Militia Group Plans To Target African-American Democrats At Polling Places In Wisconsin


A militia group in Wisconsin is planning to target African-American Democrats at polling places in order to suppress the vote and keep Republican governor Scott Walker in office.

Here is a Twitter exchange where the group details their plan:


A visit to the group’s Facebook page features makes it clear exactly who they are targeting. All of the pictures on the page feature African-Americans. The group is trying to get African-Americans who may have outstanding warrants arrested in order to keep them from voting. The group wants people to report those they suspect of having warrants out on them to the police on election day, “Do the community a favor and keep an eye out for people wanted on warrants and report them to the police on election day.”

The “poll watchers” also plan on harassing and following people who they suspect of being wanted on warrants to their homes. The plan seems to be to use the police to intimidate African-Americans into not voting in November’s election.

The group admits that they are targeting Democrats. They aren’t exactly subtle in making it clear that they are targeting African-American voters. The scheme is an attempt to intimidate African-American voters while getting around the Voting Rights Act. The point of this campaign isn’t to get felons off the streets. The “poll watchers” are trying to keep African-Americans away from the polls.

The fact that they are targeting a specific group of individuals based on race and perceived political affiliation means that their operation is a violation of the Voting Rights Act. According to the Justice Department, “The administration of elections is chiefly a function of state government. However, federal authorities may become involved where there are possible violations of federal law. In cases where intimidation, coercion, or threats are made or attempts to intimidate, threaten or coerce are made to any person for voting or attempting to vote, the Department of Justice can consider whether there is federal jurisdiction to bring civil claims or criminal charges under federal law. Depending on the nature of the allegations, they may fall into the jurisdiction of different parts of the Department. If you have information about allegations of intimidation, please contact us.”

Wisconsin Republicans are desperate to keep Scott Walker in office, Currently, Gov. Walker is tied with Democrat Mary Burke in the polls. A voter intimidation effort that could prevent African-Americans from voting might be enough to get Walker reelected. The right-wing Wisconsin poll watching group is planning on engaging in illegal activity. The group is just getting started, which is why it is a perfect time to send the message that these tactics will not be tolerated.

You can contact the Justice Department here, and request that the election be monitored.

The right to vote must be protected, and those who attempt to intimidate voters need to be held accountable.

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  1. Demand that Eric Holder sends Department of Justice Agents, regardless of alphabet affiliation, to ALL Wisconsin precincts to prevent these jokers from intimidating voters exercising their civic and patriotic duty.

  2. The terrorists the government should worry about are right here in the USA. They have been a threat for 150 years. This is intimidation. Is Walker that desperate?

  3. Republicans must see the “writing on the wall” because everything I read these days reeks of desperation on their part.

    These tactics to suppress the vote will, in my opinion, backfire on them as they will be seen by more and more people to be the anti-democracy, anti-America party that they are.

    I wonder if any of them have questioned why, if they’re the party of God, God hasn’t just given them the elections.

    Could it be that they are just as anti-Christ as they are anti-America?

  4. What do you think would happen if armed black men positioned themselves at polls in white neighborhoods with the express purpose of dissuading Republican voters?

  5. OR,
    as I call it……
    It’s like DeJaVu…
    Republicans that 2012 was
    ‘in the bag’. Everything seemed
    to be going their way. So, what
    do they do? They COMPLETELY alienate
    Women, Minorities, Seniors, etc by degrading & demeaning them/us. Calling us TAKERS. Attempting to disenfranchise MILLIONS of eligible Voters by changing
    the rules.
    But, what happened instead?
    WE Registered in record numbers!
    WE got in line!
    WE stayed in line!
    WE won!
    WE can do it again!

  6. Send the FBI and the US Marshals to Wisconsin.

    If you have to, FEDERALIZE the Wisconsin National Guard.

    Stop terrorism in America.

  7. I guess this makes it very clear who the fake militia people are standing up for.

    What a wonderful time to start a new Black Panther neighborhood party. Dress up as old people and come to the polls. All over the US.

    Is Wisconsin an open carry state? Remember armed in the open is to be considered dangerous and stand your ground material.

  8. Now you all know that those facetube postings and threats are just a bunch of liberals in their basements in pajama’s eating cheeto’s..Or so the Reich Wing will tell you!. I found out about a local group planning this and informed them that I knew and I had contacted authorities. Funny thing but there are less than 500 blacks that live in my town….Idiots.

  9. * This SHOULD read:
    Republicans thought 2012 was
    ‘in the bag’.

    Tried to EDIT but wouldn’t let me.

  10. When they can’t win legitimately, they’ll use any method necessary to obtain desired results, no matter how ugly! We’ve seen it before and it’s not likely to end any time soon. This is just s.o.p. for teathuglicans.

  11. The DOJ should arrest each gunnut on felony conspiracy charges, therefore, guunuts unable to own a gun ever! The “tea party” is nothing but a cover for the KKK. Sick gunnuts, no balls.

  12. 12.09 Election threats.
    No person may personally or through an agent make use of or threaten to make use of force, violence, or restraint in order to induce or compel any person to vote or refrain from voting at an election.
    No person may personally or through an agent, by abduction, duress, or any fraudulent device or contrivance, impede or prevent the free exercise of the franchise at an election.
    No person may personally or through an agent, by any act compel, induce, or prevail upon an elector either to vote or refrain from voting at any election for or against a particular candidate or referendum

  13. Voters in those areas should request write-in ballots, and if not available, show up wearing hoodies, or other concealing clothing, and refuse to answer any questions. If they touch you, it’s assault, and they should be reported and arrested. They can’t harass voters, once in the building, and any confrontations should be video-ed, for later prosecution.

  14. Matt Lepperd is part of this group. He is the owner of L&M Automative Performance Center in North Prairie, WI. Let him know how you feel about this. Judging by his post on the groups website he will be out harassing voters.

  15. First off, would any of these potential ‘voters’ have a warrant out on them? My guess is no… not all Black people are thugs and criminals people.

    Secondly, this is extremely illegal. Is Walker that damn desperate to keep his state after all the crap he has done to it?

  16. For now, get the feds out there. To prevent this, Wisconsin should adopt voting by mail. Works great here in Oregon.

  17. So where is all the outrage on FUX News? Oh yeah, they are probably telling their viewers to commit fraud if need be to keep their puppets in office! They are the KKK network!

  18. I can hear the phone call now… “911 what’s your emergency” “umm, there’s a black guy here at the polling station who looks like he has a warrant for his arrest” “umm, what do you mean he looks like he has a warrant?” “Well, he’s black” “Sir, do you know for a fact that this person has a warrant?” “He’s black, they all have warrants” “Sir, do you even know his name?” “Hell, I don’t talk to blacks, You ask him his name when you get out here.” “Sir, what is YOUR name?” ….(click, guy hangs up)

  19. Republican Militia Group Plans To Target AA Democrats?!?
    No different from GOPTP ALEC State Policy Network driven; Koch Brothers, Reaganomics, Conservatism Based Republican Political Actions assaults on Federal Government by Shutdown, Unfounded Conspiracies, law suits against Democrats.
    All baby girly conservative outcries of racism,musing American Tax Payers fund(s)without accountability of wasting, lowering American Credit Rating all in an attempt to do away with Federal Governments protection(s)of what is Civil & Human Rights.
    It is not enough that they had tanked the economy into National and Global Recession under Republican Controlled Executive and Legislative Branch of our Federal Government. Unilateral Declaration of War against UN wishes against Iraq, Afghanistan w/o national budget. They publically praise Ayn Rand, a Russian Decent & Oligarchy Communist Philosopher and Vladimir Putin as their idol(s) over the National Elected POTUSA and Democrats politic. Vote them out!!!

  20. I disagree, we don’t want violent confrontations in those areas, it could lead to bloodshed and endanger people’s lives.

  21. The Black Panthers were never a violent organization. Here is a little history about them

    The Black Panther Party was a progressive political organization that stood in the vanguard of the most powerful movement for social change in America since the Revolution of 1776 and the Civil War: that dynamic episode generally referred to as The Sixties. It is the sole black organization in the entire history of black struggle against slavery and oppression in the United States that was armed and promoted a revolutionary agenda, and it represents the last great thrust by the mass of black people for equality, justice and freedom.
    Read More

  22. I am getting a error so I cant comment on what they said. I can tell you this at that time if you think what law enforcement is bad now it was nothing compared to what was happening in our neighborhoods in the 60’s. It came to the point where we had to defend ourselves.

    The Black Panther party did that by monitoring the police. But they were also a social organization. Before there was a free breakfast for America children they provided it for the poor in the ghetto. Plus job training and education classes.

    Now maybe The Southern Poverty Law Center are talking about these wannabes of today. Don’t be fooled. They have nothing in common in what Huey Newton and others envision during the 60’s.

  23. Very simple solution… make them look really stupid and ABSENTEE vote… If you have a warrant, VOTE BY MAIL Problem solved.

  24. Not meaning to threadjack but I do think this is relevant to what is happening today

    Greenwood, Okla.: The Legacy of the Tulsa Race Riot

    In 1921, Greenwood, a successful, all-black enclave in Tulsa, was the site of the deadliest race riot in U.S. history. For the inhabitants of “the Black Wall Street,” life would never be the same.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now can people understand why we fight for our basic American rights

  25. Finally got it and just like a thought. A bunch of wannabes who are dragging the Panther name in the mud. But so what, a lie will travel half way around the world before the truth gets out of bed

  26. The New Black Panthers are a completely different organization from the original Black Panthers, as the SPLC will tell you itself. Only the New Black Panthers are a matter of concern.

  27. Followed soon after being arrested by the police for both calling 911 to falsely report another person as well as voter interference.

  28. You know this and I know this but when people hear black panthers they have a freak out. I blame ignorance

  29. well rick perry called up the texas national guard to stop the invasion of illegal babies from honduras obama can call out the wisconsin national guard and deputize them as federal deputies to provide security for wisconsin elections polling places to stop this nonsenses; theses folks are interfering in u s national elections ;and violating the voting rights cact of 1965 the federal civil rights statutes, us constitution bill of rights if caught and prosecuted could bring ten years in jail or five years in jail and thousand or five thousand dollars fine’,something should stick vagrancy illegally carrying guns in federal elections

  30. The New Black Panthers is a completely different group from the original Black Panthers. Both groups are still around today.

  31. i sent an email to the doj and a link of this artice to there voting rights section im hoping the doj catches the looney militiar groups and arrests them and lockes them up

  32. People don’t like being told they can’t vote or that their vote will be interfered with.

    My guess is these yahoos won’t be intimidating anyone into not voting.

    If anything, they’re encouraging people TO get out there and vote.

  33. A day late and a dollar short. First it was not the full court but three Reich wingers that made the ruling and trust if the full court ever hears it that ruling will be overturned. It amazes me that you CONS call yourself Americans but rejoice at limiting the peoples right to vote. Makes one wonder when the people have their franchise you idiots could not win an office for dog cathcer

  34. A group of redneck yahoos “2nd amendmenting” on Election Day to make sure the scary blah folks don’t vote. Gee. What could go wrong?
    The fact is, they’ll look foolish and not allowed anywhere near a polling place.

  35. The New Black Panthers have nothing to do with the original Black Panthers. The original Black Panthers officially disavow the NBP, which was formed in Texas in 1989.

  36. All the people have to do is pull our your cell phone and start taking pictures. These people have no right to mess with people trying to vote. I’m sure they do not want their picture taken.

  37. Diane, we want to get voters not bloodshed, we need the federal government at the polls in Wisconsin, not any militia. Also if the people of Wisconsin want to protect the voting rights of the minorities they should get involved but not violently.

    It’s best that the people of Wisconsin to call D.C. and let the White House know of their concerns. It worked in 2008 and 2012.

  38. The idea is to have someone of authority of our federal government involved, because while I believe the Black Panthers won’t start anything, fighting will happen. With people from D.C. it will be easier to have minorities vote without mishap.

  39. I expect nothing less from hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican liars. Be it in Wisconsin or anywhere else in this country. There is only one terrorist organization in this country to be totally fearful of, and that is the republican political party. The others just want to kill us, the republicans want to take every right lawfully fought for from us and make us live in abject fear for our lives. That ladies and Gentlemen will not do, the GOP gangrene stench must be cleansed from D.C. and around from this country, at the voting booth. There is nothing republican that is American any longer, they must go.

  40. The gop are intimidated by heavy voting as they know the majority of Americans hate the gop. They count on lower turnouts to win elections. The last heavy midterm election was 2006 which shocked the gop.

  41. And it’s a class I felony too. That means they can’t own a gun! *makes a funny face and sticks tongue out at right-wingers*

    Pass out the number for the Wisconsin State Police and the FBI, have people report any and all attempts at intimidation.

    Take pictures, approach them, in plain view of other people, and if necessary speak loudly to (maybe?) make a scene and shun the cronies. :)

  42. Is it a crime in Wisconsin to carry a weapon at a polling place? I know in many localities it is. I’d feel much safer if that were on the books.

  43. I hope these morons show up at my polling place in Racine, WI. If they do, at least one of them will be going to the hospital with their gun up their butt.

  44. Just got a call back from the Justice Department regarding this matter. They are investigating based upon the multiple complaints (including mine) that they have gotten. This is a new FB page (9/16/14) but they are now watching it, and have read the article here on PoliticusUsa. Keep up the good work!

  45. Yes, they called me also, and said the same. They also said they would be calling back as more information becomes available.

  46. This is so for ANY vote that I have a right to. We moved to NC two years ago, land of the HOA, home of the flacid. The developer of says he won’t even have a meeting until he no longer holds the majority vote. He’s not paying dues on his lots, & is using our fees for personal bills. He’s never given us an accounting.

    “Take him to court”, you say? It’s a civil matter. He DOES have enough votes to stop us in our tracks. I made a stink for a while but to no avail. Some dimwit came in who was going to “take care of it by getting in with him”. Of course, now she’s just in with him. My thumb in his eye is that I won’t use his trash hauler. Why? Because they won’t take a vote on it. That would require a meeting. When we have more than half the votes, I’ll be hiring a lawyer to sue him for back dues on all his lots and have him removed.

    The dimwits ask, “Why not just use his trash guy? It costs less.” “Taxation w/out representation. It’s what the USA is about, and I w…

  47. Racine-born here, Toby, go get ’em. I know WI has been having another McCarthy Moment but I am WAY tired of it now.



  48. there can go join ISIS. I bet none of them a vets. they are commies and socialists. what are they going to do when there is a woman in the white house next.

  49. Hmm….these terrorists threatening to intimidate Americans on November 4th? Is this the militia where the police chief was speaking at their meeting? Google them, they have them listed by district, should be easy to put under surveillance. Hopefully, this will motivate the democratic community even more to vote!

  50. A felony criminal (violence, fraud, whatever) or someone with felony warrant is in no position to stand with other decent law abiding citizens in voting for whats best for their community , State or Nation. They have already poorly represented themselves,
    They should be stopped by any means possible.

    To allow them to further corrupt our voting system would defy all common sense….

    ie…How could a shop or home owner be ok with a crook that held him up being allowed to vote his very own protective gun rights away?

  51. This is not a time for confrontation, this is not a time for vile and hate. It is a time for standing up for rights, and let the “violent ones” regurgitate. It’s a time for rousting numbers, it’s time to make people aware…it’s a time to peacefully get out and vote…lest our asses hang out bare…there is no time…there is no time….

  52. Judy…which is exactly why the citizenry of this state should abide by the “new rules” of the GOP in this state, jump thru all the hoops that they are throwing out there and in large numbers, as never seen before, go and VOTE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!
    As they say “we want our state back”! The trench that Walker the Talker is trying to crawl out of,,,,is that of his own making. My life, 60 years of, as a lifelong WI resident, have never seen such a man and his regime divide something as bad as this guy has. And then, then, try to tag it on a President! This “smooze talkin’ sharpie” must be removed before he can cause further damage!

  53. Yet you would allow the wealthy, who write the rules through their surrogates to commit any act of economic violence they want and get away with it, to not only not be punished, but to spend billions to ensure they never face justice, and to vote as many times as they wish. You kick down at those who made a mistake, but you let the others do as they please. You have no moral standing to make that call, as you’ve shown an inability to distinguish between a low-level infraction, and a premeditated campaign of voter disenfranchisement.

  54. They are on the run, but they have a silent base, that when rousted, will be out in 100%. That is why the opposition must answer with at least 80%. The GOP is banking on eliminating at least 20% with their suppression tactics now in place, it’s up to the citizens now. Scott (mouthpiece) Walker, Robin (pretty boy) Vos, and Scott (muscle) Fitzgerald, must be voided, or at least be held at bay, to preserve this state that I (we) love.

  55. There you go, that’s the way you got it, but we know the votes ain’t free,
    The PEOPLE gotta, they just gotta,
    Stand in line,and show them what we mean.
    Make them see we ain’t lazy, we ain’t sleeping…you’re just pissin’ on a human being.
    Register, identify, and VOTE!!!

  56. That is if Walker leave the police unions out of his Act 10 overreach…which like the Kenosha Casino, he’s not talking about until he shakes them all down for donations, “I’ll make my decision in late November”! Hah, what a player…..

  57. The New Black Panthers? Despite what Fox News says, there are less than 5 of them. They are not a threat.

  58. Legally armed people in Brookfield and various Waukesha County voting sites would be outstanding. But, we really don’t want the “eye for an eye” response. It’s just dangerous and dumb.Let’s just do everything legite. It is the best way to show the assholes that there is a “Real America”, law and rule abiding citizens that want to excersice their right to vote. I’m white for Chrissakes…my grandparents were able to vote the minute they got off the boat from Ireland, that is what is was all about.

  59. The guy who started the New Black Panthers was on the payroll of Fox News as their resident angry black man. The stunt at the Philadephia AL polling place was telegenically staged for Fox News cameras, so Fox News could create fear and outrage in the Fox News audience. My own opinion is that the right wing is still paying for the existence and stunts of this group.

  60. A city boy from the beginning….moved to pure white, pure GOP Germantown 28 years ago. A bedroom community no matter how they (village idiots) try to spin it. I have voted in every election, big or small, since being here….they know how I vote…..the thing that kills me is the poll workers are within my age range, at one time we were the “rebels” in this country, now we are all aged, white, establishment, count-ons. Throughout this community I see “We stand with Walker” signs….I often would like to post a sign “speak for yourself” signs next to them. There will be no armed “poll watchers” when I go to vote, which I have always done in person, why not? It’s a polling place….just like the one on 31st and Brown Street, in Milwaukee. If both parties do not speak up and say the actions of some groups are criminal, then we are headed for a world of hurt. The GOP establishment would be the last to reprimand these groups, as they count on them to help with their suppression mo…

  61. My answer to this is to organize, register the voting public according to the “new law”, massive voting drives…..and stick it right up their ass!!!!

  62. Dear Mr. Easley:

    This is not a militia group. It’s the same band of idiots who brought us Operation Burn Notice back during the Walker recall whose stated goal was to collect signed recall petitions and burn them en masse, making it a sure-fire guarantee the recall wouldn’t happen.

    You are being duped. Stop giving these trolls free press.

  63. So let me get this straight. If you are convicted of a DWI your constitutional rights should be taken away?

  64. Please provide the name of the group that is going to do this. I would like to research this story completely before reposting it. I’m hopefully thorough when I post something and this is extremely important, as it will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens and will also make a case for the Justice Dept. going into Wisconsin and staging poll monitors at predominantly Democratic polling places. I’d appreciate a reply to my query. Thank you.

  65. Ohhhh… so those folks are going to emulate those New Black Panther guys who were lurking at the entrances of polling places and striking fear into voters by their mannerisms?

    The recorded actions that did not lead to any actions to stop the fear being placed into voters by the thuggish actions that lead to attacks as evidenced by repeated news stories about that “street thug” anti-social behavior?

    Gotcha. Okay for some folks but not for others. I accept my lesser position in society as demanded by the politically correct cohort.

  66. Did anyone commenting actually take the time to click the link to the group’s facebook page? Are you guys literate?
    The group has 4 “likes” on facebook. In other words, it’s ONE nut that started a facebook group.
    How is this possibly newsworthy? What a joke.

  67. Anytime you and any white supremacist group try to intimidate a person right to vote its newsworthy. But just like cockroaches when the light is turned on you scatter back into the hole you came from

  68. No, we must not stoop to their level. What these wingnuts are planning to do is a violation of federal law; let the proper authorities handle this. Better yet, send in the National Guard; those teabagging nimrods will crap themselves at the sight of real armed troops…

  69. I went to check this chump out myself. He/she is neither Militia or Tea Party related, but a thug, ( could be right-wing could be left, I suspect the latter since the left papers are running wild with this story ), who is just stirring up trouble. They have changed the name of the page from “Wisconsin Poll Watchers Militia”, to “Wisconsin Association of Polling Place Monitors”, to “You’ve been Trolled by Journalists with Zero Credibility”. They have no contact information, no website and as soon as I called them out, they changed the name. No one in this state ( Wisconsin) is going to tolerate any BS by either side. The troll does have a good point though. None of the journalist who forwarded this story did any background checks to validate the story. That is pretty poor.

  70. The entire state of Wisconsin is white except for part of Milwaukee? You sure missed a lot of nooks and crannies. Plenty of blacks, Asians, Middle Easterners, Native Americans, Hispanics scattered all over. White majority is shrinking rapidly.

  71. Let’s just say that the first time an armed “poll watcher” shows up at a polling place to intimidate voters will also be the first time the medical profession will get an opportunity to perform an anal gun extraction:)

  72. Diane, the Black Panthers are not a violent organization. Do some research before you start talking about bloodshed.

  73. Actually, nothing may happen. I visited their site and it’s gone. It’s probably a ploy to make people nervous. Anywho, they want to arrest people for warrants…how do they know if a person has a warrant? They can’t so they randomly pick people. So go out there and vote folks

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