While Firing A Gun Alison Lundergan Grimes Sets Mitch McConnell Straight On Who She Is


Grimes skeet shooting ad

A new ad from Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes takes aim at Mitch McConnell’s attempts to paint her as Barack Obama. While skeet shooting Grimes sets the record straight.



In the ad, Grimes said, “Mitch McConnell wants you to think I’m Barack Obama. Mitch is the same guy who thought Duke basketball players were UK. Or who’s attacking me on coal after doing next to nothing while we’ve lost thousands of coal jobs. He even said it’s not his job to bring jobs to Kentucky. I’m not Barack Obama. I disagree with him on guns, coal and the EPA. And Mitch, that’s not how you hold a gun. I’m Alison Lundergan Grimes and I approved this message.”

The not so subtle use of a shooting a gun appears designed to remind voters that McConnell refuses to say whether or not he owns guns or if he shoots them. To the blue parts of the country, Grimes distancing herself from President Obama might rub some the wrong way, but Mitch McConnell’s main reelection strategy is to paint Grimes as a liberal who is just like President Obama. The problem with this characterization is that Obama isn’t a far left liberal, and neither is Grimes.

The ad is correct that McConnell has sat on his hands for decades while Kentucky’s coal jobs have vanished. It is also true that McConnell believes that it is not his job to create jobs for the people that he is supposed to represent. If she wins, Alison Lundergan Grimes will be a moderate red state Democrat.

Grimes has released an ad that works on many levels. Her biggest asset is that Mitch McConnell is so focused on becoming Majority Leader that he has completely forgotten about the people of Kentucky. Any ad that drives the message home that she will better for Kentucky than Sen. McConnell is a win for her.

A Democratic victory would not only get rid of the man behind the Senate’s gridlock. A Grimes win would also provide Kentucky with a senator who would act with their best interests at heart. It would be a win-win, but it is up to Kentucky voters to go to the polls and make it happen.

39 Replies to “While Firing A Gun Alison Lundergan Grimes Sets Mitch McConnell Straight On Who She Is”

  1. As much as I dislike seeing her basically bash the President, I also recognize that this is Kentucky. She also only mentions 3 issues where she disagrees with the President. We know she agrees with him on many more.

    Also, I have not heard any of the Kentucky Democrats, including the more liberal/progressive Dems, go after Grimes. If they don’t have a major problem with this, then I don’t. And, I have a hunch that if you asked President Obama, he would also say he doesn’t have a problem with it.

    We can run into a major problem if we expect ideological purity from our candidates the way Republicans do.

  2. I have to agree but I’m really tired of Dems not having our President’s back. I understand the circumstances here, personally I know I’ll be celebrating if McConnell loses. Still.

  3. The differences between Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are epic. Here he really is a shooter, a hunter and has at least one gun club named after him in his home state. And he’s a Democrat. Mitch McConnell has never been a man in his entire life.

    In fact Allison Grimes is probably more of a man than Mitch McConnell could ever dream of being. That’s not to say she’s a man literally, but she has many of the characteristics of being a standup person were Mitch McConnell has absolutely zero.

    Start planning your retirement mitch

  4. I am a KY democrat, staunch Obama supporter and also disagree with him on the guns issue; it’s a regional, cultural thing a lot of people would not understand. And she is soooo right; that is most certainly NOT how you hold a rifle.

  5. DKos wasn’t that impressed with this particular a, so I’m kind of confused what to think of it. As a former resident of Southwestern Indiana (my home county was across the Ohio River from Kentucky), I’d like to see Mitch get the gate, but I’m not setting my heart on it. I know the area too well.

  6. As distasteful as I find this ad ONLY because I think it’s unnecessary that Democrats distance themselves from President Obama I hope she whips the pants off Mitch McConnell in the election.

    Remember remember the 4th of November.

  7. She fires a real shotgun, and real well. Great form and PPE is correct. On the other hand, Weenie-Boy McConnell holds up this reproduction of a weenie-ass Pennsylvania percussion cap rifle and every Kentucky NRA hard-on gets a boner! Idiots. Real men fire flintlock! Kentuckians: you should know better than to vote for a pretender.

  8. Just curious, just where do you disagree with the President on guns? I ask this because many people thinks he wants to ban all guns and confiscate them all, etc., etc. Obviously, that is not his policy.

    So I wonder sometimes if people really disagree with him or just disagree with what the NRA has said his policy is on guns.

  9. I like KOS but they do have a lot of holier than thou EMOS. Next week the same diarist will go back to bashing Obama Clinton for not being pure enough

  10. …”while firing a gun”…You see people THIS is what I mean when I say Alison is not quite what we expect. Alison has caved to the political theater of having gun “cred” Why in the hell do people running for office give into the gun nuts and the NRA?..Why COWARDICE!!! This is what is wrong and why the NRA is allowed to run around with blood on their hands while stuffing money in their pockets and Alison is just another cowardly politician who will never stand up to the people who want to turn this nation into the wild west. Somehow I don’t see her as being any better than Mitch, we KNOW Mitch is a liar and a thief but what Alison is showing isn’t her whole hand. She will cave to the Reich Wing I’ll wager. Alison may have a “D” in front of her name but her voting record will reflect that in fact she is an “R” deep inside.

  11. Alison is going to kick McConnell’s butt all over Kentucky! Texas is pulling for Alison to take out the turtle man. Go ALG!!

  12. What about McConnell wanting to do away with the medical coverage provided by ‘Obamacare’, called Kynect, which covers about a HALF-MILLION people there. Those people don’t deserve it? I hope the Turtle gets thrown out.

  13. I’ve seen democrats/progressives/liberals bash this ad. Grimes has to do this to win the Senate seat from McConnell. Remember Kentucky,the South is very rural.

    Let her win the seat first, then she can swing to the left more. Not sure how many of you saw a post I made a while back, but I laid out what Grimes must do to win. If McConnell links her with Obama, she looses, if she shows how she is different from Obama, she wins!

    McConnell can’t get it right, which is good for Grimes. She has a very small lead that she wants to keep, and so do I. To the people who bash the ad, I say this, if you think you can beat McConnell, come here and give it a shot, or else quit the bashing and get on board!
    Grimes is trying to win this for us, and, contrary to what has been stated for years, KY actually has more Democrats than Republicans, they just don’t vote.

    Until I went on holiday, I was working to GOTV. They have to vote. Alison has this.

  14. That doesn’t matter; what matters is gun. Gun matter. More gun all gun all time. Health care for commies. Need gun. Freedom gun. Gun all freedom machine tread. Don’t tread on freedom gun.

  15. Shiva, you nailed it! She could beat him in an arm wrestle! In response to the above poster, she’s not ditching our president, she simply stated she doesn’t agree with him on certain issues! Remember we’re the party of tolerance and a big tent of diversity and ideas. Not a purity party…we don’t kick people out because they don’t fall in line with the party platform. I bet Mitch is scared of her!

  16. She is likely NOT going to win folks. I’d like for her to win, but I have to be realistic. Not pie-in-the-sky hoping. She is behind in every poll except HER OWN internal polling. Mitch is pulling farther ahead in every single non-biased national poll, the last one was outside the margin of error, or very close to it. Mit Romney’s internal polling said he would win too, and we all, thankfully, know how that one turned out. I don’t think she is going to be able to pull it off. But good on her for trying. Better to concentrate on the democratic candidates that still have a chance. That is where my money is going. Maybe next time…sighs. :(

  17. Frankly, I don’t know the mentality of Democrats and Independents in KY. Maybe running away from President Obama is a good way to win Democrats, Independents and if there are any moderate Republicans – them too. I think it’s a bad move. Hope I’m wrong and she wins.

  18. You’re wrong on all points. Totally off base.

    You don’t sit back and let the other party define you as they want — You define yourself.

    It also allowed her to get the great point out at the end which I thought great — It’s not the way to hold a gun! Mitch – one of the NRA Puppets got OWNED by Alison!!

  19. Look Deaane I want her to win so we can have a chance to keep the senate. BUT NO I am not wrong on ANY points whatsoever. She HAS let the other party define her by picking up the shotgun because she knows if she doesn’t get the gun nut vote she’s sunk AND she IS another puppet of the NRA! As soon as you pick up that gun and use it in a political ad you ARE a puppet of the NRA! The NRA is an organization that needs to be DESTROYED NOT catered to. My instincts tell me she will not be much better than Mitch, she just wants to be elected so she WILL say whatever and DO whatever.

  20. No, no.

    The NRA may want you to THINK they own the gun issue but that’s like claiming Santa Claus owns Christmas.

  21. Mitch will show her, he will run to the Koch brothers and tell them how Alison was mean to him, they will protect poor, whiny, bitchy, Mitchie from the mean Alison. The Koch brothers will buy Mitchie his election again and make it all better. Or not, this time.

  22. William Carr..man what planet do you get your news from!? The NRA doesn’t own the gun issue MY ASS!! That has got to be one of the most STUPID comments I’ve read on this site other than the usual drek that Conservatives try to sell here. Every time a round is fired the NRA gets a cut! Every time a firearm is sold the NRA gets their BLOOD MONEY!!! Wake Up William!

  23. Now you Mathme have it nailed! We need to STOP! I repeat STOP!!! voting or supporting pro-gun politicians! Politicians who cave into the gun culture should be voted to the curb! It’s time for politicians to stand up AGAINST the NRA and stop kissing their bloody arse’s to get votes. Alison has sold out plain and simple!!!

  24. Joe, I understand your concern about gun safety: I share it. However, there are real and necessary reasons for gun ownership and gun use. The NRA has managed to conflate legitimate gun ownership with a fevered and false interpretation of the 2nd Amendment in the minds of too many low-information citizens. Since Grimes is in a long-shot (sorry) campaign in a low-information stronghold, she needs to remove as many obstacles to winning voters as possible, and the gun issue is a strong one there. Put her in office for all the many other crucial issues that her opponent has been butchering for decades. Allow progress to be made in health, income, education, voting fairness and social equity, and allow the gun conflict to resolve as more citizens become exposed to non-ideological truth.

  25. You are no different than the illiterate voters who vote against their own well being by voting republican because they believe the democrats will take away their 2nd amendment rights. I have a news flash for you. There are many democrats who believe in the second amendment. You are the minority. When the voting public realize that the democratic party is not trying to disarm them as the republicans assert then we can take back our country from corporate America.

  26. I don’t see that the President has our backs either, so if Dems don’t have his, I’m good with that.

  27. Not only that, I think they should be given free Obama-Nukes, just like the free phones people get now!!

    Of course not, stop taking the argument to absurd ends.

  28. You do know the so-called free phones were a republican idea started by st.ronnie. As far as felons and the mentally ill owning guns if the NRA has they way with no background checks what’s to stop them?

  29. Jack, I feel like you just said that Ms. Grimes is going after the low-information voter by appealing to the pro-gun folk, a pathetically smart move.

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