GOP Senator Claims In Fox News Interview That ISIS Is A ‘Threat To Mainland United States’

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During an appearance Wednesday on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) told anchor Martha McCallum that it was absolutely necessary for America to commit combat troops to the Middle East to combat ISIS because the terrorist group is a “threat to mainland United States.” Inhofe said this despite the Department of Homeland Security recently saying ISIS poses no real threat on US soil. In the interview, Inhofe and McCallum also misrepresented Gen. Martin Dempsey’s statements on Tuesday, claiming that Dempsey explicitly supported sending in ground troops right away to fight ISIS. The reality is that Dempsey was discussing a hypothetical scenario in which he would recommend to President Obama advisers being used as combat troops.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of Fox News:



For the most part, the interview was really an opportunity for Inhofe and McCallum to beat the war drums loudly while at the same time ridiculing and criticizing the President of the United States. In other words, just another day at Fox News. However, false information, misrepresentation of facts and outright lying needs to be pointed out, even if it is on a network that exists solely to be the GOP’s propaganda machine.

One major issue apparent in the discussion was that McCallum and Inhofe seemed to think the American public supports sending US combat troops to the Middle East to fight on the ground. Inhofe stated that since we are already at war with ISIS and thus, combat troops are necessary. Both the Oklahoma senator and McCallum suggested that the American public is well aware of this and, because of this, are supportive of US ground troops. The fact is, a large majority of Americans (62% in an NBC poll; over 75% in an earlier CNN poll) do support President Obama’s plan of dealing with ISIS via airstrikes. However, polls still show that a large majority of Americans DO NOT support ground troops in the Middle East.

Inhofe also thinks he caught Dempsey in a precarious position and that he contradicted the President during questioning on Tuesday. While at the Armed Services Committee hearing where Dempsey provided his hypothetical scenario, Inhofe asked Dempsey about airstrikes. Basically, Inhofe wanted to know if planes dropping bombs were part of a combat mission and if pilots that are shot down would be rescued by the United States. Dempsey answered yes to both questions. Inhofe told McCallum that this proves that we already have combat troops in place, proving the President wrong on his promise of no ‘boots on the ground.’

However, the biggest issue with this interview was we were presented with another war-loving Republican using fear to frighten Americans into supporting another endless skirmish in the Middle East. Inhofe, like other imperialistic neo-cons, claimed that ISIS is a direct threat to the American homeland. While President Obama is trying desperately to avoid a needless ground war, while at the same time punishing a terrorist group for their heinous acts and the threats they pose to the region, hawks like Inhofe, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are making irresponsible and inflammatory comments at every opportunity in an effort to scare the public into supporting a full-scale war that will cost American lives and billions and billions of dollars.


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  1. What has happened to the “Freedom from Fear”?
    These politicians just want to keep everyone afraid of everything to manipulate the population to protect the oil corporations, as if they were “American Interest”, the corporations are their own interest and not anyone else, so they can pay up for their protection and leave out armed forces alone

    What has happened to the “Freedom from Want”?
    We are spending our current and future money(as we continue to borrow $$) for these endless war, while our at risk populations continue to grow hungry.

    What has happened to the “Freedom of Expression?
    With the Patriot Act on steroids, there are no private conversations, and we continue to lose personal freedoms with every passing day of Fear alert.

  2. I find it hilarious that Bush having daily communication and implied influence with his generals during the Iraq war is referenced by Fox to be a positive!

  3. I guess Inhofe didn’t get the memo.

    “Iraq neither wants nor needs foreign ground troops in its battle against Islamist militants who have strongholds in the norther part of the country, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Wednesday.

    “Not only is it not necessary,” Abadi told the Associated Press. “We don’t want them. We won’t allow them. Full stop.”

    Full stop. Nice touch.

  4. Well it worked pretty good for GOPers when they said that for Saddam Hussein, hence why not try it again with ISIS to scare people to gain power and votes?

  5. Hey, maybe the Koch Bros are not only financing the Repuplican party, but ISIL as well? Would make a helluva theory … If you were into conspiracy theories.

  6. this just simply proves once again what a liar the Republicans and Inhofe are. Everyone with even two brain cells knows that if people are going to come over here and hurt us, there are not enough troops in the world to stop them. Especially if we send troops to where they are leaving. we could bomb these people write to the ground and that would not stop a team of them from coming here.

    nobody could be as stupid as a Republican. While there are a few that are not, Republicans still win hands down. Anyone the falls for this should be sent to Iraq

  7. I wouldn’t put it past them. The Koch brothers are not loyal, patriotic Americans. They are seditious traitors whose treason knows no bounds.

  8. Ok, so Imhofe and the wr hawks, Lindsey and Graham and the rest want boots on the ground. Ok, so when the first and second and third and fourth …. on and on Americans are killed and maimed. Can we say the their blood is on their hands? Because they WANTED A FIGHT, they WANTED to go in immediately, headlong without a plan….(the President and his people are setting out a plan right now. And will NOT tell these war hawks what it is, until it is implemented) You know these same political dudes will criticize it, because they think THEY KNOW BETTER than the Generals and Commander-In-Chief. Tsk, tsk.

  9. Here’s to: Senator Jim Imhofe, Lindsey Graham and McCain and all of the arm-chair general goading for boots on the ground:

  10. Remember when we armed South Vietnam, what was the saying? “Never been fired and only dropped once”

  11. Don’t know what Imhofe’s problem is, he lives in the middle of the geographic country. He’ll have plenty of time to prepare for their invasion when it comes. Besides, If I looked that ugly, I wouldn’t worry about dieing. I might even relish it. All I can say to these republican chickens is: STFU!!! Go get your gun and wait in your foxhole, turn on your FAUX News, and shoot everything that moves. You might even get a fellow republican who was awake by chance.

  12. You know the worst terrorist attack on the country other than 911 was carried out by a blond blue eye Christian. In Oklahoma City. Its funny he never brings that up

  13. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I would not put it past the Koch’s to fund ISIL. Where is their funding coming from? Syria doesn’t have a lot of money and Saudi Arabia would not fund them. ISIL could be selling the stolen Iraqi oil to Koch industries for all we know. Some smart investigative reporter could win a Pulitzer if they could uncover this link. I think the Koch bros are a bigger domestic threat to our country than ISIL will ever be.

  14. Did Inhofe say anything about raising taxes to pay for sending US troops into combat (and paying for the aftermath)? Of course not.

  15. James Inhuff was an asshole when he was mayor of Tulsa, and he’s still an asshole to this day. And, he’ll still be an asshole in hell.

  16. Yes he most definitely is an asshole in every way. Still every six years the Oklahoma electorate will vote him back to the senate withsixty percent of the vote. Guess Oklahoman’s like them some conservative assholes.

  17. It is not ISIS that is the threat.. It’s the politicians that work for the people BEHIND ISIS that is part of the real threat. Along with their aides, the lobbyists and the whole rotten machine. And especially the countries that benefit when we pay and die to keep fighting their wars.. I know my voice isn’t even a mouse squeak. But this is one member of “the public” that they have never had fooled. I didn’t believe the same lies when a lot of the same crooks were telling them the first time.

  18. ISIS is not a threat to mainland America. It’s the politics of fear all over again; we saw it in 2003 and we see it now.

    These Congress-critters do the American people a huge disservice by ignoring reality. Unfortunately, too many will believe it.

    I don’t know what the right answer is regarding ISIS. I think we made a mess in Iraq, ISIS is the consequence, and we bear some responsibility for that. But at the same time, I don’t want anymore war.

    Wish we could go back in time to 2003 and stop the Iraq war altogether.

  19. Politicians like Inhoff are the ones who created this threat to the safety of Americans with their unbridled support for the savagery of Israel against the contained Palestinians and their constant support for war against Arab countries and their hate talk against all Muslims and the Islamic religion. It was stunning to hear Sen. Manchin of West Virginia say that people in WV were ready to go to war against ISIS because “you know, if you kill an American we’re coming after you”. Well, perhaps that is what the people of the Middle East we have bombed, killed, tortured are saying to us: you kill us, we’ll come after you. After all, turn about is fair play, right?

  20. dj,…”never fired and only dropped once” I have a feeling that saying will re-emerge when it comes to the coming battle between the Christian Reich Wing Militia BOYS and the rest Of America. Because these militia’s are only a bunch of loud mouthed punk wanna’be’s who will soil themselves as soon as the first shot whizzes by their ugly heads.

  21. Actually, we fund them. Through oil sales. Saudi Arabia cut a deal with radical Islamists waaaayy back when, and Wahhabism controls Saudi Arabia, bred bin Laden, funded Bush and is the religion of choice of ‘jihadists.’

    Sort of like the GOP and Xtians, and the Israeli’s and ultra-orthodox rabbis. And Faust.

    When you allow god in government, you end up losing your soul to evil. Religion is a tiger. Easy to ride until it decides to turn on you.

  22. Republicans have never seen a war they didn’t like. It gives them something to criticize the President about, and it takes everyone’s minds off of what they are not doing, plus so many of the Congressmen profit from it, I just wonder when people will wake up and see their agenda.

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