Texas Turmoil: Greg Abbott Fakes Support By Busing In People For Debate With Wendy Davis

Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is being forced to bus in supporters to create a false impression of strength ahead of his debate with Democrat Wendy Davis.

The Burnt Orange Report wrote, “Abbott’s campaign has resorted to busing supporters to the Rio Grande Valley to show faux-support for the Republican in the region. He’s even paying for their lodging! Wendy Davis’s campaign released the following email image from an organizer looking to send recruits to the Valley:

The Republican is leading in the polls, but the fact that his campaign had to bus in supporters for the debate should be a cause for concern. Wendy Davis has run a more competitive campaign than Republicans in the state are used to, and they have been letting their nerves show for months.

If Abbott were as comfortably ahead as his supporters claim, he would need to bus supporters in to create a false impression of support. Immigration will be a hot topic at tonight’s debate, but observers aren’t sure what to expect. It is possible that Abbott and Davis will mix it up, but they also could stay in their lanes and appeal to their own supporters. The Republican campaign against Wendy Davis has been vile. Davis has faced months worth of sexist and ugly attacks on her character.

The Republican campaign against Wendy Davis has been vicious because they fear her. They are afraid because Greg Abbott’s lead is underwhelming for a Republican in a Texas statewide race. Davis has a chance tonight. If she is impressive in the debate Davis could whittle more points off of Abbott’s lead. Busing and flying supporters in was a favorite trick of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, and everyone remembers how that turned out.

Any time a campaign has to bus supporters in for an event, it is a sign of weakness. When that campaign also has to pay lodging on top of transportation, it is a sign of desperation.

Wendy Davis is putting a scare into the Republican Party. They are so worried that they are bringing in ringers to create an impression of support for Greg Abbott’s lackluster campaign.

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