The Calm Before The Storm: Republicans Set Up A New Government Shutdown Battle With Obama

The House passed a CR 319-108 today, but the vote was calm before the storm as Republicans are setting up a government shutdown showdown with President Obama.

It would be nice to think that House Republicans have learned their lesson and will now fund the government, but the temporary funding measure that the House passed was designed to get the GOP through the midterm elections. After the midterms, Republicans plan to unleash a government shutdown frenzy if they take control of the Senate.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is already promising a massive government shutdown if Republicans win the Senate. McConnell’s strategy as he outlined to it to the Koch brothers is to use the budget process to demand policy changes from President Obama, or else he will shutdown the government.

Today’s vote was nothing more than Republicans buying themselves some time, and rolling the dice on taking back the Senate. If Republicans fail to take back the Senate, the country could be facing another government shutdown showdown just before the holidays. If Republicans do win control of the Senate, the country will be dragged into a full scale partisan gridlocked war.

Mitch McConnell is planning on using the budgetary process and government shutdowns to invalidate the entire Obama presidency. The years since Republicans took control of the House have been ugly, but they are nothing compared to what Mitch McConnell is prepared to put the country through in order to carry out his Koch fueled agenda.

Today’s passage of the continuing resolution was the calm before the storm. There is another government shutdown battle brewing, and this one will be even ugly than last year. Don’t be fooled by this one vote. Republicans are setting up a crisis that could define the last two years of the Obama presidency. The degree of crisis will be determined by whether or not voters give Republicans a Senate majority in November.

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  1. We need to pass this around- a quote from your wonderful work at Politicusa Regardless what any American thinks about the federal government, there are few, very few, Americans who want to live in a nation with no federal government to protect Americans from wealthy predators with no other goal than taking every and anything from the people; a goal Republicans share en masse and one Democrats are curiously unwilling to expose. If, as President Obama said, elections matter, then it is crucial that Democrats reveal what is in store for Americans if Republicans continue lying about creating jobs to win big in the midterm elections because their concept of job creation is dismantling the people’s government and they are as serious as a fatal heart attack.

  2. “McConnell is already promising a massive government if the Republicans take control of the Senate.”

    1. The budget runs out at the end of September. If there is to be a shutdown, it would have to take place BEFORE, not after the elections.
    2. The GOP won’t gain control of the Senate, not the way things look right now.
    3. The Teahadist are going to want the shutdown to occur before the elections. All they need is thd go ahead from their leader, Boehner, err, ummm, Ted Cruz to give them the go ahead.
    4. If they try this stunt before elections, Boehner can start cleaning out his desk, and join the unemployed.

  3. As a retired government employee who lived through the shutdown in the 90’s, I will definitely hold back my vote from these trolls if this happens. It caused veterans to have appointments cancelled and care delayed. It caused an enormous burden on employees who had pay withheld until the bozos in congress came to an agreement even though “essential” employees were still required to be at work. We did our job. Congress needs to do theirs.

  4. It is pass time for the Federal Government to charge all of the TPGOPers in Congress with what they are Domestic Terrorists and ship them all to Gitmo. These people have done far more damage to the USA then any outside terrorist group. They have cost average Americans numerous amount of financial loss, pain and suffering through their numerous acts of obstructionism and down right treasonous behavior.

  5. So if I understand correctly you voted for these dolts after you seen the destruction they done the first time? Please tell me I am wrong

  6. and the day after the shutdown hundreds of vets will suddenly and mysteriously show up on the mall wanting to know why their memorial is closed

    And the tea bags will cheer, until their parents disown them. And until the unemployed fight back, including some of the tea bags.

    The republicans were hurt last time they played this game, but I have a feeling it wont matter now.

  7. I agree with all you said except for number one. You need to check before you criticize. The fiscal year ends in September, but that has nothing to do with appropriations.

  8. The shutdown can occur anytime after a Continuing Resolution runs out, which is why they are looking to pass a temporary spending bill to get past the elections, so they don’t look bad when they put over 1 million federal workers and even more contractors out of work temporarily.

    In October of 2013, this exercise in stupidity cost the United States over $2.5 billion in workforce costs, and more in lost GDP.

  9. Yep Dave, I heard that too. They will try to shut down the Gov right b4 the holidays and, of course, blame it on Obama.

  10. We are not perfect but Republicans are totally crazy and will not stop short of the destruction of the middle class and, thus, America.

  11. I Knew It! I Knew It! They Stink!
    You know how I have to ask God’s forgiveness every day for hating Republicans?

    Yeah, but now I have an excuse. They stink.

    In a study recently published in the American Journal of Political Science, lead investigator Rose McDermott, Ph.D., of Brown University, found that adults were more likely to be attracted to the body odors of people who had similar political beliefs and repelled by the body odors of those with opposing ideologies.

    Since I smell really good, that must mean Republican do not. And, come to think of it, most of them do smell like they’ve got a week old pound of crawfish in their back pocket and a goat under each arm. Or at their politics do.

  12. Lolol!! Thanks DJ..I think that is the first chuckle I’ve had all day since reading PoliticusUsa…eww..crawfish!

  13. This nonsense on the republicans part has gotten out of hand. That guy that killed the troopers was probably influenced by all the ignorance that’s being put out there by them. I have received emails From ‘Mitch McConnell’ dripping with hate and contempt for the President. I will never ever consider voting for a republican again. Ever.

  14. Since this passed the House, it should easily clear the Senate and then Obama can sign this bill and sort of kick the can until after the elections.

    But, as an American citizen, I am appalled by the fact that the Republicans want to try this stunt again! It has backfired on them so badly before… I take it that no Republican has ever heard of ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’.

    This is why everyone must vote for a Congress that has a Democrat majority. We can prevent the storm from appearing and we can tell those who want to drown the government in a bath tub to go screw themselves with a rusty pole!

  15. What did they expect? Fox News (Faux) cheered on the Cliven Bundy terrorists pointing rifles at Federal law enforcement and called them heroes. I’m surprised they haven’t done the same for this craven coward. After all, he just wants his guns and freedom right Sarah Palin?

  16. Right now, even moderate republicans are against the extreme teaparty republicans.



  17. I graduated High School in 76′ and the last 2 years I tutored our special needs students in Science, History and sometimes drafting and art. Those students who were handicapped learned quicker than the Reich Wing and they are better people.

  18. Rethugs tried the Gov. shut down before and were hurt along with the country as a whole. To talk of trying it again leaves me to believe they are not afraid of the same result.
    This leads me to wonder why? Rethugs must believe they have all the advantages needed to survive another shut down and take over completely.
    Beware America! Vote!! The rethugs have a plan which it seems is about to be placed in action.

  19. I now feel that the Democrats should sit back and let the GOP have it’s way. After the nations gets a full dose of what they have in store for it they will be hard pressed getting elected as dog catcher. If they shut down government just to strip it of the basic protections for the majority of the nation it will doom the party for decades.

  20. I remember during the last shutdown was going on, Democrats were (rightly) blaming Republicans for holding the country at ransom until their demands on Obamacare were met (after trying to repeal it… what over 100 times?). But you know what the common thought that Repubs had during the whole thing? That it was “both sides” fault. That they were just “unwilling to talk”. That because the Dems weren’t folding to their demands, it was the Dems fault it was going on in the first place! Look! Veterans can’t get to their memorials! It’s the Dems fault for not falling to our demands! Think of the poor veterans (not of their health, mind you, just of their ruined visit)!

    Essentially, anybody to blame but themselves, even the victims. This is their base. People who, to them, the Repubs can literally do no wrong.

    “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” – Stuart Chase

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