Acquitted Killer George Zimmerman Goes Full Road Rage And Threatens To Kill Motorist

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Earlier this week, wannabe cop and acquitted killer George Zimmerman had the cops called on him twice over a road rage incident that turned into menacing and stalking. On Tuesday, in Lake Mary, FL, Zimmerman pulled up beside another car in his truck and threatened the motorist inside. The driver, Matthew Apperson, stated he was listening to music inside his car when Zimmerman pulled up alongside him and started yelling. Zimmerman had another passenger in the car, who joined in on the verbal assaults of Apperson.

Apparently, Apperson was driving with his windows up and music blaring, completely oblivious of anything going on around him. One would guess he was waving his hands or fingers to the music based on Zimmerman’s reaction when he pulled up next to him and started shouting. Per Apperson, Zimmerman said, ”Hey, what’s your problem? Why you shaking your finger?” After that, Apperson said he saw Zimmerman brandish a gun. With his gun in view, Zimmerman went full-on Sarah Palin and yelled out,  “Do you know who I am? ”I’ll f***ing  kill you!”

Apperson explained that since he left his cell phone at home, he drove to a gas station to call the police. He explained to the dispatcher the road rage incident and then pointed out that Zimmerman and his associate had followed him to the gas station and had blocked him in so that he couldn’t drive away. While at the gas station, both Zimmerman and his friend threatened to shoot and kill him. By the time the police had arrived, Zimmerman has skedaddled. Even though Apperson said he was clear that it was Zimmerman, police suggested to him that without other witnesses or video evidence of the encounter, it would be very hard to make charges stick. In the end, Apperson decided not to press charges.

Of course, Zimmerman, being the insecure gun-toting bully that he is, couldn’t leave well enough alone. He tracked down Apperson to his place of work and hung around outside. Apperson called the police, saying he was disturbed by Zimmerman “lurking around” outside. Police eventually showed up and interviewed Zimmerman. As one would guess, Zimmerman had a gun tucked into his waistband. Zimmerman was able to convince the police that he was in the area for an appointment. He was given his gun back and allowed to go about his business.

Below is video from the police encounter, courtesy of the Daily Mail:



Once again, Apperson decided not to press charges, likely because it was apparent that the police weren’t going to do anything about it in the long run. For some reason, this sociopath is allowed to continuously threaten people with firearms, as has been the case with his estranged wife, girlfriend and Apperson, or just shoot them dead, as occurred with Trayvon Martin, without repercussion.  In fact, based on the non-existent gun laws in certain parts of this country, this dangerous individual is allowed to just walk around with a loaded firearm.

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Zimmerman is going to end up shooting somebody else at some point. It isn’t a matter of if, but when.

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  1. Harry Callahan:
    You know, you’re crazy if you think you’ve heard the last of this guy. He’s gonna kill again.

    District Attorney Rothko:
    How do you know?

    Harry Callahan:
    ‘Cause he likes it.

  2. Hopefully this total lunatic will bully the wrong person the next time, who will exercise his right to stand his ground and take him out. They will be doing a service to their community, because this lunatic Zimmerman WILL kill again, and it is clear that at this point in his deranged mind, he can get away with anything in that damn state.

  3. One day this murderer will run up on the wrong person who will have a bigger gun and then there will be no more posts about this lunatic

    Never forget
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  4. A faster draw, and better shot would be more accurate. Zimmerman is a cowardly thug who will meet his match probably more sooner than later. When this happens that person should be declared a hero.

  5. Florida obviously has no balls when it comes to this man. He or his father must have something on somebody because no where else would someone else get away with this much crap and not be charged. Gov. Scott do they have something on you?.

  6. The Fl. DA should determine after all these arrests,interview, and police stops in other State that at the least he a threat to self and others.

    He should not be given a permit to carry,(maybe psychologically unstable) Come on, he is a crime waiting to happen.

    What has happen to the PUBLIC’s rights NOT TO LIVING IN FEAR OF LOOSING THEIR LIVES. The NRA has given a lot of angry people the right to their second Amendment.

    To think we are fearful of ISIS??? We have our own terrorist right here in America with a licence to kill.

  7. Well, specifically, Seminole County. He’s got himself a hook there. So far, you haven’t heard about him doing this even in any of the adjacent counties

  8. Trayvon Martin did not have to die. I cannot imagine how that young man’s parents feel when they hear this BS.

    Zimmerman is a sociopath. He feels entitled to bully, kill, and always get away with it. He has no remorse.

    Shouldn’t he have a job and working? It seems like these incidences take place during the day when people are usually working.


  9. Was he not implicated in a domestic assault? I thought that was an instant DQ for being able to carry. Probably not in sunny florida, land of the fear…

  10. I think Zimmerman’s old man was a judge, right? He & his father must have something on somebody pretty high up. How does this guy walk without even a slap on the wrist?

  11. Zimmerman gets away with it in Florida, maybe in this district specifically, because his father is a retired judge!

    Sadly, covering for your son is not doing him or anyone else any favors.

    With luck, Zimmerman will accidently shoot himself.

  12. I guess he has to shoot and murder a WASP before the police act, and I am not referring to the ones that have stingers. This man is a danger to society, as all sociopaths are. He needs to be locked uo!

  13. I expect Zimmerman is going to die violently in the end. Unfortunately, he’s probably going to take one or more innocent people with him when he does.

  14. I don’t think they realized it, but GZ and his buddy got off easy in their run-in with Matthew Apperson. I read about this incident on the New York News blog, where it was revealed that Apperson has a concealed carry permit, and that he had his gun on him when this run-in occurred. If Apperson had been a hothead, he could have killed them both and claimed a SYG defense. Kudos to Mr. Apperson for keeping his sanity in dealing with GZ and his nutty, violent friend. Since GZ seems to think he can do as he pleases and bully all he runs into, one day he will meet someone who just might decide to take him out without another thought. GZ is establishing a reputation as being someone who thinks the law and the rules of civility don’t apply to him, and unbeknownst to him, he’s setting up a case of justifiable homicide, via SYG, if/when someone uses his/her 2nd Amendment right to defend him/herself from his threatening behavior.

  15. Apperson’s life was threatened. He has every reason, legally and morally, to use deadly force to protect himself. Too bad that he did not.

  16. I think it’s a race to see what happens first: Zimmerman kills someone else or someone else kills Zimmerman.

    He’s such a hot head; very volatile. He seems to go looking for trouble and is very confrontational. He’s going to confront the wrong person one day.

  17. At 60 I’ve gone from hippy “love the one your with” to “some people are good for nothin’ but shooting”. Georgie falls into that latter category.

  18. Seem like TM is riding GZ from the grave and he can’t get away from him. We will one day hear where someone will have killed him in a shoot out because he finally flipped out. It must make those who was defending him sick to think that TM’s parents have done so well and have been helping others who have lost love one to gun violence and then this disgrace to society is threaten people whenever he can and making a fool out of them. He used their hatred and racism for miniorties to cash in on their feelings to get them to send him money while he make fun of them big time. Now look at him, the true man they refused to see is betrayed everyday and he is enjoying the fame they gave him. They gave him the license to kill and he will try to do it again, but will he be as lucky the next time? Lets hope not.

  19. GZ will certainly murder again. He will probably bide his time and wait until he finds another scary black child so he can ‘stand his ground’ again. Maybe next time it will be a dangerous bag of M&Ms that the child will be carrying.

    “Do you know who I am? “I’ll f***ing kill you!” This says all we need to know.

  20. His life will have a fairy tale ending, like the troll’s at the business end of a billy goat gruff.

  21. First time the cops talked the guy out of pressing charges. The second time, they took Zimmies word that he had an appointment in that neighborhood. Anyone want to bet they never backed this claim up?

  22. A wimp with a gun mixed with anger issues is a dangerous thing. A bad guy with a gun can be taken out by a good guy with a gun, Anybody?… inverted motto

  23. Where are the Bloods and the Crypts when you need them? Someone stop him before he kills an innocent young man again!

  24. Just my opinion, but if he were black, he would have been cuffed and hauled away to jail first, then interviewed as to why he was there. From the prior encounter, it was obvious why he was there.

  25. You watch, Zimmerman will continue to do this sort of thing until he assaults someone who also carries or someone with martial arts cred’s who put’s him in the morgue. At which time the NRA will cry Boo-Hoo that their poster boy has been murdered brutally and that their “second amendment rights” have been violated because George Z. was killed by “some hateful Liberal” who took from George his 2nd. Amendment right to KILL but not be killed…

  26. Sport. I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic or anything. I had never seen this horrifying picture of Trayvon Martin after he had been shot and killed by that CRIMINAL George Zimmerman.

    Honestly, Zimmerman had three options left

    Kill somebody else, wind up in jail.
    kill somebody else, get killed by the cops
    threaten the wrong person, get killed himself.

  27. George Zimmerman is a bully, a punk, and a coward who is spoiling for another opportunity to use his gun. I am sick and tired of police officers letting him off the hook for all the things he’s done. He has shown his true colors entirely too many times for anyone to still be giving him an undeserved benefit of the doubt. I wonder how those stupid women in Florida who let him walk can live with themselves, knowing that they released a murderer who shows a propensity to do it again.

  28. Happy Birthday Trayvon
    Today would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday. His mother shared this image on twitter.
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