Alison Grimes Shreds Mitch McConnell For Blocking Amendment To Overturn Citizens United



Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes is calling out Sen. Mitch McConnell for selling out the American people in order to protect the Koch brothers.

In a statement, Alison Lundergan Grimes said, “At this critical time for our country’s future, Sen. McConnell remains more concerned about the whims of millionaires and billionaires than Kentuckians struggling to make ends meet. My opponent shamefully admits that the ‘worst day’ of his political life was not the VA scandal or the Great Recession that saw 118,000 Kentuckians lose their jobs, but rather when Congress decided to limit the money his wealthy friends could give him for reelection. As Mitch McConnell and the Koch brothers try to buy Kentucky’s Senate seat, the people of Kentucky deserve a Senator who puts them first – not one more concerned with a self-promotion and his own quest for personal power.”


McConnell has made it clear that he cares more about winning reelection and keeping the Koch brothers happy than he does about the people who he is supposed to be representing in the United States Senate. Sen. McConnell is obsessed with becoming Senate Majority Leader, but he isn’t planning on using his power to help the people in Kentucky. The potential Republican controlled Senate agenda is loaded with regulatory rollbacks and gifts for the Koch brothers.

Mitch McConnell has delivered speeches full of angst about the need to protect the Koch brothers’ ability to give unlimited political contributions to Republicans, but he has told unemployed Kentuckians that it is not his job to create jobs.

Sen. McConnell admitted how vital the Koch brothers are to the Republican Party in a secret speech, but when he blocked the constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the Kentucky senator made it clear who he is really working for.

The vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United won’t decide the Kentucky senate race, but McConnell’s willingness to throw the people of his home state under the bus speaks volumes about his character.

A vote for Mitch McConnell is a vote for the Koch brothers. Kentucky voters need to keep this fact in mind as they head to the polls in November.

21 Replies to “Alison Grimes Shreds Mitch McConnell For Blocking Amendment To Overturn Citizens United”

  1. This is the only reason McConnell wants to be re-elected to the Senate: to continue the work of his pimps, his gods!

    You go, Alison! Crush, Kill, Destroy! Tear McConnell a new one! You’re damn straight she’s got this!

  2. Alison is awesome, She will become a great asset to the US Senate for all of Americans.

    Yes she may have some faults, but “you without sin, cast the first stone”-Jesus.

    O’l Mitch has done nothing but throw stones at middle and poor Americans for years, and now his GLASS HOUSE is shattering around is ears.

    You go Alison!!!!

  3. Alison is awesome! This is how Democrats should campaign.

    By filibustering an attempt to quash Citizens United so that this country continues to be bought by greedy billionaires who want to take every dime away from working Americans, Mitch McConnell shows who he’s in bed with – and it ain’t Kentuckians, that’s for sure.

  4. This whole citizens United law has ruined our democracy thanks to the RW SCOTUS. If the chambers of the federal government refuse to overturn this, each state should put it up to the voters! We the people will not allow elections to be bought! …….Using Careful phasing in order not to confuse the special people!

  5. Alison Grimes also needs to inform her Kentuckians that McConnell will work in cahoots with Tedly, the new Speaker of the House, in shutting down the government in a hissy fit if he (Tedly) doesn’t get exactly what he wants.

    When/if there is a shutdown, the economy will be the one to pay. Tedly and his minions will continue to receive THEIR pay, but hundreds of thousands won’t, including Kentuckians.

    Kentucky is hardly the richest state in the union. How many of them can afford to go a month or more with no income? They need to think about that.

  6. Gee where’s Kentucky Joe!? I thought by now he would rear his empty head and defend that tyrannical terrapin against we sane Democrats and Liberals who REALLY do have the nations best interest’s at heart.

  7. I don’t not want to be a downer, but many of the polls have them neck and neck, maybe a few with Grimes in the lead by 1-2 points.

    Are Kentuckians understanding what AG is saying???? Do they realize this means them?

    I hope AG wins, because we (young, old, ill, etc.) cannot afford to have old bag McConnell getting ever richer while we go without necessities and struggle to pay basic living expenses. He won’t vote to raise the minimum wage either.

    I hope the people in Kentucky are astute enough to realize this is their chance to make it better.

  8. McConnell is already drunk on Power thinking he will control the Senate next year an line his pocket! He’s not thinking of the people of Ky at all! Ky would be fools to keep McConnell in there! When do they stop an look around them at what he has done to their state? I so hope Grimes take it home for her “OLD KY HOME”!

  9. Bebe, I HOPE you are right, I really do.

    The GOPT has blocked min wage, they tried to repeal ACA how many times? They shut down the gov, they don’t want equal pay for women, they want to continue loopholes for corporations, they are whores of the rich, but the polls are showing a tie, and Nate Silver is saying the GOP will prevail in the Senate. WTF? I might not be able to stand this until November. I’m already fed up beyond imagination with this BS, and people who don’t WISE UP. Maybe racist voters are going to vote GOPT JUST BECAUSE PRESIDENT OBAMA is black and a DEM? I don’t know anymore..its just disgusting.

  10. Go Grimes Go! The Turtle Man thinks he is going to be Senate Majority Leader. Well, he is in for a huge surprise. He won’t even be leader of his retirement home after Grimes owns him this November. Come on Kentucky! Time to Ditch Mitch!

  11. I also hope that David Alameel can pull off the upset over John Cornyn here in Texas. I know many will say that Alameel doesn’t have a chance. Problem here in Texas is that people stay home on election day. If they can just get out and vote and if Alameel can reach out to those undecided voters, Alameel has a great chance to make John Cornyn have an Eric Cantor moment this November.

  12. whatever rhetoric politicians use to get themselves into office is just a smoke screen to get us to vote for them… they are beholden to those that got them voted in with their campaign contributions… really sadly no longer has anything to do with us… the old boys club… we need to sweep the place clean and then sage it hehe… there are a couple of good ones that haven’t been bought – Sanders, Franks… Warren has our back… it is going to take each of us taking our civic responsibility seriously, researching the issues and where the candidates stand on each and making conscious decisions to right this boat back up… otherwise, we are sunk and we will all go down together… even those of us who have seen the proverbial light

  13. Since I love turtles, I refuse to eat turtle soup. In his case, I’d happily make an exception. Bring it on!

    Go Allison! GO Kentucky! Do the right thing!

  14. He is the meanest greediest old geezer i have ever seen. Why do they vote for this mean old man WORTH MULTI MILLIONS but trying to privatize YOUR SS and medicare? When is it ever enough money for you RW so-called reps of the people?? . Its shocking no one repeats on the news the daily suffering the GOP has and continues to cause everday Americans incl. their own constituency! Especially their const. They convince them they dont need more than min wage. And guess what… They believe and follow. How incredibly stupid can people be???

  15. Allison Grimes needs to take more pride in being a dem and educate the people on how well ACA is working instead of distancing herself from Pres Obama. Remind the people what he has done W/O the help of the GOP. Remind them of all the NO’s the GOP have said to jobs. Viol against women, lower student loan intrst rates, no raise in min wage, no bc for women. dems have so much ammo against the GOP but tippie toe around them—while the RW will flat out lie about everything. Why are they so afraid to blow them out of the water??? People are suffering over their constant NO’s. Tell the people the truth abt McConnell”s greed. How the next thing they plan to take is their pensions. Chri Christie, Snyder, Scott, all REPUBS are taking YOUR pensions for tax breaks for the 1%. Go ahead vote GOP and watch them completely destroy your lives.

  16. To you folks on the right who detest anyone less fortunate than yourselves…be prepared to join those ranks if you vote for your lying insane clueless deceiving raping party of REPUBs! Because that’s what they’ve been doing for 5-1/2 years. Raping this country and its people of its self respect ..its image of civility. We are now just as barbaric as any middle eastern country or dictator thanks to YOUR party the GOP AND YOUR WATER BOARDING TORTURE UNDER YOUR BUSH!!! How does that man sleep at nite? That’s barbaric to even suggest let alone do then deny then blame it on Obama. No matter how much you lie and deny BUSH LET 3000 Americans DIE to justify his war we are paying for now. Did the BUSH GOP honestly think the children of all those parents grandparents you killed in Iraq over a lie… would not grow up one day and seek vengence ???? .in other words.. Come back to bite us in the ass? Really? And you people keep voting for the barbaric party. None of you are any better

  17. Seriously, if you want a scary trip through the Orwellian netherworld, read how he whips up his base on Facebook. It’s basic call and repeat “Brave New World” stuff – “Reply with ‘Obama needs Grimes’ if you agree” type shit. He’s telling his lo-fo base simple phrases to repeat over and over. And… they do…

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