Panicked Greg Abbott’s Latest Ad Uses Debunked Talking Points To Attack Wendy Davis

Greg Abbott hosital donation

With his latest political ad, Greg Abbott is showing all the signs of a panicked candidate.  The ad is filled with talking points that have been debunked by facts and fact checkers.

Wendy Davis’ campaign spokesman, Zac Petkanas, zeros in on two reasons Abbott would resorts to lies and debunked talking points

“This kind of desperate attack ad that relies on lies and debunked claims is not the move of a confident frontrunner.”  It is the clearest sign yet that Greg Abbott’s lead is steadily eroding and that they are forced to distract from his unethical record, such as using his office to side against patients maimed and killed by a sadistic surgeon after accepting $250,000 from the hospital’s chairman.”

Abbott continues to try to tell Texas voters that Wendy Davis is under investigation by the FBI even though Davis “never was an object of interest for the FBI” in a complaint that was dismissed by the Travis County District Attorney’s office back in April.

In June, Politifact looked into the matter and categorized it “mostly false.”

Notably, a Travis County prosecutor said two months ago it’d be wrong to conclude his office’s mention of the FBI inquiry in a letter indicates Davis is under federal scrutiny.

Politifact also pointed out that while the FBI was investigating potential conflicts among NTTA Board Members, Wendy Davis never served on the board.

Abbott’s support has consistent eroded throughout the campaign.  The Davis campaign’s internal poll and a poll by Rasmussen  show that Abbott’s one time double digit lead is down to 8 points.

This is also about diverting people’s attention from facts about Greg Abbott that prove damaging to his electoral chances.  Abbot did all he could to protect a hospital from legal accountability for the malpractice of a plastic surgeon who killed and maimed several patients in exchange for the $250,000 donation he got from the hospital’s chairman.  This is just one example of Abbott pandering to his donors to the detriment of Texans.  In exchange from money from the Koch Brothers, Abbott changed a policy of informing the public about the toxic (and explosive) chemicals in their neighborhoods.  He sided with payday lenders enabling them to collect high fees from desperate borrowers.

Abbott continues to defend his unconstitutional vote suppression law by admitting it is designed to suppress votes by Democrats and “if” it suppresses votes by minorities that is just a coincidence.  He is also using taxpayer dollars to defend the state’s unconstitutional education funding policy.

He has a long term policy of pay discrimination against women and minorities.

The differences between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott are like day and night and Texans are waking up to that reality.  The options are very straightforward.  Davis is a candidate with new ideas to address the problems that come with policies that are both ineffective and in the cases of education funding and voting rights, unconstitutional.  Davis attacks Abbott’s policies and record, while Abbott resorts to lies, debunked talking points and the Hail Mary pass of politics – the untrue personal attack.


13 Replies to “Panicked Greg Abbott’s Latest Ad Uses Debunked Talking Points To Attack Wendy Davis”

  1. I would think telling lies in a campaign should be grounds for law suits and automatic grounds to be dropped off the ballots.

  2. This is Amerikkka bought and paid for by the anointed ones. A lie? We are good people who if we have to twist what the truth is, its for your own good. Now go back to serving me

  3. Anybody here from TX? If Abbott is picnicking she must be doing well. I suspect the GOP will all be panicking soon. We definitely have the Senate seat and gubernatorial seats in KS.

    If need be, we’ll send more $$ Wendy’s way.

  4. I live in Texas and Abbot is running a really weak campaign and I think Davis is beginning to draw blood. But she still has a big uphill climb.

    He seems to have no ideas and isn’t really running on any platform. One of his ads was basically his mother-in-law saying she loves him. I’m sure his mother loves him too, but what are his plans for Texas?

    A very strange campaign so far.

    His record does not stand up well to scrutiny. He has been a friend to power and wealth in Texas. He’s never met a corporation he didn’t like and was quoted as saying that as Attorney General he viewed his job as suing the federal government.

    His win/loss record is pitiful. He seems aggressive but not bright. In other words, he would be Rick Perry redux.

  5. The fact that this guy still has an 8 point lead is amazing. It speaks loudly about the Texas population. I’d never want to move there.

  6. The Giant rightwing media/polls portray the Obstructionist as winning,winning & winning almost everywhere..don’t believe the b.s. because the 98% are not that stupid & they lie because they get profits so don’t be fooled Dems.Just Vote Blue! VOTE!

  7. You have to be careful with the polls. The pollsters seem to lean right with ridiculous claims! Scott Brown was leading by 10. If Brown is leading Sheehan by 10 then hell just froze over!
    If he’s panicking, it has to be closer than 8 points. If Texans allow Abbott to win then they will have to deal with the havoc that will ensue.

    “He seems aggressive, but not bright.” Isn’t that what the GOP like? Walker isn’t very bright either.

  8. I don’t know that Texas voters care whether he lies or not. He’s got an R behind his name. That’s about all many of them will need.

  9. Abbott is another Koch puppet. They will buy anyonewho is willing to demean the opposition candidate to benefit the GOP!”Get Our Profits”

  10. I am surprised at Texas Christians who will stand behind a man who wants to cheat the poor out of fair wages, who swindles the middle class taxpayer out of his or her tax money to hand over to his crooked jet set friends to support his campaign, who cuts teacher’s and quality education for the children growing up in Texas, who represents his own immediate interest etc. Most important,Texas will not go forward unless Texan’s strive to create strong children growing up in Texas. One child always effects another child somewhere down the line. Support Wendy Davis and watch Texas prosper forward.

  11. The last debate was actually the first time I saw Davis and Abbott speak on issues. I’ll be honest, I was turned off by how much Wendy Davis was taking the opportunity to attack and attack and attack. Abbott had a lot of poise in face of the attacks. This damaged my opinion of Wendy Davis. If she is going to do character assassination, she needs to have poise, grace, and be very respectful to the moderators and her speaking time. Abbott won the debate on the dimension of personal composure.

    That said, no way in hell am I voting for Abbott.

    I’m a fiscal conservative. The republican party is not about being fiscally conservative anymore, they are about control and the appearance of moral superiority.

    Who pushes for a costly voter ID system when it would stop less than 50 cases of fraud over the last 10 years? Meanwhile Texas is a low spender on education and Abbott has no plans to raise education spending. New programs cost money, its all empty feel good talk by…

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