Cliven Bundy Republicans Campaign To Seize and Sell Off Federal Land


There is a good reason for harsh penalties for criminal activity besides punishing a criminal, although suffering harsh consequences is apropos for some crimes. Although it is doubtful whether or not penalizing a criminal will ever have any rehabilitating or behavioral transformative affect, at least the violator is removed from society and possibly serves as a deterrent to other criminal activity. Conversely, when the justice system fails and criminals are allowed to violate the law with impunity, and conservatives praise the criminal as a heroic American patriot, it will just be a matter of time until some Republican candidate campaigns on breaking the law.

Last April when serial welfare cheat and seditionist Cliven Bundy marshaled heavily-armed militias and incited a dangerous standoff with federal officers executing a federal court order, he claimed the federal government had no right to the federal land it had purchased or authority over that land. At the time there were several Republicans who agreed with Bundy, but then again they are the same malcontents that claim the federal government’s existence is invalid; but that is another story.

Now, there is a serious movement among Republicans who embrace Bundy’s claim the federal government is forbidden from owning land and the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado is actively campaigning on a promise of seizing all federal land. His plan, like those in several other Republican states, is confiscating national parks, national forests, and all public land from the federal government and selling them off to the Koch brothers for mining, drilling, and logging. As private land owned by the Kochs, federal regulations and environmental protections become null and void and America’s National Parks, wilderness areas, and waterways become dirty energy wastelands.

The Republican candidate, Bob Beauprez, openly called for seizing all federal land in Colorado because he claims “this is a fight we have to wage.” Like Cliven Bundy, Beauprez claims that  all federally-owned land in the state is private Colorado land that means “we can cancel their (federal government) lease like they are tenants.” Beauprez is one of several Republicans running for office who agree with Bundy that states have the right to sell off federally-owned land to the highest bidder primarily because they do not acknowledge any federal government authority. For his part, according to his campaign document, “Liberty’s Promise: My Plan to Protect Freedom and Constitutional Rights,” Beauprez intends on “reestablishing state rights and duties” primarily “by taking control of land from the federal government” and selling it to mining, oil, and logging interests.

Like most 10th Amendment, state rights extremists, Beauprez’s claim to protect constitutional rights by seizing federal land misses the important point that seizing federal land is patently unconstitutional. Even if it were constitutional, it would place an extreme financial burden on Colorado taxpayers in the hundreds-of-millions of dollars annually just to cover the cost of the state’s devastating wildfires as a result of extremely dry conditions due to droughts caused by climate change. Climate change that Beauprez asserts in his 2009 book, A Return to Values, is “at best a grossly overhyped issue and a complete hoax foisted on most of the world.” According to a candidate whose state suffers from extreme wildfires and the effects of climate change, Beauprez compared the “global warming fervor” to “a religious revival being spread by true believers with similar evangelical enthusiasm.”

Beauprez joins over a dozen other candidates, most for federal office and several current members of Congress, who agree whole-heartedly with seditious criminal Cliven Bundy that America’s federally-owned lands are illegal and fair game to be seized by states and sold off to the drilling, mining, and logging industry. According to analysis by the Center for American Progress, there are 13 candidates on the midterm ballots as well as 7 sitting senators who are not up for reelection from 10 states who sympathize with Cliven Bundy and agree the federal government has no right or authority to own land. Land, by the way, that includes National Parks, recreational waterways, and wilderness areas that belong to all the American people to enjoy. However, being typically Koch-funded right-wing extremists, Republicans have been on a six-year tear to seize everything from the people including their pensions, Medicare, and now their national parks to open to corporate mining, drilling, and logging interests.

One Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona, Andy Tobin, joins Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-ID) who believes states have constitutional purview to “declare sovereignty, exclusive authority, and jurisdiction over the air, water, public lands, minerals, wildlife and other natural resources within their boundaries.” During the Bundy seditious standoff, Tobin sent a fundraising email sympathizing with Bundy as the “victim of overbearing government regulations,” and believes relief for the criminal can only come by seizing federally-owned land. However, based on the Republicans funded by the Koch brothers praising the criminal Bundy as a patriot hero, it is more plausible that their support was more about a movement to seize federal land to give the Kochs freedom from federal and state regulations; not helping a criminal. It does, though, inform why many Koch-funded Republicans rushed to defend Bundy as a patriot against the federal government that was “overbearing” because it purchased the land Bundy trespassed on for two decades.

An overwhelming majority of voters in Western states vehemently oppose Republican’s unconstitutional proposals to seize National Parks such as the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain recreation area, or lake Meade, but Republicans routinely ignore the will of the people; especially when it conflicts with the demands of their campaign donors. There has been a movement afoot to allow oil, gas, and mineral exploration and drilling on federally protected land, especially in the Grand Canyon and along pristine coastal wilderness areas on and offshore that Willard Romney assailed President Obama for opposing during one of the presidential debates. The movement now is mainstream and a campaign issue in Western states.

One wonders, now, if the Bundy standoff was more about bringing attention to, and garnering support for, the Republicans’ plans to seize federal land to sell to the highest bidder for mining, drilling, and logging than illegally grazing cattle. Although there were quiet murmurs among Republicans in Utah and Arizona about seizing federal land before the Bundy sedition, there were no blatant candidate campaigns based around an unconstitutional action that, like everything Republicans do, appears to be just another ploy to hand America over to the Koch brothers

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  1. Gov. should imprison these idiots, they’re nothing but domestic terrorists that are so wimpy they hide behind women and children after shooting off their mouths. They feel they dont have to live by rules – who do they think they are. We know, men with teenitiny penises that need guns to feel like a real man.

  2. Where is atty gen Holder ? Isn’t he supposed to enforce federal laws. His inaction just incites these morons. Speaking of morons, Ted Cruz should be shipped back to Canada and his father to cuba. Assholes who do not belong here!

  3. I wonder if the people of the states have the sense to not let this happen. I live less than an hour away from the Smoky Mountain National Park, the 2nd oldest land mass on earth. During the 2nd world war it was logged off in many places and damm near ruined the state

    Make no mistake if the koch owned the Smokys and there were fires, we would be expected to pay for the relief

  4. I’m sick of hearing about Cliven Bundy and his redneck terrorist group. Given 48 hours to move out or send in the military. Better yet, since they already have their guns, let’s not waste a lot of good soldiers, send these clowns over to take care of the ISIS situation. Oh! I forgot they can’t take it when somebody shoots back. A$$holes.

  5. Ugh. Will these bundy idiots give it a rest already. If it belongs to the government THEY dictate the terms.

  6. While I don’t find it desirable for our Government to own land———–I feel if they didn’t an it wasn’t kept safe for the next generation to come——Greedy people would get their hands on it an cause many of our wild life/forest an natural beauty like the Grand Canon/Petrified forest/Black Hills an others would slowly disappear.

  7. Oh, the irony of the conservatives is never wasted on me.
    My Father was born at Pine Ridge Reservation in 1924, before he was even considered a citizen of the United States (that didn’t happen until 1925). Pine Ridge Reservation is at the foot of the Black Hills.
    My Father’s tribe had dibs on the Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills long before the cons wanted to take over.
    If the cons think the Feds shouldn’t own seized lands, then the first ones at the top of the entitlement list are ALL Native Americans, since they owned it all first.
    My Father’s tribe has not settled for any monetary reparations, they want their LAND back the was taken from them in the first place.

  8. Shiva, I’m curious: How was it determined that Smoky Mountain Park was determined to be the second oldest landmass on earth? And when you say “landmass”, what exactly do you mean?

    As I said, just curious. I’ve never heard of any landmass on earth being older/younger.

  9. Why the FUCK are these people sitting in the halls of Congress and not in jail awaiting their execution for High Treason?

    One Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona, Andy Tobin, joins Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-ID) who believes states have constitutional purview to “declare sovereignty, exclusive authority, and jurisdiction over the air, water, public lands, minerals, wildlife and other natural resources within their boundaries.”

  10. Man thats messed up. There’s just so much more the u.s. should be doing for so many Indian tribes that were screwed but just to few people who even try. If only democrats could combine energy more on that and less on the yearly rascist outcry trial we could all finally see them getting what they deserve.

  11. Maple, this refers to cratons, which are not packing units, but scraps of ancient continents that have broken up and reassembled into new ones. Most of them are subducted, metamorphized, shattered and fused with others, but a few are still very nearly original continental crust. The last I heard, the Laurentian Shield was the oldest continuously surviving craton,but several others are very old.

  12. Thanks to the Republican Party’s Greed and Corruption “ALL” Federal RESOURCES (which are the “CITIZENS PROPERTY”) and “All” of the Inhabitants (both Citizens and Residents) of the U.S.A. “could” soon become the “PRIVATE PROPERTY” and slaves of the Republican Party (GOP) and their “Money Gods”. Who are actually their (truly evil, “Inhuman”) Corporate “Elite 1%” Masters. In my opinion. UNLESS WE ALL JUST SAY “HELL NO” OR “BEGONE SATAN”, ETC., TO THESE A-HOLES IT COULD really HAPPEN. In my opinion.

  13. And further, the Smokies were built by the collision with Africa. 2 Times in fact.

    What was pushed up was very ancient ground. In a similar vein, the Rockies are a very young mountain range.

    In addition again, the great slave lake are is considered to be the oldest. There are mountains there that are no more then 5 feet tall(worn down) and old beyond reality.

  14. Better yet, send in all the women they’ve misused and abused over the years, the ones they used as human shields Figure they’re cheesed off enough to do some real damage.

  15. They’re just itching for a showdown that the federal government can’t back away from. This would be the thing to bring it about.

  16. My husband & I were just talking about this today, & pouf! Here’s just what I’ve been afraid of after reading,recently, that the preservation of OUR NATIONAL PARKS can be demolished by a movement of CONGRESS. I felt a wave of nausea come over me. We know what this Congress is capable of.

    I live in CA & 4 generations of my ancestors of my have spent weeks and weeks in the high country. To see the apocalyptic rage of Mother Nature, burning the once lush bowl that was “Little Yosemite”: agony, no other word for it. I’ve camped there, I’ve waited for my ex to crawl on the trail down from Half Dome in the dark. I was raised there,its rivers mixed in my blood the trees are my bones pine needles my hair. All burned away because the greed & need for power by a merciless few. To what avail do we destroy this planet? In doing so we destroy ourselves. Few seem to understand or care about this. National Parks belong to our Nation;they are OURS to protect & we MUST DO S…

  17. I’ve wondered that myself. Where is the Nuremberg trial that Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush & Wolfowitz should testify at? Why do we have the right to do what we are too chicken to do to our own leaders? LOOK at what has happened in the Middle East since we got there? Utter chaos, and more to come. We are dealing with a medieval culture that we have nothing in common with. I find myself wondering if the “Skull and Bones” society really does exist — they take vows not to prosecute one another, it is said. I’m not saying that this is true, but I’ve read it so many times … and watching Mr. Obama and his DOJ guy not even MENTION the possibility makes me wonder. I don’t know, but “something’s happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear …”

  18. The government should have taken that scumbag,Bundy out immediately !!they need to do it NOW ! Screw if anyone knows,the government did it !!then go to work on those anti- american republicans ! They’re all NAZIS !!

  19. Considering that almost all these lands that belong to the government were purchased by the government to expand U.S. territory, they really do belong to the government. And the taxpayers.

    So shelve any notions that these lands were stolen from anyone except the indigenous peoples. What is happening here is an attempt to steal from the government. Since I doubt Bundy would like it if anyone declared he didn’t own his ranch, even though he paid for it, maybe these folks should shut their yaps.

  20. When taking public office, are you not required to take an oath to “protect and uphold the constitution”? Then public officials siding with seditionists are breaking their oath and should be impeached.

  21. one of the requirements of statehood has always been that any land not owned by private citizens has to be turned over to the Federal Gov’t… its not debatable and its a little late 100 years or more for some dumbass like Cliven to claim that the state owns the land..

    the only exception to this is Texas… that’s a different story..

  22. The brain dead morons on the right need to wake the hell up and see just what the Kochfascists really are. They are not all American “makers” as the right likes to call the wealthy. They are evil and calculated fascists, and people like this idiot running for Governor in Colorado are their well paid puppets.

    These are the very types they are pouring millions into, to get elected to every level of government, from your local school board, right on up to the White House. They are not some right wing “Libertarian” dream. They are evil fascists, and they want that land for themselves, with no regulations over how they can pollute the land, air, and water for their never ending greed.

    One would have to be insane to think these fascists are patriots. Their aim is to destroy everything about our democracy, and for nothing more than their never ending greed, and power hungry aims.

  23. Your correct, these traitors are not worth one single American in uniform. These people live here with freedom, make a living( in Bundys case a very good on apparently) Use all resources to be had, then turn and become traitors!
    Send in the helicopters and the A-tens take them all out. I am tired of republican double dealers…I am tired of those who claim to be Christians and prove to be otherwise.

  24. If they were Black or Hispanic the government would have crushed this sedition and thrown them in jail if not killed them months ago. I’ve been offended for months that this continues. This is BULL. Throw his sorry butt in prison. He’s thumbing his nose at everything and everyone.

  25. These Cliven Bundy Republicans are no less seditionists than he is. They should be throw out for violating their oath of office and then tried for treason.

  26. These people and their offspring are too busy killing policemen. Policemen are busy
    killing black unarmed teenagers, there is something very wrong with this society.

  27. It seems incredible that the Republicans can claim even part of the vote.Their hatred of Obama uses up all of their thinking power which was not great in the first place.Republicans are depending on old white men,districts that are gerrymandered and anything thatcould pass
    for “not in mybest interest.”We may have to wait for this generation to die off.” I only hope we canmake it.

  28. I still wonder why these seditionists and traitors were not shot down like the arrogant, evil dogs they are.

    Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him? Dead? No, it can’t be!

  29. Of the 10 most toxic places on this planet, West Virginia is number one. If Ted Cruz has his way, the US will be the Koch brothers personal sewer.

  30. “Federal Lands” are lands held in trust by the federal government for the benefit of the citizens of America…

  31. We certainly cannot expect Republican governors to preserve the land for the people so it has to be the Feds and of course the people. It appears enough of us will rise up should it ever come to that but I don’t think it will, these folks are just the wacky birds on the right that will eventually be put down so as to be out of their misery.

  32. I agree and they seem to forget how much revenue is produced by national forests and land for the people who live in the state and the states themselves all benefit. These areas are national treasures and once gone are gone forever. Their greed rules over every thought they have.

  33. If memory serves me correct, some states had this same thinking back in 1861. It sure as hell did not work in their favor then and it will not today.

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