. Yhe construction guy told Mike jokingly that Satan had his picture on his wall. Don’t sound like a guy that would mess with a cop for no reason, and certainly not one that robbed a store.

  14. Typical republicans- racist white elitists, low-info, propaganda spewers, hypocritical Christians(worst I’ve ever seen).

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