Republican Vice-Chairman Resigns After Stating Women On Medicaid Should Be Sterilized

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It was announced late Sunday evening that former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who was serving as vice-chairman of the state’s Republican Party, resigned from his post after offensive comments he made earlier in the month were highlighted by Arizona Democrats over the weekend. On his AM talk radio show, Pearce claimed that women who are on Medicaid should be forced to undergo sterilization procedures. He also claimed that if people need help, they should rely on family and the church instead of government.

Pearce, who was the author and driving force behind Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB 1070, made his comments on September 9th. However, they flew under the radar until this past weekend, when the Arizona Democratic Party caught wind of the program and sent out a press release pointing out Pearce’s highly offensive statement.  Per The Arizona Republic, Pearce said the following on his radio program:

“You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I’d do is get Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations…Then we’ll test recipients for drugs and alcohol, and if you want to [reproduce] or use drugs or alcohol, then get a job.”

According to the Huffington Post, Pearce also claimed that people who need help shouldn’t rely on the government, but instead look to family and the church.

Pearce said “people out there [who] need help” should get it from “family, church, and community,” not the government.

The Arizona GOP released a statement from Pearce on Sunday night where he announced his resignation. In the statement, he said that during his discussion of the welfare state, he repeated comments from another author but forgot to point out that the statement was from someone else. You gotta love how Pearce took on full ownership and personal responsibility for his own words by blaming it on a personal failure to attribute an offensive statement to some other person.

“As an unapologetic conservative, I’ve stood up for the rule of law and our constitutional freedoms. I love this great Republic, and have loved serving Arizona and my service with the Republican party. Recently on my radio show there was a discussion about the abuses to our welfare system. I shared comments written by someone else and failed to attribute them to the author. This was a mistake. This mistake has been taken by the media and the left and used to hurt our Republican candidates.”

Republicans in Arizona wasted no time distancing themselves from Pearce and harshly criticizing his comments once the Democrats sent out their press release. Martha McSally, who is in a tight Congressional race against incumbent Democrat Ron Barber, sent out the following tweet.


Michele Reagan, Republican nominee for Secretary of State, was very critical of Pearce’s comments.  


Arizona Republicans are tripping all over themselves trying to distance themselves from Pearce and make sure voters don’t associate his ugly hatred with their individual campaigns. It remains to be seen how much damage this will have in close races.

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  1. Pearce said “people out there [who] need help” should get it from “family, church, and community,” not the government.
    From a man who has been sucking at the government teat for years.

    He may have resigned but make no mistake he will be well compensated by his pension which BTW the neo-fascist did not cut like they did other public workers and last I heard that wing nut welfare pays very well with no cuts to benefits for being a lazy free loader.

  2. His crime was letting the cat out of the bag about all the plans the GOTP have for us ewepeople when they take over, but don’t want us to know about, in case we don’t let them.

  3. The republicans are trying to get as far away from this man as they can because they know he has told exactly what they want to do and he let it slipped before the election. Now they have to try to clean it up before the american people can catch on to real deal at least that what they think but what they don’t realize the american people already know what is going on. They aren’t fooling anyone any more except their followers and they will continue to fool them.

  4. Exactly how the billionaire Koch Brothers approach to the middle and lower class. Who do you think backed his campaign.

  5. Aren’t these the same people who for years berated women (and still do) for putting their kids in day care to frolic around in the workforce, thereby taking jobs away from breadwinners (men)?

    Can you imagine falling on hard times (the plant closes, your husband dies, you leave an abusive situation, etc.) through no fault of your own?

    Hoping that you will need assistance for only a short time (as is the case for many) and be told that you must first submit to a tubal ligation?

    Never in your life having used drugs and being told that the very fact that you are in economic dire straits must be because of an unsavory lifestyle including the use of illegal drugs and that you must submit to bodily invasion to be tested for them (with no *reasonable* probable cause)?

    Republicans are vile, just vile. They hate Americans. They worship only wealth and the wealthy.

  6. Sadly, many from that party feel the same way, but are smart enough to keep those kinds of thoughts to themselves.

  7. The GOP are toned deaf! Pearce was recalled from his seat in the AZ legislature because of his extreme ideology.

    So what happens? The GOP Party think Pearce should be their Vice-Chair, disregarding his extremists views. So what happens next? Pearce makes an extreme statement, in which he resigns!

    I give Republicans credit for one thing: they are tenacious. They do the same thing over repeatedly, with the same bad results, never learning from their failures.

    Is it any wonder they have to lie, cheat, and steal to win elections?

  8. Well, he stepped in it and no amount of scraping the crap off of his boots will get rid of it.

    And I still say we should start my program of sterilizing the stupid with him.

  9. What I do not understand, is their Sanctity of Life platform, person-hood begins at conception beliefs. Than they want to kill the only part of fertilization – the EGG from the perceived,”Poor WOMAN”.

    These WASP, GOP MEN, insist their woman have a house full of children, then they leave said woman, to go “Duck Hunting” or worse. The children are on their own there after.

  10. I love how he attributed his words to someone else but he couldn’t say who that someone else was.

    Here’s the thing…

    Why is it that the WOMAN has to be the one sterilized? And if they don’t want women who get assistance to have children, why do they block efforts to expand birth control access? Why do they fight the provision in ACA where birth control is covered at no co-pay? Why do they shut down family planning clinics?

    It’s okay to sterilize women if they get assistance but it’s not okay to help those women get other forms of birth control, which would be cheaper? Plus, why don’t they sterilize the men who get assistance?

    Why am I even asking these questions? It’s like I expect them to be logical and they’ve proven time and time again that they are anything but logical.

    I need a drink.

  11. The Republican dimwits keep popping up and putting their foots in their mouths—to then go down! What’s up with the Republican Party? Where do they GET these dysfunctional, foolish individuals. With open arms they welcome them, only to be embarrassed in the long run. No wonder the PARTY is looking sick, old, irrelevant and toxic. McConnell himself is no help. Imagine he said that IF he becomes Senate Majority ruler he will shut the government down if he doesn’t get votes to remove all of Obama’s accomplishments (paraphrasing) but that is the gist of what he said behind closed doors and got CAUGHT!

  12. Will agree with you Nefer the rethugs are vile. Will add a couple of other adjectives. Like dishonest, obscene vulgar evil and then say this piece of human crap will crawl under his rock for a while, and emerge again as a new man. Just like so many other rethugs. They do it all the time. Thinking we will FORGET all about their unsavory actions. News for them however, We have long memory’s.

  13. This article didn’t go half as far as it could have.

    If you really want know Pearce’s agenda read the following article starting at the heading Controversy. I know, I know, it’s Wikipedia, but apparently the Republicans haven’t tried to change it.

    Another article showing how much HE depends on government handouts.

    Nice guy, Russell Pearce. NOT

  14. Yeah, the Republican Tent is full of those roaches….biting the dust when they are stomped on. So many that have not come out YET. They are there….just wait, time will bring another one out saying despicable things against humanity in general, then gets thrown to the curb, off the bus. Why is the Republican so full of these guys? Their image (brand name) is in the gutter. And BTW FOX is no help….just another branding fiasco. Shhhhh they don’t think so.

  15. Hey ladies, since gop’s are so interested in womens’ vaginas – how bout boycotting sex with ALL republican men until they make an effort and enact fair policy. Who do they think is impregnating these “medicaid women”?

  16. When are these idiots going to realize they are supposed to “think it, don’t say it”.
    Did they learn NOTHING from Homer Simpson.

  17. Wait – no free tubal ligations for sluts? Bummer… #snark

    What kind of a moron would “share(d) comments written by someone else and fail(ed) to attribute them to the author” if they were vehemently opposed to them?

  18. It’s funny how the GOP can’t tell when their leaders have gone from “mavericks” to senile. Pearce is a prime example.

  19. Yep…true that.
    If anyone should be “sterilized” it should be Pearce and his evil little brood; one kid killed a man driving 81 miles an hour running a light through an intersection and, the other is jail on several charges, including child abuse of his daughter at 5 days old.

  20. This is a brilliant post. This man Pierce is a Nazi ,During the Nazi regime in Germany, lots of women and men got sterilized because they were mentally retarded. It was not about money but about the super race Hitler envisioned. This is even more despicable because we are a rich country and birth control is available. God forbid if pregnant women want an abortion.What a hateful moron and why does the Republican/Tea Party attract people like that.?

  21. Good riddance. The man was way overdue. Can’t stand to see people like him winning about welfare babies all day when he’s sucking of the government, when he can easily afford life if he wanted to. Hopefully someone with a little more sense, and a little more openness to ideas, takes his place.

  22. Ahhh…Delaks running the GOP Conspiracy Theory! Perfect!

    So, THAT’S why we can never really be sure who’s pulling the strings behind the curtain! The obvious choices (Koch’s Romney’s,) are doing the bidding of the Delaks; it’s the only thing that makes sense…

    So, ya’ think Nixon a Delack? I think so! When he died, they had his body “cloned”, put in the casket while absorbing his “brain” into a Delak “body”! Makes perfect sense (don’t stop me, I’m on a roll…)

    Dess-troy! Dess-troy-all-u-manns!

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