Mitch McConnell Turns Yellow and Refuses To Debate Alison Lundergan Grimes

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn

After appearing to agree to a debate with his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes in late October, Sen. Mitch McConnell abruptly flip-flopped and refused to debate the fiery Democrat.

According to WHAS11, McConnell turned down the debate because he would be on a bus tour of KENTUCKY during the potential dates,

The chances for more than one U.S. Senate debate in Kentucky narrowed Tuesday afternoon when the campaign of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) declined specific dates agreed to less than two hours earlier by Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.


“Senator McConnell will be in the middle of a bus tour during the dates suggested,” said McConnell campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore. “Ultimately, much like other debate negotiations, neither the timing nor the format could be agreed to by both campaigns.”

We all know how difficult it can be to turn the bus around, and drive to another location. McConnell has come up with what is easily the worst excuse ever for ducking a debate.

McConnell’s biggest issue with the format seemed to be that Grimes was going to be there, and he was going to have to answer questions. Mitch McConnell objected to a live audience being present, and the moderator being allowed to ask questions. Sen. McConnell’s excuses are getting more flimsy with each passing day. There is only one current debate scheduled on October 13.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from McConnell’s behavior is that he is afraid to debate Alison Lundergan Grimes. Mitch McConnell is trying to hide and ride out the storm. His strategy is to win reelection with an onslaught of negative ads against Grimes. McConnell doesn’t believe that voters in all parts of Kentucky deserve to see the candidates live together.

The Grimes campaign had this to say about Yellow Mitch’s duck and run act, “Mitch McConnell had to invent a phantom bus tour to hide from the fact that he has done next to nothing to help create jobs in 30 years, while we’ve lost thousands of good-paying jobs. Rather than accept multiple opportunities for Kentuckians to hear two very different visions for the future, McConnell is strangely comfortable hiding behind the dark money millionaires and billionaires trying to buy his way back to Washington.”

Debates are a key piece of the democratic process. Voters deserve to see their choices debate. Mitch McConnell doesn’t want the Kentucky voters informed. He doesn’t want the voters to compare the two candidates. This behavior is coming from the same candidate who constantly complains that the Koch brothers right to free speech is under attack.

If Mitch McConnell has his way, he will speak more to the Koch brothers this year than to Kentucky voters.

Sen. McConnell is running scared.

60 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Turns Yellow and Refuses To Debate Alison Lundergan Grimes”

  1. Of Course he said No! he’s a coward just like every other R and Conservative and TeaPottier! The Reich Wing is populated by Bully’s Hatemongers and Paranoid lying psychotics. Amble away little chicken terrapin! Amble Away!

  2. Can you really blame him? What has he done for the people of Kentucky?

    We do know what the turtle has done for himself. Over 38 million dollars in assets on a government salary. CHA-CHING

  3. Why should he debate? If he debates, some of his low information voters might learn something and just maybe, make an informed decision for a change. He can’t have that happen. He’d lose votes.

  4. In Michigan our nerd gov doesn’t want to debate Dem candidate Mark Schauer and repub senate candidate Land doesn’t want to debate Dem candidate Gary Peters. She thinks she is going to just run ads.
    I bet we end up with just one debate each.

  5. McConnell’s biggest with the format is that Grimes will be there.

    ROTFL! Does he want to debate a chair?

    and he was going to answer questions

    ROTFL: did he think it would be a starring contest?

    McConnell objected to a live audience being there

    He prefers dead ones that stink like does.

    And the moderator asking questions.

    ROTFL: that’s what moderators do!

    The old man is running! Get ’em Alison

  6. I had to laugh when I learned of this latest development. That’s because he can’t give a rational, defensible reason for his votes in the Senate or why he’s done nothing to help Kentuckians. He simply cannot give anyone but the uber wealthy a reason to vote for him, so he has had to resort to tearing her down.

  7. Do you have any idea what Senator McConnell has done for Kentucky? Obviously not since you asked the question. He has consistently brought back money to Kentucky to help cities, universities and airports. All things to spur economic development.

    Recently he secured $3 million for a community youth center in Owensboro and another $10 million to finish an impressive Ohio River bridge linking the area to the Interstate 64 corridor.

    He also helped along the potential of hemp growing for Kentucky agriculture, as a replacement crop of Tobacco, by adding a provision to the Farm Bill to allow University of Kentucky to test and prove out this promising crop for production.

    Make fun how how he looks, but he delivers for Kentucky. Stop the name calling. Get the facts.

  8. Interesting you say Senator McConnell has done nothing for Kentucky. Scroll up and read my earlier post with details of what the Senator has done recently. Do the research and become a more informed voter. He has a rich history of bringing the bacon back to help the state of Kentucky.

    Grimes is not ready and was only chosen because Ashley Judd would not run.

  9. it appears mcconnell will debate a chair with dead people in attendance. the moderator must be a mute to ensure no questions are asked. or lou gohmert, which ever he can get.

  10. If he can’t stand up and debate Ms. Grimes, how can he stand up for the people in Kentucky if he is a coward?

  11. Mr. McConnell may sprinkle money around the state, but the Lunsford campaign calculated it at about $30 per capita last year, an amount the Democrat labels “chump change.” Mr. Lunsford says the Republican leader has teamed with President Bush to create an economic catastrophe and block health and tax policies more valuable to Kentuckians over the long haul than a few local projects.

    But But I thought he was against pork barrel spending?

  12. Mitch’s campaign is obviously
    ‘Pullin’ a Palin’
    They’re hiding.
    They’re candidates CANNOT be
    trusted, not at this point.
    They may have another Todd Akin
    moment. They might say what they
    REALLY think & believe and, well,
    we can’t have THAT now, can we?
    Americans finally saw the REAL
    Palin, they will see the REAL
    Mitch as well.
    Now all WE hafta do?

  13. The McConnell camp says that Alison declined an offer to debate the same weekend as her college reunion. Any insight on how much notice she had for that request for a debate??
    I assume this is untrue or they chose a date knowing she was unavailable and decided to spin it that way. Just curious since it seems she has missed a chance for a debate as well.

  14. Those are my Federal tax dollars he is giving to KY to buy votes. How many new jobs has he helped bring to KY in the past 10 years? He is Senator No, the king of obstructionists in the Senate. He is a shameless lap dog for the Koch brothers. How did he amass a personal fortune on a government salary for all these years- over $30 million. He is bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. He doesn’t give a sh-t about you, Carl.

  15. Ahh I think you already posted that. See this what happens when you drink contaminated water. Your brain shrinks and you cant remember what you did.

  16. I did not know that TURTLES, crowed like CHICKENS. I thought SNAPPING TURTLES just SNAPPED.

    Must be a GOP/ wanta-be TP/ breed.

  17. I already know what McConnell has or has not done for KY, I live here. It’s what he won’t do that is one of the problems. 1. He is anti union, the southeast is the poorest region because employers want to pay low wages. 2. He’s against equal pay women. 3. He has not supported the coal workers, and he is against them being regulated. 4. He wants to eliminate the EPA, supports the NRA, among other things. 5. He doesn’t give a damn about working people, he said as much in the speech he gave with the Koch Brothers.
    Among other things, he is whoring for the Koch Brothers, is a bigot, a liar, narcissistic, and a arrogant piece of toxic waste.
    Now you telll why this cesspool from hell should be re-elected?

  18. Yes Carl N. get your facts straight! The bridge you speak of is one of 2 in that area that your buddy Mitch and his anti American co-horts that bitched and raised hell about Obama wanting the bridges fixed or replaced. They kept wanting vital programs to be scrapped to get it done and demanded tax breaks and bail outs for their corporate masters. And then the funding goes through and the job gets done that Obama wanted THEN your buddy Mitch and the lyin’ assed Republicans claim that THEY and they alone are the reason why it happened…Get YOUR facts straight Carl….

  19. Grimes Campaign Team really need to expose what M. McConnell stated to the Koch Brothers during Koch & ALEC Sponsored Corporate Elite Only meeting when he thought he was not recorded like what Mitt Romney stated about 47%.
    It was the 47% version of McConnell and it ought to be used in political ads with McConnell picture promising to do away with the what is good for Democracy that we the people depend on; ACA, EPA and Financial Regulations if they ever get the Congressional Control of two houses.
    The last Executive and Legislative control of Republicans during Bush Era should be the reminder that it was a disaster and will be even worse if it is allowed again.

  20. What do you get when you cross a turtle with a chicken, and then add some pig genes to make it greedy? Mitch McConnell.

  21. Just wait a while.

    The Nasty, Old Snapping Turtle will dream up some totally LAME excuse for cancelling the debate on October 13.

    Anyone want to place any Bets?

    Just Remember who told you First.

  22. The Brown “shit-stains” and the Yellow “piss-stains” inside of Mitch McConnell’s underwear (his “staff” and “friends” are “heard to say”) are the direct result of his “Total Fear” to “Debate” Grimes. The “colors” in his undies will contrast well with the large “YELLOW-STRIPE” that runs up and down this “Kentucky-Turtle’s” (missing) Spine. In my opinion.

  23. No repeb. wants to debate any dem. across the country. Hell the repubs won’t even goto a town hall meeting for fear of having to answer questions.

  24. Seems to me that the Grimes campaign could have an ad series called “He Won’t Debate”. A different issue would be addressed in each ad in the form of a question. Alison would present her position on the issue. And McConnell’s actions would be presented as his response.

  25. These accomplishments were achieved IN SPITE of Mitch McConnell, not because of his work or even interest in this state. He needs to be replaced with someone just like Allison Grimes: intelligent, young, motivated to fight for this state, and NOT in the pocket of the Koch brothers. I hope that KY voters are ready to move into the era of forward progress for the STATE.

  26. That’s nice for the citizens of your state that benefit from those handful of projects but he also: Has filibustered more bills in his tenure than he has passed. In the past 6 years he has consistently opposed any economic stimulus programs that would have employed THOUSANDS of unemployed Kentuckians. Most importantly he is single handedly responsible for the dysfunction of the Senate.

    Ms. Grimes will bring home more bacon that McConnell over the next 6 years as she will be in the majority for the first four years of the Clinton Administration.

  27. I say rent the hall and put up an easel where McConnell should have been standing and fill it with his “accomplishments” over the past 6 years!

    You know what they say about action speaking louder than words!

    Besides it would be waaay more entertaining that what Squint Eastwood tried to pull of at the last GOP convention!

  28. I see you are about as bright as the Carl from slingblade. Ask the good folks over around Paducah how old Mitch went to bat for the corporations. He got them a WHOPPING, one time settlement agreement from corporate at the Uranium enrichment plant when they all started dying from heavy metal poisoning and cancer. They also had to agree never to sue again. And the people around Pikeville. Hard to see the bad for the good that Mitch wants you to see. Besides, look at how the backers of those projects suddenly wrote Mitch a BIG contribution check.

  29. That WHOPPING settlement was only 150 grand by the way, that won’t even cover their cancer drugs for a year.

  30. What should really kill Mitch is the people that are getting the debate together are in Pikeville. Pikeville is straight up the coal country’s main meeting place in Eastern Ky. This will show them Mitch cares as much about coal and their health as he did the folks at the Uranium enrichment plant in Paducah.

  31. The ironic republican spin on this is he’s not “going to even give her the platform for her to be taken seriously”.
    I hate how b.s. politics has gotten. These infantile partisan moments are a shining example of everything, and everyone, strong with America

  32. A bus tour could actually be a good thing.. IF Grimes was in the other bus and they faced the public side by side and had to answer the questions put forward. In fact that should be a perquisite to drawing the salary and their vacation plan, politicians HAVE to appear in public to directly answer to the people that pay their salaries…for their second job.. McConnell’s first allegiance is not to the people of Ky. or even America. But the highest bidders.

  33. Mitch has no problem flying across the country to meet and answer questions for the KOCH Bros, but he can’t manage to find time to answer questions for the Kentucky electorate before the election. And the real reason IS – He is simply a dullard that puts his foot in his mouth when he attempts to answer hardball question.

  34. Allison Grimes is going to take him down. Give her a few bucks. It will be well worth it to the entire country to see McConnell defeated and outta there.

  35. So tell us little turtle how did McConnell increase his assets to over 38 million on a Senators salary? As far as I know he came into the Senate with a little over 2 million in his pocket. Now he is either the greatest financial wiz the world has ever known or… Heaven forbids someone has been lining his pockets

  36. I have read every response on here and I think it is un American to say that Mitch McConnell is un American for not representing Americans. Just because there are approximately 320 million Americans and he only represents 2(Koch Bros) does that make him un American? Does it? Really?

  37. he knows he’d lose. but, both parties leave a lot to be desired. the government has been lying, spying, dirty dealing, fooling, deceiving, in general a through fu—–, fraud and treason was done by congress in 1871, and , we have been going down hill since then, what they did to the American people, is beyond criminal. if I remember correctly, the penalty, in war times, for desertion and treason was death. we have been declaring war on something to keep us in a state of conflict. war on poverty, war on drugs, etc.

  38. The only surprise I had reading this article was the unexpected uses of the racist term ‘yellow’. You may not be aware of this, but I expect more from PoliticusUSA.

  39. I may be wrong but I don’t think anyone was referring to Asians. I think in the old west when someone was a coward they were called yellow but let me ask Marion Mitchell Morrison

  40. We the people have been trying to install term limits . Mitch McConnell has 30 years in his position and he’s looking for 4 more years. Well no thanks, I will be voting to end your service. Mitch you have made it perfectly clear that you want to cause trouble and not get anything done, and that your undoing.

  41. Mitch may be an advocATEFOR HIS CONSTITUENTS, but what is he doing for America? His actions are only self serving. The rest of the country be damned.Count the number of bills sitting in the death or dying files. Pay to play has enhanced his wealth,,,,,,

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