Republicans Tremble As They Get a Preview Of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton In Iowa

hillary clinton harkin steak fry

Hillary Clinton should give Republicans nightmares after her impressive speech in Iowa at the Harkin Steak Fry. If this is what 2016 will look like, Republicans are going to be steamrolled by Hillary Clinton.

Clinton joked that the last time she was at the steak fry, a senator from Illinois was there. She wondered aloud whatever happened to him. She said that she and her husband on grandchild watch. Clinton referred to the “other thing.” Former Sec. Clinton added, “It is true that I am thinking about it, but that’s not why I am here today.” Clinton voiced her support for 2014 Iowa Democrats up and down the ticket.

Mrs. Clinton outlined what voters in Iowa have a chance to elect by supporting Democrats in November. Former Sec. Clinton sounded a very populist message while echoing President Obama’s if you work hard and play by the rules you deserve the same opportunity as anybody else line.

Clinton called out a handful of Republican senators who blocked the UN Treaty on Rights For The Disabled. Former Sen. Clinton shared stories about how retiring Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) got things done. Clinton talked about her bio, and how her mother overcame obstacles. Mrs. Clinton discussed her the lesson that her mother taught her that every human being has worth and dignity. Mrs. Clinton said, “One of the reasons this election is, so importation is because there is too little cooperation and too much conflict.”

Instead of distancing herself from President Obama, Hillary Clinton embraced some of the president’s accomplishments. She said, “Under President Obama’s leadership, our economy is on the road to recovery.” Clinton had a strong middle-class message. Hillary Clinton was talking about the 2014 election, but she was also previewing her 2016 message.

Hillary Clinton was impressive at the Harkin Steak Fry. If this is the candidate that Republicans will be facing in 2016, they should be very worried. Clinton looks like she will be a different candidate compared to 2008. She is developing a winning message that is backed by the Clinton legacy of economic success.

Mrs. Clinton spoke out in favor of raising the federal minimum wage. One suspects that the looming 2016 presence of Sen. Bernie Sanders is already pushing Clinton to move her message more to the left. Hillary Clinton sounds like a potential presidential candidate who can answer why she wants to be president and what her agenda will be.

Be very afraid, Republicans. Be very afraid.

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  1. If she moves to the left, good for the country.
    Clinton / Sanders 2016 !!!
    Sanders / Warren 2020 !!!
    Warren / ? 2024 !!!

  2. While I will vote for her if she wins the nomination, I’m not quite sure I trust her to carry out the policies to help this country. She reminds me too much of a candidate that will tell her audience what they want to hear.

    I love Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They take a stand and stay with it, they don’t wiggle and waggle, say one thing and then another and then something else.

    Not too long ago she was bashing Obama for his stance on ISIS, in Iowa she praises him for his work.

    Yet she is a whole lot better than the Republican Messiah, Ted Cruz.

  3. I hope they find the tallest building and jump! They have nothing to offer the nonrich in this country!

    Be afraid, be very afraid! Have night terrors! Pee in your beds! Develop more insomnia! They haven’t slept well since the black man became President! Let ’em not sleep well for another 8 years.

    The GOP cannot lead, every time they get the chance, the punt!


  5. Cruz is highly intelligent, charismatic, well connected, and well financed. Hillary will have a real challenge if he snags the brass ring.

  6. He is everything you say, but for one thing he does not appeal to normal people, and his dad will sink him in a heartbeat. This guy has said some of the looniest things on record

  7. Oh please. Cruz is a dominionist, and he can’t help himself talking about how males dominate, how government needs to be even smaller, and how God wants him to be President. Won’t play well in Iowa or anywhere else but his little part of Texas. Plus all the Dems have to do is show some video of his whackadoodle father with Ted standing there nodding.
    Plus he is not even popular among Republicans. For a ‘smart guy’ (gee, that’s what they said about Mittens) he sure comes off as a braggart and a creep.

  8. I will vote for her if she gets the nomination.

    I have to say though, that I was not impressed with either her or Bill or Harkin for that matter. They all seemed to stumble through their speeches…..

    No one gives a speech like our current President.

    No one

  9. He is also a narcissistic megalomaniac. He is only charismatic to those who already like his message. Hopefully his hubris will be his downfall.

  10. “wiggle and waggle” is the only way THROUGH to the American People.
    HRC can’t come on too strong and make people fearful…it’s a slow process.
    Anything to start pulling in our direction is progress!

    I keep posting this:

    “What an Asset…
    To have your right-hand-man be a former President!”

  11. Cruz is bright but is hated by his peers. He was hated at Harvard and now hated by his fellow Republicans

  12. Shiva,
    Republicans know now…
    Ted Cruz is all show and no go!
    No heart/kindness/soft-sell and his Dad’s a drag.
    Where’s Cruz’ MOM?
    Very strange, she’s nowhere to be found!

  13. Cruz is not eligible. Canadian born(you cant renounce your birthplace, no matter how you try), right Trump, Rove. Fox “news”.

  14. Cruz is your typical sociopath. His “appeal” is only to the deranged. As well, he shut down the gov when he did not get his way. Could you see him as President? Anything that didn’t go his way, he would be shutting down the gov every other week.

    The man creeps me out just looking at him. There is something about his eyes that say “I’m a lunatic”..HC 2016!

  15. My concern is the mid-terms.

    To hear the Dreamers / Latinos including those in office in DC complain that Obama delayed his Executive Order on Immigration – they’re totally P-O’d & may stay home?? Yea – that’s really thinking outside the box.

    They & anyone thinking they’ll stay home had better look at it from the view that you never know whether in the next 2 years if there’s a need to appoint a Supreme Court Judge. Most of them sitting now including Ginsburg, are not getting younger. Anything could happen – illness or death – and if the Dems don’t hold the Senate — you can kiss appt of nomination acceptible to Dems away. GOP will make it impossible and we’re screwed. The bench could be totally out of whack worse than now.

    The possibility of a SCJudge is never mentioned by media, nor blogs, social media — and should be. A reason important to get Dems out to vote mid-term.

  16. Well, isn’t that grand? You completely neglect to mention that Cruz’s only “base” are the nutjob extremists just like him. Don’t you realize he cannot win the election with just those voters? Don’t you realize that even the mainstream GOP can’t stand the guy?

    The GOP will never allow him to get the nomination, just like they did in ’12. They’ll trot out all the clowns for another great show and in the end, they’ll stick in some moderate like Romney.

  17. just a question……will the Democrats have a Primary or will Clinton just go straight as the Dems Nominee if she confirms her candidacy?

  18. I’m reading post, not just here, but at other blogs in which posters state, “I don’t trust Hilary, but….”

    You damn well better trust her! Or would you rather see Paul or Cruz in the White House? Do you trust her now?

  19. Hillary is superior to any creep the Republicans will run, but she is already too far in the pockets of BIG MONEY to affect REAL CHANGE on behalf of working men and women in this country. I really hope that Bernie Sanders challenges her in a Democratic primary. She’ll no doubt still win the nomination (she already has the money), but his determined voice will move her to the left and the 2016 election will involve a real discussion of issues for a change.

  20. Look I know we are suppose to base our decisions on a candidates intelligence but we all know there are a set of voters where appearances matter.

    Since we know the rethuglicnas has no intelligent policies which one of these would the yahoos vote for on looks
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I apologize for any keyboards that were lost while drinking your coffee

  21. As a lifelong Yellow-Dog “D” and more than disappointed by every Democrat (Including Billy Bob Clinton, the best POTUS “R”s had) I voted for since G McGovern, After Hillary condoned and acquiesced to Genocide by the euro non-Semite zionist Cultists occupying Palestine and offered the psychopath netanyahu moral and financial support to fight any indictment by the Inter. Crim. Court or any World Body, I WILL sit this one out! I wrongly and foolishly believed Pres. Obama (Voted 3 times for), would get this great Nation out of it’s intellectual deficit/drought, I am certain Hillary will not even make an effort!

  22. Why would you expect President Obama to fix the stupid of this nation?
    I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about real change in Washington … *I’m asking you to believe in yours.* Barack Obama

  23. Voting based on a candidates intelligence isn’t a good idea either. I vote based on what kind of person the candidate is. Newt Gingrich for example is a brilliant man but a horrible excuse for a human being

  24. Hear, hear.
    The midterms are CRUCIAL. An (R) victory sends a really bad message to the country, and one which is not, in fact, true: that as a people, we are mean-spirited at heart, isolationist, empire builders, warriors, who lack empathy except in public.

    Gerrymandering has left many districts in the hands of the (R)… but there ARE reasonable people there who do not agree with the corporate agenda’s push of their/conservatives’ policies. 72% of us have a BAD OPINION of the (R)… but they’ve stacked the deck at every turn: fixing elections through vote fraud; ending convenient voting times for working people; requiring IDs often specific to conservatives (NRA card OK, student ID not? Really??)

    Find progressive (D) candidates in your local & state elections. Support them with dollars or time & energy. It is critical we get Congress back in the hands of those willing to work – House & Senate.

    PS. Voters DO still have a choice in NY13; Write In Rita McKee for Congress.

  25. Yes, there will be a primary. And if Hillary is smart, she’ll make sure there is… perhaps a series of roundtable discussions among candidates, moderated by someone like Charlie Rose.

    Democrats are a BIG tent… and there is room for everyone except those who seek to shut out one particular “kind” of people.

    People… are all equal. It’s unfortunate some think they are “more equal” than others. No… it’s not unfortunate; it’s unAmerican. Let us hope that 72% of Americans who think the (R) are bad translates into VOTES this Congressional Election.

  26. I think it’s too early to “trust” any Presidential candidate-might-be. A lot can happen in two years.

    Which is why we need to be talking about Congressional elections in less than two months… not an election two years away.

  27. I agree… he never said, “Yes, I can” – he said, “Yes, WE can.” And “You are the people you have been waiting for.”

    I cannot think of a clearer imperative to take control of our own destiny. If we’re tired of war? Stop making wars. Handle disputes other ways. If we’re tired of illiteracy? Start funding education. Tired of shutdowns and obstruction of progress? Stop voting (R).


    As Lincoln said… “government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people…”

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