Myth Of Liberal Media Bias Destroyed As Study Finds Conservatives Dominate Sunday Shows

A new study revealed what is obvious to anyone who watches the Sunday shows. Liberal media bias is a myth. According to data collected by American University, conservatives dominate the Sunday shows.

The New York Times reported,

Conservative members of the current Congress have appeared more often on the network talk shows than their liberal counterparts. Senators and representatives from the conservative end of the ideological spectrum have made 57 percent of the appearances, compared with 42 percent for liberals, according to an Upshot analysis of data collected by American University.

This slightly lopsided distribution is primarily the result of three Republican senators’ frequent visits to the network shows: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Because of the Republican Party’s control of the House during the past three years, its leaders and committee chairmen are presented with more opportunities to discuss the latest political news.

Participants in the 2008 and 2012 presidential nominating contests also helped boost conservative representation: Paul D. Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman who was the G.O.P.’s 2012 vice-presidential nominee, made 46 appearances between early January 2009 and Aug. 3 this year.

The Times tried to explain away the distribution as slightly lopsided, but that was just excuse making for a pattern of systemic corporate media conservative bias. Tim Russert is considered the gold standard among Sunday morning hosts, but during his time at Meet The Press, Republican guests outnumbered Democratic guests by a 2-1 margin.

The idea that Republicans are on the Sunday shows more because they control the House doesn’t wash. Democrats control the Senate, but John McCain has made 97 appearances on the Sunday shows since 2009. While McCain was racking up appearances, Democrats controlled the White House and the Senate.

Mainstream media doesn’t want to discuss the fact that there is an institutional bias in their reporting that has been caused by news being turned into a for profit venture, and the fact that conservative corporations advertise and sponsor the Sunday shows. The Koch brothers ran an ad two weeks ago on Meet The Press.

It makes sense that the corporate owned media would actively promote the interests of the corporate owned Republican Party. The bias isn’t slight. The media towards conservatism is real and pronounced. The United States has been moving more to the left since the economic collapse of 2008, but the media has continued their rightward drift.

According to Gallup, trust in the mass media has hit an all time low. The number of Americans who think the media is too conservative has reached a new high. The myth of liberal media bias has been constantly reinforced by Republicans for more than forty years, but for two decades, the real bias has been against liberals. The mainstream press can try to gloss over it, but more and more Americans are catching on to the problem of conservative media bias.

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  1. Until liberals start killing off the conservatives nothing is going to change. The usa is nothing more than an oligarchy. Democracy died when Saint Ronald Reagan was President. I used to think change would come. Now I think I will be surprised if I live at the upper end of poverty if I’m lucky. Hell I have given up on middle class. I’m too honest and loyal to be successful.

  2. I’m so damned sick AND TIRED of John McCain’s whiny hypocritical mug every freaking sunday and atany press conference available. That’s why I don’t watch most sunday news programs.

  3. I understand your frustration, but pogroms against conservatives only poisons the well, and gives right-wingers the excuse they need to start indiscriminate bombings/shootings against anyone they consider less conservative, in their paranoid minds. The arc of change is slow, and doesn’t happen in a single generation. My parents lived through the Depression as young adults, and the stories they told of hardship, and cruelty by those privileged few who had positioned themselves to take advantage of the situation are much the same as today, but my folks persevered, and eventually achieved middle class status through hard work, and community action. We need that today, in the form of social solidarity, and it’s still possible to achieve, if we don’t lose sight of the goals. Unstoppable change is coming in the next decade, and we mustn’t lose sight of that prize. The others will be dragged along, whether they want change or not.

  4. In America perception rules over reality, always has always will. Many Americans honestly don’t know the difference between conservative and liberal. If you ask those same people if they’re conservative or liberal most I bet would say conservative. The fact America has progressed in pretty much every way over-time proves we live in a progressive nation. If America was truly conservative by definition we would be in constant stagnation, never modernizing.

  5. I think the belief in bias relates to the top 6 news networks.
    And HLN (or should I say CNN2)
    So thats two popular conservative networks versus 4 popular liberal networks.

  6. True true.
    I’ve met many a “liberal” promoting conservative values and “conservatives” promoting liberal values. Same applies to democrats and republicans. I find many people who’s minds have been poisoned by biased news stations keeping them from forming their own opinions or even learning of both sides.
    And then don’t even get me started on authoritarians and libertarians.

  7. Shiva, Do you really think Ronan Farrow, Joy Reid and Tamron Hall are conservative? Do you think Melissa Harris-Perry is conservative?

  8. Do you claim that Scarborough isn’t?

    All the major news orgs are corporate owned, and run. They are the ones who set the agenda, and they are overwhelmingly conservative. A few reporters who are liberal doesn’t negate the fact that their corporate boards and management are stacked with GOP members. They are the ones who decide what to broadcast — and more importantly, what NOT to broadcast.

  9. There is no such thing as the liberal media. ABC is owned by the Conservative Walt Disney Company. CBS is owned by ultra Conservative Sumner Redstone. CNBC/MSNBC/NBC is owned by ultra Conservative Comcast. Fox News is a wholly owned subsidiary of the RNC with Rupert Murdoch as a Straw Man owner.

  10. Here I want to briefly look at passages from two recent articles about President Obama that will illustrate this point in a crystal clear manner. The first short passage is from an article by Jonathan Chait in New York magazine in April, 2014. The second is from one by Elizabeth Drew in the most recent edition of The New York Review of Books. First the Chait article – here’s the passage:

  11. Wow. I’m amazed.

    Either you believe the tripe you just wrote or you’re paid to post it on liberal sites. Either way, unbiased studies have shown just how wrong you are.

    When even William Kristol said to a reporter in 1995, “I admit it, the liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures” then you know you, as a Conservative, just how wrong you’ve been.

  12. This is a very poor study. Just because they appear on the shows doesn’t mean that the media is conservative. How are the Republican guests treated? What types of questions are they asked compared to Democrat guests?
    When had the president been grilled about his policies? Instead he is asked a bunch of softball questions, same with Hilary. Republicans are asked about strawman policies that misconstrue their ideas. “When did you stop beating your wife?”

  13. How are the Republican guests treated?

    Well seeing not one have ever ask John McInsane on his judgment on picking the brawling grifter from Wasilla I would say quite well

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