Autopsy Reveals That Utah Cops Shot Black Man Six Times While He Was Running Away



On September 10th, 22-year-old Darrien Hunt was shot and killed by two police officers in Saratoga Springs, UT. The county attorney’s office has claimed that police were forced to shoot Hunt due to him lunging at the officers with a large samurai sword. However, Hunt’s family had a private autopsy performed, and it reveals that Hunt was hit six times with bullets, all from the rear. Also, the fatal shot hit him 100 yards from where he initially was in contact with the officers. Witness accounts from the scene also report that Hunt was running away from officers and none report seeing him go after the police with his sword.

Witnesses at the scene took photos of the encounter. A woman who was at a nearby gas station and snapped a picture of Hunt speaking to the police prior to the shooting. Per the photo, Hunt and the officers are calm with their arms at their sides. She said that a few seconds later, while she was pumping her gas, Hunt was running from the police and they were shooting at him. Hunt was finally brought down with a shot to the back about 100 to 150 yards away from where he was first speaking to police.

Saratoga Springs is an affluent suburban community that is about a half-hour’s drive from Salt Lake City. Racially, the town is overwhelmingly white, with less than 5% of the population being non-white. Hunt was half-black, having a white mother and a black father. He stood out in the community not only due to his color, but also his large afro. At the time of his shooting, he made an impression as he was wearing a bright red shirt and had a sword slung across his back. The two police officers that shot and killed Hunt are white.

Randall Edwards, the attorney for Hunt’s family, claims that the sword that Hunt was carrying around on the day he was killed was actually a toy sword one would win at a carnival. The sword had a blunt edge, was merely for decoration and possessed no real danger to others. Edwards also disputes the notion that Hunt tried to attack the officers with the sword based on the autopsy results and witness accounts saying that Hunt was running away and officers were shooting at him from behind. If the officers felt their lives were in danger, why did they need to chase him over 100 yards and shoot him multiple times while he was fleeing?

Hunt’s mother, Susan Hunt, put it more bluntly when asked about why her son was killed last week.

“I’m in Saratoga Springs, cause it’s a safe little community and they killed him. They killed my son because he’s black. No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he’s running away.”

Obviously, there are parallels one sees between this case and the case of Michale Brown, the unarmed black Ferguson teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer while he was giving himself up. While the communities differ wildly — Ferguson is a poorer community where two-thirds of the population is black, Saratoga Springs is a rich, white town — the end results of the shootings are eerily similar. In both instances, a young black man who likely didn’t present a major threat to police was shot at multiple times and killed. Also, both shootings have witnesses who have given differing accounts than what the police have stated.

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  1. it is safer to assume that a white guy wielding an AK 47 is not a threat than a black man with Samurai…the Samurai is a chopping machine….so the white police guy assumed.

  2. I am sorry to say this but multimillion dollar lawsuits need to be filed for these over the top killings of these young people. This will stop once the tax payers have to shell out multiple payments to families who lose children do to over eager police to draw their guns and kill young men and then claim imminent danger when none exists. Money is of little condolence to the families but it will get the attention of the institutions and residents who’s property taxes will sky rocket as a result of incompetence and gun happy police officers.

  3. No it wont. That sheriff in Arizona, Joe Arpaio has cost Maricopa County millions on dollars in lawsuits and they still keep electing the asshole

  4. Its only a matter of time before people start fighting back. It wont be from the front where they can be filmed, it will be from ambush. There will be deep investigations and fake arrests just to show they get their man. And there will be more deaths.
    I wonder if this isnt what the NRA wants. They want everyone possible carrying. Is this to create chaos in the streets? Create proof those Black people shouldn’t be voting? Or a chance for police to be militarized and control the streets?
    I dont think all of this tied together is for the benefits of you and I. Just my opinion

  5. Since black men & boys are the sitting ducks for the corrupted racist police dept,what black mothers child is next? stay tuned.

  6. These cops revealed their abject stupidity in the way they handled the whole affair. Myself I never worry about people wielding Samurai swords unless they are of Asian decent or hot blondes in yellow jumpsuits.

  7. From other articles I have read on this shooting, the man had limited mental abilities and the cops should have been able to determine this just from talking to him.

    If they had treated this man as a child of 10 or 12 years old, this would never have had to happen. Instead they scared the crap out of him and, as child would do, he tried to run away, only to have the cops shoot him in the back as he is running.

    I hope the parents of this man-child sue the police department for every cent they can get. It won’t bring their son back, but maybe the damned cops will think twice about who they are confronting.

  8. It’s obvious that police brutality is out of control. Every day seems to bring one more depressing tale of officers who automatically and tragically assume the worst of young black males, although older ones are not immune. The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, was stopped by police officers while he was rushing to get to a theater not too long ago. Although black women have fewer encounters with that brutality, an officer in Oklahoma has been charged with raping 8 black women ages 34 to 58, and a number of black women have also been killed by officers. However, no one is immune, and it’s scary to see so many folks immersed in denial and self-deception. A white man was arrested for trying to tell the police that his son was autistic, and in another case, a man trying to communicate with sign language was also brutalized. These rogue cops never seem to take into account that there are good cops who’ve paid with their lives for the malfeasance of some.

  9. Just read where some citizens of Ukraine were so angry with politicians they threw one in the trash. Maybe the citizens of this country should start to do the same with Cops and politicians.

  10. This is a free for all for white cops and it is absolutely despicable.

    The self-righteous, racist white men, cops or not, who think that a black person’s life is not of value, need to have all paychecks stop, put on desk duty, and not allowed to have a gun if they are ever back on the beat. Lasers only. COWARDS WHO SHOOT ANYONE IN THE BACK while they are running away from the police should lose their jobs for good. Do these racists think they are going to decrease the minority race by killing off black men? This sickens me to no end. What is even worse..these are the incidences we HEAR about, imagine all the ones that are not publicized.

  11. One other thought I have is, whatever happened to shoot to injure????? The last few cases show definite overkill. This man was shot 6 times, and the Ferguson incident involved overkill shooting as well. Shooting does not have to mean killing them. That in itself should be a reason for taking these cops off the street. You can bet that if the roles were reversed, the white community would be railing. It is not necessary.

  12. I would like to take it one step further. Remember when Cons were saying popular culture were destroying our values? Well look at the movies and TV shows that glorifies cops killing their perps. If listening to music make people wild animals how come when they sit at home watching COPS don’t do the same to them?

    Yeah its a stupid argument but that’s what they have been saying for years

  13. Dj I agree, and you have a valid point of course. Professionals have been blaming music on provoking violence; there you have it. So why wouldn’t watching violence provoke violence?

    My main anger about these situations is that it is done in the name of “protection.” If guy ain’t got a gun, and he’s running away from you, then WHY DO YOU NEED TO SHOOT? The fact that the victim is black, is like giving license to anyone who “thinks” they are in danger to kill a person. It is the same as the tea party..yeah..lets deny people voting rights and make women go through transvaginal ultrasounds..all in the name of Jesus. IT’S AN EXCUSE, ALL OF IT.

  14. Very possibly, but did the good police do anything to weed out the bad? I can feel for the good ones, but even the good ones go bad

  15. Americans who think this w/couldn’t happen to them or their loved ones need to stop and think. A 17 year old is fighting for his life in MO because an officer asked him to roll down his window. He couldn’t because the window had been damaged. The cop tased him in the car, pulled him out of the car, slammed him to the ground and inflicted some serious head injuries on the kid. This child is white and his dad is a member of the same police dept. that this cop works for. The arresting cop claimed that the kid posed a threat to him and said the reason he stopped him was because he has a traffic violation on his record. I hope this kid makes it. Doctors have him in a medically-induced coma and are hoping his brain stops swelling. The FBI is investigating the police dept.

  16. There is something else to wonder about Shiva. That being, when a citizen is shot, the police(Cops) get going on the investigation. When a Cop get killed they go mad for revenge. Why? Is the life of one COP WORTH MORE THEN AN ORDINARY PERSON? In their opinion it seems it is. They even have a name for it (COP KILLER)To be A COP KILLER is worse then being an ordinary killer? I find that very strange.

  17. I totally agree with you. In this case, having read the history of the shooter himself, he is out to kill police and/or federal government people.

    But I also want to know why when a cop shoots a person without cause the same police do not exhibit the same fervor.

  18. There are many ways to skin a rat. Arapaio thinks he can win from the Federal gov’t? Really?

    Although his constituents are stupid and full of xenophobic hatred – and that’s why they keep electing him – the Federal gov’t has many, many ways to hurt Arapaio where it counts. And they’re doing it.

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