Republican Hopes Of Winning The Senate Take a Big Hit In Kansas

orman leads roberts kansas senate

Republican hopes of winning the Senate were dealt a major setback when the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that former Democrat candidate Chad Taylor’s name must be removed from the ballot.

Republican Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach ruled that Taylor’s name must stay on the ballot, even after he dropped out of the race. The Kansas State Supreme Court disagreed.

The court wrote in their opinion, “Our determination that the uncontroverted contents of Taylor’s September 3 letter timely satisfy the statutory requirements for withdrawal now leads us to Kobach’s clearly defined duty imposed by the law. Kobach’s attorney admitted at oral arguments that if the letter was held to comply with the statute, Kobach would have no discretion. This admission is consistent with the plain language of the last sentence of the statutory subsection: “No name withdrawn as provided in this section shall be printed on ballots for such office for the general election.” K.S.A. 25-306b(b). Accordingly, the issuance of a writ of mandamus is appropriate. See Slusher, 279 Kan. 789, Syl. ¶ 4 (“Mandamus is a proceeding designed for the purpose of compelling a public officer to perform a clearly defined duty, one imposed by law and not involving the exercise of discretion.”)”

A new Fox News poll shows why Republicans were arguing to keep the Democrat’s name on the ballot. With all three names on the ballot, Sen. Roberts led Independent Greg Orman and Taylor 40%-38%-11%. With only Roberts and Orman’s names on the ballot, the Independent led 48%-42%. A Senate seat that looked like a lock for Republicans is now in jeopardy of being lost to an Independent, who has already promised to caucus with the Senate’s other two Independents who caucus with the Democrats.

The rise of Greg Orman is a byproduct of the civil war carried out by Gov. Sam Brownback against the moderate members of his own party. Moderate Republicans have teamed up with Democrats and Independents to form a coalition that looks like it will power Orman to victory in November. Kansas isn’t going blue. It is still as red as ever, but Democrats may keep control of the Senate because of Gov. Brownback’s desire to purge the state’s Republican Party of anyone that was not far enough to the right for his tastes.

The smart move for the Democratic Party is to stay out of the way, and let this very public Republican fight play out on its own. The Republican plans of taking over the Senate have taken another hit. With days winding down until Election Day, Democrats might pull off the unexpected and maintain their Senate majority

11 Replies to “Republican Hopes Of Winning The Senate Take a Big Hit In Kansas”

  1. Surprised and glad that the KS Supreme Court compelled that ASSHOLE Kris Kobach to follow the law (and common sense).

    Meanwhile, Jon Husted of Ohio needs a public whipping and then a stint in the stocks.

  2. That sound you hear is McConnell falling down the stairs! It’s not looking good for him either!

    Lets hear it for the KS Supreme Ct!!!

  3. Republicans know We The People of the States and USA are starting to Wake Up to the Conservative Republicans assault on Democracy Nationally…
    Had been going on since Reaganomics began with President Reagan to the point of Extremism of the 21st Century exposing; Reaganomics, ALEC & Koch Brothers State Policy Networks Conservatisms Economic Impact Nationally & Globally when the Executive and Legislative Branches of both State and National Politics are controlled by the Republicans. Extreme Example(s) being Kansas, New Jersey and the rest of the Red States that get Credit Rating Down Grades. And California when “I’ll Be Back” Republican degraded the economy and now is in economic surplus with Democratic Political Control.
    Now Republicans in Alaska are in the fight to control Governorship and the Senate seat. With Republicans Law Suiting the recent Fusion of Walker/Mallott by Parnell and Sullivan…
    Alaskans and America… Make our voices be heard on the Nov 4th Election. Vote!!!

  4. Kobach’s problem is that as Kansas’ SoS, he’s been playing politics with his position since he entered office, and he finally got called out for it by the KS State Supreme Ct., a body he probably thought would rule in his favor since he probably really believes that “Kansas is a conservative state.” What he and many of his “Johnny Come Lately” buddies in the GOPTP don’t understand is that a lot of republicans are dissatisfied with their brand of RW extremism. Kobach is now demanding that dems put someone on the Nov. ballot to replace Taylor. His new problem is that nowhere in their ruling did the KS Supreme Ct. judges even mention this. Kobach is determined to do everything within his power to give Roberts as much support as he can by using the power of his office. He’s supposed to be non-partisan in performing his duties, but that little job requirement has never worried him. I expect him to keep screaming that dems must put someone’s name on the ballot by Nov. 4. Dumbass.

  5. Where has Orman committed to caucus with the Democrats. I’ve read statements where he says he will caucus with whoever has the majority.

    Orman has a long record of promoting cuts to social security and austerity economics.

  6. He will lose.

    Kansas law only defines HOW a party should replace a candidate not that it MUST.

    Kobach will lose this one, too.

  7. Orman may have risen because of state politics, but Roberts has screwed himself and now Kansans know it.

    Roberts has rarely been back to Kansas and only when he is running for reelection. His Kansas residence is a recliner in a donor’s house near a golf course. How he was able to get by the Election Board is beyond me.

    Even my die-hard Republican farmer husband is fed up with Roberts, who he voted for every time. The jig is up for Roberts- thank God.

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