Bernie Sanders Blast The Media For Ignoring The Koch Brothers Attempt To Buy The Government


Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling out the corporate owned media for turning a blind eye to the Koch brothers attempt steal your freedom by buying the government.

A new Media Matters study found that the networks devoted a minute of airtime each to covering the issue of money in politics over the last 19 months.

Sen. Sanders expressed his disappointment in a statement,

There is a reason why confidence in the American media is declining. More and more people say the media is not paying attention to the issues of real importance to the American people. This study confirms that.


To my mind, the single most important issue facing our country today is that, as a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, we are allowing billionaires to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who will represent the wealthy and powerful rather than the needs of ordinary Americans. This is an issue of enormous consequence. I am disappointed, but not surprised, by the study’s finding that the major networks barely covered the issue of money in politics.

The study found that only the non-corporate owned PBS gave substantial airtime to Citizens United and money in politics. The PBS Newshour spent 1:13:51 discussing the issue. ABC, CBS, and NBC spent a combined 47:41 over 19 months on the campaign finance issue. The lack of coverage of the Citizens United/money in politics/Koch brothers story is part of a larger pattern of corporate owned media censoring stories that are important to the American people.

The corporate media benefits from the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Koch brothers and other billionaires spend on campaign ads. Of course, they aren’t going to blow the whistle on a practice that they are financially benefitting from. They don’t care about the right-wing agenda and the impact that it will have on regular people. They don’t care about people losing their voices with their own government. The media isn’t concerned by elected politicians who only represent the interests of their largest donors.

Corporate media have deemed the fact that a handful of billionaires are attacking the nation’s electoral process and fundamental democratic rights as not newsworthy. The corporate media are more than happy to dumb down the people with stories about celebrities and reality television stars, while people like the Koch brothers plot to buy the government.

Big media used to be a watchdog, now it is an enabler and part of the problem. The study confirms what most people already knew. Big media are on board with the billionaires’ agenda, as generating a profit has been placed ahead of informing the public.

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  1. The Koch Brothers absolutely do not want the voters to know how their money is being used to buy elections for extreme Right-Wing candidates. One can assume that there is a lot of corruption going on in places like Wisconsin, North Carolina, and many other states. Yet the mainstream media are making no attempt to figure out how this dark money is being spent.
    The great majority of people in the United States do NOT want these Right-Wing extremists and racists that the Koch Brothers are backing in power, yet the mainstream media are not telling the real story of the 2014 elections.

  2. Between Reagan repealing the Fairness Doctrine by executive order, and Clinton’s signing the Telecommunications Act of 1996 the media is nothing more than a state sponsored propaganda spigot.

  3. DIRECTV DirecTV is 38% owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation
    Comcast Corporation
    Cox Enterprises
    SBC Communications Inc
    Time Warner Cable
    Washington Times
    West Publishing Co.[16] (subsidiary of Thomson Reuters, which has ties to ALEC)
    Wall Street Journal
    National Cable and Telecommunications Association, ALEC Telecommunications and Information Technology Task Force member

    These are the media companies that are part of ALEC which was founded by the kochsuckers. I am sure I missed some but you get the idea on why the media does not mention what the Kochs are doing to our country

  4. To follow up on yesterday’s “Militia Group Plans To Target African-American Democrats At Polling Places In Wisconsin”

    I just received a phone call from the Justice Dept., and they confirmed that they were indeed investigating this militia group’s efforts to suppress the vote in Wisconsin, and they said they would call back with more information, as it becomes available.

  5. As I was going down the list even though I knew about ALEC I was shocked on how many companies that we depend on for day to day living are members of this 5th column. United Airlines? In what world is it in their interest to limit voting and the libertarian crackpot ideas of the KOCHS?
    This is nothing more than a money laundering scheme by the neo-fascist kochs to undermine our country

    If we are going to fight them then we going to need a bigger boat

    Here are the corporations that are members of ALEC

  6. Update on Kansas race: A Kansas “democrat” named David Orel has petitioned the State Supreme Court to order democrats to choose another candidate before the election (from Raw Story).

  7. Good comment, AT. In my view, the media is absolutely complicit in keeping the American public in the dark about the Koch brothers and others of their ilk. Their agenda for America is feudalism. David Koch ran on Libertarian VP ticket against Ronald Reagan, and the Libertarian platform is absolutely frightening. Over the years the Kochs have hijacked the GOP and pulled them further to the right. Basically, the GOP has become the Libertarian Party in a bad disguise. If they ever gain control of the White House and both chambers of Congress at the same time, we can begin to kiss goodbye FDR’s New Deal; LBJ’s Great Society, and every other social program and legislation put in place to help the middle class and the poor. It would eventually result in the collapse of our socioeconomic system. The right wing has been very effective at divide and conquer. Those hate-filled idiots who vote for the GOP to oppose the Democrats have no idea that they’re cutting their own throats.

  8. Apparently the knowledge of what the Koch brothers are doing is hitting home with them.

    In Florida they posted an ad on tv telling us how they employ thousands and ran, in the background, pictures of the various industries they run and then the voice over tells us how they are improving our lives every day.

    So, as their dirty secrets are being exposed they need to tell us what good people they are. We need to keep exposing them for what they are, power hungry, narcissistic, money grubbing industrialist that feel they should run the U.S.

  9. …and the more institutions that the public depends on that are associated with ALEC, the more control those Koch bastards have over our every day lives.

  10. Heubler, thanks for the update. I want to see more than “investigation”..we KNOW what they are doing. I want to see punitive actions taken against these racists, and fast too. Not another Bundy debacle, where they are watched..and do not receive any punitive action.

    The actions of these neanderthals are UNACCEPTABLE in the USA.

  11. I’d like to suggest that each of us take a revised version of this article and send to to national media entities as well as our local media. Maybe (at least on the local level) when they realize the Kochs are funding local elections, this issue will get more exposure.

  12. The Kansas State Supreme Court will tell Kobach to pound sand, and order him to print the ballots, and get them in the mail immediately. No where in Kansas State Elections Code does it say a party MUST field a candidate for a vacant office. A party MAY field a candidate. I don’t think Koback know the difference between MAY, and MUST.

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