The Right Wing Hate Fest Continues With Arizona GOPT Vice Chair’s Call to Sterilize Poor Women

Republican Hate Fest

The GOPT continues to use hate fests to broaden its base beyond its billionaire investors and people who believe the propaganda on Fox.


Earlier this week, Georgia state Senator Fran Millar  categorically admitted that he hates allowing black people to vote earlier.  Georgia’s Secretary State, Brian Kemp, backed him up.

In closing I just wanted to tell you real quick, after we get through this runoff, you know the Democrats are working hard, and all these stories about them, you know, registering all these minority voters that are out there and others that are sitting on the sidelines, if they can do that, they can win these elections in November.

The Koch owned Republicans went all out to show their love for women, beginning with a Maryland GOPT candidate, David Anthony Wiggins. Commenting on an article about Ray Rice, Wiggins said Ray Rice was just giving his wife some equality when he beat her unconscious then dragged her body out of the elevator.


“How is she a victim when she began the assault?” Wiggins replied. “Are you holding her blameless and to a higher standard? Did you watch as she continually assaulted him until he knocked her Jodi Badass out? Quit it with the sexist double standard.”

He demanded that other commenters “stop making excuses for female violence against men,” claiming that Janay Rice “caused her own so-called victimhood by perpetrating violence.”

“Women want equality,” Wiggins continued, and “she got some of it.”

Wiggins, by the way, is campaigning to be the new sheriff in Baltimore.

Russell Pearce, the current Vice Chair of Arizona’s GOPT, did one better.  Pearce wants to sterilize poor women and drug/alcohol test anyone on public assistance.  Can we say class-based eugenics.  As he told a caller to his hate talk radio show, if a poor woman wants a child, she should get a job. ”You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I’d do is get [female recipients] Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations. Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs and alcohol, and if you want to [reproduce] or use drugs or alcohol, then get a job.”

Pearce’s rant against poor women was not complete without the mandatory anti-government rhetoric. ”I know there’s people out there [who] need help, and my heart goes out to them, too, but you know what? That should never be a government role. That’s a role for family, church, and community.”


Naturally, Pearce overlooks several inconvenient facts, during his hate fest on the poor.  Many people who are on public assistance have at least one slave wage job. We all know how Republicans feel about the existence of a minimum wage, let alone the prospect of increasing it to a living wage.  He also overlooks the fact that conservatives believe employers should have the right to fire pregnant women because they are pregnant.

Mandatory drug and alcohol testing public assistance recipients is unconstitutional as Florida was told.

There are other facts that discredit Pearce’s repugnant ideas. People on public assistance are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol than others. There are tons of studies on this topic, including Florida’s findings  on the subject, as noted in a Federal court ruling on Florida’s drug testing for public assistance law.

“In fact, the study commissioned by the State undermines its argument on this point. In 1998, DCF conducted a study known as the Demonstration Project after the State passed legislation requiring the Demonstration Project to test empirically whether individuals who applied for TANF benefits were likely to abuse drugs and whether such abuse affected employment opportunities.  In the study, researchers found a lower rate of drug usage among TANF applicants than among current estimates of the population of Florida as a whole.”

When you factor in the costs of drug testing, it fails because this really isn’t about costs.  It’s about the pathological hatred Republicans have for poor people.

Of course, Pearce never let the constitution get in the way of a good hate fest.  This is the same guy who was behind Arizona’s unconstitutional “papers please” legislation.

No story involving Pearce is complete without reminding ourselves that Pearce has been a government employee for years and remains so.  He collects a government pension aside from the $85,000 a year he earns as an employee of  Charles “Hos” Hoskins, the Treasurer of Maricopa County.

Here’s the added bonus. While saying government shouldn’t have a role in helping poor people, part of Pearce’s current job description requires him to help promote participation in a county program called the Elderly Assistance Fund.  The program’s purpose is to help low-income seniors reduce their property taxes.

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29 Replies to “The Right Wing Hate Fest Continues With Arizona GOPT Vice Chair’s Call to Sterilize Poor Women”

  1. You mean to tell me after all this hate, which we see day in and day out, hour after hour from the GOPT…that the GOPT are even “tied” or in a “tossup” race with the DEM candidates for senate and congress?

    WTF is wrong with people?

  2. I had a Poli Sci professor at Cal in the early 70’s, you know VietNam, dumbass Reagan and People’s Park, Alameda TAC squad…

    one of the things I took away from his class was a quote…

    ‘the masses are asses’

  3. It sickens me that this asshat is advocating for the establishment of essentially a new eugenics program in AZ. My question is; what’s he going to do about poor men? His mindset is very akin to the Nazi’s in Germany.

  4. I was just going to comment that perhaps rather than sterilizing poor women why don’t we start with those Teapublicans of the male gender.Seems we have a lot of those good family valued men that can’t keep their pants zipped up.

  5. I’m glad I am not Republican. It requires me to be full of hate, fear,paranoia, stupidity, ignorance, craziness, selfishness, narcissistic, unsympathetic, arrogant, condescending, synical, seeker of lies rather than truth, narrow-minded, racist, greedy, lover of money, sexist…..,24/7.

    Being a Republican is bad for your health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Women are important. We carry and bring life into the world. Life, literally passes through us!

    This disdain for women has got to stop! Where is it coming from? We are an important voting demographic, yet, just lime people of color, veterans, and the elderly, our votes matter, and the GOP, come November, will regret not reaching out to us.

  6. Basically, if women can be legally forced to have babies, they can be legally forced not to. The “deciders” are apparently to well-heeled white male Chrischuns. And I would imagine that, once that principle is established, they’ll start deciding which lesser males get the snip.

  7. Folks, you gotta understand what utter disdain the good people of AZ have for Pearce. He’s been recalled and the only friend(s) that he has in this world are Sheriff Joe and “Hos” Hoskin, State Treasurer. His own district made sure he did not get another term in office–he was and still is a disgrace to his Mormon constitutes (gerrymandered district) and is probably “shunned” regularly

    His entire family reeks of “Family Values”,_Arizona_State_Legislature_%282011%29

  8. In the Netherlands, Pit Bulls were required to be sterilized in order to stop breeding and to eventually eradicate the breed. The law, RAD (Regeling Agressieve Dieren, translated: Aggressive Animal Regulation) was removed in 2003 because it just didn’t work and people saw it as killing off the breed – which pissed them off.

    Is this what Republicans want for Blacks and Latinos? A gentler, kinder type of genocide? Because that’s what it amounts to since they all believe that every single poor person in this country is either a Black or a Latino, and this makes them even sicker in the head than we could have ever imagined.

  9. Instead of sterilizing poor women, how about we start a campaign to sterilize stupid people like this guy.

    The less they breed, the better off we are as a nation.

  10. One thing Kemp got right was the fact that if we could get the people to the polls, we would win. The only thing keeping the right in power is voter apathy. We need to use the power of our vote before we lose it. Make no mistake, the right would disenfranchise every Democratic or progressive voter in the country if they could, they really don’t like democracy.

  11. Pearce is the poster child for everything that is wrong about the tea party Republicans.
    He could be the focal point of a PSA — “This is your brain on bitter tea”.

  12. Let us not forget the rest of what Mr. Pearce said:

    “No cash for Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, you’d only get money for 15-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and powdered milk – all the powdered milk you can haul away,” Pearce said. “If you want a steak or frozen pizza, then you’d have to get a job.”

    He also suggested Spartan accommodations and strict rules for anyone who received government housing assistance.

    “Ever live in a military barracks?” he said. “You’ll maintain your property in a clean, good state of repair, and your home will be subjected to an inspection at any time, possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or an X-Box 360, then get a job.”

  13. it’s truly a pity that Pearce’s mother wasn’t sterilize before she had him! Yeah I went there.

  14. why has Pearce not been excommunicated by the Mormon church? Their silence is very telling. You can espouse hatred for the poor, women, people of color…and nothing is done.

    however, if a woman protest outside a lds temple that women should have leadership roles in the church, she’s excommunicated.

  15. “Family Values” You mean the Republican kind of family Values? kind of like the Palins and a few more rethugs? Ordinary people would hang their heads in shame to display such values. Not the rethugs they, revel in them. Claim them every chance they get.

  16. {Pearce’s rant against poor women was not complete without the mandatory anti-government rhetoric. “I know there’s people out there [who] need help, and my heart goes out to them, too, but you know what? That should never be a government role. That’s a role for family, church, and community.”}

    Wow, so government should never HELP poor people, but they SHOULD force sterilization on them and drug test them? Ooookkkaaaayyyyy… What a friggin’ dumbass.

  17. I guess we know where they get the idea that government help leads to complete control over your life…because that is exactly how THEY would do it. Big surprise!

  18. When “men” and I use the term very loosely, display and carry this attitude towards women, poor or rich, they are advertising how cowardly they are.

    They pick on the weak, and it must make them feel really powerful. I’d like to see him look a poor man in the eye face to face and say this about the poor man’s wife. Cowards, that is all they are.

  19. There are times when I am speechless, this is one of them.

    CHURCHES should help people? How can they do that when they’re spending $2,000,000 to refurbish one of their super churches?

    According to my copies of the Declaration of Independence, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! I don’t see color mentioned, white, black, red…any color!

    The freaking GOP doesn’t like blacks being able to vote? How can any right-thinking American vote for those bigots? They are opposed to our way of living? Vote the bastards OUT.

    It’s like Abbott slashing education funding and bragging about it. The Teapublicans are trying to drag Texas’ education down to being 50th out of 50. We should elect him our governor in Texas?

    It’s hard to shock me, but these guys managed to do so.

  20. There is not a decent bone in this despicable man’s bones. An outright fool and bigoted sub-human. Why is he in Government? Why did the Republicans put him in that position AFTER he was recalled from his Senate seat by the people of Arizona? I guess they love to recycle their dirty laundry.

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