Jon Stewart Highlights Joe Scarborough’s Hypocrisy Over His Complaints About Hillary Clinton

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During Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, host Jon Stewart devoted the first segment of the show to the impending Presidential campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Footage was shown of Hillary in Iowa this past weekend for Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry. It was pointed out that this was Mrs. Clinton’s first trip to Iowa since 2008, when she was defeated by then-Senator Barack Obama in the state’s Democratic caucus. (She actually finished third in the caucus as John Edwards was second.)

Stewart ran a portion of her speech in Iowa, showing that Hillary is still being coy about whether or not she is definitely going to run for President in 2016. He then ran clips from various news shows featuring a number of reporters and pundits complaining about how Mrs. Clinton isn’t satisfying the 24-hour news machine’s appetite and how they are now getting annoyed by her not fully committing. One person in particular that seems particularly incensed is Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough. An extended clip was run showing Scarborough displaying his trademarked brand of faux outrage regarding Hillary’s dog-and-pony show over the past few months.

Below is video of the entire segment, courtesy of Comedy Central (Scarborough’s section starts at 6:33):



After showing Scarborough ranting about Mrs. Clinton’s book tour and making appearances in early primary states while not announcing her intentions to run, Stewart gloriously took down Scarborough and highlighted his complete and total hypocrisy. Stewart ran clips of Scarborough on a book tour earlier this year that was “Morning pimped with a bit of a presidential campaign patina.” He also featured a portion of a radio interview where Scarborough said he wasn’t going to rule out a run in 2016. Scarborough was on a trip to New Hampshire, an early primary state, when he spoke to radio host Hugh Hewitt about his possible presidential aspirations.

Stewart ended his on-point critique of Scarborough by repeating Scarborough’s own criticism of Hillary. Stewart shouted, “If you’re gonna run just say you’re gonna run and stop playing games!” Overall, it was a delicious piece of gotcha by Stewart and once again highlighted the smug hypocrisy of Joe Scarborough.

9 Replies to “Jon Stewart Highlights Joe Scarborough’s Hypocrisy Over His Complaints About Hillary Clinton”

  1. How this charlatan became NBC lead political analyst defies all known logic. He is nothing more than a Reich wing hack who is wrong at least 80% of the time and BTW about that intern who checked in your office but didn’t check out

  2. Truly believe the rethugs have an over abundance of males and one female who think they are Gods gift to the earth.

  3. Joey has opened a can of worms that will overwhelm him, Jon Stewart is way more intelligent than that buffoon from the Redneck Riviera

  4. I cannot stand Joe. He’s a GOP Koch hack, and if MSNBC made a mistake making college dropouts in charge of MTP, well, let them sink. The ONLY person on their staff qualified to be lead political analyst is Rachel, but heaven forbid we let a brilliant woman be in charge. I really think this will be the strategy against Hillary…whine about her methods when the real problem with them is her gender. The hate in this country is stunning.
    Oh, and I can hardly wait to watch the GOP quiver today as they want to vote for war, but don’t dare support this President. I hope they vote against it, but how can they, when they’ve been banging the drums for months?

  5. You know what I haven’t heard from the teahadist about this vote? The Hastert rule. You know the one where they wont bring anything up for a vote unless a majority of republicans have to be in favor. If that’s the case why do they need a majority of Democrats to have a vote? Things that make you go hmm…

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