John McCain Despicably Pushes For Full-Scale Middle East War During ISIS Senate Hearing


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On Wednesday afternoon, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was his normal warmongering self as he grilled Secretary of State John Kerry over the Obama Administration’s strategy to deal with ISIS. McCain used his time during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing to beat his chest and demand that the United States not only get into a ground war in Iraq and Syria to combat ISIS, but that the country also needs to commit to a war against the Assad regime in Syria. While House Democrats are legitimately concerned about the White House’s plan to arm and train Syrian rebels to help fight ISIS on the ground, McCain wants the President to push forward and go whole hog with the war machine.

Below is the exchange between McCain and Kerry (emphasis mine):

McCain: Secretary, today, September 17th, Secretary Gates said the following, former Secretary of Defense Gates. The reality is they’re not going to be able to be successful against ISIS strictly from the air or strictly depending on the Iraqi forces of the Peshmerga by the Sunni tribes acting on their own, gates said. So there will be boots on the ground if there’s to be any hope of success in the strategy. And I think that by containing — by continuing to repeat that, that the US won’t put boots on the ground, the president in effect traps himself. Now, Mr. Secretary, I’ve talked to so many people who are military experienced, who have been on both sides on this issue. They all agree with secretary gates’ assessment. And that’s just the reality. And there are some of us that place a great deal of confidence in the opinion of people like Secretary Gates, General Keane. So the architects of the surge. So many others.-the architects of the surge. So many others.-the architects of the surge. So many others. The architects of the surge. So many others. Is it your view that the Syrian opposition is viable?

Kerry: The Syrian opposition has been viable enough to be able to survive under difficult circumstances but they still have some distance to go and we need to help them go that distance.

McCain: The hero of this piece so far in my view is a guy who’s going to testify after you, Robert Ford, Ambassador Ford. He did a magnificent job at the risk of his own life, riding around Damascus in his support of the Free Syrian army. Here’s what he’s going to say in his testimony. The moderate armed opposition’s biggest enemy is not the Islamic State, it is the Assad regime which has killed far more Syrians than has the detestable Islamic State, and they won’t stop fighting the Assad regime even as they advance against the Islamic State. You’re saying, ISIS first. We’re going to train and equip the Free Syrian army and they’re going to be fighting against Assad who they view as their number one enemy. I agree with Ambassador Ford’s assessment. You’re saying, ISIL first. So if this — so we’re telling the young Syrian today, I want you to join the Free Syrian Army, you’ve got to fight ISIL first, and by the way those barrel bombs that are being dropped on you and these attacks from the air that of Hamas customers of so many Syrians, we’re not going to do anything about that. I think at least we owe the Free Syrian Army, negate the air attacks that they will be subjected to when they finish their training and equipping, and go into the fight. So why is it that we won’t at least news release Bashar al Assad’s air activity which has slaughtered thousands and thousands and thousands, 192,000 dead, 3 million refugees, and we’re not going to do anything about Assad’s air capabilities? And finally, ISIL first, that’s what you’re telling these young men who really view Assad as the one who has slaughtered their family members. Not ISIL. As bad as ISIL is. How do you square that circle action Mr. Secretary?

Kerry: Well, you square it this way, Senator. And first of all, let me just say a word. I think everybody knows — I had the pleasure of working with Robert Ford in the department from the day I arrived there. We worked very closely together, I have huge respect and admiration for him. And he and I worked many long hours with the Syrian opposition. And I respect his opinion, et cetera. He is correct that they won’t stop fighting the Assad regime. I understand that we understand that.

McCain: Not only won’t stop fighting, it’s their primary goal.

Kerry: Well, it is, except…

McCain: I know too many of them, John.

Kerry: I understand. It is. I’m not denying that. But they also are fighting ISIL. They’re up in Aleppo right now fighting ISIL. They’re fighting ISIL in other places. They threw them out of a province. They are engaged in fighting ISIL. And our belief is, I think — I bet you, I hope Robert Ford believes that they believe they actually get stronger as a result of ISIL being removed from the field.

McCain: Are you not going to protect them from air strikes?

Kerry: I think what we need — yes, and I think what we need — that’s a legitimate concern. And it is a concern that I would need to address with you in a classified session for reasons I think you well understand. And I think Robert ford well understands that.

McCain: I think the Free Syrian Army would like to understand, too.

Kerry: If we have a good classified session and another good things happen here, who knows. The important thing is for us to recognize that if ISIL continues doing what it’s doing — I think you know this — without being stopped and if we hadn’t stood up when we did and work with Peshmerga and help them, they were threatening Baghdad and they were threatening more. If they did that…

McCain: We’re talking about Syria. And the Free Syrian Army.

Kerry: I’m about to come back…

McCain: Thank you. I’m running out of time.

Kerry: That pertains to their capacity then to focus on Assad and it might be not the Free Syrian Army but ISIL that you see in Damascus. And ISIL bringing other people to them because of the level of their success. Clearly, many people have told us in the region, success breeds success. And many of the people who have come to ISIL have come because it seemed as if they were weren’t being opposed. We believe that transition works to the benefit of the moderate opposition, works ultimately to all of our benefit by removing ISIL from the field.

McCain: You cannot ask people to go and fight and die unless you promise them that they — you will defeat their enemy and defeat them right away. You can’t say, wait until we defeat ISIL. People will not volunteer for such things.

Kerry: I don’t believe it’s going to be ultimately a wait and see. I don’t believe, number one, that the people supporting the opposition in various parts of the region are ever going to stop until the Assad problem is resolves. Number two, I don’t believe ISIL is going — I don’t believe that the moderate opposition will obviously stop in that effort. So, therefore, there will be these two prongs.

McCain: I hope not ISIL first, if that message is not given to these brave young people.

Kerry: If we don’t stop ISIL first, there may not be much left of the other prong.

McCain: That means we can’t take on two adversaries at once that’s bogus and false.


There you have it. McCain didn’t even try to hide his cards here. He wants the United States to not only send American troops to Iraq to fight ISIS. He also wants this country to get involved in a massive civil war in Syria that is being fought on several fronts. McCain just doesn’t want to hear any crap about America not having the capability to fight multiple adversaries at once. No way, Jose! In McCain’s worldview, the United States needs to be involved with as many wars as possible.

He spent the majority of his allotted time on Wednesday afternoon pushing the idea that, while ISIS is bad and needs to be confronted, the real war we need to be fighting is in Syria and against the Assad regime. This sounded frighteningly similar to the Bush Administration in the run-up to the Iraq War, where the focus shifted from Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. McCain, like any good neo-con hawk, will use any legitimate but limited use of force to justify a full-scale war with an entirely different target.

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  1. Assad has not threatened to attack the United States nor has he attacked this country. Whatever internal issues that country has is none of our damn business and is not our problem. Enough of this damn shit. If this country would stay the hell out of that region and concentrate on internal affairs here like normal countries do, there would be no ISIS. Period.

  2. “Only a fool fights a war on two fronts; and a madman fights a war on three.” This is the war that the GOP wishes to drag us into to overwhelm us. So that way they can force their idea of a Theocratic America down everyone’s throats.

  3. So, Mr. McCain, since the GOP refuses to cough up money for roads, bridges, schools, and unemployment benefits in this country because we are ‘broke,’ just where do you plan to find billions of dollars for more wars? God, I hate very few people, but you, sir, are one of them.

  4. I hope people read my post who Mcinsane really cares about. It is not the security of this country but his Saudi paymasters. His fellow POW’S didn’t call him songbird out of respect.

    This blood gurgling sociopath needs to retire or for the time being ridiculed for his senility. He is not a hero or patriot but a bought cheap whore of the Saudis and the defense industry.

    For those that miss it here it is again
    Saudis Lobbied John McCain & Lindsey Graham to sell War.

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  5. I guess McCain and his pals are seriously disappointed today. The Iraqi Prime Minister said in no uncertain terms that there will be no foreign ground troops fighting in Iraq, none.

    He is grateful for the air support, but that is all they want and that is all that we should do. McCain and the insane neo-cons need to take a hike, it is a different world and they don’t fit anymore.

  6. I caught most of that exchange, I came in at a point where McCain was asking Kerry something about being serious, Kerry said with a smirk on his face ” I am being serious Senator, see, I am even writing things down”. That was the highlight for me. And I caught the whole Corker exchange, all i can say is Corker ain’t no damn patriot.

  7. The question should be how much do the Saudis pay you to take out what they consider heretics, The Shia and Alawites

  8. As I’ve said before, if McCain’s so gung-ho, why, just roll his old bones up to the front and let him take point. He can sell off some of his houses (he’s got at least 11), buy a stripped down surplus F-14, and fly it over the Syrian army positions–straight into some of those still-effective Russian-made antiaircraft missiles.

    Sound like a plan, John? Why not go for it?

  9. The fact they have him on constantly could also mean the media is in with this from the top levels. War always helps the media

  10. As John Kerry said to McCain at the close of discussion, I appreciate where you(McCain) are coming from. You don’t “join a war you don’t enjoy”.

  11. I’m sure Gates enjoyed being used as McCain’s hand puppet. Lets have a lottery that only right-wingers can participate in: if they win, they get to pay for the war themselves. If they lose, they get to go fight it. Seems fair to me.

  12. Sen McCain why don’t you run home and tell any and all of your kin between 18 and 37 to get ready to bug out for the Middle East to fight fro the god old USA. We need to put them McCain boots on the ground ASAP. No excuses sir. You want troops over there we start with evey one of your family that qualifies, male and or female.

    We should then proceed to the next TPGOPer that wants boots on the ground and their family members. Maybe just once if all of you people had your family members involved you might just might decide to shut up and slow down!

    Get the big picture the USA is not nor should be the worlds police force! Other countries do not want your nose in their business. That sir is why the USA is looked with disdain by numerous countries.

  13. Giving money to “moderate separatists” is not going to work out well. It never has, it never will.

    Keep it here and let them fight it out. Meanwhile we can get back to the business of putting people to work here doing things here for people here.

  14. Cheeney McCain has his Pant-eze in knots because he can’t bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, ISIL.

  15. John McCain is a old dangerous warmongering madman. So I guest he’ll want to send young people to die on all fronts

  16. McCain is old, feeble, and has one bad wing. He would only destroy valuable assets.
    The whole purpose for generals is to fight war. They yearn for the chance to play war with real soldiers and equipment they’ve been dieing to try out. That is why they need a calming force to guide and influence their judgment. The generals forget that other countries have a sovergnity within their borders and demand respect on their land. No matter what McCain thinks of their abilities, an agreement to protect our troops from persecution is required before any of them are put in harms way.
    Isn’t that a stretch to put us at war just so the republicans can win a mid-term election.
    There is no excuse for the actions of the republican party. Unfortunately, we need to eliminate them one at a time to save this country from the fate they have planned for this great nation.

  17. McCain has pushed for years to get us into war with Iran. Today the Iranian President Hassan Roahani was in my opinion trying to belittle the U S by insinuating Americans are cowards and use air and drone strikes instead of ground forces. And will not fight the terrorist on the ground and asked “is it possible to fight the terrorist without sacrifice and hardship ? This is the way these blood thirsty people have fought for 2000 years. [It’s in my opinion a belief of enemy to enemy contact and show of brawn and not brains] And naturally any American ground troops would be out numbered twelve to one. how convenient for them.He also said the U S should get permission from the people and their government before they strike. And then out of the other side of his mouth he said he is against ISIS. He & McCain seem to have a lot in common.I hope President Obama will stand firm on No Ground Troops EVER.

  18. The old song bird is singing the same old song ; hey John not everyone has dementia or alzheimer’s; they aren’t buying what you are selling ;who here realizes how lucky we are not to have this guy as president.

  19. I hate to take hope away from a man but please consider: Arizona has been electing that dangerous old fool Sheriff Joe Arpaio for the last 22 years. He is in his 6th four year term and actively planning to run again in 2016 at the age of 84. If he runs he will win because Arizona is full of crazy old men who like other crazy old men. Sen. BoomBoom is four years younger and will be 80 in August 2016. He is well qualified to run and win in Arizona by reason of being a crazy old man (in case you hadn’t noticed) with lots of money.

  20. Cannot forget the private prison industrial complex. That particular lobby has mucho dollars to spend on congress.

  21. Just imagine if you will how much better all the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on war could be spent here at home. How many homeless could be sheltered? How many diseased Americans could be treated with quality healthcare? How many unemployed Americans could be put to work fixing our aged roads and bridges? How many hungry Americans could be fed? How many of our children could be educated? A good number of our nation ills could be fixed so easily its sad just to think about it. Watching the fantastic Roosevelt documentary series on PBS currently airing this week makes me yearn for a leader like Ted and FDR for our nation. Where have those great American leaders gone?

  22. Well McCain could send the Wasilla hillbillies. they could fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here!

  23. What Mr. McCain doesn’t say is how this will end. He can’t say it, because you cannot destroy an ideology with airstrikes or ground troops.

  24. Shiite Militias of Iraq Reject US Return, Threaten to Attack US Forces

    The pan-Arab, London-based daily, “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” (The Middle East) reports that the major Shiite militias of Iraq are denouncing Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi for welcoming US air support in the fight against the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    Prime Minister al-Abadi himself rejected conventional US ground troops for Iraq on Wednesday, even as Gen. Dempsey said that they might ultimately be necessary. The militias are going further, saying Yankees go Home altogether.
    Read More

  25. We can probably find video from the time leading to the Iraq war initially and I bet it would contain the same exact words McCain is saying now.

    His vocabulary apparently isn’t too big – and neither is his brain.

    More to the point, this is the man who gave us Sarah Palin right? Should we really be trusting his judgment on ANYTHING?

    I don’t think so.

  26. “Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia”!!”

  27. Careful! If John McCain hears you he’s going to want to order air strikes against the Ebolan rebels.

  28. I hope John McCain is ready to join forces and to enlist his family members to do the same. It’s easy to “know” what to do when you’re not president and with no responsibility!

  29. For all of the BS the RWNJ spew about this President, had this demented war monger McDeranged been elected in 2008, we would be at war now in multiple countries. You can see, when other members of his party are asked by the media to comment on another one of his demented comments about more war, that they can barely contain themselves from laughing.

    Even those in his own party mostly ignore the constant war mongering of McCain and his gal pal Lindsey, because they know, that to give them any credence, would be to remind people just how wrong they all were about listening to these very people before going to war in Iraq. They were so incredibly wrong about everything concerning that damn war, and yet expect anyone to take anything they say now at all seriously.

  30. Saw a good debate on CNN this a.m. with the former captain of the USS Cole and a woman who countered his McShame-like sentiments with a claim that not only would re-entry into Iraq with troops on the ground not work, it might actually be counterproductive. Reason? Even if you kill off all the ISIS/ISIL barbarians, more will rise in other Muslim nations to take their place. Jihad-minded individuals are located worldwide and one of their main complaints is that Islamic people are being inundated with heathenism from the West. This is Wahhabist teaching. The Saudis are the most noxious people in the Mideast: they struck a bargain with the Devil when they co-opted radical Islam simply by putting the education of their children in the hands of Wahhabists, a rabidly anti-Western sect. I just laugh when I see the Saudis with Kerry, smiling and shaking hands, as they have no intention of helping the buyers of their oil. We should not be involved.

  31. Well Sally, do you not know the only things that need to be paid for before, being done, are schools, bridges, roads, unemployment. Also the more unemployed, the more there are for the army’s. For war, we always have money for them. Then there is the fact, we don’t need education to fight. This is the rethugs way of thinking. People don’t count, corporations? well the rethug way shows their colors well.

  32. Right you are! I bet not one RWNJ has been watching the PBS Ken Burns special about the Roosevelts. FDR first tried many of the programs he put into effect when president as governor of New York. We need public works programs. Many of our bridges were built that way during the Great Depression. Remember, repubs don’t do anything that will help the people because they want us all to blame PBO and the Dems. If there is a hell, repubs will all be rotting there.

  33. We ARE fighting Ebola. Just a couple of days ago Obama sent a bunch of experts to Lybia to help build treatment centers and help with treatment.

    The thing about the mess in the Middle East is that the terrorists like ISIL won’t leave us alone no matter what we do. It would be great to just sit back and let them fight it out, but that doesn’t seem to be an option any more.

  34. Not only lucky, but extremely lucky. Can you imagine a pres. McCain with vice Pres. Palin? Palin and her drunken, fighting, uneducated, and children born out of wed lock?
    We as a nation escaped a complete disaster!!! Talk of GOD BEING WITH A NATION, we had him on our side that time.

  35. John McCain and Lindsey Graham recently met in Istanbul with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. Bandar was ambassador to the US during the Bush administration and a long time close friend of the Bush family. He is now back in Saudi Arabia as head of intelligence. Immediately thereafter this meeting, both McCain and Graham began their ungodly push for the US to go to war in Syria, to go to war against ISIS. These Sunday news talk shows which have these two men on every blooming week to spout their warmongering need to ask them what this meeting was about and why they travelled all the way to Istanbul – on tax dollars? on a private Saudi jet? – to talk with Prince Bandar. I’d like to know who footed the bill for the luxury hotel and this trip to Turkey.

  36. After reading the above…who’s dog is McCain’s in the ISIS fight? What or Who does McCain in all of his great war-wisdom, see is “our friends in combat”? And does he believe that the US SHOULD have a SHOCK AND AWE II (Sequel). Should we ask him to predict how well that might go? And ask him to give the nation his predicition as to how many more Military men and women would be killed this time around? ASK HIM THOSE QUESTIONS! Watch him sputter and go stooped.

  37. ———“There you have it. McCain didn’t even try to hide his cards here. He wants the United States to not only send American troops to Iraq to fight ISIS. He also wants this country to get involved in a massive civil war in Syria that is being fought on several fronts. McCain just doesn’t want to hear any crap about America not having the capability to fight multiple adversaries at once. No way, Jose! In McCain’s worldview, the United States needs to be involved with as many wars as possible.

    McCain, like any good neo-con hawk, will use any legitimate but limited use of force to justify a full scale war.”——–

    I say, we’ve got to muzzle McCain or Else we will definitely be engaged in a silly war. And I say, Lets IGNORE McCain. Let’s push him back and tell him to shut up and sit-down! Or stand down! Remind him that he is NOT the President. Remind him that he has been wrong always about war matters. And should learn to fly! (Too late for that anyway). ;)

  38. He won’t go for that because it’s safer for him to send others, notably America’s brightest and best to fight his silly battles for him. I don’t understand why anyone even listens to this fool. He belongs in a lunatic asylum along with all those who subscribe to his philosophy.

  39. The question is how much $$ would war-lovin republicans make off a war in middle east? Which ones have stock in Halliburton?

  40. Every time Songbird’s foreign policy opinion is solicited it merely strengthens his delusional self image. Can you even imagine him as POTUS? I can’t. And then there is Palin.

  41. I kind of understand. He’s talking about how arming their army will only lead them to fighting assad, and they won’t have a large enough ground force on attack with two enemies on their own.
    He’s not talking about laying the way but reinforcing the lines, so to speak. To only arm them could still mean either stasis or their own defeat, neither can we afford, but a swift attack on top will allow them victory, and then the force to defend themselves properly.

    He’s making sense and raises valid points, I’m just not sure if I personally agree. It is a threat. It should be challenged. But are we really ready for another war, another disaster, all those wasted lives, those wasted funds, that collapse of moral integrity?
    War is a slippery slope. We’re hearing the war General versus the diplomat.
    As always those two are sincerely the voices of war. To use the diplomat is to risk lowering our shield for them, to use the general is to risk leaving our backs exploded

  42. Aren’t those the same questions asked about Barack, Michelle, and Kerry?
    Like the vacation for Obama’s wife and kids that managed to cost, just barely, under $10,000,000 (if I remember the report correctly)
    Seriously. Not to mention Bush’s ranch vacations, Obama’s golfing, and virtually every single republican at least one a year, (except christmas because then they have no problem pretending to be in session at D.C.

  43. The attack that radical Islam is making on Western Civilization is almost totally independent of effort made by the United States and other western democracies to promote freedom and democracy in the Middle East and elsewhere. To the extent that our efforts have made any difference, they have slowed this onslaught and, perhaps, planted some seeds of democracy and freedom in that region. If we had stayed the course and kept an adequate residual force in Iraq we could have built upon what was, in essence, a rather successful intervention in that region. By allowing the current slaughter to occur, Obama is complicit in these war crimes because he has the power to stop it.

  44. Really?
    Where is this attack on Western Civilization? The attack is on Countrys in the middle east that these people want to convert to hardline sharia. The slaughter started with Herr Bush.

    Its so nice of you to try and look in hindsight, but any residual force in Iraq would have been a target, not a force to stop anything. You also laughingly forget Iraq WANTED US OUT. Why cant you guys get that through your head?

    jesus H R christ. where do you guys come from?

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