In His First Appearance On Meet The Press Bernie Sanders Terrifies The Koch Brothers

bernie sanders on meet the press

A sign of change on Meet The Press as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made his first appearance on the show. Sanders used the national platform to tell the truth about Citizens United and the Koch brothers.


Chuck Todd asked Sanders if he was okay with left supporting billionaires participating in the process or if his issue was with the entire process.

Sen. Sanders said, “Chuck, I think Citizens United will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever. I think it is opening up the road to oligarchy in the United States of America, where the billionaires like the Koch brothers….left or right, but it’s mostly right let’s be clear.”

Sanders continued, “The Koch brothers are going to spend $400 million. Do you know what their agenda is? Do you know what they believe in? Let me tell you what they believe in. This is what they told us. They want to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. More tax breaks for the rich and large corporations. Nobody in America wants that except the billionaire class, and yet they are now able to put hundreds of billions of dollars into the political process. This is a real danger to American democracy.”

Sen. Sanders talked about the profound anger in the country among Democrats and Republicans, and the fact that the candidate who can talk about middle-class issues will do pretty well.

Having Bernie Sanders on the program is a gesture that suggests that Chuck Todd is serious about changing Meet The Press. There is no doubt that if David Gregory were still moderating the show, Sen. Sanders would not be on. The talk about the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign was justified because Sanders has been open about potentially running for president.

Bernie Sanders was first elected to the House in 1990. It took 24 years for him to be invited on Meet The Press, and Sanders didn’t disappoint. Viewers often don’t hear the Koch brothers and their agenda exposed on a Sunday morning show. It was impressive that Todd let Sanders discuss Citizens United and the billionaires without trying to redirect him back to horse race 2016 politics.

The Koch agenda getting called out on the most mainstream of corporate media institutions was a big deal. It was also a sign the Citizens United is becoming a bigger issue. Sen. Sanders and others on the left have been good at connecting the dots. If voters want to know why their members of Congress aren’t listening to them and doing things that they oppose, the answer is Citizens United.

The mainstream media are beginning to give airtime to those who want to overturn Citizens United. The Koch brothers want to operate in secret. They don’t want the American people to understand their agenda. It has to be a terrifying sight for the billionaires to see Bernie Sanders on Meet The Press explaining what they stand for.

The Koch brothers should be worried, because the American people are starting to find out what they are all about.

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  1. Hopefully Senator Sanders will move the Democrats in power to the LEFT. He is a great voice for progressives.

  2. The first time on MTP? Well my friends if that don’t tell you how the village frames what they want you to hear then I don’t know what will

  3. Did you even see the show? Did you notice Koch Industries sponsors MTP? Did you notice in the interview with McDonough (Obama’s chief of staff) McDonough corrected Todd every time Todd opened his mouth. Todd misquoted the President a half dozen time (and responded to the correction with a whatever). Did you notice the McDonough interview was followed up with and panel made up of anti-administration commentators. (thought I was watching FOX). Did you notice Todd wanted to talk to Bernie and Hillary, Hillary and more Hillary. Todd needs to head over to FOX. Return MTP to a Tim Russet independent, inquisitive open mind. Please.

  4. Go Bernie Go!!! Let the country know what snakes those evil bastards are. My family has known the Koch’s for what they are for years now. Self serving Nazi’s…

  5. It has not opened the road to oligarchy, we already drove down that road and have arrived there. Sen. Sanders should not hesitate to state that we are already there, and if he needs something to back him up he can refer to that Princeton study which concluded we are in fact already an oligarchy.

  6. Just let it die its old rich white guy way screaming at the kids to get off his lawn; the program is a mouth piece for the rich disguised as a we’ll save America press show.

  7. That was kind of weird. There was this white-haired guy on Sunday morning talk and he wasn’t John McCain. That pretty much seemed to be the whole point of the appearance. To prove that they could do it.

    I would say the interview was perfunctory. A few horse-race type questions, mention of a couple of issues in passing in the vaguest possible way and that was that.

    You know, Bryant Gumbel could do that job twice as well as Todd or George Stephanopoulos either one.

  8. If ever elected Bernie Sanders would have the opportunity to change the course the Supreme Court has given citizens, rich, poor, middle class. Of course with a Congress of dumbed down members it would be a nearly impossible task. We must get rid of the neocons and religious extremists. Vote!!!!

  9. As much as I’d like female president, I’m afraid that Hillary has already bought into the oligarchy of which Sen. Sanders speaks, and cannot be a forceful voice for the progressive message America hungers for. I was in Sanders’ audience in Dubuque, Iowa last night, and am convinced his is that voice. I hope he runs.

  10. The country has moved the center to the right, mostly in response to lies and hegemony. Bernie Sanders gives me hope that we can break the oligarchial hold over both parties. If, it happens, there will be more justice, environmental sanity and a focus on people as opposed to greed.

  11. What happened to old-fashioned journalism where you knew all the facts and whether or not the people being interviewed was BS’ing everybody. I don’t like the interviewer as a journalist. Asking questions about opinions about other candidates, etc. How about talk directly about the issues? So because your running, you think Hilary Clinton isn’t a good candidate? What a silly question. How about talk about what matters. There are some serious issues happening in the world. Even journalists take sides. That’s not wrong. Being against income equality isn’t wrong. So what’s wrong with diving into questions like why are the Koch brothers and company trying to control everything? What can regular people do? You have plenty of evidence to back up that statement. Those are a serious question.

  12. I think by now the koch brothers is a term that describes many (b)millionaires and some tea bag conservative fundamentalist crazed christians.

    It is my view that once given power by voting republican, the republican party AND the democrats will be marginalized(like OBL). That could unite the people of the country but it will be too late. The vote will no longer matter. The fundamentalists that would govern for the rich, and the rich, will not give up power once its gotten. 1st and 2nd Amendment? Gone. As well as the rights of most not rich enough to vote. The police and military would not be on the side of the people, that is not a winning preposition.

    Conservatism must rule by fear, its the only way it can stay in power

  13. What happened to old-fashioned journalism where you knew all the facts and whether or not the people being interviewed was BS’ing everybody. I don’t like the interviewer as a journalist. Asking questions about opinions about other candidates, etc. How about talk directly about the issues? So because your running, you think Hilary Clinton isn’t a good candidate? What a silly question. How about talk about what matters. There are some serious issues happening in the world. Even journalists take sides. They are citizens of somewhere, they eat food, breath air, drink water, read information, they are subject to the same crap we are. So for example, being against income equality isn’t wrong. So what’s wrong with diving into questions like why are the Koch brothers and company trying to control everything? What are they doing and why? What can regular people do? You have plenty of evidence to back up that statement. We need journalists like that.

  14. It is about time Bernie Sanders gets the national platform he deserves. It is a measure of how pathetically bad these other news shows are that don’t feature him.

  15. Senator Sanders makes a great deal of sense and I, for one, would likely vote for him. I believe that Hillary Clinton is now part and parcel with the 1%ers, thus not interested in supporting her.

    Todd was rather rude asking the Senator his opinions on other politicians rather than focusing on what the Senator believes is important to and for the American people.

  16. Senator Sanders is the only true voice of reason in this country today. He understands that the answers to this country’s woes do not lie with only the right or the left. That most of us want a more moderate point of view that points toward the truth and what is best for the majority of our country, not just the “1%”. AND I love the way he handled Todd’s trying to lead him into saying something that could be twisted into what would make his dissenters hate him more or his supporters turn against him. A real pro who doesn’t let others tell him what to think. I LOVE THIS MAN! I’d vote for him in a minute but I do believe he will need to choose a side in order to actually win.

  17. After interviewing Bernie Sanders, Chuck Todd immediately told the panel he does not believe Bernie has the “fight” to take on Hillary Clinton, revealing Todd completely misses the point Senator Sanders is making: Sanders has the passion to TAKE ON WALL STREET, which is the REAL issue.

    Obama’s candidacy was largely thanks to Wall Street (who realized his ability to rally populist support), and his lack of any real efforts at reform prove this. If Hillary runs, she will not be much different, her ties to Wall Street, multinational corporations & banks is well known.

    The real issue here is choosing a candidate who will be independent of the power elite (the banks, Wall Streets, large corporations, etc). Bernie Sanders is that, and more. It’s not only what he is against, but what he is for: Assisting the middle class and the poor, protecting/creating jobs in the U.S., ensuring that Social Security & Medicaid remain strong, addressing climate change NOW, not later when it is too la…

  18. “Meet the Republi-” ummm… “Meet the Press” gave its first ‘presidential candidate’ slot to Bernie Sanders – and then Todd asks about Hillary. Over and over and over.

    Senator Sanders was great. And he’s correct: people are angry about billionaires and corporations dictating how much we can earn & what countries (ie, corporate interests) we will die to protect… both parties have been complicit (though the (R) are far worse than Democrats in meeting the needs of human beings), and both parties need to be held accountable.

    I am running as a independent, progressive Write-In Candidate for Congress, in NY’s 13th Congressional District.

    Charles Rangel raised $1 million+ for his war chest; I am running a $Zero Campaign: no dollars raised, accepted, or spent. I ask only that people spread the word they still have a choice in the General; a 13% turnout in a Democratic primary doesn’t have to dictate who they send to Congress to represent them.

    Write in “Rita McKee….

  19. RoughAcres, I agree 100%. Bernie Sanders was Great! Let’s see how often he’s invited back. I agree with another comment by someone else that the interview was a little bit perfunctory. Despite that, Bernie Sanders was awesome. He re-directed the questions about comparing himself to others. The corporate media is constantly trying to make it a horse race and which candidate ‘wins’ or which candidate hates or is jealous another candidate, not about issues and the American people. It is standard low-end trash, tabloid journalism. It sells and smells.

  20. My “warning sensors” triggered when I heard Chuck Todd “tell” Bernie Sanders to “be safe”. Bernie Sanders should “Now” be given (24/7) Secret-Service protection. In my opinion. The reason being is that the evil “elite” 1% will do “Anything” in it’s power to remain in a position of POWER (by utilizing their very own “personal control” techniques and methods over their many bought and paid for U.S. Govt. Officials who are now “faithfully” acting as their “Dancing (string) Puppets” who are now actually Screwing Over All of us, as we speak. That means me and you. Your Mom and Dad. Our children. And all of our pets etc.. Lets all ELECT Bernie Sanders as the next President of the U.S.A. in 2016 (KEEP HIM SAFE). In my opinion.

  21. How much could be done and how America could really grown and prospered if instead of spending billions on ads or lobbyists to not have to pay taxes or fund the government, that money went to pay taxes and fund the government? Corporations want more profits but they are wasting their profits not on rewarding productive workers but on getting out of their responsibilities of being an American corporation (improving infrastructure and paying their employees a livable wage).

    I would LOVE Bernie Sanders to run for president in the primaries between him and Hillary to see how much support (I believe there would be). If Hillary won, I think maybe she would re-think her own support for the super rich (which she is part of). But let’s face it, voting Republican IS NOT an option. Repub world – send poor people off to wars, rich people making money paying taxes overseas and stiffing American workers, and nothing to come back to in America since Republicans fund everything BUT America.

  22. was 20 years old in 1980 when Bernie beat a democrat by 10 votes for mayor of Burlington VT. you should have heard the uproar – the communists were taking over lol !! he did a tremendous amount to make Burlington one of the most people friendly towns in America. been a supporter ever since helping out in most of his elections to house and now senate. in my opinion, one of the very few in Washington talking about the real issues facing most of us working people. go Bernie !!

  23. I love Bernie – his heart is in the right place But he’s too old to be President. Why?

    It has nothing to do with his age. His notions of government and the policies his government would have are of another time – the exact same time the right would like to return to. That of Father Knows Best and Ozzie and Harriet.

    Add to that he’s just too polarizing a figure and his candidacy would be spelled “l-o-s-e-r.” Sorry Bernie.

    Love her or hate her, Hillary (I hope) will be the 45th President of the United States.

  24. How about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as a team? Would they be able to break the logjam that is Congress?

  25. The village idiots finally, after 24 years, decided to interview Bernie Sanders? Are pigs flying? Did hell freeze over?

    The Koch brothers have every reason to fear a progressive like Sanders! He stands with the “little people.” Judging by what is happening in Kansas and Michigan, I think the little people are now well aware of what the Koch Brothers and what they stand for.

    Neither Brownback nor Synder will be re-elected. People do in the dark what is evil and vile. If not, they would do their wrongs in the light.

    Whoever receives the Democratic nomination, I will support 100%! We have great leaders on the left, and any one of them would do right by the country.Compare that to the GOP contenders, who aren’t worthy to wipe feces off my behind!

  26. If Sanders has a Congress like President Obama has had for the past six years, then Sanders will disappoint you as you imply President Obama has. Too many progressives forget how obstructionist the GOP has determined to be from day 1 of PBO’s presidency. I get so weary of progressives losing sight of this.

  27. I think he’ll be on next week. So glad to see Bernie say how it is!! Let’s see what role they give Luke. Get rid of Chucky….he seems so glad that the country is in a mess!

  28. only can hope!! but it will take more than this! need to get rid of Citizens United….wow…lots of stuff about the Koch bros….I am on info overload!!!

  29. Want to find out about the Koch Brothers?

    I know most people reject Wikipedia but they have some good reference sources

    These are the people using their vast fortune to control the politics of this country….tax free thanks to their 501(c)3 501(c)4 tax status. The (c)3 was meant to be for things like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and others that actually helped people. The (c)4 was meant for educational donations such as schools.

    The Koch Brothers have corrupted the system by using these tax designation to further their political ambitions to completely dominate the politics in the United States, to rule behind the scenes.

    Congress needs to revise the tax code to prevent these things from happening.

    Vote blue. It will be the only way we can actually be free from this corruption.

  30. I was thinking the same thing….he is so smart and has the solutions to fix this country and get us back on track, that probably someone will assassinate him…be careful out there Bernie….you are too good and watch out for these axxholes!!!

  31. The first time I saw Bernie Sanders being interviewed was in the 80s I believe.

    Phil Donahue was the guy interviewing him.

    Enough said.

  32. That is a great point, but do you have any solutions to offer? As you ‘get so weary’ of progressives losing sight of this I get so weary of hearing nay-sayers but no solutions… please go away.

  33. Betsy, I agree with you totally. I’m sick of hearing this president being run down, especially by his own party. Considering how much ‘obstructionism’ he’s had to face from the other party, he’s done an excellent job. I’ve never seen a president treated like Obama has been treated.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe this country is better off now than it was when Obama came into office, either has a very short memory or needs to turn off their Fox News.

  34. on the side of the page, some moron called Bernie a Narcissist. I WISH they would look up these words before they start using them! By the definition, he is the EXACT OPPOSITE of a Narcissist.…/08/04/how-to-spot-a-narcissist/

  35. Anyone that hosts MTP is a Koch bros mouthpiece, and I believe that MTP is going to start pushing for the Koch/TeaParty agenda Convention of States. Make no mistake, this IS a White Supremacist movement. They are going to use Citizen’s United to get their foot in the door, and after they get the ball rolling, it will be business as usual and we won’t be seeing Bernie Sanders featured there again.
    It is imperative that we rid each state of Republican governors and state legislatures in 2014, otherwise there will be a Convention of States,and all of the good that has happened in America since its founding will be lost to nullification. This is their goal.

  36. It appears there are 2 Deborahs here now. This one (me) does NOT believe that President Obama’s election had ANYTHING to do with Wall Street. Ever since this one showed up anything I post while using my other server somehow disappears.

    DJ or Shiva, can you look into this please? I believe Reynardine had the same type of problem.

  37. I don’t live in his state, but I have sent him donations for his campaign in the past. He is an independent, but should declare himself a Democrat to be effective in the Presidential campaign. The “party” will not assist him without that declaration! His common sense should lead him to this decision. Sanders over Clinton!

  38. Koch brothers are buying politicians all over the country, ie. Scott Walker another hater of Unions,women, and the middle class. Anyone who accepts money from the KB will become another puppet in the Koch’s bid for US power!United We Stand is a cancer consuming the rights of theAmerican way of life! Every citizen eligble to vote should get out on election day for the DEMOCRATS. POWER TO THE PEOPLE not corporatins or the wealthy.

  39. Isn’t Chuck Todd embarrassed to say this is the 1st time Bernie Sanders has ever been on Meet the Press?

    Todd says this in the opening as if he is proud as a peacock. I think its very telling..and not in a good way, after all these years..this is the 1st for Bernie.

  40. Todd is a snake in the grass and will only change his spots back to where they were when he achieves his viewer numbers.

  41. Glad to see a more prominent democrat on meet the press. Hopefully this is a sign of change, of bipartisanship.
    Though honestly, the “scaring Koch brothers” thing, I doubt they even watched it, and if they did, it was probably, and regrettably, the most feel good moment of the month.

  42. No, just the debari…. I first used Deborah_, then was unable to, then just Deborah for a while, then had to download a new server to be able to post at all.

  43. We no longer live in a Democracy we live in a plutocracy. If the death grip of the wealthy is allowed to continue our Country is doomed to feudalism.
    What is astounding is how easily the Koch brothers and co. were able to hijack what was a grassroots movement ( tea party )and convince them through propaganda and lies to be their rabid lapdogs, even though the policies they represent are detrimental to every aspect of their lives and well being. Go figure.. and Go Bernie!

  44. I guess Senator Sanders didn’t want to scare the rest of Americans who haven’t gotten the memo yet that U.S. policy appears to be geared solely to benefit the oligarchs in this county. Because that could depress people and the vote when they think, why bother to vote at all? And that plays into the hands of the oligarchy and their minions disguised as Republicans in our government since we still have democratic elections.

  45. You downloaded a new server? Ive never heard of doing that

    I was wrong, there are 4 Deborahs

    Clear your browser cache, might help.

  46. My sentiments exactly. I never understood this acceptance of Tim Russell as some “neutral” journalist hosting MTP. He was anything but.

  47. For those not aware, Chuck Todd is not a journalist. He actually a college dropout. His Political Science classes were too hard for him because they did not fit with his right wing indoctrination.

  48. If it is such a feel good moment for the kochsuckers why do they go through such lengths yo conceal what they do? Sometimes its best to keep quiet…..Ah to hell with it. You are an idiot

  49. The BIG difference is that when Republicans DEMAND a continuation of tax cuts for the already extremely wealthy in exchange for continued unemployment benefits for working people without jobs while we have an 8.5% unemployment rate Bernie Sanders would not just roll over, he’d point the fingers in the Republican’s direction and say, “that FILTH over there will only feed the children of unemployed working people if we continue to keep taxes low on people that already own this bleeping place” Obama went right along with it, without any speech to the American people, as if it was something he really wanted to do anyway…even though he pretended he didn’t, and had no choice.

  50. Go to great lengths by publicly donating, press conferences and interviews…
    Ever heard of private donations?
    They could easily stay hidden. The Koch borthers affiliations were known long before Harry Reid came out about.
    Btw did you known MTP is one of the areas the Koch Brothers donate to, right?
    Yeah they’re hiding. Seriously you are so obsessed with hatred it’s sad.

  51. You might not realize that we are going back the King of England as the Koch brothers to lower or lose our protection of the Constitution of the United States. Koch brothers taking away our rights. They are creating law by Koch brothers in congress in their favor and make them more richer, power and control our country. We don’t realize it because hurting the poor and the needs to boost the people’s life in order by paying more taxes from the super rich for a better nations. If not, our country will be doom….

  52. My solution would be to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats anfpd have a majority in the House and a supermajority in the Senate. Then we can actually get to work again with Pres. Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi getting the job done: immigration reform, student debt reform, tweaking Obamacare….

    If we Dems don’t vote we are voting for a do-nothing congress.

  53. From the cobwebs of my mind … are the KB’s the people Ross Perot was threatened by? Not a huge fan of Perot but who else could seriously make him vanish like he did? I recall much of the press and public saying Perot’s fear was b.s. because: “He’s too rich, nobody can get to him!” ??? I don’t know.

  54. Shiva–the first part of your statement made sense. Then, in your second part, I have no frigging idea what you were trying to say!
    That made no sense! At all!
    I just can’t figure out where you were trying to go with that!
    Could you please try to explain that again? Please?
    Thank you.

    In my opinion… The Koch brothers are truly evil! They seem to wish to do exactly what Senator Sanders said, they appear, very much so, as if they wish to abolish Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!
    They must be stopped & completely and utterly annihilated beyond recognition!!!!
    To the point where they would be unable to rebuild even a miniscule fraction of what they once had!
    Where they both would be being for the release that death would bring them, and it would be denied… so they would have to suffer until their bodies&souls could no longer take the torment and pain they had inflicted upon everyone else! Everywhere. This would be their beginning punishment.

  55. “Chuck Todd asked Sanders if he was okay with left supporting billionaires participating in the process or if his issue was with the entire process.”

    Chuck Todd was trying to make the false equivalency argument and failed. If you listened to what he said, with his “panel” after the interview, it was obvious where his allegiances lie, with the Republican party. I agree with some of the posts above, Chuck Todd should just move over to the Fox network, Faux News.

  56. Although I love Bernie (as a progressive socialist, I think he often speaks for me), he hasn’t the chance of a fart in a whirlwind of becoming president. In the unlikely event of his nomination, even Romney could win. So I am not hot to see a Sanders run.

  57. The media is corporate owned by the RIGHT. This story is the shining example. Every Sunday the guests are Republicans, and typically the same ones. Sanders, one of the most articulate, outspoken, for-the-people, statesmen is just NOW making his FIRST appearance on this LONG-RUNNING interview NEWS show. ???????

  58. …a plutocracy and would-be theocracy lead by pseudoChristian Teahadists…That’s one o’ the ramifications of the “Hobby Lobby” decision handed down by 5 Reich-wing “Justices”…Bernie Sanders has LONG stood by US, we shall stand by him…

  59. Independent Sen. Sanders, is about the only Independent politician that I have any faith in. His leanings, throughout all of these years, definitely have the people in mind and their wellbeing in mind. Even his leanings to the right of center, are old school republican and still benefit all involved, in one way or another.

    Blaming the Koch brothers and their ilk is one thing, but after gw bushes evil doings, we citizens, are now having to pay the bill for his failure. G-d I like republicans, when I read about the carnage ebola is causing in the world, I think of repubicans.

  60. Tim Russert was no better than Chuck Todd– he’s just dead.

    Meet the Press has been The World According to GE for decades now.

  61. When did Russert ever have a left of center politician or any Liberal on his show?? NEVER. Too soon to tell where his son is politically but I wouldn’t be surprised if he follows dear old dad. Apples never fall far from trees..

  62. Some simple poetry about 2016, everybody… Peace!!

    I will not do it in a house…
    I will not do it with a mouse.
    I will never vote for that louse…
    Hillary Clinton

    A liberal I am…
    Cannot stand me some Hitler-like Mada’am.
    Her husband fills my email box with spam…
    Hillary Clinton

    I will vote for Bernie Sanders next year…
    I proclaim it now for all to hear.
    Of this I have no fear…
    Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary CLinton!!

    Poetry is life…
    Live it!



    SamIAm is a man with a plan, who can ban stan from getting tan or going to the can while his plan ran in Japan!

    (In other words, SamIAm is a poet and he knows it, (and shit!!))

    DEAL OR NO DEAL, igga??? DEAL!!!

  63. It was also speculated that it was the Bush Family who threatened Perot. I believe Perot even alluded to it at the time.

  64. Deborah. in case you haven’t noticed, the Republican party is dying. in 2+ years they will be dead! Defunct! The Progressive Party will be ascendant. It is truly a history making time!

  65. I have read many comments, and they sadden me. I served this country for 23 years so that you can believe the way you want. But it is apparent that none of you have reseached anything if you believe that there are more right wing billionaires than liberal ones. Why do you think the left has raised so much money. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are just two who donate millions. Also althrough not billionairs, leftist Hollywood is doing well at giving money to the socialist cause. If you really believe that the GOP is dead wait until the Senate and your beloved insane Harry leaves.

  66. What socialist cause? You mean Social Security? Medicare? Fixing the infrastructure? Paying the police and fire departments? Oh I almost forgot since you are a Veteran that hospital system you use, exactly what do you think that is?

    You cant even define socialism so please just STFU

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