Bill Clinton Wallops Republicans With The Truth By Calling Them Koch Brothers Clones

Bill Clinton Harken Steak Fry

Former president Bill Clinton pulled no punches when talking about the Republican Party. Clinton called Mitch McConnell and the other Republicans clones of the Koch brothers.


Former President Clinton described the Republican strategy,

Half the time, they’re not even running against their opponents. They’re trying to get you to check your brain at the door, start foaming at the mouth. The last thing they want you to do is think. Now, here’s something I read the other day, and I read it twice to make sure that I wouldn’t misrepresent it to you. There was a rather revealing article in the press sometime over the last couple of weeks about a speech the Senate Republican leader who wants to be Majority Leader by getting you to erase all of our candidates for Congress and our candidate for Senate and see only the people they are allegedly clones of, taking orders from.

It was Sen. Mitch McConnell’s speech to the Koch brothers political forum supposedly in secret. Again, this was highly informal and informative. First of all he said that when he became Majority Leader he wanted them to know that they would begin by using the budget to takeover the government, because the budget’s the only thing that you can’t filibuster. It takes a majority vote. Since they were going to put an amendment on every single budget of every department to get rid of anything that had been done since President Obama had been in office or before they didn’t like, and if he vetoed they would simply shut the government down over and over and over again. Now this is not an allegation. He was bragging on this like he was Einstein discovering the Theory of Relativity. He found the secret to permanent gridlock. Oh, happy day.
Clinton was correct. The Republican Party has sold itself out to the Koch brothers. The agenda they are pursuing is the Koch agenda. Republicans members of the House and Senate don’t represent the people who live in their states. Republicans are representing the right-wing billionaires that are paying for their political campaigns. Republicans don’t care about regular people anymore. Working people aren’t in the field of vision for the Republican members of Congress.

Mitch McConnell’s admission that the Koch brothers are the ones calling the shots in the Republican Party was confirmation of what anyone who has been paying attention to American politics since the Citizens United decision already understood. The Republican Party is only interested in representing the interests of their biggest donors. The bad news for the Koch brothers is that there is nowhere left for them to hide.

Their secret political operation has been exposed. A vote for a Republican this November is a vote for the Koch takeover of the government. When powerful voices like Bill Clinton start calling out the Kochs and their puppets, the jig is up. The American people are catching on to the Kochs, and even former President Clinton is sounding the alarm.

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  1. The GOP doesn’t care what Bill Clinton says about them. They are too evil to care. They are so comfortable with koch-roaches backing them, they can say or do whatever they want and they will pummel everyone and anyone who does not agree with them.

    I hope every DEM gets out and votes in November and we can get these leaches out of office.

  2. Spread the word Bill….make it stick. McConnell works for the Koch Brothers, and he is a mole in the Senate. Every move and action he takes is on orders of the Koch Brothers. Third world country like, where the rich oligarchs control the puppet politicians. If we don’t watch out, the Republicans will definitely have the government running as the ultra rich Billionaires want them to. The controllers of industry and banks. Will add another feather in their cap: Capitol Hill (IF Republicans are the majority). We know that it is going to be loooooong time before we see another Republican President. Yes?

  3. It’s amazing to see how rabidly the Democrat party is still trying to portray itself as the ‘action party’ while offering nothing but endless, paranoid attacks on the Kochs.

    Yes, everyone gets that 6th year midterms are hard on incumbents. We get that after a summer of an optics-blind president appeared to semi-retire as the world spun out of control and his poll numbers plummeted, it’s natural for his party to go off the issues and on the offensive.

    But sending polarizing figure Bill Clinton into the fray to take the leadership (though not point man) role from his presumed nominee wife after her disastrous summer smacks of desperation.

    And having him attack people who matter not to anyone but the hardcore base (which if caught in a bear trap on Nov.4 would gnaw its own leg off to make it to the polls to vote straight Dem) sums up the strategy:

    Work the negatives, hide from the issues, and go all in for base turnout. Not hard to see why Carney looks despondent at hi…

  4. What kind of crack induced fantasy is that? Dude, Anthrax is more popular than Republicons at this very moment. I’m not a big fan of the Clinton’s but your assessment is 3rd grade.

  5. “…But sending polarizing figure Bill Clinton into the fray to take the leadership (though not point man) role from his presumed nominee wife after her disastrous summer smacks of desperation. ”

    Right back at you. After a summer of constant, unhinged, and intellectually dishonest attacks by conservatives, who still refuse to acknowledge ANY culpability for the rise of ISIS, when their favorite leader (Bush) set up all the factors necessary to guarantee this specific outcome, attempting to ignore those facts smells just like fear-stained desperation. Big Dog scares you silly, and that’s a fact.

  6. I still find myself trying to figure out what they think the long term plan is?.. Anything they propose and pass will be overturned, the American people will not stand for being starved to death, left to die because we’ve gotten up in age, or nothing but private schools, it ain’t gonna happen, and anyone who votes that way is either old and white, and dying off, or young, rich and heinous. Get out and vote fuckheads out, and it’s problem solved. Democrats need to learn how to fight back, unbelievable…

  7. No, the Koch brothers are not an election or political issue to almost all Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, moderates, independents, many moderate democrats, and millions upon millions of low- and no-info democrats.

    Other than that, though, yes, they’re a huge issue to the same totally rational dem base that continues to lap up the notion that the tea party is the most dangerous terrorist group to the US.

    And no, after seeing angry ‘progressive’ health care workers and others take to the streets to protest the Kochs’ donation of $100 million to, of all things, a cancer research center, progressives Koch haters are not a credible source to gauge American political sentiment for me any more.

    Also, thanks, but watching yet another poorly-made .gif purporting to show the Kochs eat a live baby, or whatever equally worthy Koch hysteria the link was to will have to wait for another day.

    With luck maybe Reid will play it on an ipad on cspan for a two-for-one Koch addic…

  8. A quarter of your base believes that beheading mass murderers are less a danger than the Tea party. In other words, nuttier than Truthers, but at least they mercilessly need not embarrass themselves with epic fails comprehending relatively simple science/engineering principles.

    By comparison, the greatest ‘outrage’ lately committed by Republicans seems to be their charge the Udull bill giving Congress virtually unlimited control of campaign finance will infringe on the First Amendment. Who else would say something so “unhinged”? Oh, that’s right. It’s a position vociferously backed by those undercover teabaggers at the ACLU. The. Horror!

    As for the Iraq thing, it’s nice to see dems in such good shape for the midterms that their biggest issue is Bush not being blamed enough for the fiery Hindenburg crash of SmartPower. Should be a big winner.

    Have some whine with your yellow cake and remember how fast the rats deserted that ship the instant the war proved costly an…

  9. You really are an idiot. First your idiot ass being killed in a terrorist attack is 1 in 20 million. Go join Ms. Lindsey under you bed crying for mommy. Second you haven’t even read the ACLU position. Its true they oppose campaign reform but they also want public financing. Now genius tell me how that would work? Are you saying that taxpayer money should be equal to private bribery?

  10. Bill Clinton calls Republicans Koch clones; I call Republicans paid Koch stooge puppets. Viva la difference.

  11. Nice try Karl, but your beheading has been canceled. They are over there, the tea religious freaks are here and doing vastly more damage then 3 beheadings to America

  12. Give up trying to defend the Koch gulag. We know who and what they are.

    ..and if they had one ounce of positive goals for this country, they would not hide in the dark shadows while buying their politicians. They would come out and be seen.

  13. Karl, It is not a matter of Dem versus GOP thing with Koch. It is a matter of good versus evil. It just works out so that the GOP is so money thirsty that they would sell their souls for Koch money and power for themselves, not the whole country.

  14. Karl, if the Tea Party was left to their own devices, they would be lining up people that are not like them in firing squads, starting with minorities and women. Yes, I consider them a bigger threat to this country right now than anything else.

    I don’t know what kind of propaganda you are trying to pedal here, but I’m not buying it. The Tea Party is soulless. You may have better luck at Fox, pedal this BS there.

  15. The Republican Party has a “for sale” sign hanging on it. They aren’t picky about where they get their money, and they deliver the corruption when they get it. North Carolina was bought by the Koch Brothers and the GOP radically changed the state. Republicans have no shame.

  16. Another claim you can’t prove. I’m guessing your wife reaches for the vibrator every time you demand sex, then fall asleep in the middle. See how easy? How content-free?

  17. Of course the GOP is our biggest threat. They are doing their part to kill or make slaves of everyone. They do that with prison workers, illegals, cutting pay, no time off, no health care and no food or housing, no safety regulations. Just because you are doing fine at this moment don’t think that they won’t move up the economic ladder as they kill off the poorest first and then come after you. If you are old or disabled you have no value to start with to them.

  18. Karl, I love how you morons run around telling us liberals what we think and believe, when you morons are too stupid to understand what fascists the Kochs are, and that if they get their way, even you little teabags will be their victims. Stop watching Fox for idiots, and start learning a little about fascism, and maybe you will be able to understand that the Kochs, and the hated tea party are all fascists. We do by the way, have many right wing terrorist groups right here with their doomsday arsenals, just salivating for their little war with the US, and morons like you call them patriots. They call themselves Christians.

  19. If the Republicans gain control of the Senate, there will thousands more homeless. There will be thousands more deaths of Senior Citizens, Infants, and Veterans. Our air and water will become more polluted. It will be open season on people of color. We will be the number one country with the most starving children. In other words the Republicans will turn America into a third world country. Cities will crumble. The Republican’s war strategy is to throw as many of other people’s children at the war as possible. The Republicans are under the mistaken impression that the average American will sit by and take it; I think that there will be armed protests in every city in the country. It is your duty to get out and VOTE!!!!

  20. Although every statewide elected official in Kansas is a Republican and President Obama lost the state by more than 20 points in the last election, Mr. Brownback’s proudly conservative policies have turned out to be so divisive and his tax cuts have generated such a drop in state revenue that they have caused even many Republicans to revolt. Projections put state budget shortfalls in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, raising questions of whether the state can adequately fund education in particular.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

    Kansan Republicans … wake up already. When Republicans talk about tax cuts, they’re not talking about yours. Now you see what happens when Republicans cut taxes for the rich – they simply make you foot the bill.

    Wake up and vote the Republican bums OUT.

  21. Here in Louisville, as all over Kentucky, Mitch is stepping up his attacks on Allison. He’s focusing on what he would do as Majority Leader and touting his (non-existent) accomplishments, while claiming she is woefully inexperienced and will be an Obama shill. Meanwhile, Allison is focusing on jobs, Veterans, her own experience as Secretary of State & maintaining her distance from Obama.
    I’m bothered by her timidity when it comes to the ACA and her stance on coal and the EPA. She refuses to call McConnell out on issues like his stand on equal pay, minimum wage, his defunding of the VA, his brief stint in the service when, for some unknown reason, he was discharged right before his unit was sent to Viet Nam, preferring to star in ridiculous ads as a gun-totin’ “strong Kentucky woman” who really doesn’t take a strong stand on what matters to the people of Kentucky.
    I hope she has a better handle on the direction she needs to take by the debate next month, but it may be too l…

  22. And it’s even more remarkable how people like you can be so gullible and stupid. Why would you want to waste your vote on somebody who will never do one thing for you? If these republicans had to choose between doing for their corporate sponsors like the the Koch Brothers or a small potato peon like you who do you think they will choose? Certainly not you. They use low information voters like you for your vote and nothing else.

  23. The thought of what the Koch’s and people like them have in store for the people of this Nation (not just for Democrats but for ALL the people of this Nation) is truly a terrifying thing.

    November 2014 and 2016 is truly our Waterloo.

  24. And they will also continue to rig the system and change the laws so that they will forever stay in power from the White House all the way down to local governments. And lets not forget appointing the future Supreme Court justices.

    In a word, we’re screwed……..

  25. According to Think Progress, corporations sent over 350 lobbyists to D.C. on Tuesday to meet with republicans. What do they want? A bill passed that would relieve them of any/all responsibility for paying workers what they owe them. They’re pissed because a judge made McDonald Corp. responsible for the computer system its franchisees use in calculating their wages and ruled that McD’s can be sued in the class action lawsuit. This was enough to set them off. Boehner and McConnell are introducing bills next week to neuter the judge’s ruling. This proves that GOPTPers in Congress are the Koch Bros. bitches, and any one of their brain dead supporters who say they aren’t have no idea that when the Koch Bros. and their buddies finish depriving fast food workers of their pay, they’re coming for theirs. The greed of some of the rich is never-ending. Dumb-asses.

  26. I’m glad you have the nerve to come here and bash Pres. Clinton because it gives me the opportunity to ask you something.

    Where are Pres. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rice, Rove, Rumsfeld and other GOPTPers? Cheney comes to Capitol Hill and has to sneak in. He won’t address the press directly, then he slithers out of D.C. and heads back to Wyoming. The rest are hiding out who knows where.

    Why aren’t they out on the campaign trail stumping for GOPTP candidates?

    I’ll tell you why. They f*cked up mightily when they were leading the government and are afraid that if they show their faces, we’ll remember how much they screwed everything up.

    You know they f*cked up, but you’ll never admit it publicly, but I imagine in those “quiet rooms” Romney spoke about, you wonder how you could have allowed yourself to be manipulated by a group of hucksters like them.

    No invitation to sit down and have a beer with any of them is on its way to your mailbox.

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