Bill Maher Storms Into Washington D.C. and Calls Out Fox News For Polarizing America

bill maher fox news polarized america

Bill Maher made media folks in D.C. uncomfortable by speaking the truth about how Fox News has polarized America.


Maher said, “I wonder, people always talking about Washington, and politicians can’t get along. I think maybe that it’s the people who are polarized, and the politicians just reflect that, and I feel like the reason the people are so polarized is Fox News. I think of all the things that changed in America, Fox News changed the most. Used to be the John Birch Society came to your door once a year, now they’re in your TV, in your living room everyday, and we don’t even know how to talk to each other. It’s like we have a language barrier, because what they are hearing on Fox News. To sane people, it’s like what? Saul Alinsky, we don’t know who that is.”

Panelist Andrea Mitchell pointed out that the members of Congress are not reflecting the American people. Republican Haley Barbour brought up the right’s favorite media boogeyman, Bill Maher. Jerry Seinfeld said that Maher’s argument would be better if he said that he each side only listens to their own side, and to blame it all on Fox News didn’t seem completely fair.

Maher knocked down the idea that he is opposite of Fox News, “With all due respect, the opposite of Fox News is not really me. It’s MSNBC, which does not get near the ratings of Fox News, because I think there is something in the conservative brain that wants to hear the same thing over and over, and doing the same thing over and over.”

It is a debatable whether or not Fox News is solely responsible for the polarization in the country. In my view, the country was already polarizing during Bill Clinton’s first term before Fox News was on the air. What is undeniable is that Fox News has moved the media to the right. Fox has injected Republican talking points and conservative conspiracy theories into mainstream political media coverage. Fox News has destroyed the media’s objectivity. Because of Fox, journalists don’t view it as part of their jobs to challenge Republican lies anymore.

Fox News has been able to reinforce and exploit the political polarization in the United States. It is impossible to say with certainty that Fox News started the polarization, but they have definitely reinforced and expanded it. Bill Maher went to D.C., and he discussed something that the mainstream corporate media doesn’t want to hear. The media, led by Fox News, has fed and worsened the political polarization in this country.

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  1. I think the current polarization really began during Vietnam. I don’t believe the U.S. had been that polarized since the Civil War.

    Now many of those same young people from the Vietnam era are our elder statesmen and still harbour their old sentiments of hate and distrust of the other side.

    Then along came Reagan and the reintroduction of the income inequality of the 20’s.

    Time will eventually resolve many of the Vietnam issues but I believe it will take another “New Deal” and improved “Civil Rights” to achieve the pre Reagan prosperity that all Americans deserve.

  2. We’ve always had polarization, but Fox pushed the boundaries to absurdist levels. MSNBC has no equivalent to Fox’s ridiculous “War on Christmas,” that seeks to divide Americans by something as trivial as how we extend holiday greetings to each other. They also ignore the very real GOP’s War on Women, as they seek to limit women’s incomes and healthcare options.

  3. Gabriel Sherman’s book The Loudest Voice in the Room detailed Roger Ailes and Fox News’ practice of putting women on panels in revealing skirts and heels and placing them on display, either by using clear table tops or seating the women on a panel at the outside, where their legs will be visible to viewers.
    On one occasion when anchor Catherine Crier wore pants on set, Ailes reportedly called the show and barked into the phone, “Tell Catherine I did not spend x-number of dollars on a glass desk for her to wear pant suits.”

  4. Bill is spot on, Fox News is not just biased but dedicated to lying about facts. MSNBC may be biased but they are dedicated to facts!

  5. MSNBC dedicated to facts. Really.

    That’s hugely debatable when you consider Morning Joe & the BS Machine. You can add ‘some’ of Andrea Mitchell & Chris Matthews to the mix along with some Chuck Todd and the GOP pundits they now have on salary – like Michael Steele, ex-Nicole Wallace. Add the various repeated appearance guests like Dan Senor et al.

    MSNBC ‘dedicated’ to facts. Pick me off the floor as I’ve fallen from extreme laughter.

  6. I agree that it is mostly FOX, but the right wingers on radio are almost as bad (Limbauth, etc.). They all get the same talking points.

  7. Id like the person that disagreed to prove us wrong that the right isnt denying as many protections like VAWA. ACA fair pay BC right t choose. That”s not a war against women to you RW WOMEN?????WTF?

  8. Lets invite (I wish that we could MANDATE it) the “Leaders-Only” (no substitutes allowed) of all of this country’s (U.S.A.) and the entire planets many political and religious “hate groups” to actually “Battle it Out” “one on one” to the death. Or until the achievement of a “peace-agreement” is reached between the actual fighting leaders of these radical “hate” groups. These fights should be televised live 24/7 every day from our planets many “sports arenas”. The surviving participant of a “death match” takes on the next “hate group” leader. This should continue until all of the would be “leaders” who perpetuate the “hate” are dead or realize that PEACE IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO LIVING. NOT DEATH. In my opinion. Let them all kill each other off or die trying…

  9. Wow. Was it just accident that you picked 2 of the 3 shows that feature Conservatives? shows that no liberals actually watch and are totally non-reflective of MSNBC?
    Tell ya what, just for one week, turn off Fox and DVR these: Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid (if you have time). Guarantee you will feel better and smarter and even lighter as the toxins leave your body.

  10. I just call it “RWMEDIA” and between TV and radio it’s hard to escape the poison. The US is engulfed in their fumes.

  11. Good comments, Thank you!
    I would like to add, as an old timer, that Fox “news” would never have come about if good ol’ (California destroying) Reagan had not dismantled the Fairness Doctrine.

  12. You’re right on target. The GOP loves straight, white christian men. Women are second class and are to used as incubators and everyone else should be put to death.

  13. The GOP war on women is a reality. It is not confined to just issues of reproductive rights. The GOP does not support paycheck fairness, domestic violence prevention, cuts food stamp subsidies, the list goes on and on.

  14. The hilarious part here is that politicususa readers are three very people mentioned who only want to hear their side. Mention anything outside the closed-minded “open-mindedness” and your left with people exploding, screaming republitard, or “you people are brain dead/blind” our if they literally can’t form a logical argument, they bicker over semantics and grammer more than Kelsey did on twitter (and if you get this pun, you are awesome)
    This rule isnt just fox. Its fox, herman cain followers, msnbc, politicususa, Huffington post, imprimis, it’s everyone. Do you know how rare it is to meet someone who can watch both Ben Carson and Michael Moore without openly mocking one without considering their points. They both have some excellent points of clarity just like everyone, so why can almost no one understand bipartisanship?

  15. I was just wondering on paycheck fairness if you could explain to me why the largest middle class to lower-upper class job market, known as construction, has a lower female-to-male ratio than stripping, the under the table job every one lies about on their taxes does a male-to-female ratio where despite the fact many of them make it to middle class wages they all claim to never make enough to qualify filing?
    Reproductive rights, to republicans, has never been about women it’s about human life. Would you kill a 3 year old? Than what’s the difference between that and a 3 month old fetus? That is their debate.
    Personally I think abortion is a fine answer to preventing many many issues, though I’d prefer it to be donated for stem cell research than just tossed, but yeah.
    Anyway that’s the debate. It’s nothing hateful to women it’s about human life. Wage inequality is often misconstrued to sound like it’s in the same jobs. But often it’s about career choices and sabbaticals

  16. “Reproductive rights, to republicans, has never been about women it’s about human life.”

    And off you go, totally ignoring how republicans treat children when it comes time to help the poor. The republicans led by the religious who could care less are a child is born. Its called control. Not caring

    Jesus christ, you sure are filled with useless propaganda.

  17. I was referring to how the debate, since the first ever case in court, has always been about human life. Yeah they don’t want to open up their wallets more, hell, a lot of people don’t. It’s what’s wrong with the world. I’m saying that’s what it’s about. You wanna talk about Portland’s but your using nothing but pure propaganda to dissuade from my point with no substance. That is purely what propaganda is about but you can’t see it cause of the one-sided view you’ve been fed by propaganda. America was not founded to be all of any singular political view but on the importance of bipartisanship leadership and ideals.

  18. The GOP’s policies toward women as it concerns reproductive rights has absolutely nothing to do with life.

    You ask what the difference between a 3-year old child and a fetus is; the answer is in your question. One is a child, one is not. They are not the same. More to the point, if it were about LIFE, then the GOP would not cut funding for pregnant women to get care; they wouldn’t cut funding for food stamps & school lunch programs that feed children; they wouldn’t try to close family planning clinics, etc.

    As it concerns wages, the argument surrounds women & men in the same exact position, with the same education/experience, doing the same work, with the same seniority. One would expect them to be paid the same. They are not; the woman more often than not is paid significantly less.

    You pick construction and stripping – they are not comparable. Where is your data to support your assertions as it concerns the middle class, occupations, etc.?

  19. No I am using the fact that republicans in power, the very same ones horrified(supposedly) by abortion have no problem ensuring children go hungry while they give money to the rich that the poor have to make up. Thats not propaganda. Thats substance and fact. And then you say I am using one sided view. Thats hilarious. Comparing construction to stripping is a lack of substance

    The entire country could lay down with lions, sing kumbiya and the representatives will still be serving the rich. Dont bother with the bipartisan stuff. Im 64 ansd I have seen a few things, your claim of propaganda gets silly. Go look for facts before you think you have an answer

  20. Between Fox News and MSNBC, remember only Fox News went to the Supreme Court to reinforce their right to LIE TO THE PUBLIC!!

  21. Again, money from the wallet and so on. Republicans never believed in handouts except in times of emergency they believe in hard work “or else”. That pretty much sums up the whole funding debate.
    Did you know that having two people with everything the same and promoting one over the other based on discriminatory standards is a sue-able (spelling?) Offense?
    Yes it happens, it’s rarer and rarer, but has little to do with the wage gap. The data on the male to female ratios is based on the idea I’ve only been in construction for ten years in a company that hires nearly a hundred people every two years and I’ve only ever meet three females in my field, even in other companies. I’ve met 2 electricians, 1 plumber, 4 mechanics, 0 demo or asphalt, 1 mason, and about a dozen HVAC, and that’s in ten years meeting nearly over a thousand people. As for stripping I’m married to an ex-stripper, and I’ve known many because of it and when taxes came around they all tell my wife every year to…

  22. I compare stripping to construction, and pretty much said this to anyone listening, as construction is the most male dominated job market that provides a huge percentage of jobs for one area of the job market, yet stripping, the most female dominated job, providing quite a bit of jobs, have similar earnings yet one is observed differently by the government thus distorting the wage gap.

    And they arent giving money to the rich, and making the poor make up for it. They’re preventing the government from taking the riches money and giving to the poor. Again, should they give more? Yes. But are they doing it solely to hurt women and the poor as you’ve not only implied but stated, or are they doing it due to greed and love of money?
    Well that’s a no-brainer. So using a sign of greed to justify it as a sign of malice towards women and need for control is completely off. Yes they are greedy.

  23. Sorry, but you are seriously hilarious.

    Yes, they are giving money to the rich in terms of subsidies and tax breaks. Tax breaks that increase our debt and our ability to pay for it.

    “They’re preventing the government from taking the riches money and giving to the poor. ”

    90% of the rich pay less taxes then you do as a % and you think they need to prevent the govenrm,ent from taking the rich’s money?

    Damm. Go get some facts before you come back. You are living on cliches and the propaganda you have been taught to say

  24. Your premise is deeply flawed, and the stripper comparison is silly, in that women who strip for money are sexually objectified, and subjected to rape and assault, sometimes on the job. Construction workers are only at risk if they or their employers make a mistake, or are victims of negligence by their employers, and they are covered if they are injured, which isn’t the case for the majority of strippers, who must pay their doctor bills, because they don’t get insurance at work. And don’t make me laugh about republicans and handouts, as they shovel more money to corporations, than all the funds allocated for welfare programs combined. 300 of America’s largest corporations paid no taxes last year, and republicans don’t mind forcing middle and lower income people to pay what the others don’t, through increased fines, fees, “sin taxes” gas taxes, building permits, etc. They don’t think this is welfare, but of course it is. Women heads of households pay the largest share.

  25. The GOP and their “ELITE” 1% Master “MONEY GODS” want to make “Laws” that will “allow” them to use our “Tax Payers Money” to Pay Them and their other “Hacks” like Flush Blumpballs, Fox Screws YOU, etc. too “Possibly” Destroy and “Shut Down” the Basic Functions of THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to then “instigate” another “Civil War” then take over our Govt. Offices. In my opinion. And they have the nerve to want “all” of “US” (the 99% and the 1% “good Guys”) WHO ARE AWARE too be “bipartisan” about the whole damn thing. That’s no longer an option in dealing with the “Evil” GOP and their Human Waste Masters. In my opinion. No wonder the GOP doesn’t want to improve the “infrastructure” of the U.S.A.. They plan on “Rebuilding” this country with “cheap” human slave labor. After their war is over and they have won. They will be able to build huge monuments to their Money God Masters” with all of the tax payers money that they “sav…

  26. Actually, when it concerns someone like you I prefer “Rethuglican” or Republicunt”, as gender appropriate.

  27. It’s bigger than just the Fairness Doctrine, it’s the deregulation juggernaut and the suppression of monopoly regulations that Reagan ushered in that has ruined our media.

    And the damage is bigger than just Fox News on basic cable everywhere. It’s also Talk Radio in the car via AM radio. Have you driven around and ever tried to tune in a sane conversation? It’s is impossible in most parts of the country, where the standard fare is a serving of Rush and/or Beck or even more crazy people selling fear and loathing 24/7.

  28. MSNBC has a few Liberal oriented shows but most of the programming leans Right. From Andrea Mitchell and Morning Joe to just plain confusion with the likes of Ronan Farrow and his complete lack of real world experience.

  29. But the problem is even bigger than just a Fox vs MSNBC debate. They both focus on the national scene. What we have lost is easy access to state and local political news in most places. Even in big cities most folks have a hard time finding out what is going on as local programming is replaced with canned “national” news on both TV, radio and print/internet.

    How many of us can find out what is really going on with our city councils or school boards? Or even what is going on in our state capitals?

  30. Do you have anything other than “I work in construction” and “my wife is an ex-stripper” that informs your claims?

    Your statement re: these two occupations is anecdotal. It tells us nothing more than your own experience.

    Why did you choose these two occupations? Because they are familiar to you? Or do you have some data that shows us how we can use the experience of people in these two occupations specifically to inform us about the wider issues affecting the middle class in this country?

  31. ” The data on the male to female ratios is based on the idea I’ve only been in construction for ten years in a company that hires nearly a hundred people every two years and I’ve only ever meet three females in my field, even in other companies. I’ve met 2 electricians, 1 plumber, 4 mechanics, 0 demo or asphalt, 1 mason, and about a dozen HVAC, and that’s in ten years meeting nearly over a thousand people.”

    Did you not consider just once that women might not choose those fields of employment, because they know they’ll be the objects of sexual harassment? That men might find them a threat to their own economic well being? Most men in construction would know the disparity in incomes between men and women, and that seeing women doing their jobs might lead them to think the women might replace them, since they will work for less? That this realization might make them harass them out of the job, to protect their own jobs?

  32. This is pretty funny. Mahre is so far left he only allows for leftist views. As an independent I see both sides of the press, both right /left leaning, to be no more than fake “reality” programing. The main stream press has sold out to both big business and the politicians and made themselves irrelevant.

  33. What’s funny is you couldn’t spell his name correctly and MAHER has let it be known he is a libertarian. Anyone who doesn’t follow the nonsense from the Reich is leftist according to you. Can you spell idiot?

  34. At the university where I went to journalism school, the professors have been let go and the new curriculum is to report in the Fox News style with TMZ interests. It’s disgusting that academic institutions have embraced the Fox model and that this is the kind of news gathering and reporting they are teaching young adults who may never know any better.

  35. OMG, you don’t know what you are talking about. Stop embarrassing yourself. He has at least one (sometimes two) Republican’s on his show EVERY week! He gives them a platform including luminaries like Anne Coulter and John Fund.

  36. If only your side had anything relevant, fair, or pertinent to say about anything.
    I’m a black, liberal Democrat, who voted for Barack Obama, twice, and thinks he’s doing an outstanding job.
    Have you actually listened to the rhetoric coming out of the mouth of Ben Carson??? Nazi?
    Homophobia? Spousal abuse is fine? Knowing full well, that your side has had quite enough of a black president and the likelihood of electing another one, albeit conservative and Republican, is akin to pigs flying. smdh.

  37. Partof the problem is that the GOP(Get our Profits) is the mantra that embodies their votes, the PUBLIC be damned! There is never any discussion on Faux News about the bills never voted on or even brought to the Floor for a vote is they benefit the women, seniors, the middle class, or children.)What 3ever happened to the “Bring thejobs back” bill?

  38. Well, why is the Congress not imposing penalties on Burger King’s transition to a Canadian company to AVOID US taxes? The Stop Corporation Inversion Act would require taxes on profits to be paid to the US. American should boycott this corporation…………….and any other corporation known to avoid US taxes by using out of the US corporate ruse. STOP THIS avoidance NOW! Yes, you the Congress! Let’s see how many vote for the SCIA………..

  39. So you openly admit that construction, one of the most common middle class fields, is an uncommon CHOICE for women and women CHOOSE to start away from a high paying field?
    Thus demonstrating my point.

  40. A. Im a centrist. Say it with me, centrist.
    B. I too voted bluex though would have preferred someone I found a little more honest in office, such as Clinton. Especially if she followed her husband’s footsteps.
    C. You’re aware you demonstrated my point that viewers here can’t possibly consider anything but their own view being hand fed to them right?
    You didn’t even finish what I wrote and instead took offence that I didn’t immediately conform and promote your partisan agenda, instead choosing to open my eyes to bipartisanship, and actually have tried the idea of open-mindedness.

  41. Unfortunately the government as of yet does not record such demographics as gender in specific fields, an unfortunate circumstance. However it is still an easily observed item.
    Unfortunately it requires one key item: observation.
    I’m not asking for much, just to keep this idea in mind each day as you drive. Observe your asphalt workers, your framers, your masons, your plumbers. Watch their numbers. It will open a whole new perspective.
    Or if your young enough (and can afford it. And no I am not making a joke or cheap shot here but genuinely reaching out), take a short sabbatical to try construction, and immediately you will notice a difference.
    And thank you for your time.

  42. So by your standard the middle class takes from the lower class, because they get tax returns, deductions, and credits.
    Your arguing semantics over how people not paying their taxes and using the tax code system to pay a low percentage of taxes is the same as taking from the people who would receive that money (despite the fact they get the same either way). I’m arguing that holding onto your own money instead of giving to the government getting it isn’t robbing the poor it’s simply looking out for their own greed.
    Can you not see the pointlessness of aging semantics that literally have nothing to do with the discussion but is simply an attempt to pull away from it?

  43. What a load of bs! I am sick and tired of the so called centrist(moderate conservatives) and independents(conservatives at heart too embarrassed to admit it in person) crying over their yearning for bipartisanship. Then all the “centrist and independents” will come election day go behind the curtain and vote Republican conservative down the ticket every time. Admit it cowards you’re conservatives at heart not independents. The voting rolls do not lie. Registered independents on the rolls do not add up to the independent tally after the official votes are tabulated. Because they vote GOP down the ticket. I am a partisian proud liberal, how about you?

  44. But an observation in my area, or my even getting a job in construction in my area, does not inform me about the wider issues surrounding the occupation or the middle class.

    What does inform me about construction are the BSL reports. They do collect information on occupations and their male-to-female ratios in those occupations.

    See, you’re using one occupation – construction – that has been dominated by men. You’re using another – stripping – that is dominated by women.

    That’s not a good comparison for one thing, but for another, I’m still not sure what you think these two occupations tell us about the middle class as a whole, nor what it tells us about the issues surrounding wage inequality.

    Since women makeup about 9% of the construction workforce, are you saying they should make less than men? Do you bring stripping into it as a way to say this inequality is okay because women dominate stripping jobs?

    Or, is it something else?

  45. Best idea that I’ve heard in a long time.By having so-called leaders go at it,just think of all the lives that we could save.

  46. The speaker at 3:50 or so in: thinking people just want moderate straight news… We have it. Who watches it? I don’t know… its Al Jazera – just the facts. But I suspect the name of that network keeps many moderates from watching…

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