Democrats Have Their Best August In History and Strengthen Their Position To Keep The Senate


Senate Democrats set another fundraising record in August. They are crushing their Republican opponents in fundraising, and find themselves in a much stronger position to keep control of the Senate than the experts predicted.

The Democratic Senate Congressional Committee (DSCC) had their best fundraising month in history in August. Democrats outraised Republicans $7.7 million to $1.6 million. Overall, Democrats have outraised Republicans by $29 million. The DSCC has $25.3 million in cash on hand and no debt.

In a statement, DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said, “With less than 50 days until Election Day, Democrats are in strong position to hold the majority. While the Koch brothers are spending millions on misleading attack ads to prop up candidates like Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, Thom Tillis, and others, Democrats are running stronger, smarter campaigns with better candidates. Thanks to our energized grassroots supporters, the DSCC will continue to highlight on the airwaves how Republicans want to privatize Social Security, gut Medicare, and limit access to common forms of birth control as well as heavily invest in the Bannock Street Project, which at its peak will be the largest, most data-driven field operation ever in a midterm election.”

As The New York Times recently reported, a path to Democrats keeping the Senate majority is becoming visible. Democrats have a base of 45 seats. If the Democratic candidates win in Colorado and Michigan, where they currently lead, the party would only need to win three more states to keep their majority. Sen. Kay Hagan leads in North Carolina. A Hagan win would bring the Democratic total to 48. Democrats could keep the by winning in Iowa and Alaska. Wins in those two states, would give Democrats the majority with Vice President Joe Biden serving as the tie breaking vote.

If Democrats win a Republican held seat in Kentucky or Georgia, they could afford to lose a vulnerable seat like Alaska and still keep the majority.

Republicans are putting all of their resources into capturing the Senate, which is why the Democratic fundraising has been so impressive. Having money is the first step towards keeping the majority. The next step is for Democrats to mobilize and get their voters out to vote in November.

There is no doubt about it. Democrats are doing much better than the pundits and “experts” predicted. Republicans were hoping for an early wave that would point to them locking up control of the Senate by now. Instead of a national election, the 2014 contest for the Senate has turned into a state by state battle with no national themes. This is not the kind of election that Republicans wanted to contest.

It is not an easy path, but Democrats have a much better chance of keeping the majority than the political chattering class ever expected.

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  1. *either win in Kentucky or Georgia* why not win in both and put a smile on all of us Liberals? Kick McConidiot out of office. McDoodle needs to retire anyway.

  2. The “POLITICAL CHATTERING CLASS” are sputtering and backfiring as they go along. Republicans will deservedly be trounced in November. A breath of Fresh Air is what this country needs. Not the gloom & doom the Republican Party projects.

  3. Republicans have made the tactical error of making this mid-term about President Obama. This election is not about the president. It’s about each Congressional incumbent and the horrible Congressional approval rating.

    I don’t care about historical norms and the party in power in the White House losing badly in the midterms. I don’t care about historical norms and the president’s approval rating being an indicator of which way the electorate will vote in the midterm election. There’s a reason democrat fundraising numbers are in record territory; folks are putting their money where their mouth is and they’ll do the same with their vote. 2014 will prove to be a turning point in American politics. I’ll be surprised if Democrats don’t ADD to their Senate majority and serious inroads are made in the House.

    I’m just curious to see how the media will report it..

  4. Heubler:

    ——“Now if they only could be baited into another government shutdown…——–


    Now THAT foolish move will be the straw that breaks (their) camel’s back.
    And even more appropriate it will be the nail in the coffin that seals it shut. At least for a good period of time. And their awful attitudes towards governing and dealing with the President will be subdued.

  5. You cannot look back on pass elections to predict what will happen in November. Pass results don’t work with this Prez, it’s a different era.

    He defied history by becoming the first prez of color. Then he defied history by being re-elected with high unemployment, now this. With all the money the Koch brothers are unleashing, they are losing.

    The GOP just fillerbustered equal pay for women out of arrogance; they wrongly believed they have the Senate.Pride goeth before the fall. That was a bad move.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if thet shut down the government before elections. That move will give us the House, so please, proceed! Pelosi is waiting!

  6. Well said Maxie, and I have been saying the same every time I hear one of the chattering class tell us all about what is normal in these mid-term elections.

    The one thing I keep pointing out is this time we have had four years of the extremists teabags in control of many states since 2010, and many in those states will be rushing to the polls to get rid of them in their state houses, which will only serve to help Dems in their national elections. Remember they were also supposed to take the Senate in 2012, and they managed to destroy themselves then too, and it appears they are repeating history this year too.

  7. Oh but wait, the media keeps telling us that the Dems are doomed, and there is no way they can keep the Senate, and of course have been all too eager to keep pointing to Nate Silver as their proof.

    They keep telling us how Dem voters are not energized, and yet month after month it appears that millions of those Dem voters are sending their money to get Dems elected or keep them safe in their seats. Of course the know it all talking heads could never be wrong could they, except for that one time back in 2012, when they told us Romney would win, and the Repugs would get the Senate back. OOOOPS!

  8. I was wondering about the races on the state level. Democrats will be picking up 6-8 gubernatorial seats, some of them in red states with republicans in control. It won’t do any good for a Democrat to win as governor if he has to deal mostly with Republicans. They can override his vetoes. Lets hope they are voted out of office also.

  9. folks, I believe the dems are about to shock the rightwing and blow the goddamn doors off the hinges in the midterms on November 4th. not only are dems gonna set records for midterm turnout, there will be a majority of women, independents, undecideds, and yes- even some republicans who will all be voting for democrats this November. my gop buddies are just as disgusted as I am over what has happened to this modern republican and conservative party which has morphed into a ‘circus and freakshow’. my friends, here is a fact that scares rightwing leaders to death. if dems turnout at the 2014 midterms at just a 10% increase from dem turnout in the 2010 midterms, dems win big. dems win very big!!! this will not be problem this election cycle. the majority of this greta nation is about unleash their wrath on the GOPTP. dems have just had back to back record breaking months of campaign donations in july and august. get angry. get motivated. get ready to vote on November 4th for democrats!!!

  10. you are 100% correct. instead of offering americans some sort of hope, plans, vision, programs, ideas, anything, all they have done is doubled down on their hatred for Obama and all they can do is say no and promise to dismantle everything Obama and the dems have accomplished over the last 6 years. think back to January. remember how bad the obamacare rollout went? remember how arrogant and cocky the rightwing had become hinking it would be a cake walk to the senate in nthe midterms. boy, 9 months later and things have changed drastically. these rightwing fools are going down in flames. I cant wait. this election is not about Obama. not even close. it will be a referendum on the republicans and conservatives in congress who have obstructed, sabotage, and divided this nation for the last 4 years. we will witness an incredible event in noveber. republicans and conservatives will be crushed to dust. it wont matter how many racists, bigots, sexists, and homophobes the right can get to vote

  11. yes they are telling people that, especially rightwing media and radio. they are saying the GOPTP will win big. it is horesh*t!!! the rightwing is not that stupid. they are being as arrogant and cocky as possible to try to discourage as many dems from voting as possible on a supposed ‘lost cause’. they also have a backup plan, voter id. nothing could be further from the truth. the GOPTP is in trouble and their leaders know it!! dems are about to shock the political world on November 4th! I hope you are voting. I cant wait to mbarrass the GOPTP clowns!!!

  12. I went to my city’s Carter/Nunn campaign office and signed up to GOTV. GOPTPers here are worried since dems have registered so many new democrats in preparation for the Nov. election. Neil Bush, former Pres. GHW Bush’s son who is the chairman of the Points of Light Foundation, spoke out today about the campaign ad David Perdue is running all over the state that accuses Nunn of giving money to terrorists organizations when she was the chairman of POL. He sounded pretty pissed about it and said that when Ms. Nunn was chairman of POL, no money was “funneled” to any terrorist group. He also said it was a smear on a charitable organization Pres. GHW Bush established. This is the depth to which Perdue is willing to stoop to win an election. I think Neil Bush speaking out about the lying campaign ad is a good thing, since it’s a very rare occasion to have one republican speaking out against another republican. I’d be pissed, too, if someone lied about an org my dad had established.

  13. just vote against every republican and this country will be headed in the right direction without obstructions.

  14. Democrats have outraised Republicans by $29 million???

    Great for Democrats but where did they raise that kind of money? Truth is, from the 1% and the corporate wall street banker types Democrats claim to hate. They speak in forked tongue, saying one thing, then become part of the problem they talk down.

    Both parties are the same when it comes to taking money and making promises. They are not really for the common man. Makes me sick.

  15. You need to stop watching fox and try reading sometime
    The massive difference in how Democrats and Republicans raise money
    You probably have a preconceived notion of where the political parties raise their money. Republicans get lots of donations from wealthy individuals and corporate interests; Democrats get money from less rich individuals and a somewhat overlapping set of corporate interests. Well, we have news for you: That perception is completely correct.

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