House Republicans Screw The American People By Canceling Jobs Votes and Leaving Until November


After a nearly a year of having done nothing, House Republicans have rewarded themselves by canceling all of their remaining votes and leaving town until after November’s midterm election.

The Hill reported,

In a departure from their original schedule, the House plans to adjourn at the end of the day Thursday until after the midterm elections, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced.

Lawmakers will now have extra time to hit the campaign trail, leaving Washington until the lame-duck session in November.

The House was originally set to be in session through Friday to vote on consolidated packages of so-called “jobs bills” and measures to boost domestic energy that it has already passed. Now, members will be able to head for the exits as soon as the House finishes work on the energy package.

DCCC Chairman Rep. Steve Israel responded by putting Republicans on blast, “House Republicans are now abandoning any pretense of doing actual work for the American people, skipping town one day after doing the bare minimum required to keep the government functioning but blocking any progress for the middle class. House Republicans have proved yet again that they are only interested in doing their jobs long enough to stack the deck for special interests and launch political stunts. Democrats are committed to jumpstarting our middle class, not setting the government on autopilot and then heading for vacation.”

House Republicans aren’t even trying to fool the American people anymore. It doesn’t matter that the “jobs bills” that the House was supposed to vote on were not really jobs bills. In House Republican speak, anything that provides a tax cut to the wealthy or guts a regulation is a jobs bill. The reality is that House Republicans don’t do what most people would consider to be jobs bills.

John Boehner is fond of saying that jobs are his top priority, but the Speaker couldn’t even stick around town long enough to vote for his fake jobs bills. The best part about this whole deal for House Republicans is that they will still be getting paid for assigning themselves more vacation.

The American people need a Congress that will show up for work. If you decided on your own to not show up for work, you’d be fired on the spot. Voters need to give House Republicans the same treatment.

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  1. For your entertainment:
    A right wing radio host who has screamed about Obamacare being a communist plot and evil has just been hospitalized due to heart

    Well, the fact is he has no health insurance and is begging for money to help pay his hospital bills.

    Seen on DU

  2. Derrick, I cannot remember the name but I think his program is called ‘ground zero’
    and the item is on Democratic Underground.

  3. Really? They can’t even handle a few days of work before saying ‘I want a vacation! This is too much work for me!’

    That’s bull crap. I worked everyday for nearly 10 years and rarely took any vacation time (largely because there was a point where vacation time wasn’t paid for). They can do the same damn thing. They can stay at their job and get things done the right way.

    I don’t mean these half assed ‘job bills’ either. I’m talking about giving those in the middle class and the lower class a fighting chance to survive. Yeah, I know they won’t do that… but can’t a man dream?

  4. Where is the Republican voter outrage about their own leaders abdication of responsibilities? I dont see any credibility on the right side of the political spectrum. Their leaders are banking on not doing anything and blaming the President!

  5. Everyone just take step back, a deep breath and consider – it’s a good thing that they’re leaving town for two reasons: 1), they are more likely to attempt damage to the American public if they are actually in session, and 2) they are more likely to do damage to themselves when they’re actually out in the real world, misspeaking and showing their true colors to us all. And, many of them will be gone come the first of the year anyway…..

  6. “House Republicans Screw the American People”..ok that’s all that is needed. The rest follows as usual.

  7. Unfortunately, Matt, it seems the sheeple don’t really care. The Republican voters think that, as long as Obama is being blindsided at every front, their shepherds are doing their jobs. Because the ratio of wealth as regards Republican voters vs Democratic is heavily loaded on their side, as long as they’re getting their share, the status quo is fine with them. They’ll follow them right over the edge of the fiscal cliff without question. Very ugly.

  8. Uhhh Dustin — Instead of “the lower class”, how about calling them the working poor? For that’s exactly what they are, thanks to minimum wage.

  9. Just checked the guy out. I don’t mean to be unkind, but He bears a startling resemblance to the stuff that drops from the arse of a horse… Except he wears sun glasses.

  10. It has always made me mad that John Boehner runs unopposed in his elections which guarantees him a place in the house. This situation must be corrected by the Democratic party. Maybe they could make my dream come true that Boehner would be the only politician to be defeated in an unopposed election for lack of interest. Just a dream.
    The HOR needs a real shake-up in this November mid-term election. My hope is that the citizenry comes out in force to bring home the point that we want change.

  11. So this means no shutdown? What was in the Continuing Resolution besides Iraq? Does the $1 Trillion in tax expenditures stay gone? Does the EM-IM Bank close?

  12. I don’t know. The teahadist caught the vapors and went home. So who knows what they accomplished other than voting to give weapons to McCain’s buddies

  13. That’s the one thing that pisses me off. Howard Dean while can go off the reservation from time to time had an effective game plan. Contest everything. It was that simple. I guess egos got involved and they showed him the door after we won in 2006 and gave the job to party hacks.

    I guess being friends with the teahadist pays well

  14. The “Lower class” is just beginning to understand the rethugs wish to keep you in the “Lower Class”. No climbing the ladder to success, no education, we need you for the army, to fight the wars we want. That is what the rethugs plan has been for years. The Plan is almost at the door of success If only they win this election.

  15. Nothing says no Vaseline for you than this.
    Of course the kochsuckers will oppose this
    The U.S. Department of Energy unveiled its latest energy efficiency rule on Thursday, a standard for commercial air conditioning units that the White House believes could slash energy use in commercial and industrial buildings.

    The proposal would cut climate-changing carbon emissions by more than 60 million tonnes, and could save more energy than any other efficiency standard issued by the Energy Department to date, the White House said in a release.

    The new standard was part of a package of actions announced on Friday that the White House said would curb nearly 300 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2030 and save consumers more than $10 billion on energy bills.

    The Energy Department also said it would train veterans to install solar panels at military bases.

  16. The Continuing Resolution provides the government to continue on with existing finances it doesn’t add or subtract anything from the current budget.

    It did include authorization for Obama to take on ISIL, however, I don’t know if they included money for that.

  17. While you might be right Maple.. I’ve felt that I was in the ‘Lower Class’. Hell, after the great meltdown, I was ‘Working Poor’.

    I don’t see any distinction between the two because it’s all the same really. Those working and getting the minimum wage are working poor. Hell, I had a hard enough time standing on my own two feet and that’s with government help.

    Either way, I feel like if more people see how disgusting the Republicans are towards people like me and you, the better it can be in the future.

  18. First time weekly jobless claims dropped a large 36’000 over the previous week. Why is this important? The previous week is the week when the BLS uses the jobless claims numbers to adjust their monthly employment report stars. Why should progressives care? A healthy bounce-back in the September jobs report could give President Obama a boost. Maybe this liberal is spitting in the wind, but I am fishing for positives.

  19. You know what’s sad they get the gullible , like you to fall for the okey doke. They never tell you what was in those bills that the teabaggers pass.Here are a few examples. ◾The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act Democrats argued the act would weaken EPA air pollution controls not just in Alaska but in other offshore areas. Believe it or not we like to breathe clean air

    ◾The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act: A end round to destroy unions. Not going to happen

    Lets not forget the 50 or so bills to dismantle the ACA. I know you like purty words without really knowing what’s in it so I am not surprise at your ignorance

  20. Carl, please stop passing misinformation. You know darned well that any “bill” put forth by a Republican is ALL for their own profit and benefit (i.e. tax cuts for the rich) and TAKES AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE. Any “bills” they have are designed to take away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, aid for Veterans, education, health care, etc. The very things that our tax dollars are DESIGNATED by the Constitution to pay for (“for the general welfare of the people”). Republicans refuse to approve money to fix our infrastructure and our crumbling bridges. The only thing they approve is 1) tax cuts and 2) WAR. Get a brain and turn off Fox “news.”

  21. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, aid for Veterans, education, health care

    So those are the deadbeats of our society. You are one ignorant person.
    Like I keep telling you pick up and damn book and educated your ignorant self
    About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So, the government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance in 2006.
    BTW the people who you call deadbeats they are not on welfare dummy

  22. Entitlement spending has not reduced

    True. Republicans have fought tooth and nail to ensure that tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and billions in corporate welfare is never reduced.

  23. Taken with your comment that you would like to see another terrorist attack on American cities, we see just how little claim you have to being an American. You want the cities to be attacked, so your own tax bill will be reduced, since you think all welfare recipients live in cities. So how much are you contributing to the ISIS cause, traitor? Will you be heading over to fight for their cause? It’s obvious you hate America, and want it destroyed, so you can save a few bucks on you taxes.

  24. Maybe he should just use the GOP plan, just die.

    I dont want anyone to just die, but republicans do.

    They call me a drain on society because Im paralyzed, even though I earned my SS.

  25. I am a Liberal/Progressive DEMOCRAT and I APPROVE this message:

    —“After Doing Nothing for Six Years, Republicans Claim We Need More…Republicans”

    Are they kidding? We DON’T need more Republicans we DON’T need more EMPTY PROMISES! Nor more DYSFUNCTION, No More hearing of their silly, childish Obama bashing trash talks, nor to hear their Bull-shiite, nor the brazen con-man games they play. So NO! We don’t need more Republicans in the system. Please. What we need is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. Yes, clean Air to breath sighs of relief and HOPE that meaningful Bills that are put forth to create Jobs, and other worthy plans are implemented WITHOUT the petty, mean, spiteful objections and obstructions by those insignificant lawmakers. SEND THEM BACK HOME! Worthless lot.

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