John Boehner

Republicans Steal Taxpayer Money By Becoming The Earliest Congress To Bolt Town Since 1960

John Boehner

The record of failure and shame continues to grow for House Republicans as they have passed fewer laws than last year’s do nothing Congress and left town sooner than any Congress since 1960.

After managing to not screw up keeping the government funded, House Republicans felt so proud of themselves that the promptly canceled all of their remaining votes and left town until after the November elections.

By leaving their jobs so soon, House Republicans set a dubious record:

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Maybe if they had passed a lot of legislation, the American people could understand the Republican desire for an early vacation. The problem is that Congress is on pace to be even less productive than last year’s historic do nothing Congress.

According to Nancy Pelosi’s office, “Up until now, the 112th Congress had the record as the most unproductive in modern history. However, due to the obstruction and intransigence of Republicans in both the House and Senate, the 113th Congress is on track to beating that record. As of today, the 113th Congress has enacted only 163 laws – even fewer than what the unproductive 112th Congress had produced by this date. As a result, Americans’ confidence in Congress has fallen to a historic low of 7 percent.”

The House was only scheduled for twelve days of work in September and October, but the original plan proved too challenging, so the Republican leadership stopped working after eight days. The American people are paying House Republicans to work at job that they aren’t showing up for. The House GOP is taking millions of dollars from taxpayers in salaries and benefits for doing nothing. The Republicans aren’t passing legislation. They aren’t dealing with the nation’s problems. Heck, Boehner and company can’t even show up for work.

If the Republican House were paid by the hour maybe, they would spend more time doing their jobs, but this is a Congress that has shown no interest in doing anything productive.

Boehner and the House Republicans are stealing your hard earned money, and if Republicans can’t be bothered to show up for work, voters need to fire them this November.

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