Even Fox News Polls Show That The Race For The Senate Is Moving Towards Democrats


A new batch of polls from Fox News show that the momentum is definitely moving towards Democrats keeping the Senate, as Republican incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas is in danger of losing his seat.

The Fox News poll of North Carolina shows Democratic incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan leading Thom Tillis 41%-36% with 6% supporting Libertarian Sean Hough. In Iowa, Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Jodi Ernst are tied at 41%. The bad news for Democrats comes in Louisiana where Sen. Mary Landrieu is trailing Republican Bill Cassidy 35%-31% in the four-way general election contest and 51%-38% in the potential runoff.

The bombshell race is in Kansas, when Republican incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts is in danger of losing his seat. Since Democrat Chad Taylor withdrew from the race, Independent Greg Orman has continued to surge. With Taylor’s name still on the ballot, Roberts leads Orman 40%-38% with Taylor getting 11%. If Taylor’s name is not on the ballot, Orman leads Roberts 48%-42%. The Kansas State Supreme Court heard the case relating to Taylor’s name appearing on the ballot on Tuesday, and a decision is expected shortly.

When even the Fox News polls are showing serious signs of Democratic momentum, Republicans have a big problem on their hands. Coming into 2014, Mitch McConnell thought that by late September he could start planning his agenda as Majority Leader, but things have not gone the GOP’s way. If Orman beats Roberts, Democrats will likely keep control of the Senate. Democratic incumbents in Arkansas and North Carolina continue to hold small leads. The Iowa Senate polls are over the map, but the average of all polls shows the Democrat with a small edge.

Despite putting most of their resources into the Senate contests, Republicans have not been able to expand the map. The momentum has shifted back to Democrats, with only the usual Republican leaning polls showing a rosy scenario for the GOP. While the mainstream media and pundits continue to insist that Democratic control of the Senate is doomed, the polling data is telling a different story.

The media and pundits claimed that Mitt Romney was in a position to win, when polling data was revealing the potential for Obama blowout in 2012. The media were wrong then, and they are going down the same path again. Democrats aren’t a lock to keep the Senate, but the needle is moving in their direction.

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  1. Decision’s in:

    “TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas Supreme Court has ordered the state to remove U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Chad Taylor’s name from the ballot, in a ruling that could influence the national fight for control of the Senate.

    The court’s decision Thursday leaves Democrats without a nominee, potentially making it easier for independent candidate Greg Orman to defeat three-term Republican incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts. The GOP has counted on Roberts winning re-election on Nov. 4 as they seek to recapture a Senate majority.”

    Another hard loss for republicans.

  2. I only hope the independent candidate is true to his word about caucusing with the dems, or this might be a disaster in the making. Orman’s polling numbers will take off, now that it’s a two way race.

  3. Even though he was a democrat I think it will be a wait and see who controls the senate. If its 50/50 look for a lot of horse trading with him and Angus King

  4. I am so glad to hear that. We have the Kansas seat, and Brownback is outta there as well. Over at TPM, a Fox poll has Landieu down by 13 points, which I do not believe. Every single Senate poll by Quinnipac has Dems losing, even to Jonie, Ernst, and I know that is not accurate.

    Another had Scott Brown up by 10. Please, spear me. The right is starting to panic. They thought they had this locked up. I do not think so.

  5. Tillis had Chris Christie in NC campaigning for him.
    I think Kay Hagan is going one better, apparently Bill Clinton will campaign for her.

  6. A daily kos blog says the Court says Taylor’s name has to be taken off of the ballot. That nails it for Roberts.

    Fox is contradicting itself. Over at TPM, they have Cassidy leading Landrieu by 13 points, which I doubt. Then Fox says the Dems may hold on to the Senate. The Dems need Landieu to keep the Senate, do they not?

  7. Oh Please let there be upsets here in Texas! Neal Marchbanks over Randy “Park Ranger harasser” Neugebauer. David Alameel over John Cornyn. Shirley McKellar over Loopy Louie. Wesley Reed over Flakey Blakey.

  8. There’s bad news of a sort in GA for Deal (R) today. GA’s unemployment rate increased to 8.1%, the second highest in the nation. Of course, Deal’s budget guy is questioning the method the Commerce Dept. used to calculate the rate, and he’s saying the rate will be adjusted down, after the numbers are crunched again. I doubt it, because Deal and his RW buddies in the state legislature did the same thing Walker did in WI, Christie did in NJ, and Brownback did in KS–they implemented tax cuts benefiting the wealthy the most and gave billions to corporations. Now Deal can’t explain why the unemployment rate went up or why job creation in GA lags behind most of the other states. I fully expect Deal or one of his cronies to emerge within the next few days and lay the blame on Pres. Obama because they know that by doing that, they can convince the brain deaders here to vote to reelect Deal in spite of the evidence of his failure as governor.

  9. All this polling data won’t mean a hill of beans unless people actually get out and vote. Polls don’t elect people, people do!

  10. I wouldn’t call this momentum as of yet for Democrats, seems more like consolidation. I kind of want Democrats to feel a little desperate as long as possible to draw out the progressive vote in November. If Dems think they have momentum some may stay home on election day I fear. The polling on the Louisiana race is rather depressing and is looking more and more grim for Landrieu.

  11. Sadly I live in NC, the rethug candidate for my district’s house seat (someone whose complete resume seems to be a short stint as a Baptist preacher) by the name of Walker
    wants to go to war with Mexico if they are caught bringing drugs across the border, he also wants to impeach Obama, no reason, just cause.
    This man is dumber than a box of bricks, the awful thing is the country Baptists around here will vote for him.

  12. Elections do have consequences, locally, at the state level and nationally. 1,200 School districts sueing Greg Abbott, hawking California’s flight of business’s leaving for Texas and standing behind Rick Perry on immigration antics and tactics will bring him down. Texas’ Republican party doesn’t exist any longer. It is now the Texas TEA party! Things have changed. Colorado’s Mark Udall has a better chance to win and Iowa and Kansas are projected to stay Republican. But the dance isn’t over! Do not be fooled! Act as though we are far behind! We must win the decisively in every state! Till then its full bore for Democratic candidates running! Obamacare is working! The latest numbers come from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which polled more than 27,000 people during the first three months of the year. Forty-one million U.S. residents, or 13.1 percent, were uninsured during the quarter when benefits started to kick in for people who signed up for coverage.

  13. OK, so can we call this “2010: The Revenge”? We had a Gerrymandered red tea onslaught that got my own local representative, a Republitard, elected, and the first thing he did in D.C. was vote for the Ryan Budget (aka Koch Budget). I would not put too much faith in these polls. Vote!

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