Republicans Faithfully Follow ALEC’s Refusal to Support Democracy

For many Americans that are not aligned with the conservative movement, it is likely they believe democracy is what used to make America exceptional. Although throughout the nation’s history all Americans were not allowed to participate in the democratic process, a herculean, and bloody, struggle did at one point appear to have expanded the right to vote to every citizen. It is highly likely that if they had the opportunity, Republicans in Congress would follow their brethren in GOP-led states and embrace the Koch brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council’s drive to put the brakes on democracy by blocking the right to vote of any American who was not a white Christian conservative.

Over the past six years, at least, there has been a steady assault on democracy from state level Republicans with valuable assistance from ALEC that led one to wonder whether the Koch brothers had directed the Republican legislative arm (ALEC) to disavow and destroy American democracy one state at a time. In December 2013, ALEC members refused to sign a pledge supporting democracy and coupled with their intense crusade to create legislation blocking minorities’ right to vote, it became crystal clear the conservative movement not only does not support democracy, they are actively working to bring it to an end and replace it with oligarchy.

It is indeed stunning, but Republicans are no longer couching their disdain for the democratic process with phony assertions there is overwhelming voter fraud, or the need for specific forms of identification, they just hate democracy. Last week it was reported here that corrupt New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashed out at states’ efforts to make it simpler for citizens to vote and called it “shocking” and “underhanded.” Christie is certainly not alone in hating the idea of the democratic process as evidenced by the conservative Supreme Court issuing three decisions, Citizens United, McCutcheon, and gutting the Voting Rights Act to assist ALEC’s drive to abolish democracy.

Within weeks of the High Court eliminating the major provisions of the Voting Rights Act, Republican states went berserk passing ALEC-written legislation to block minority access to the polls; particularly in the former Confederacy. Duly disturbed by the overt assault on voting rights, groups in North Carolina and, more recently, Georgia have made efforts to register African American voters as well as provide a better chance they will be “allowed” by Republicans to vote. In Georgia, specifically, an effort by African American churches to help their members get to early voting locations has enraged Republicans to the point that one Republican state senator, Fran Millar,  issued a solemn vow to shut them down.

Millar is livid about the “Souls To The Polls” effort by Black churches to bus their congregants who want to participate in the democratic process to nearby early voting locations according to a Georgia state law. Millar did not couch his belief African Americans have no legal right to vote and said, “Now we are to have Sunday voting at South DeKalb Mall. This location is dominated by African American shoppers and the Democratic Party thinks this is a wonderful idea – what a surprise. This is a blatantly partisan move.” Millar’s claim that helping all Americans regardless of color to participate in America’s democracy is a “blatant partisan move” echoes Chris Christie’s assertion to the letter and Millar is not about to allow Black Georgian’s to vote if he can possibly block the vote.

Millar says he is actively “investigating if there is any way to stop this action (Africa Americans voting) before the November election,” and if he fails in that assault on democracy, he promised to join forces with another anti-democracy Republican, State Representative Mike Jacobs, “to eliminate this election law in January.” Obviously, most of Georgia’s democracy-loving citizens were rightly outraged at Millar’s blatant crusade and openly-stated plan to block Black American citizens right to vote, but the anti-democracy Republican held his ground and defended his crusade to block the Black vote. He said, “I never claimed to be nonpartisan; I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters.”  If there was ever a direct statement exposing Republicans’ true beliefs that African Americans are not educated enough, or deserve, to participate in American democracy, Millar uttered it without reservation; Black Americans, wherever they live should be enraged. In fact, all Americans should be outraged and they likely are unless they are Republicans and their teabagger cohort.

Congressional Republicans may not have the power to block minority citizens voting rights yet, but they have spent the past six years faithfully blocking Democrats, and likely some Republican, legislators’ right to vote. If one goes to any search engine and types in “Republicans block vote,” they will find page after page of instances of Republicans in the House and Senate blocking votes on various legislation and amendments; the overwhelming majority of them to help the American people. In fact, in less than a year-and-a-half, Republicans religiously blocked votes on no less than 73 amendments in this session of Congress. Their efforts are not about defeating legislation by voting against efforts to help Americans; they are about blocking other legislators’ right to vote to help Americans according to their mandate as legislators because they hate the democratic process.

It is important to note that the Republican states actively thwarting minority voting are driven by the American Legislative Exchange Council’s template legislation promoting attacks on democracy. ALEC claim it is because there is out-of-control voter fraud, and yet in a long-term comprehensiveanalysis of  primary, general, special, and municipal elections since the 2000 general election, out of over a billion ballots case there were only 31 credible incidents of voter fraud.”  Lacking any credibility on their claim of voter fraud, it is glaringly apparent that ALEC and Republicans’ block the vote efforts are borne of a deep-seated hatred of democracy.  It is not the least bit shocking that when ALEC members were asked to sign a pledge “upholding the will of the people and support democracy,” none of the ALEC members signed the pledge. Republicans may not have refused to sign a pledge upholding the people’s will and supporting democracy, but their actions in the states and Congress are proof enough that blocking the vote is their war on democracy, minorities, and America.

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  1. Just this morning I came across the article
    Koch-Linked Group Targets Farmers Who Endorsed Democrat Bruce Braley

    When people say our republic is at risk and we will no longer be able to assemble and petition our government they may be right.

    The sad part is the yahoos who are the base of this neo-fascist party have no idea what’s in store for them. And when they start looking around for people to speak up for their rights it will be too late. Enjoy it you kochsuckers

  2. From what I am seeing, voters are beginning to realize what Republicans are up to.There are very, very, red states that are about to elect dems for their governorship/senators.

    The Koch brothers are pulling million $ ad buys because the Republican running stinks! They have spent $$$ on these races and are not getting their monies worth.

    There is still a lot more to do. It is just as vital to elect more dem senators and governors on the state level, as it is on the federal level. Terry McAuliffe is having a hard time for that very reason: the gop control both houses.

  3. ALEC and the NRA have an agenda to destroy Democracy AND the personal safety of Americans. We need to destroy ALEC and the NRA to keep America Free and SAFE from extermination by the Christian Reich Wing.

  4. This antidemocratic cadre has been plotting to take over for a long time, but now they’re emboldened enough not to pretend any more. I hear that former Justitute O’Connor now thinks it might have been a mistake to hand the country to Bush. Well, you can’t stick the rose back on the rosebush. The five corbies now on the bench are Hellbent on undoing all the progress the Twentieth Century ever made.

  5. It is becoming more and more apparent what the Republican Party and their corporate backers (Koch Brothers, ALEC, etc.)are up to. Unfortunately, their uninformed voters keep pushing their heads deeper into the sand so as not to see the truth.

  6. I’m not so sure that the members and legislators that follow ALEC hate democracy so much, they just view it differently than most people.

    ALEC receives much of its funding from the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers feel, like Romney, that this country needs to be run like a business and since they have been so adept at amassing lots of money, they and other corporations should be allowed to run the country. THEIR version of democracy and we, the people, should be their employees.

    The problem here is that EVERY state that has adopted ALEC legislative procedures is either bankrupt, or on the verge of bankruptcy. One would think that they would see what a failure their are. But, no, they just keep on doing the same things. Perfect definition of insanity.

  7. The Republicans have already “Sold” their “Souls” to the Koch’s and they are “now” in the “Process” of both “Selling” and “Giving Away” our entire country (the U.S.A.) and “All” of it’s “Inhabitants” (You and Me, and even our pets) including “All” of it’s Natural and Man-made Resources to their “MONEY GODS”. In my opinion. They will soon build Huge Monuments to their Powerful “Masters” using us the new “Peasant Class” as their “SLAVE LABOR FORCES” to achieve this goal. The Republicans and their “POWERFUL” “MONEY GODS” Have NOW “BLESSED THE ENTIRE U.S.A.”… “PRAISE THE GOP and THEIR “MONEY GOD” LORDS and MASTERS… BULLSHIT… BULLSHIT… BULLSHIT. Its NOW TIME to put a “QUICK STOP” to this “INSANE BULLSHIT”. In my opinion.

  8. When anyone says( ALEC) they may as well just say Koch, as that’s who runs it. As I was driving to town this morning a very large truck came up behind me rather quickly. Way Over the speed limit. As he was going to pass, there was on coming traffic and he had to slow down. As he passed I could see, This was a Koch truck painted red white and blue with a sign on the back saying “Blue Planet”! As though the Koch’s care about the planet? Almost made me throw up.. these creeps are every where. Like a plague, a plague that needs stopping quickly!

  9. Perhaps we should refer to states which have been purchased by Koch’s as Kochstate,
    e.g. I live in Kochstate North Carolina.

  10. “GOP “Money Gods”. We your “Faithful” Republican (GOP) “Servants” “Beseech You” to “Bless” The United States of America with your “Never Ending Love and Compassion” to “OWN and CONTROL” the Entire-Planet. We the GOP will be your “Slave Masters”. And we will “RULE” with “You” in “Your” “Heaven on Earth” that We the GOP Created for “You Alone” “OUR” “MONEY GODS”. I “believe” that I actually heard some “GOP Freaks” reciting this “Prayer” somewhere. I cant quite place it yet. But it sure “Sounded Real” to me.

  11. WoW! Joseph you said a mouth full. There seems to be a faction of citizens who do NOT see this danger. However if, the rethugs and ALEC people do manage to take over, people will very quickly recognize the danger being faced, way too late.
    How do you awake a population of sleeping inattentive people?

  12. The GOP and their “Money Gods” “work in strange-ways” (they say). And so do the “effects” of human “inbreeding” (overtime). ALEC and ISIL could actually be “twins”. They both (sure as hell) appear to have attended the same schools because they both think and act alike. In my opinion. Only the GOP’s “Money Gods” would know this for sure. ALEC and ISIL are both “Evil”. That’s all that we “the common people” need to know about them…

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