With His Senate Seat In Jeopardy Mitch McConnell Attacks Alison Grimes’ Dead Grandfather

Grimes' grandparents

Democratic Senate candidate and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) went back to her roots for her latest ad, a moving tribute to her Grandfather entitled “Proud Man”. The ad takes aim at incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) votes to raise the costs of Medicare for seniors, an issue that hits home with a specific group of voters but in this ad, is also told in a way that resonates with anyone who has struggled or watched a loved one struggle financially due to a medical problem.

Team Mitch responded to the heartfelt American story by attacking Alison Lundergan Grimes as “using” her deceased Grandpa’s stroke.

The attack by McConnell reeks of desperation. Mitch McConnell followed up backing out a debate with his Democratic challenger by attacking her dead grandfather. With polls, except for the ones with a history of Republican bias, showing the Kentucky Senate election close, McConnell is starting to sweat and pull out all of the stops to drag this contest through the mud.

“Proud Man,” a statewide TV ad that features the personal story of Alison and her family after her grandfather Omar suffered a devastating stroke, began airing Thursday. Watch here:

Here’s why Team Mitch is nearing hysteria: Alison for Kentucky explained her new ad and it’s something pretty much everyone can relate to, “Alison saw the rug pulled out from under her family and the hard choices her grandmother Elsie had to make to survive. Alison has never forgotten the pain of that experience and how it shaped her perspective.

In the U.S. Senate, Alison will fight to strengthen Medicare because she knows just how vital the program is to our seniors and families. Unlike Mitch McConnell, Alison will never support raising Medicare costs for Kentucky seniors.



I’m Alison Lundergan Grimes and I approved this message.

ELSIE CASE (her grandmother):
My husband was a strong person. But the stroke just took everything away.

I remember that day. When my mom called. The world stopped.

Seeing him in the emergency room, he knew that it was bad.

My grandfather was a proud man who didn’t want to ask for help, but they needed it.

We scrimped. And saved. Cause suddenly our finances were going for medical bills.

His last ten years, he couldn’t speak or work, and they could barely afford the medicines.

Our life became something else. No more vacations. No retirement. Just existing.

This is why we have to strengthen Medicare. Senator McConnell’s voted over and over again to raise seniors’ Medicare costs. I’ll never do that.

Clearly alarmed by the fact that Grimes found a way around McConnell’s relentless attempts to falsely tie her to President Obama by going right to the heart of the matter, Team Mitch spokeswoman Allison Moore responded to Grimes’ latest ad with a callous statement accusing her of “using” her deceased grandfather’s stroke:

“It’s a touching family story about a familiar circumstance to many Kentucky families followed by a totally debunked partisan attack on Senator McConnell from an increasingly desperate Alison Grimes. Anyone who would use their grandfather’s stroke to reintroduce an attack that received the triple crown of fact check false ratings has run out of justification for their candidacy.”

Team Mitch are clearly hoping to shame Grimes out of discussing something personal that impacts most Americans at some point in their lives and thus is relevant to a policy debate.

Also, not exactly Team Mitch.

PolitiFact fact checked a specific Grimes’ campaign claim based on the Ryan budget made over the summer, and even they determined that yes, Mitch McConnell is on record supporting the Ryan budget (the one the Nuns called immoral because of the harm it would bring to vulnerable children, seniors, and more). This is the budget that even PolitiFact describes as changing Medicare fundamentally thusly: “Medicare would have undergone a drastic change for future retirees. Instead of the government paying doctors and hospitals for services they provide for seniors, beneficiaries would be given a voucher they could use to purchase private health insurance to cover their care.”

When you hear the word “voucher”, it’s time to check your back.

PolitiFact determined that the non partisan Congressional Budget Office found that “implementing the 2011 Ryan plan would lead to an increase in out-of-pocket costs for seniors. How much? Instead of paying 27 percent of all their health care costs, seniors would be paying about 61 percent.” So yeah, the figures used in the Grimes ad were correct. The only reason they rated her claim as “false” was because of the age of the specific person used in her ad. You see, “The average out-of-pocket costs a new senior would pay in 2022 if Medicare changed to a more privatized system. People who turned 65 prior to 2022, like the retiree in Grimes’ ad, would remain in the current Medicare system and would not incur those costs.”

So, not only is this rebuttal inaccurate because the new Grimes’ ad simply stated that he had voted to raise the costs of Medicare and he has, but McConnell did support the Ryan budget. He also voted to close the donut hole for Medicare Part D, and the Republican Party — 30 year incumbent McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader, not exactly a sideliner on issues — has been trying to semi-privatize Medicare for years.

McConnell can’t really argue that point except by vaguely trying to connecct it to a summer ad, so instead he attacked Grimes and her deceased grandfather. Alison for Kentucky spokeswoman Charly Norton responded, “In a new low even for him, it is repulsive that Mitch McConnell is attacking Alison’s deceased grandfather.”

Of course, Team Mitch’s attack is uglier than just attacking Grimes’ grandfather. It attacks Grimes for discussing a relevant family medical event and its relationship to policy. Why does it do this? Because Alison Lundergan Grimes has a strong point in her ad. She is correct and she is relatable. No one has accused Mitch McConnell of being relatable in a very long time.

Why won’t Mitch McConnell discuss solutions for medical crises for the average American family? Why does he keep attacking Grimes over “Obamacare” when in Kentucky, it’s Kynect and it’s very popular?

Alison’s ad was spot on and Team Mitch can’t handle the truth.

28 Replies to “With His Senate Seat In Jeopardy Mitch McConnell Attacks Alison Grimes’ Dead Grandfather”

  1. Alison has this race. I’ve been saying this for some time now. Attacking a dead man is a low blow. His effort to defeat Grimes by linking her to Obama isn’t working. If it were, he wouldn’t attack a dead man.


  2. AVO: I’m Alison Lundergan Grimes and I approve this message.
    AVO: Mitch McConnell: He loves all children. Especially black ones. Why?
    MITCH: I prefer to make my martinis from the tears of little cullids.
    AVO: Mitch McConnell. He drinks black kids’ tears.
    AVO: Paid for by Some Corporate Interest Group With “Progress” or “Freedom” in the name… doesn’t really matter.

    point being… Mitch McConnell could do his next stump speech in a Grand Wizard robe and he’d surge in the polls. Because Kentucky, that’s why.

  3. I surprised at all, Mitch like the rest of his party have no class unless it can be purchased. They have no common sense and that cannot be purchased and they have no pride because pride is a gift a man gives to himself and that surely cannot be purchased.

  4. McConnell should not make deals with the Koch Brothers he cannot keep. It’s time for this southern black-hating obstructionist to be removed from Congress. With the alleged plans he has to reverse any and all good that the President has accomplished in exchange for keeping the government running is nothing short of blackmail. That is NOT a quality I would accept in a Congressman.
    Grimes seems to have a refreshing approach to structuring our nation’s budget. She is needed as a fresh new face to balance the stagnated thinking in Congress.

  5. OK, cheap shots on a dead family member is a huge no-no in my book. The nerve of Turtle Man and his minions to attack her dead grandfather.

    That’s low.

  6. Is this ‘no debate’ an ALEC plan? Because Snyder is refusing to debate Shauer here in MI, and I don’t think Land is debating either. Cowards one and all, aren’t they? What are they afraid the voters will find out? I agree with someone on another thread that I will never vote for someone who won’t debate.

  7. Why the surprise Republicans have never liked Social Security, Medicare or any programs that help the poor or middle class.
    What I don’t understand is why the people of Kentucky would vote against their best interest.

  8. IF McConnel wins, the people of Oklahoma will only stumble back into a Medical black-hole where they will be at the mercy of unscrupulous Insurance companies. And it will be their own fault for keeping this despicable arrogant person.

  9. Mitch McConnell can’t help but prove himself an insufferable idiot every time he or his staff responds to an ad like this. What a negative worthless person he is proving himself to be. I hope Grimes wins by a large margin!!!!!

  10. I agree that McConnell’s statement reeks of desperation. Mitch & the GOP have been saying such despicable shit & getting away with it for so long they’ve forgotten how people behave in the real world.

    This stunt will cost McConnell some votes. People may not like Grimes but they like even less, a Senator who stoops this low. This election may come down to who is liked less.

    The GOP has been making tons of mistakes lately & they’ll have plenty of time between now & November to make a lot more. Then when the GOP loses again, instead of changing their behavior they’ll blame it on not being conservative enough & double down even more. We can’t get rid of these people soon enough.

    I don’t understand how ANYONE in the US could vote for the GOP. But as my mother always said “People are basically idiots.”

  11. If McConnell’s body were as low as his politics and morals, he’d hold the world record in limbo dancing!

  12. Mitch McConnell has shown himself as a heartless piece of crap. He has shown what honest voters have known all along. He will stop at nothing to get elected. Wake up Kentucky and vote this low life out on Nov. 4th. Vote Blue!!!.

  13. I unfortunately have to disagree Maxie. I wish you were right but you are not. She does not “have this one” unfortunately. Obama is not popular in Kentucky at all, all of people here don’t like or trust him. I wish she could just get in there, do whatever AND SAY whatever she has to to get elected, and THEN she could get in there and help President Obama do what he needs to make this country great again. Clean energy, universal health care, prison reform–NO MORE Death Penalty, OR LWOP either, which is even more inhumane and brutal than the DP, more social services, immigration reform, amnesty for illegals, who better than Obama to work with ISIS/ISIL, Supreme Court and federal judge Appointments, LGBT equal rights and marriage equality, minority rights, get rid of ferguson police, climate change, help Greenpeace & the poor, get rid of nukes, no more wars for OIL, no wars period, tax reform, etc etc!! The list goes on, WE need Alison Grimes, and so does PRESIDENT Obama!! Ditch…

  14. The turtle’s gonna have to come out his shell to survive ;looks like he’s afraid of her; no debate because he has nothing to say to ordinary people of Kentucky .

  15. I remember a campaign for county supervisor some years ago here in the Wine Country. The challenger was leading the incumbent by 10-15 points. Then for some reason she launched a negative campaign accusing the incumbent of falling asleep during the board meetings… (he was not, but that didn’t matter to her). In the last month of the campaign, she went from a 15 point lead to losing by 20 points… She moved out of the county a year or so later and surfaced in San Francisco, where she became a lawyer for gays and lesbians.

  16. Carl, I think you need to look at the details of the fact checks. They reveal why they consider whether or not something is true or false. They reveal whether the point of the ad was valid even though a portion of what was said may have not been totally true. In this instance, Grimes’ ads are mostly valid, where McConnell’s are mostly mud slinging BS. You have to look for balance. It doesn’t come from predisposed thought.

  17. Pure party line. And beyond Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and Florence (basically a Cincinatti burb) – you’re pretty hard-pressed to find progressive voters. Critical thinking has been removed from their DNA and replaced with church and fox news. Latent (and occasionally-less-latent) hardcoded racism makes anyone who’d share a political party with a black president an instant detriment.

    And yes, these are the people who should be the MOST angry. The people who are repeating back “No war on coal!” with a very bad short term memory that these dangerous, debilitating strip mining jobs have been going away for years. “Mitch understands us!” – yes he does! He understands that getting people to train their hate on “the other” distracts away from blocking bills for veterans, social services, domestic manufacture and workers.

    As vile a career republican as I have ever, ever known. Follow @honestmitch – It’s fun to watch him ACTUALLY say what he says.

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