Democrats Mock Do Nothing Republicans For Managing to Keep Government Open

slow clap

Upon the news that House Republicans managed to pass yet another temporary funding measure on Wednesday, Republicans are very impressed with themselves. This, of course, is sort of a joke since not only should they not keep temporarily funding the government (they should sit down for reconciliation with the Senate), but they are also clearly just doing this to get through the midterm elections.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is not impressed with Republicans who are “patting themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum and avoiding yet another one of their government shutdowns….”

So disgusted are the Democrats that they made a short little video entitled “Slow clap”. It’s meant to help the Republicans understand that while they might be impressed with themselves for doing the bare minimum, the public might see things a little differently.

Let the mocking begin:

In a press release, the Democrats got right down to business, accusing House Republicans of “patting themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum and avoiding yet another one of their government shutdowns, but the American people have a very different reaction to Republicans’ self-congratulation. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is helping the Republican party understand the American people’s reaction in a new video: ‘Slow Clap.'”

Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pointed out in a statement that middle class families don’t give themselves a standing ovation for going to work every day, “Big round of applause for House Republicans on doing the absolute bare minimum: keeping the government open. Hardworking, middle class families don’t give themselves a standing ovation for waking up every morning and getting their jobs done – so why do House Republicans deserve an encore performance when they only completed the bare minimum? In any other business, House Republicans would have been fired or benched a long time ago for not doing their job – and come November they won’t be patting themselves on the back so hard.”

Lucky for House Republicans, they are protected from having to compete by their own special privileges afforded by gerrymandering.

Democrats don’t have to try hard to make the case that Republicans are do-nothings who should not be congratulating selves over doing their job. After all, Republicans are making it as easy as possible for the Democrats by refusing to raise the minimum wage or extend long term unemployment. Just days ago Republicans again rejected paycheck fairness for women, and then Republican party officials spent the day desperately trying to blame President Obama for the current economic state of affairs of American women. Seriously. As if the minimum wage and paycheck fairness have nothing to do with women’s economic status.

The slow clap might just be the only appropriate response to the children running the Republican Party. Every time they manage to do anything but throw temper tantrums, we should all applaud them. They say they believe in merit based accolades, but the modern day Republican must be graded on a steep curve with low expectations and protected by gerrymandering and deceptive Koch funded ads. If they aren’t asking for the President’s birth certificate while explaining how great slavery and legitimate rape are, they’re doing a great job. Commence the slow clap.

Democrats really ought to be kinder, as given the “knuckleheads” in the Republican Party, any achievement that even passes for a semblance of doing their job is a huge moment. We don’t mock the crazy and the stupid, because we know they can’t help themselves. We must take pity on the GOP while quietly ushering them to the nearest exit and calling for back up.

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  1. I honestly didn’t think they would pass a budget. Maybe they are not as stupid as I assumed them to be. So I guess their game plan is to wait until after the elections to finish the budget, which is ridiculous!

    McConnell thinks he is going to be Senate Majority leader. I’ll have to watch Fox to watch them hyperventilate when they see the Dems are holding on to the Senate.

  2. How can their constituency not get mad at what they viciously do every day to stop any kind of progress for the average citizen. They shut the govt down like its nothing.These are peoples lives they’re affecting with their cruel games. They dont feel your pain because they’re all millionaires they never worry about food or rent car notes. They’re filthy rich and let YOU THEIR CONSTITUENT starve, be w/ o a job, UE ins– which caused people to lose their residence. Who are you people that insist on voting for these cold blooded MF’s who dont give a shit about that? You should hang your head in shame for supporting such vile men and women in the House.. Your GOP representatives!

  3. We all suffer when you vote republican. The country lises every time they’re in the WH / office and you know that! So tor your own sake Do Not Vote Republican. Think of your children for crying out loud!

  4. “We must take pity on the GOP while quietly ushering them to the nearest exit and calling for back up.” yes but before I pity the fools, I want the GOPTP to get crushed in the upcoming midterms and removed from our democratic system of governing. once the conservative obstrcutionists and saboteurs are purged from the house and senate, then I might feel a little bit sorry for them. they are a sad and pathetic bunch.

  5. Well… With lame-assed 1950‘s vintage yawns like this it’s easy to see why the Dems seem always to have such a tenuous hold on the elelectorate. We might as well be running that old Look for the Union Label sing-along.

    The Dems defend Soc.Sec. We defend MediCare. We defend Unions. We defend the environment. We advocate fair address to Blacks, immigrants, women, gays, the poor, the halt, and the lame.

    The Repubs, by contrast, defend an oligarchy of rapacious thugs and vulture capitalist, and a crime syndicate of
    -bleating fascists. As legislators, they have conducted themselves with treasonous and seditious clownship.

    Yet, we hang on by a thread. Why? Because we’re still singing Look for the Union Label. Sorry, friends; but in this high-octane Coco Puffs Y2k world, lame “sing-alongs” don’t sell.

  6. The fight for Scottish independence seems to me to mirror a little something here in the US. The Scots hate conservatives, they always have and this really came out after the disaster that was Maggie Thatcher, she
    was for dismantling the unions and chipping away at social programs, she was kinda fond of war too. People value their health care and a little help when they need it, the poor prime minister now is suffering for years of pent up hatred of conservatives (tories).

  7. They only passed the budget til December in hopes they win the senate so then they can pass their own restrictive budget and ideals to hurt those who need it most. This is no victory at all. Am sickened that again, the republicans are putting politics before the needs of our country.

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