Overconfident Republicans Are Planning Their Agenda For When They Control The Senate

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn
Republicans are already acting like they have won the Senate, by planning and announcing the agenda for when they are in charge.

The Hill reported:

Republicans are putting together an agenda for the first 100 days of 2015 in case they win control of the Senate.

Authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline, approving “fast-track” trade authority, wiping out proposed environmental regulations and repealing the medical device tax top their list.

“Those would all be positive things. You could come up with a list of very positive things and all of us are thinking about those,” said Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who is poised to become chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee under a GOP takeover.

The agenda that they are discussing seems very small. What is borderline insane about it is that Senate Republicans think it will create jobs. One might have thought that they would have learned when they tried this during the Reagan and Bush years that rolling back environmental regulations doesn’t create jobs. Keystone XL is not a job creator either. It is a project that only enrich the oil companies that will sell the oil overseas.

It is arrogant for Republicans to be laying out an agenda for a Senate that they may not win control of. If Democrats in key states needed any more motivation to take this election seriously, the Senate Republicans just gave it to them. The fact is that control of the Senate hinges on several close elections around the country. If Republicans stumble in one or two contests, they will not be in the majority.

This is not the time to be measuring the drapes. Republicans may live to regret discussing an agenda that will never be.

21 Replies to “Overconfident Republicans Are Planning Their Agenda For When They Control The Senate”

  1. It may be “arrogant” but it’s good that they’re putting their “agenda” out like this prior to the mid-terms. It will let the voters know how evil these people are and it also puts voters on alert on how they plan to do nothing for good and welfare of We, the People. It is clear these priorities will only benefit the corporations and the 1%.

    Keep it up, Mitch and the gang. You may be putting another nail in your coffin.

    We can only hope the populace will wisen up and tell these yellow-bellied pukes to take their harmful and destructive selves and go to hell in a hand basket post haste.

  2. Mercifully, they won’t control the Senate. Hmmmmm, if they plan on shutting down the government just before elections, why do they think they will control the Senate?

    The only voters who think that way are their crazy base! And for the GOP to think they will control the Senate and are making plans already shows how arrogant they are.

  3. Yup…and they were planning for Mitt Romney’s inauguration too. Failed. Shocked the bejezus out of them. So let them plan. It will be a sweeter victory for the Democrats. To Laugh in their faces.

  4. It will be a bad day for most of the people of the United States if the Republicans take over the Senate. However, it will be absolutely wonderful for the Koch brothers in their scheme to destroy the middle class.

  5. What is the big deal? Nancy Pelosi did it in July of this year.
    At least they have actually put down ACTUAL goals instead a “just trust us line of b.s”

  6. Well most Americans better hope the hell not! Democrats – get your butts to the polls and VOTE, it’s the only way we can win!

  7. I fail to see how having that damn oil pipeline helps us when it’s actually for their butt buddies in the oil industry.

    To the point at hand: Really? This smacks of extreme overconfidence here. Reality tends to hit much, much harder and once the dust settles on November 5th, we’ll look back at this and laugh because their plans would be squashed like the disease ridden fly that it is.

  8. We are in almost the EXACT place
    we were in 2012. The GOP were SURE
    the Election was a Mortal Lock! Queen
    Annie had already picked out the new
    china & EVERYTHING!
    But wait, what happened? Those Frickin’
    Democrats had the NERVE to, that’s right,
    So, here we are again. Will History
    repeat itself? Will we Stand & Fight?
    IDK about all of you, but
    I’m Fired Up! Ready To GO!!

  9. I’m at a loss for words. If Republicans do somehow take control, I will not believe it was legal. I can’t believe anyone other than the wealthy would vote for these vermin. There are simply too many stupid people in this country.

  10. It is tragic people are naive enough to believe it when the GOP says tax cuts for the rich, environmental regulation repeal and building dangerous pipelines will “trickle down” and create jobs.

  11. It won’t help us one bit, it is not a job creator and it will not lower gas prices in the US. A lot of Republicans are for it just because most Democrats are against it, that is what American politics have come down to, and the right-wing politicians have accomplished this through the use of unfettered access to the airwaves and through the denigration of education. The clueless Republican masses are too stupid to know what is good for them, they are blissful in their arrogant ignorance.

  12. It also doesn’t help when the major media outlets are bought and paid for and don’t dare challenge the right-wing propaganda.

  13. If you want a repeat of the financial disaster wrought in 2008 by Bush vote for the GOP. Never in history have these ridiculous policies helped anyone but the very wealthiest people in America.

  14. Plain and simple if you want your Social Security cut to pay for Wars and tax Breaks for the wealthy; vote repuglikan; that should be the main campaign slogan of all democrats ;the voters are basically simple as that

  15. Right. The only ones the pipeline will help will be the 1% such as Koch, and even Boehner, those who are heavily invested in oil. It will not help us, or our environment in the least.

  16. Yeah thats right – vote GOP and get:
    devalued polluted land, permanent damage to the largest water table located under main agricultural region of America, you can also work with no minimum wage with no means of healthcare, if you get sick you can just die (GOP death panels), you can live like China in a constant state of polluted air due to deregulation.. There will be no education dept – good luck raising your kids to be competitive in the world. DONT VOTE FOR THESE HATERS OF AMERICAS FUTURE. thank you

  17. Wow That Bug eyed sucker sure looks like a Goliath Grouper. (Ya got to be from a Gulf State to know what that is)

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