Texas Turmoil: Greg Abbott Fakes Support By Busing In People For Debate With Wendy Davis

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Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is being forced to bus in supporters to create a false impression of strength ahead of his debate with Democrat Wendy Davis.

The Burnt Orange Report wrote, “Abbott’s campaign has resorted to busing supporters to the Rio Grande Valley to show faux-support for the Republican in the region. He’s even paying for their lodging! Wendy Davis’s campaign released the following email image from an organizer looking to send recruits to the Valley:


The Republican is leading in the polls, but the fact that his campaign had to bus in supporters for the debate should be a cause for concern. Wendy Davis has run a more competitive campaign than Republicans in the state are used to, and they have been letting their nerves show for months.

If Abbott were as comfortably ahead as his supporters claim, he would need to bus supporters in to create a false impression of support. Immigration will be a hot topic at tonight’s debate, but observers aren’t sure what to expect. It is possible that Abbott and Davis will mix it up, but they also could stay in their lanes and appeal to their own supporters. The Republican campaign against Wendy Davis has been vile. Davis has faced months worth of sexist and ugly attacks on her character.

The Republican campaign against Wendy Davis has been vicious because they fear her. They are afraid because Greg Abbott’s lead is underwhelming for a Republican in a Texas statewide race. Davis has a chance tonight. If she is impressive in the debate Davis could whittle more points off of Abbott’s lead. Busing and flying supporters in was a favorite trick of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, and everyone remembers how that turned out.

Any time a campaign has to bus supporters in for an event, it is a sign of weakness. When that campaign also has to pay lodging on top of transportation, it is a sign of desperation.

Wendy Davis is putting a scare into the Republican Party. They are so worried that they are bringing in ringers to create an impression of support for Greg Abbott’s lackluster campaign.

26 Replies to “Texas Turmoil: Greg Abbott Fakes Support By Busing In People For Debate With Wendy Davis”

  1. Who would vote for this sleezball guy. Wendy’s got this but only if we get out the vote. GOP is trying to buy every election.

  2. All the signals are saying Abbott is about to loose this race. If you’re winning, you do not have to bus in fake supporters to show your “strength.” If anything, it shows weakness on his part. It sounds like Wendy Davis may win this election.

  3. I hope she sends staffers to these “block walking” photo-ops, with signs that call them astroturf campaign supporters, asking “Which Koch Brother paid for these people to attend the debate?”

  4. We should see photos of every person bussed in and a report of who sent them and for how much. It smells bad. Call out every single sellout.

  5. At least he was shamed into a debate. Here in MI, Snyder and Land are running as fast as they can away from even ONE debate. Personally, I will never vote for anyone who is afraid to stand on a stage with their opponent and answer questions..D or R. And I will be writing letters to my newspaper to that effect. Cowards. Is this the new ALEC directive: lie big in your ads, scare people about the Dems, and never, ever debate!!

  6. It must be genetics that makes “R”‘s and Conservatives incapable of honesty or rational reality based thought. These are the kind of people who are the real drain on society and cause 99% of the problems that plague not only this nation but the world.

  7. So is this E-mail going to show up on Local Texas News an the international stage Media? That’s what I want to know. Will the local papers in Texas pick this up? If it was a Democrat doing this in Texas, it would take the top billing!

  8. When the curtain falls in the voting booth If Texas Women vote in their own best interest she will win ;if they don’t vote their own interests she loses and so does Texas; especially women.

  9. Not enough said! It’s expected that Republican in a Republican state would be leading in the polls. The real news will be if Wendy Davis can flip that!Texas is a mess right now! Schools are doing a terrible job. The jobs are low paying wages in Texas, unless your working in the oil field an a lot of texas men work in the Mexico Gulf oil fields an that takes them away form their families weeks at a time! Rent if Texas Rural Communities are not reasonable to min. wage jobs/especially for single parents. My brother in law died in the Texas waiting Veterans line with heart problems a few months ago. His family couldn’t get fast enough help from the vet’s to keep them a float so they returned to their home state where in less then a month they had her/children set up with what they needed to survive an all her benefits on the way! It never use to be like that in texas when Ann Richards Was Governor!They don’t take care of the Health of their children or working parents withextended medi…

  10. What I want to know will Abbott appear in a wheelchair for some injury that he sued for millions dollars that he deprived other Texans from doing?

  11. “Carl N’ISIS, sittin’ on a bench, you just won’t believe the traitor’s God-awful stench…”

  12. Republicans seem to only care about surface appearances. I could name 1000 examples, but just a few; Mission Accomplished, ObamaCare repeal, IRS Fauxgate, Benghazi Fauxgate, Winning The Day, Phony Republican polls and on and on and on. All of these examples have the same thing in common–the republicans knew ahead of throwing them against the wall that they were bogus, but the only thing they ever seem to care about is short term political gain. Never making things right just trying to make them appear right. This stunt by Greg Abbott appears like the status quo.

  13. It be a shame that the people that Abbott bus in vote for Davis instead when they agree with her more then him. It is a double edge sword against him.

  14. When Abbott goes down I will sing the song “Thump, thump, thump, another one bites the dust! “Thump, thump, thump, another one bites the dust!

  15. But he used the system to get paid while he deny your dumbass the same opportunity. You just cant fight the stupid

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