Obamacare ‘Death Panel’ Inventor Turns Tail And Runs During ‘Daily Show’ Appearance

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On Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Betsy McCaughey, renowned Obamacare critic and inventor of the infamous and fictitious ‘death panels,’ was supposed to make a guest appearance during a correspondent segment on the Affordable Care Act. After she sat down with Jordan Klepper for an interview to be used in the segment, titled ‘The Obamacare Apocalypse,’ she abruptly left after she was asked how do critics respond to all of the good news that has surrounded the law since its implementation and the fact that fewer and fewer people want to see it repealed. Instead of answering Klepper, McCaughey pulled off her microphone and left.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Comedy Central (McCaughey appears about one minute in):



The exchange between McCaughey and Klepper went as follows:

KLEPPER: It’s been a tough road for critics of this law. The people aren’t behind repealing this — are we gonna get them on our side?

MCCAUGHEY: (removes microphone) I wanna just turn this off for a second.

KLEPPER (voiceover): But she was too upset to talk about it.

The rest of the segment consisted of Klepper talking to a nurse who no longer has to run a free clinic because all of her patients were able to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and can see a doctor in a fully-staffed office anytime they want. Klepper also spoke to some of the nurse’s former patients who had nothing but good things to say about the health care law. Overall, the segment was a biting satire about how predictions of doom and ‘death panels’ regarding Obamacare have not come to fruition and critics of the law are now left with nothing to complain about.

As for McCaughey, she is still chugging along, writing uninformative tripe on conservative websites trying to convince the already converted that Obamacare, and pretty much anything Obama does, will be the death of Western Civilization. She writes a weekly column for Newsmax, a well-known conservative rag. McCaughey also appears now and then on Fox News, particularly when they need someone to spew propaganda against the ACA. However, outside of wingnut circles, her credibility is close to nil. The ‘death panel’ claim was rated as PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year in 2009. Also, in 2009, Jon Stewart famously skewered her over her claims that the health care law would call for senior citizen review boards where life expectancy would be discussed with patients.

Now, with the health care law fully implemented, and the benefits of it being realized by people on a daily basis, fearmongering about Obamacare fantasies may not be profitable anymore for conservative commentators. That is bad news for people like McCaughey, but good news for the American public.

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  1. People have been purchasing health insurance for a long time; either on their own or through their employers.

    Through all of these years, western civilization has remained firmly intact.

    Why, then, would western civilization be threatened if more people were able to buy insurance?

  2. There you go, dragging “critical thinking skills” and “logic” and “common sense” into the discussion!

    Western civilization is obviously threatened by more people getting health insurance because, uh, hmm. Huh. Well, it is!

  3. It’s “funny” how the Daily Show and the Colbert Report can get these Reich Wing Crazies to crumble and explode on camera and most news people never get a straight answer. Perhaps because in fact the media IS controlled by conservative owners rather than the “liberal” agenda.

  4. She’s beating a dead horse! America’s love their AHA, including Republicans! If this moron wants to discuss Death Panels, she can discuss all the GOP Governors in red states that are refusing to expand Medicaid!

  5. Prior to ACA, we were trying to get coverage for my wife. Insurance for both of us under my job would have cost over $500.00, plus a major healthcare company turned down my wife due to her Asthma. When open enrollment began, she was able to get silver coverage with BCBS. The preiums were affordable plus no questions on her health. Thank you President Barack Obama for helping my wife get the coverage that she so needs.

  6. We lived in Indiana and I was rejected twice for insurance because of my asthma. When we moved to Maryland we were able to buy insurance in an open enrolment but when my daughter was diagnosed with autism our premiums skyrocketed from $250 a month to $1300 a month.

    We moved to Canada. It’s too late for us, as I just got my citizenship but for my two older kids, the ACA is a huge benefit.

  7. girlfriend is living proof of the devastating stupidity created by conservatism, bigotry and peroxide.

  8. Isn’t it sad that she had to move to another country, relinquish her citizenship and be separated from her two older children?

  9. I’m going out on a limb, and say that yer full of shit, here’s why- Indiana is a red state with a hostile governor, Maryland is more blue, then you throw in the autism diagnosis, and the raising of the rates, and BAM!!! We have to move to Canada!!! WHY? Did someone get transferred? and how did you get citizenship so fast, and even if you did, your whole family is covered in Canada. Like I said, BS all the way

  10. Yep, you sure did climb out on that limb. One, you have no clue as to WHEN she went to Canada, two you have no clue as to the age of her other children They could be 18 and going to collage.

    Canada will accept immigrants IF they have a vocation, training, or education that they consider of interest to CANADA and will hasten the citizen process.

    Watch out that limb is already cracking and you are going to take a well deserved fall.

  11. You really need to tone down that language and attitude, Tap. A simple, “That doesn’t sound correct to me …” and then explain why would’ve sufficed.

    This place isn’t the Yahoo, YouTube, or AOl message boards/comments sections where Teahadists can post the worst language they dare not use in public when face to face with someone.

    I know it might be difficult for you, but maybe you should show some polite manners and etiquette in public, even on a message board – just as your mother should have taught you.

  12. McCaughey is nothing more than a media-terroist whore for the Republican Party. I wonder how many times she’s sucked Koch?

  13. Let me start by saying I am a huge supporter of Obamacare but we’re in a mess. I’m in a state that didn’t expand, and my son and I qualified with a full subsidy. I claimed my unemployment which, as we know, was never reinstated. In desperation I applied for a food card and they gave me Medicaid. So I called healthcare.gov and they cancelled Obamacare but told me there’s a chance I’ll have to repay 4 months of subsidy and this scares me the pants off of me. And now my college aged son is left uninsured because he doesn’t make enough to qualify for Obamacare, I think it’s 11,000, and you have to have zero income to qualify for Medicaid. And now it looks like I will be getting a part time job that will probably requalify me for Obamacare and I’m not sure if I can get back on. Another example of why there should have been Medicare for all and the current laws aren’t clear about changes. Oh, and the part time job manager complained Obamacare made them cut everyone’s hours t…

  14. I don’t know how this will end but given the utter stupidity of Americans, I tend to think not well

    Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground

    In 2011, 28 percent or about $170 billion of Medicare spending went to patients in the last six months of life. That simple fact of Medicare spending has led most healthcare analysts—and certainly the writers of the Afforable Care Act—to find ways to address end-of-life care that wouldn’t just cost less money, but would give dying people and their doctors the opportunity to discuss how they wanted those last months to unfold. The law was to add Medicare reimbursements to doctors to have voluntary discussions with their patients about their end-of-life wishes.

  15. There is no end of life. One day the angel comes down and slaps you silly, and takes you away to sweet jesus. You just cant plan for it even if you are dying. Pardon me, Im speaking in tongues

  16. “…Why, then, would western civilization be threatened if more people were able to buy insurance?…”

    Why? Well, using big words like “western civilization” makes Betsy believe she’s important! And…popular, too!

    All she has to do is throw a word salad together, pull the “fear” trigger, use important-grown-up-big-people words like,
    “western civilization” or “liberty” (although “liberty” no longer in style since the last election) and, Betsy becomes important and popular, like Aynn Rand!

    Everyone knows that right-wing “western civilization” is based on standing around in the hallways, hangin’ out, taking pictures with “Richie Rich, and do nothing but look “important”, acting “popular” all day.

    The interview because it didn’t meet the above criteria.

  17. Betsy McCaughey couldn’t answer any challenges to the lies she’s been peddling about the ACA while she was on the DS because she’s accustomed to appearing on Fox where the hosts let her lies go unchallenged. I’m glad she got the hell embarrassed out of ass on the DS and had to exit the interview. Maybe now she’ll think twice about how her lies have sown so much discord and doubt among the American populace and made some think their own government was out to “persecute” or “get” them for some BS lie she created and made millions peddling. Karma is a b*tch,and she was waiting for McCaughey at the DS last night and bit her in her lying ass.

  18. Canada does not require new citizens to relinquish the citizenship they have from another country. I, myself, have dual citizenship (Canadian and Scotish) and my partner also has dual citizenship (U.S. and Canadian).

  19. King George Bush II was an abject failure and drove this country into the ground. Instead of helping to repair and rebuild America, the GOTP would rather continue the destruction than see a Democrat succeed.

  20. Am mostly still amazed that politicians and pundits show up for these tapings seeming not to understand what this show is all about. Do they not have staff who book these things who at least check it out first? Or is ego so huge they think they will somehow outsmart arguably one of the most politically smartypants teams of writers there is?

  21. In the area I live….a while back, when the T-Baggers were out and about, en-mass, shouting out their insane views and holding rallies. Our little rag tag band of friends, infiltrated a couple of those rallies, with our American flags and posters saying, “Yes, the so called death squads ARE REAL and NEEDED”. Mind you, this done right in the heart of the T-Baggers own rally. Not one of those good people even questioned, as to “just what the he**” was meant by our signs. By the way, most of those little grannies and elderly…looked as if they were living on cat food, with their pittance of Social Security monies. I suspect, the coffee and doughnuts and sometimes sandwiches were their daily nutritional meals. The rightwing has no shame or any feelings for the people that made that America, for them to rip off.

  22. We may have comprehensive, free medical coverage here in Canada, but I couldn’t watch the video… so feel vindicated, all you Americans. It actually said something like- “Sorry, but this video is unavailable from your location. In case you can’t give up your free health care and move to America, you can watch the Daily Show at…” Very funny! Seriously!! I love you, Jon Stewart!!!

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